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Best 6 Data Science Courses in Kolkata With Placements

The data science industry has grown its importance and popularity in the age of information technology, which is based on data and information. Following the data deluge, the field of data science has revolutionized the internal and external operations of commercial and non-commercial enterprises and organizations, working in the study, collection, extraction, and technical and non-technical scanning to turn up at conclusions and precise predictions that drive corporate and enterprise decisions.  As a result, data science skills are a catalyst for data management in large and small corporations to operate the industry. We have listed the best institutions for data science courses in Kolkata in this article, and we hope that it will help you learn more about Institutes for data science courses in Kolkata.


Data science provides the foundation for company development, cost and risk reduction, and even the formulation of new plans of action. To begin with, there is already a significant talent gap, and as the number of data science specialists grows in the future years, firms will be looking for personnel with increasingly precise skill-set competencies. This includes data science pioneers, data interpreters who can bridge the gap between information work and business, domain-specific data researchers, AI professionals, and so on. As a result, selecting the best Data Science Training Institute from the numerous available is critical. Following that, we will look at the best “Data Science institutes in Kolkata aspirants” in this article.

List of Other Popular Courses in Kolkata:


Read Below About the Best Data Science Courses in Kolkata:


IIM SKILLS offers world-class education with practical learning and special classes that make it one of the top data science institutes in Kolkata. They have a rigorous data science course syllabus that helps you become a proficient data scientist. With 11 months of instructor-led live training, this course includes case studies, software training, and guaranteed career counseling.

You also get 100% Placement support and resume-building tips. The mock interview sessions and LinkedIn profile Optimization help you grow your community, network, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Course Name – MBA In Data Science

Data Science Course Syllabus:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Jupyter
  • Chatgpt
  • Flask
  • Linear and nonlinear models, and more.

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Imarticus

If you are a data science job seeker and looking for opportunities in trending IT professional fields? Imarticus Data Science classes are here that provide an online learning program with an exceptional upskilling experience. The Certified Advanced Data Science course will assist learners in advancing their careers by offering flexible boot camp-style upskilling. A comprehensive data science course structure with expert-guided mentorship, live data science projects, and industry-recognized knowledge certifications are available that will catalyze their profile to ace a lucrative career in the Data Science industry. This comprehensive Data Science education is dedicated to providing guaranteed job opportunities, including a Placement wing, for its members’ successful future. It addresses the skill gaps and discrepancies in competence between learners and job markets by providing top-tier skills.

Syllabus Outline for the Data Science Courses in Kolkata

Python – Basic and Advanced

Participants will learn the essentials of Python programming, such as datatypes, loops, databases, and functions, before completing tests and assignments.

Alongside that, you’ll learn advanced topics like comprehension, file management, periodic statements, object-oriented programming, and so on.

Algorithmic Reasoning in Python

Participants will look into the requirements for Algorithmic Reasoning, practical coding, data structures and algorithms, and memory management functions.

Pandas and MongoDB

Huge amounts of data and data-handling methods will be developed and managed by students by implementing the Pandas library. The students will next thoroughly explore every part of the Pandas library.

Learn about prominent NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and their importance as key components. Several operations, including CRUD operations, will be carried out.

Python Data Visualization (Matplotlib, Seaborn)

Data visualization is used to visualize data to uncover connections, trends, and patterns in the data and to do a lot of visualization with modules such as Seaborn, Matplotlib, and others, which will lead to a successful format. Dash by Plotly is a widely recognized open-source data visualization software that will be demonstrated to use and construct unique data visualization applications to enable better narrative.

Probability and Statistics in NumPy

Students will learn Probability and Statistics, which are necessary for understanding, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data. They will also address statistics and probability fundamentals such as probability theory, the principle of Bayes, distributions, and so on, as well as their significance. Aside from that, they will put those ideas into practice with NumPy. Students will continue to learn statistics and probability, including descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, and several other statistical methodologies.

Learners will never struggle to get a tech job at a reputable company because they will be taught industry-ready abilities. Imarticus fully transformed its students; they did not need prior coding abilities before enrolling in the classes. They will gain quality knowledge and understanding of data science, from fundamental to advanced, with strong coaching and assistance. Simple instructional strategies will enable learners to confidently get a position at a tech company. Students will take part in mock interviews with its HR personnel, as well as technical stages with subject specialists, and will be interviewed by prominent companies. They will receive complete aid in securing interviews for attractive packages at reputable firms.

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2. Scaler Academy

The Scaler Academy is a respected Data Science education provider, providing a revolutionary online upskilling network for data professionals. Academy is continually developing as a result of its ongoing help and encouragement to learn more, and it plays an important role in the process of studying data science. The peer group is encouraging, and the mentorship structure enhances benefits to the whole educational engagement.

The course is designed so that people who understand the fundamentals of programming can go to higher-level topics, which are essential if they want to work or grow at a product-based tech organization. Professors at the academy teach newcomers the fundamentals of some of the most important areas in data science. Learners can use these to familiarize themselves with the quality and style of education.

The entire teaching skills of the instructor team are outstanding and effective, with great faculty members from this tech titan Institute. Students love every minute of class and can easily address their doubts in the presence of their professors.

The structure of the training is a wonderful help for students who want to practice mock interviews before going through the real interview procedure. These mock interviews are notable for honing their skills to the greatest extent possible and in the most comprehensive way.

Content for the Data Science Courses in Kolkata

  • Fundamentals of Programming Languages
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Advanced Problem-Solving Techniques
  • SQL
  • LLD and Project Specializations
  • System Design (Introduction to Scaling Methods, SQL, NoSQL Database, Event-Driven Architecture, and Microservice Architecture)
  • Advanced Software & System Design
  • Data Engineering
  • DSA for Competitive Programming
  • Product Management for Engineers
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Capstone Project (Git, React, Testing, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, and so on)
  • Information Engineering

At last, due to its hands-on learning, practical activities, and a structured collection of actual existing interview questions, it is a platform adored by hundreds of thousands of data engineers worldwide. Join the Scaler Academy’s Data science courses in Kolkata to progress from wannabe to achiever.

Check Out This Few More Recommended Courses in Kolkata:

3. Information Technology Education Centre (IEC)

The Information Technology Education Centre is a prestigious, internationally renowned Educational Instruction Center known for providing high-quality training in Networking, Cloud Technologies, Data Science, Data Analytics, and Software Development. The IT Education Centre (IEC) provides instruction on all major technologies taught by specialists from locations around the world, with hundreds of courses available from locations around the world.

The goal of IEC is to help students, to consolidate knowledge among future professionals, make them aware of the most recent innovations in technology, strengthen their abilities, and advance their careers with profitable remuneration. With guaranteed job placement, the emphasis is on giving training in a variety of technological courses that are in great demand in today’s jobs market.

The most successful professionals value educational training that allows them to develop and preserve their abilities while maintaining high productivity by seamlessly adopting new systems and processes, and IEC combines everything into its training journey. It also provides comprehensive Job assurances and corporate training with evolving technologies. Participants can explore different chances for employing educational information and acquire a passion for crafting the future of their goals by enrolling in online data science courses in Kolkata and across India at IEC. Participants will gain the trust needed to apply their talents and change jobs by learning here, as well as the opportunity to work in top-tier firms.

IEC has a placement unit that is always working on industry partnerships and the campus recruitment process. The course offers global certification for which learners must take an exam upon course completion, as well as a policy in which the centre provides 100% support in jobs for each subject, including data science, till learners achieve their dream job. As a result, anyone can apply to participate in the Quality learning journey course.

If you are interested in pursuing a fantastic job in a data science course in Kolkata, this might be the suitable training Provider Institute that will serve as a first step to your future success.

4. IPSC Global

IPSC Global is a respected Institute for students aspiring to data science courses in Kolkata, with trainers working on practical projects across a variety of technologies. These trainers believe in sharing information and best practices to help applicants build careers across various skill sets.

IPSC Global supports any type of teaching methodology innovation with the assistance of qualified trainers. This guarantees everyone at IPSC Global has the opportunity and space to be creative. They imprint learners’ aspirations on their thoughts and ensure that each member of IPSC Global contributes to the learning experience of the participants; as a result, they ensure that each member of IPSC Global always acts with honesty and adheres to the most stringent professional requirements.

In their Comprehensive curriculum, IPSC Global covers all areas of the data science course, such as data collecting, data cleaning, data exploration, and data modeling, and concludes with data interpretation. Participants in the course will learn how to build clean and functional code, data analysis, and machine learning models from practising data scientists and data analysts. Students can assess their learning after finishing each lesson with the assistance of their highly competent allocated instructional staff. During training sessions, they will get the opportunity to participate in real-world projects and gain hands-on experience.

By responding to all student concerns, IPSC Global’s skilled trainers simplify hard issues for participants and make them easy to understand. Trainers’ teaching style emphasizes real-world circumstances, preparing students for industry interviews for their intended profession. During personalized meetings with them at the Institute, students can ask questions at any time here for the data science courses in Kolkata.

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Curriculum for the Data Science Courses in Kolkata

Chapter 1 – Core Python & Advance Python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Configuration and Installation
  • Python Object And Data Structures Operations
  • Statements in Python
  • Methods and UDF Functions
  • Python Modules, Packages, and Inbuilt Modules
  • File and Exception Management
  • OOPs Concepts in Python
  • Complex Python Components
  • Package Deployment and Parallel Processing

Chapter 2 – Data Analytics & Data Visualization

  • Data Analysis with Advanced Excel
  • Data Analysis Using Numpy, Python
  • Pandas and Advanced Analysis
  • Data Visualization with Python, Using Power BI and Tableau BI Tool

Chapter 3 – Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science

  • Need of Mathematics
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Formats’ Types
  • Numeric Variables

Chapter 4 – Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Python
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Linear regression practice project employing advertisement data set to forecast acceptable advertisements for customers.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) with NLTK Exercise
  • Data stemming technique and Vectorization
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Pipeline and MNIST implementation using Keras

Chapter 5 – Working with Databases with Python

  • Structured Query Language-create, Insert, Select, Update, Drop Command in SQL)
  • Table Operations and Integration in SQL With Python
  • REST fundamentals
  • Establishing application endpoints
  • Endpoint implementation
  • API testing with Postman
  • Concepts and implementation of Python
  • Implementation of Database, and front-end integration
  • Database Connectivity using REST
  • Developing a web development API for linking it to a Database
  • Setting up the API on a local server

Chapter 6 – Databases Work with Python

  • Introduction of Projects and Practices
  • Project Scenarios
  • and life cycle
  • Version Controlling in Project Supervision
  • Introduction and Significance of GitHub in Project
  • Code submission for testing and deployment
  • Predictive analytics tools and techniques

IPSC Global Institute prepares current candidates from any educational background to be prospective employees, including B.E. and B.Tech students pursuing graduation and post-graduation, as well as candidates employed in non-IT industries who require data science courses in Kolkata to adapt and improve the current business model in their working field.

The Data science courses in Kolkata are designed in such a way that applicants can begin learning from the ground up and swiftly progress from basic to intermediate level with the assistance of ongoing practical-based live sessions accompanied by many complex projects.

After attaining the intermediate level a candidate can be confident to begin working on active cases. Candidates can learn using best practices through active cases and projects, allowing them to advance to the expertise level and feel skilled in the commercial marketplace.

5. StarAgile

StarAgile has developed to become a dominant force in the training and consulting industry, providing great classroom and online training to students and professionals all over the world. The training center is a devoted group of specialists committed to addressing industrial needs in the face of constantly changing technological developments and responding to the needs of all learners.

StarAgile is consistently exceeding its goals of providing top-tier education to students and professionals in various sectors of data science through its classroom and online experiences. It pursues an extraordinary learning culture with the assistance of its well-trained faculty. With over 130+ trained teachers, Staragile works to assist professionals in acquiring new skills, achieving certifications, and filling knowledge gaps.

Anyone who wants to study and improve their data science skills can participate in Staragile’s data science course. Students of all educational backgrounds and working professionals are welcome to apply. The course is great for anyone wishing to upskill and land their dream career, regardless of the learners’ educational background, whether IT or non-IT.

Students who are planning to enrol in the program will have access to a variety of materials that will help them become Job-Ready Candidates.

Staragile has a dedicated job placement group of professionals who excel in their fields and are committed to assisting participants on their journey.

The course is perfect for professionals who are unable to enrol in full-time courses due to their busy schedules. Simply said, they can learn at their own pace with the best professors.

Experts must widen their knowledge boundaries, solve complex difficulties, and successfully produce outputs to keep up with the ever-changing technologies in this industry.

With its continually expanding course inventory, StarAgile allows the development of extra skills, certifications, and knowledge gaps for professionals to satisfy global requirements and respond to changing learning needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What motivates candidates to pursue a data science degree in Kolkata?

Kolkata is rapidly expanding in the IT and software development sectors and becoming home to several top technical companies and research institutions which make it a perfect location to learn about the course. As a result, students can learn the latest trends and best practices in data science for their workplace.

Kolkata is growing as a hub for a large number of start-ups and organizations where participants can network with industry professionals. Pursuing data science courses is beneficial as Industries are aggressively utilizing and investing in data science technologies to lead in future employment opportunities and career progression.

Data science courses in Kolkata provide attractive pay and a wealth of benefits in the technical areas of many professional fields. As a result, Kolkata is a fantastic place for learning data science from experienced professionals and specialists in the sector, with a high quality of life and a low cost of living.

Hence, we can assume by the study of the market that industry-required data science specialists with exceptional data science skills. As compared to other major cities in India, Kolkata is a good location for doing a data science degree in Kolkata and establishing a career in the rapidly expanding area.

Q. Does the data science courses in Kolkata guarantee hiring in the city?

The Data Science course was established and planned out by a competent team to assist candidates in obtaining desired employment at the aforementioned institutions.

These organizations assist their applicants with data science course placement by giving employment references, mock interviews, and so on.

Candidates will take part in live interactive sessions in Kolkata as well as online instructor-led live immersion training from industry experts.

All data science syllabus modules are designed for professional upskilling to support data Science professions, which are in high demand in the market due to the increasing use of data in all industries, from electric autos to marketing.

Data Science Courses in many Institutions will guarantee a job interview with mock interview support, allowing learners to take charge of their careers.

For us, it is on a best-effort basis but not time-bound – in some cases, students contact their respective institutes for career assistance even after the course is over.

Q. What is the content of the data science courses in Kolkata?

The data science educational institution includes all the concepts, themes, and tools needed to become a Data Scientist, and there are several openings in companies to work as a Data Scientist in Kolkata or any other IT city in India.

There are additional alternatives to working from home, such as freelancing or searching for jobs abroad.

The curriculum of the data science courses in Kolkata:

  • Programming Languages
  • Statistics and Mathematics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Data Extraction and Collection
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Supervised Learning
  • Wrangling
  • Algorithms
  • Models for Machine Learning
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Supervision of Learning
  • Learning Unsupervised
  • Basic linear regression and multivariate linear regression
  • KNN (K-nearest neighbour)
  • Association guidelines
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Rest API
  • Logistic regression
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks

The first job as a data scientist is defined by many factors, including application type, skill required in the firm, employer contentedness with skills, and so on.


As an outcome, this article incorporates a list of the top Institutes of Data Science in Kolkata. Those aspirants who are eager to explore a bright future in Data Science and many employment prospects in their career can research more about these Institutes by visiting on website. They can grab some important roles after being educated in data science such as Data Scientist, Data Analytics, Data Engineer, Data Architect, ML Scientist, and so on. To summarize, data science will be the backbone of any organization, and mastering this talent is essential. As a result, I hope this post assists you in locating the best Data Science Training Institutes to help you achieve your objectives.


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