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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Hyderabad With Placements

As a part of the emerging and demanding technological domain, data science as a learning and professional field is creating waves with its advanced data research and practices modules helping businesses to revolutionize their market strategy and enhance productivity by drawing effective analytics. Both technical and non-technical professionals are finding their relativity with data science practices as their job roles mostly deal with data-driven methodologies and analysis of structures that rely on data science components and conceptual theory. Hence, the need for compiled and job-oriented data science courses is also surging with multiple institutes offering certification modules in data science both in online and offline modes for candidate’s suitability. Hyderabad is one of the top places in India that offers immense employment opportunities and corporate head offices in the city are considered a great place to enroll in various data science courses in Hyderabad. In this article, we will analyze and look into the top data science institutes in Hyderabad and learn their course features and structures.

List of top 11 data science courses in Hyderabad

 Getting to Know Data Science as an Academic Domain

Data science is an academic and data practices knowledge discipline incorporating a wholesome understanding of the complex processes and the research analytical methodologies that data are subjected to elicit useful analytics and pattern monitoring.

The term ‘data science’ derives its proliferation from the digital and technological aspect which incorporates detailed and in-depth study and analysis of data through processes like retrieving data through data collection and gathering techniques, data evaluation through programming languages, visualization, wrangling, cleansing, and other relevant data practices.

In the professional job market domain, data science is grabbing eyeballs and demand both for recruiters and employees as organizing and manipulating large data structures generated daily has become the need of the hour.

So, preferences are aligned towards candidates who have sound knowledge and expertise in computer and information science, applied mathematics, or statistical reasoning along with essential programming skills.

Much emphasis is also given to candidates with coding efficiency and knowledge of Python language programming along with statistics and computer science theories and practical learning.

Highlighting the Most Popular Data Science Components

Data science is a multi-disciplinary academic and research aspect, it includes multiple processes and theoretical knowledge of software models and technological learning. So, some of the most common and significant components that are inseparable parts of the data curriculum are discussed as such:

  • Machine Learning Modules: Machine learning is the process of automation of machines through in-built commands and the usage of artificial intelligence programming techniques. Since data science involves data collection and analysis, machine learning eases the job of a data scientist by formulating AI-driven data models that automatically conduct complex data analytical and evaluation procedures. It includes supervised and real-time unsupervised categories.
  • Software Engineering and Programming Modules: Software engineering is another significant component of this domain deploying testing of data modules reducing errors, source control techniques to enhance data storage and tracking capabilities, exception handling, etc. Data science also relies on the functioning of domain-specific programming languages which aids in coding data-driven programs and identification of numerous trends and data patterns.
  • Deep Learning Modules: Deep learning uses neural networking techniques to improve the automation of data-driven models to reduce human intervention and solve complex decision-making that is beyond human comprehension and intelligence. It is used by data scientists to draw insights and learn about data behavior and complex data knowledge. It finds its application in facial recognition software, image and biometrics, etc.
  • Statistical Modules: Statistical analytical techniques are key to data science practices and learning. Data science relies on both theoretical and practical learning concepts of data science for data identification and transformation of data models through evaluation, analysis, and other techniques. It deploys probability mechanism, time series learning with ransom variable, sampling variation, and distribution techniques and modules. Thus, it forms an inseparable part of the data science domain.

Here’s the List of Top 11 Data Science Courses in Hyderabad


Topping the list of renowned and credible data science courses in Hyderabad, IIM Skills has been serving since 2015 with high-quality and top technological courses and learning programs in varied specializations along with professional certifications.

Ranging from business accounting to data analytics and investment banking, it has become a repository of top-tier courses relevant for job placements and enhanced learning on specialized topics that make it one of the best data science institutes in Hyderabad.

It offers a data science course with modules on master certification incorporating data science concepts and practices and also provides a working knowledge of relevant and industry-aligned tools and infrastructure for practical assignments and domain-specific comprehension for embarking on a career in data science.

The course is a full-fledged MBA program for 11 months of time duration taught by expert mentors and qualified faculty members consisting of 160+ hours of lecture inputs and live interaction covering more than 7 data tools and software learning in this domain and around 10 and more case studies for exposure learning.

Course Outcomes:

  • Master’s certificate in data science
  • Portfolio and resume building for job
  • 24*7 support and query-resolving mechanism
  • LMS access for all-time
  • Reading materials and resources on data science
  • Advanced data science practices.

Course Content:

  • Statistics – sampling funnel, confidence interval
  • SQL – Integration, DML commands, DDL commands, etc
  • R programming – Manipulation and analysis
  • Power BI – Introduction, data modeling
  • Python – Essentials, library, etc
  • Tableau – Reports, maps, and handling.
  • Alteryx – Filtering, cleansing, Probability, etc.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

 2. CED Learn:

Ced Learn is an educational company based in Hyderabad offering courses along with scholarships and discounts on learning programs to help candidates draft a customized career path.

Emphasizing the prospects and demand for data science, it is offering an industry-aligned curriculum and learning courses in data science catering to candidates from varied backgrounds and learning domains making it to the list of the top data science courses in Hyderabad.

The course entails 20 weeks of learning comprising 60 program sessions and 4 live projects for learning through collaboration. It is conducted by a hybrid curriculum and structure including internship benefits, certification in data modules, placement guidance, and more.

It can be pursued in regular or weekend batches as well.

Tools Covered:

Pandas, Flask, Power BI, Tensor Flow, Jupyter, Open CV etc.

Curriculum Topics:

  • Python Programming
  • Data exploration methods
  • Statistics for business models
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel module
  • Business Intelligence module
  • ML Learning with Introduction
  • Advanced Algorithm module
  • Time series curriculum
  • Deep Learning with Data Science

Course Fees: Rs 50,000/-

Hours: 9 AM TO 8 PM – Weekdays

Call Inquiry Details: + 91-8977944950

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 3. Mind Q Systems:

MindQ system is a one-stop destination for learning and training in various IT and professional certification courses having strong business partnerships with top brands and companies.

Since its establishment, it has been catering to business recruitments of advanced technological insights and training candidates to work in top platforms with the required skills.

It offers a flexible schedule-oriented data science course with placement assurance and an industry-aligned training curriculum. It also includes features like case studies, mock interview tests, and aptitude classes.

It is considered to be one of the best and top-rated data science courses in Hyderabad.

Course Features:

  • Fundamental and conceptual clearing of data science
  • High-quality training from qualified trainers
  • Test cases for real-world problem solving
  • Course completion certification
  • Portfolio building
  • Job Preparation


  • Python modules including environment setup and essentials
  • Machine learning curriculum including supervised algorithms, correlation analysis, line assumption, etc.
  • Deep learning curriculum including ANN, RNN intuition, GRU intuition, GANS, etc.
  • Computer Vision curriculum including binaries image, pre-processing, and segmentation.
  • NLP curriculum including text reading, text extraction, sentiment analysis, etc.

4. Naresh IT Technologies:

Naresh IT Technologies is a software skill provider and learning institute committed to expertise and training candidates with relevant professional courses and certificates to survive in the changing technological sector.

It has exclusive classroom and online training options for its learning programs and is one of the best options for data science institutes In Hyderabad.

It is offering a job-oriented data science certificate course covering essential data techniques and tools from big data spark and Hadoop to Python, machine learning, and more.

The course is a blended learning module to enhance skills in data learning and advanced practices of analytical techniques therefore making it one of the best data science courses in Hyderabad.

Highlighting the Unique Course Content:

  • Big data modules
  • Concepts of R programming modules
  • Data Import Export techniques
  • Data visualization involving the EDA process
  • Curriculum on Hadoop – cluster architecture concepts
  • Curriculum on Spark – Apache Spark, spark core and internals, streaming, etc
  • Python with sequences and operation
  • Algorithm, databases, debugging
  • Project work

5. My Great Learning:

My Great Learning is an expert-led educational and technology company and is one of the leading data science institutes In Hyderabad expanding its learning curriculum to nearly 170+ countries with its blended program structure based on business and data-driven domains.

It is offering a post-graduate learning degree in data science along with a business analytics specialization incorporating AI modules as well.

The course is taught by seasoned mentors and has a highly technical infrastructure to cater to an enhanced comprehension of data science practices. It is one of the recommended data science courses in Hyderabad.

Essential Course Features:

  • Online mode of conduction
  • 12 months of full-time learning
  • Practical modules on 10+ languages ( programming and data tools like Tableau, SQL querying, etc )
  • Case studies
  • Faculty support
  • Job guidance and resume-building
  • For both professionals and freshers

Course Syllabus:

  • Data Science Lifecycle and Introduction to AI
  • Business Finance module including value creation, financial statements, etc.
  • SQL in-built strings and functions
  • Python usage in visualization, Deep dive
  • ML and predictive modeling

For Course Inquiry: +91-08069474555

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6. IMS Pro School:

IMS PRO School is a top technical institute in India with its hybrid learning modules known to offer diverse certifications and specialization programs affiliated with organizations like AICTE. It offers a high-quality data science with business analytics course module covering the basics of analytics with predictive modeling techniques, AI concepts, algorithms, and more.

The course uses trending data tools in its program with updated information on data research practices along with hybrid learning methodology and in-demand certification benefits making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Hyderabad city.

Overview of Course Features:

  • Total 6 months duration of learning
  • Tools: Power BI, Python, SQL, and more.
  • 150 hours of mentoring
  • Access to top job platforms
  • Live projects and case studies

Course Syllabus:

  • Business Analytics and data handling
  • Excel including essential functions, formatting, dashboard, etc.
  • Power BI basics with the query editor
  • SQL and data handling involving operators, EDA, filtering, etc.
  • Python – Loops, tuples, sets, dictionary, etc.

 Call Inquiry: +91-7710044425

 7. Kelly Technologies:

Kelly Technologies is known to be a pioneering technical and academic learning institute and platform with courses and services to professionals and other business domains respectively.

The data science module of the institute is a complete and immersive learning program in data science offering relevant skills and knowledge of various data analytical practices and methodologies.

It is one of the most relevant data science courses in Hyderabad training students and professionals from various fields and domains.

The Extensive Course Features Include:

  • 90 days of duration of learning
  • Real-time projects with the latest technology application
  • Coding with data sets
  • Data science projects to demonstrate workflow methods
  • Mock Interview sessions
  • Expert-led trainers for doubt-clearing
  • Blogs, data science articles, and resources for unlimited access.

Syllabus Module:

  • Python usage in data munging
  • AI programming – forecasting, optimization, NLP, etc.
  • R programming involving string manipulations, OOP, SQL, merging, matrices, etc.
  • Statistics with central tendencies, sampling, hypotheses testing, distributions, etc.
  • Data science functions, skillsets, etc.

Call Inquiry: +91-9985706789

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8. Innomatics Research Labs:

Innomatics Research Labs is an advanced training and learning institute offering courses accreditated to platforms like NASSCOM, Future Skills, etc with around 5000+ trainees and 500+ industry connections for enhancing one’s career and professional growth.

Imparting a training curriculum in AI and full-stack data modeling, it is offering a well-defined data science course known to be one of the assorted data science institutes in Hyderabad specializing in Machine learning and AI curriculum models.

It has detailed course objectives involving mastering SQL learning and querying for data management, creating data visualization for report presentation, deep learning model building, and machine learning models in Python programming along with Generative AI tools and practices.

Course Features:

  • 6 months of full-time duration program
  • Both online and offline modes of learning curriculum
  • Internship opportunity for 2 to 3 months span
  • 30+ case studies module for learning
  • Topic-based assignment structure for enhanced supervision
  • Resume development and job support on completion
  • LMS access for a lifetime duration


  • Python, anaconda and syntaxes, class and object learning, etc.
  • Visualization techniques with plotting, graphical presentation, histograms, and charts module.
  • Data processing methodology with regular expressions and more.
  • Advanced statistical learning and data type structure
  • Reporting tools in data science
  • Case studies and project work related to each curriculum for practical comprehension and analysis.
  • Real-world projects

9. Simplilearn:

Simplilearn is offering top and high-tech data science courses in Hyderabad with exclusive modules and practices of data science and analytical concepts and techniques for data processing and transformation.

Known as a reputed and trusted online study and learning institute in India aiming to provide advanced comprehension of data science methodologies and techniques incorporating data mining for experienced professionals and core knowledge of data software and tools.

 The course which is a boot camp training study program is in collaboration with IBM covering tools and skills in Python, tableau, machine learning, etc with AI modules and curriculum for a better learning experience.

It has dedicated international experts imparting lectures and seminars online on core concepts of data mining, data transformation, data wrangling, and processing and its application in research techniques. It offers master certification on course completion.

Course Syllabus:

  • COURSE 1: Programming Modules with data languages
  • COURSE 2: SQL learning for querying, networking, etc
  • COURSE 3: Python – core essentials and processes.
  • COURSE 4: Applied Data Science Practices with Python
  • COURSE 5: Machine Learning application in data models
  • COURSE 6: Tableau Training
  • COURSE 7: Data capstone work

10. Scaler:

 Scaler is an online study and learning institute for professionals to upskill in various specialization modules ranging from full-stack development, and software courses to analytics and data science programs.

It offers a data science and machine learning study course helping to acquire expertise and knowledge of in-demand skills like statistical analysis with tools ranging from Python, spark, flask, and more.

It also offers an opportunity to work on case studies and data science project works for a job-ready portfolio making it one of the best data science courses in Hyderabad.

It offers a 15-month course duration program for advanced-level learning covering comprehensive data science modules and learning topics taught by expert faculty with live discussion forums and interaction.

 Course Curriculum:

  • Tableau
  • Excel modules
  • SQL Topics
  • Basic level of Python
  • Python libraries modules
  • Probability methods
  • Product analysis and distribution
  • Domain Analytics and Knowledge Curriculum
  • ML and deep learning for automation.

11. Apponix Technologies:

Apponix Technologies is a top learning platform with a high-quality education curriculum in the domains of digital marketing, cloud computing, data science programs, etc.

It offers a data science program with Python-specialized learning certification training imparting top and essential skills like coding, data visualization and manipulation with Python, machine learning with robotic automation, logistic regression, and linear regression practices, SQL queries, testing, and much more.

The course entails around 60 hours of practical sessions with 18 case study practices and modules on machine learning modules, Deep learning methods along with an IABAC-certified data scientist certificate benefit mentored by data experts and faculty. Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses in Hyderabad with job preparation support.


  • Python as data programming essential
  • Data handling techniques with Python language
  • Statistics – basics
  • Linear regression, distribution analysis techniques
  • Logistic regression
  • Time series and forecasting modules
  • Clustering in ML

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1. How Can One Become a Certified Data Science Developer?

Ans: To become a certified data science developer, one must have technical learning and a relevant educational background with an understanding and practical experience of data analytical processes.

2. Do the Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad Have Placement Opportunities?

Ans: Yes, data science courses in Hyderabad have exclusive job and placement support with many candidates being placed at top hiring firms.

3. Are Data Science Online Courses Effective for Learning About Data Science Practices?

Ans: Yes, data science online courses are highly effective in learning and gathering advanced knowledge of data science concepts and methodologies through their live sessions and timely assignments.

4. What Are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Top Data Science Institutes in Hyderabad?

Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Hyderabad include that of database administrator, machine learning specialist, data engineer, data scientist, data architect, and more.


Thus, since employment in the technical sector in especially the post-covid scenario has undergone drastic changes most professionals are looking for highly demanding jobs having high prospects. Because of these data sciences have become a leading choice for technical professionals and are enrolling in data science courses to upskill them as par job demands. Thus, the above-mentioned data science institutes in Hyderabad are potent options to learn data science professionally and get certified as per various job profiles in the domain.

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