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Top 8 Data Science Courses In Chandigarh With Placements

The data that we produce every day has immense potential and the ability to transform decision-making processes. In today’s data-driven world organizations are leveraging the power of data science to attain a competitive edge over others and drive innovation. This increases the demand for skilled persons who can transform the data into meaningful insights; it means there is a huge career prospect present in the field of data science. Therefore, we have mentioned in this article the best data science courses in Chandigarh.

List of best data science courses in Chandigarh

In Chandigarh many MNCs offer high salaries to skilled data scientists; rapidly increasing the demand for experts in this field. That’s the reason why many data science institutes offer data science courses in Chandigarh that help to keep up with the demand. In this article, we share the details of the best data science courses in Chandigarh to help you find a good course.

Must check the other best courses in Chandigarh:

List of Top 8 Data Science Courses in Chandigarh

Rank #1. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


IIM SKILLS is a prestigious ed-tech institute that has been offering professional training programs for many years. It also offers one of the most sought-after data science courses in Chandigarh. In this 11-month-long course, you will learn all the tools and technologies required to efficiently extract, process, and analyze data.

You will get lifetime access to all resources, session recordings, and study materials. Regular assignments, hands-on training on live projects, and assessments by instructors help you polish your knowledge. You will get a chance to implement your skills during the internship, offered by IIM SKILLS.

Features of this course:

  • Earn Master Certification in DS.
  • Get 24/7 Support
  • Live projects
  • Get assistance to build a resume
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • 100% assured internship
  • 160+ Hours Lecture
  • 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  • 16+ Live Projects
  • 7+ Tools covered
  • Trained by expert instructors

Tools covered:

  • Python
  • Chat GPT
  • Jupyter
  • Flask
  • SQL

Modules covered in this data science course:

ModulesTopics Covered





1. Statistics in Data


1.      Random Variable

2.      Probability

3.      Probability Distribution

4.      SND

5.      Expected Value

6.      Sampling funnel

7.      Sampling Variation

8.      Central Limit Theorem

9.      Confidence Interval

10.   Linear Regression

11.   Logistic Regression

12.   Forecasting

13.   Time Series



2. Data Science (AL & ML)

1.      Machine Learning Concepts

2.      Supervised Machine Learning

3.      Unsupervised Machine Learning

4.      AI-Deep Learning





3. Data Science Using


1.      Basics RDBMS Concepts

2.      Utilizing The Object Explore

3.      Data-Based Object Creation

4.      Data Manipulation(DML Commands)

5.      SQL Server Reporting Services

6.      SQL Server Integration Services

7.      Others





4. Data Science Using Power BI





1.      Introduction to Basic Statistics

2.      Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

3.      Introduction to Analytics & DS

4.      Python Essentials

5.      Operations with NumPy

6.      Overview of Pandas





5. Data Science  Using Python

1.      Cleansing Data With Python

2.      Data Analysis Using Python

3.      Basic Visualization Tools

4.      Visualizing Geospatial Data

5.      Data Visualization With Python

6.      Advanced Visualization Tools

7.      Statistical Methods & Hypothesis

8.      Testing




6. Data Science Using


1.      Getting Started

2.      Data Handling & Summaries

3.      Building Advanced Maps/Reports

4.      Table Calculations

5.      Calculated Field



7. R For Data Science

1.      Data Importing/Exporting

2.      Data Manipulation

3.      Data Analysis

4.      Data Visualization With R

5.      Using R With Database

6.      Introduction to Statistics

7.      Testing

8.      Linear Regression: Solving Regression  Problems













8. Data Science Using


1.      Introduction of the Alteryx & Fundamental Concepts

2.      Using Select Tools to Rename Fields, Change the Data type

3.      Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

4.      Remove From Data Set

5.      Understanding Alteryx Designer

6.      Connect to Data Sources

7.      Alteryx Designer interface

8.      Set Data Field Types

9.      User & Workflow Settings

10.   Remove & Rename Fields

11.   Filtering Data/Data Processing

12.   Join Data From Different Sources/S Blending

13.   Filtering Using String Data

14.   Find Customers with 10 or more Transactions

15.   Input Data, text to Column, Transpose, Dynamic Rename

16.   Identify Common Data Fields

17.   See how all the records fit the filter

18.   Data Cleansing

19.   Impute Values

20.   Random Sample

Course Fee:

INR 99,900+18% GST

Course Duration:

11 months and assured internship

Contact Details:

[email protected]

095807 40740

Rank #2. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


Netmax Technologies provides data science courses in Chandigarh that equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in this rapidly evolving field. The data science course is suitable for both beginners and working professionals. This course will be delivered offline as well as online.

This course covers fundamental to advanced topics such as NumPy, Machine Learning, Pandas, Matplotlib, Data Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence. You will be trained by ISO-certified instructors.

Course Highlights:

  • Latest Syllabus
  • 100% Practical Learning
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Interview Preparation
  • Live Web Hosting
  • Free Study Material
  • Live Projects

Data Science Course Syllabus:

  • Module 1: Core Basics of Python
  • Module 2: OOPs in Python
  • Module 3: Database with SQL
  • Module 4: API using Python
  • Module 5: Libraries of Python
  • Module 6: Feature Engineering
  • Module 7: Supervised Learning
  • Module 8: Ensemble Learning
  • Module 9: Unsupervised Learning
  • Module 10: Dimensionally Reduction
  • Module 11: Natural Language Processing
  • Module 12: Deep Learning
  • Module 13: Projects

Course Fee: INR 30,000

Course Duration: 4months

Contact Details:

+91 94178 43796

[email protected]


SCO-112-113, 1st Floor,

Sector 34A, Chandigarh

Rank #3. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


Piford Technologies provides one of the best Python for Data Science Courses in Chandigarh. This course will enable you to attain an in-depth understanding of data visualization, data science processes, hypothesis building, data exploration, and data wrangling. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of statistics.

Data Science Course Syllabus Overview:

Modules           Topics Covered
1. Data Science


Introduction of Data Science


2. Python Basics

1.      List

2.      Tuples

3.      Dictionary

4.      Functions

5.      Module



3. Python for Data



1.      NumPy

2.      Pandas

3.      SciPy

4.      Matplotlib

5.      Scikit or SKLearn



4. Machine Learning

1.      What is ML

2.      ML Process Flow

3.      Data Preprocessing

4.      Supervised Learning

5.      Unsupervised Learning



5. Big Data

1.      What is Data Extraction

2.      Types of Data

3.      Raw & Processed Data

4.      Web Scrapping-Facebook

5.      Web Scrapping-Twitter

6.      Data Munging

6. Databases1.      Relational Database

2.      Document Database

3.      Unstructured Database

7. Hadoop1.      HDFS

2.      Map Reduce

3.      Pig Hive

4.      Hbase

5.      Sqoop

6.      Flume

7.      Zookeeper

Contact Details:

[email protected]

9779444127, 9779444172


IT Park, Sector 67, SAS Nagar,

Mohali (Chandigarh), Punjab


Rank #4. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


Chandigarh University offers Online Master’s Degree in Data Science. This course will provide you with theoretical as well as practical exposure to one of the fastest-transforming fields of Data Science.

This course delivers the most relevant skills used in conventional areas of data science and analysis such as finance, industry & scientific research, and business, as well as in comparatively newer areas such as big data, social data analysis, and more.

In this two-year journey, subject matter experts and industry professionals will guide you and help to groom you into a skilled data scientist. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any of the following streams, BCA/B.A. /B.Sc. (Computer Science or Mathematics or Statistics)/B.E/B. Tech can enroll in this course.

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Harvard University Certified Modules
  • 25% Early Bird Discount
  • 300+ Hiring Partners
  • No-cost EMI
  • 30+ Live Sessions
  • 60+ TA Sessions
  • 12+ Case Studies & Projects

Course Syllabus Overview:



1st Semester

1.      Python Programming

2.      Applied Probability & Statistics

3.      Communication & Soft Skills

4.      SQL Programming

5.      Advanced Database Management Systems



2nd Semester

1.      Calculus & Linear Algebra for DS

2.      Data Analysis & visualization

3.      Machine Learning

4.      Advanced Machine Learning

5.      Deep Learning



3rd Semester

1.      Optimization

2.      Java Programming

3.      Data Structures & Algorithms

4.      Web Technologies

5.      Cloud Native Development

6.      Minor Projects


4th Semester

1.      Natural Language Processing

2.      Data Engineering

3.      Data Mining & Warehousing

4.      Applied Business Analytics

5.      Major Project

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Fee:  INR 22,500 per semester

Contact Details:


[email protected]


Chandigarh University,

NH-05 Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway,

Mohali, Punjab

Rank #5. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


9I Technologies offers ISO-certified data science courses in Chandigarh. In this data science course, you will learn the basics of Python language and expertise in logic building.

This course caters to the needs of both beginners and working professionals. You will get an opportunity to work on live projects with real-time datasets from various websites like Kaggle, etc.

Course Syllabus Overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Python
  • Module 2: Data Structure & Logic Building
  • Module 3: Python Program Flow Control
  • Module 4: Functions
  • Module 5: Exception Handling
  • Module 6: File Handling in Python
  • Module 7: Python Object-Oriented Programming
  • Module 8: Python Regular Expression
  • Module 9: API Calling with Python
  • Module 10: Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
  • Module 11: NumPy Library
  • Module 12: Matplotlib

Course Duration: 6 months

Contact Details:

+91 88720 24003

+91 88720 24001

[email protected]


SCO198-200, 3rd & 4th Floor,

Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

Rank #6. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh

6. ThinkNEXT Technologies

Think NEXT Technologies provides one of the best data science courses in Chandigarh. In this training program, you will learn about various ways to manipulate and store data as well as data science tools and technologies to simplify data analysis.

You will also learn many data analytics techniques using Python. The course is designed by industry professionals to align with the real-world requirements of both freshers and working professionals.

Key attributes of the course:

  • Lifetime Validity Learning
  • 100% Practical and Personalized training with Live Projects
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • 1:1Projects
  • Free Study Material

Syllabus of Data Science Course:

ModulesTopics Covered
1. Introduction1.      What is Data Science?

2.      Common Terms in Analytics

3.      Analytics vs. Data Warehousing, MIS Reporting, OLAP

4.      Relevance in industry & need of the hour

5.      Types of problems & business objectives in various industries

6.      Critical success drivers

7.      Overview of analytics tools & their popularity

8.      Analytics methodology & problem-solving framework

9.      Lists of steps in Analytics Projects

10.   Python for data science

11.   Build a resource plan for an analytics project.

2. Core Python1.      Overview of Python

2.      Introduction to the installation of Python

3.      Introduction to Python Editors and IDE’s

4.      Python Syntax

5.      Variables and Data Types

6.      Operators

7.      Conditional Statements

8.      Working with numbers and strings

9.      Collections API

10.   LISTS

11.   Tuples

12.   Dictionary

13.   Date Time

14.   Function and Modules

15.   File Handling

16.   Exception Handling

17.   OOPS Concepts in Python

18.   Regular Expression

3. Python Libraries for Data Science1.      NumPy

2.      Scify

3.      Pandas

4.      Scikitlearn

5.      Statmodels

6.      NLTX

4. Python Modules for Access, Import/Export Data


1.      Importing data from various sources

2.      Database input

3.      Viewing Data Objects: Subsetting methods

4.      Exporting data to various formats

5.      Important Python Modules: Pandas, Beautiful Soup


5. Data Manipulation, Cleansing, and Munging1.      Cleansing data with Python

2.      Data Manipulation steps

3.      Data Manipulation tools

4.      Python built-in functions

5.      Python user defined functions

6.      Stripping out extraneous information

7.      Normalizing Data

8.      Formatting Data

9.      Python modules for data manipulation


6. Data Analysis & Visualization1.      Data visualization with Tableau

2.      Introduction exploratory data analysis

3.      Descriptive statistics, Frequency tables, and summarization

4.      Univariate Analysis

5.      Bivariate Analysis

6.      Creating Graphs: Bar/Pie/Line Chart/Scatter/Density

7.      Important Packages for Exploratory Analysis

7. Statistics1.      Basics Statistics: Measures of central tendencies & variance

2.      Building blocks: Probability Distributions-Normal Distributions-Central Limit Theorem

3.      Inferential Statistics-Sampling-Concepts of Hypothesis Testing

4.      Statistical Methods-Z/t-tests, ANOVA, Chi-square, and Correlations

5.      Important modules for statistical methods: SciPy, Pandas, NumPy

8. Predictive Modeling1.      Concept of models in analytics and how they are used.

2.      Common terminology used in analytics and modeling process

3.      Popular modeling algorithms

4.      Types of business problems: Mapping of techniques

5.      Different Phases of Predictive Modeling

9. Data Exploration for Modeling1.      Need for structured exploratory data

2.      EDA framework for exploring the data and identifying any problems with the data

3.      Identify missing data

4.      Identify outliers data

5.      Visualize the data trends and patterns

10. Data Preparation1.      Need for data preparation

2.      Consolidation/Aggregation: Outlier treatment: Flat Liners-Missing Values-Dummy creation

3.      Variable Reduction Techniques: Factor & PCA Analysis

11. Solving Segmentation Problems1.      Introduction to Segmentation

2.      Types of Segmentation

3.      Heuristic Segmentation Techniques

4.      Behavioral Segmentation Techniques

5.      Cluster evaluation & profiling

6.      Interpretation of results: Implementation of new data

12. Linear Regression1.      Introduction & Applications

2.      Assumptions of Linear Regression

3.      Building Linear Regression models

4.      Understanding Standard Metrics

5.      Assess the overall effectiveness of the models

6.      Validation of models

7.      Standard Business Outputs, Model

8.      Interpretation of Results


13. Logistic Regression1.      Introduction and Application

2.      Linear Regression vs. Logistic Regression vs. Generalized Linear Models

3.      Binary Logistic Models

4.      Understand Standards model Metrics

5.      Validation of Logistic Regression Models

6.      Standard Business Outputs

7.      Interpretation of results-business validation

Course Duration: 6 months

Contact Details: 078374 01000


SCF 113, Phase 11,

Sector 65, SASN, Chandigarh,

Punjab 160062

Rank #7. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


CNT Technologies is providing data science courses in Chandigarh with practical knowledge. The data science course will be provided in online as well as offline sessions.

In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of various concepts including Python programming language and its libraries, Statistics concepts, Predictive Modeling, Data visualization, and more.

Course curriculum overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Science
  • Module 2: Basic Concepts of Python
  • Module 3: Different Python Libraries in Data Science
  • Module 4: Libraries in Data Science: Pandas, NumPy, Scify
  • Module 5: Export/Import data from distinct sources
  • Nodule 6: Libraries in DS: Tatmodels, ITK, Scikitlearn
  • Module 7: Data Manipulation, Munging, & Cleansing
  • Module 8: Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Module 9: Statistics Concepts
  • Module 10: Preparation of Data
  • Module 11: Segmentation Problem Solution
  • Module 12: Time Series Forecasting
  • Module 13: Predictive Modeling
  • Module 14: Linear & Logistic Regression
  • Module 15: Calculating Forecasting Accuracy

Contact Details:




SCO 80-81-82, 3rd Floor,

Sector 34 A, Chandigarh


Rank #8. Data Science Institutes in Chandigarh


Quastech is one of the best data science institutes; it is guiding students in this data-driven world by providing advanced data science courses in Chandigarh. In this Advanced Data Science with Python, you will learn a rich ecosystem of Python libraries and frameworks such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, etc.

Quastech also provides study material, interview preparation sessions, and assured placement opportunities with the advanced data science courses in Chandigarh.

Course Content

  • Model 1: Advanced Data Wrangling with NumPy & Pandas
  1. Pandas Data Frames & Series
  2. Concatenating, Merging, and Joining Data Frames
  3. Reshaping & Pivoting Data Frame
  4. Handling Missing Data & Data imputation
  5. Hierarchical Indexing & Multi-Level Indexing
  6. Time Series Analysis with Pandas
  7. NumPy Arrays: Indexing, Creation, and Slicing
  8. Basic Operations with NumPy Arrays: Broadcasting, Arithmetic, and Aggregations
  9. Universal Functions in NumPy
  10. Working with Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Model 2: Advanced Data Visualization with Bokeh & Plotly
  1. Introduction to Plotly & Bokeh
  2. Plotting with Plotly
  3. Interactive Visualization with Plotly
  4. Creating Dashboards with Plotly
  5. Creating Interactive Web Applications with Bokeh
  6. Installing Matplotlib
  7. Anatomy of a Matplotlib Figure: Axes, Subplots, and Figure
  8. Basic Plotting: Scatter Plots, Bar Plots, and Line Plots
  9. Customizing plot appearance: line style, labels, color markers, and titles
  • Model 3: Advanced Statistics & Hypothesis Testing
  1. Probability Distributions
  2. Bayesian Statistics
  3. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation
  4. Hypothesis Testing with Python
  6. Non-parametric Methods
  • Model 4: Time Series Analysis with Python
  1. Introduction to Time Series Analysis
  2. Handling Time Series Data Using Pandas
  3. Time Series Visualization
  4. Time Series Decomposition and Trend Analysis
  5. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models
  6. Prophet
  • Model 5: Natural Language Processing with Python
  1. Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  2. Text Processing with Python
  3. Regular Expression & Text Normalization
  4. Sentiment Analysis & Text Classification
  5. Topic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  6. Word Embedding with Word2Vec
  • Model 6: Machine Learning with Python
  1. Advanced Regression Techniques
  2. Regularization Techniques: Elastic Net, Ridge, Lasso
  3. Gradient Boosting Machines
  4. Support Vector Machines
  5. Clustering Techniques: Hierarchical Clustering, K-means
  6. Dimensionality Reduction techniques
  • Model 7: Big Data & Distributed Computing Using PySpark
  1. Introduction to Big Data & PySpark
  2. RDDs, Data Frames, and Dataset
  3. SQL, PySpark, & Spark MLlib
  4. Distributed Computing with PySpak
  • Model 8: Power BI
  1. Introduction to Power BI
  2. Transforming Data with Power BI
  3. Data Modeling with Power BI
  4. DAX
  5. Visualization Data with Reports
  6. Introduction to the Power BI Services
  7. Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Contact Details:

+91 720800384

[email protected]


SCF 62, 3rd Floor,

Phase 7, Sector 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh

Nagar, Punjab 160062


1) What background knowledge is necessary for enrolling in data science courses?

Any graduate or working professional who wants to build a career in this dynamic field can enroll in data science courses in Chandigarh. Many data science institutes offer data science courses in Chandigarh for those students who have just completed their 12th class.

2) What is the average salary of a data scientist?

The average salary of a data scientist can vary depending on various factors like location, organization, experience, and the role of the person in the firm.  The average salary of a fresher data scientist is approximately INR 5,00,000; and an experienced data scientist can expect a salary up to INR 30, 00,00.

3) Is data science a good career option in India?

Yes, Data Science is undoubtedly, one of the best career choices in India. According to many reports, in the past few years, the requirement for data scientists has increased enormously as well as it has been ranked, as one of the fastest-rising career choices in India.


As companies and organizations become more dependent on data and make decisions based on this data, the demand for skilled data scientists and other relevant career options is likely to increase in the future. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that data science is the technology of the modern era. After all research and analysis, it can be inferred that it is the perfect time to learn this skill and kick-start your career. The article consists of the details of top data science courses in Chandigarh that simplify your search for data science institutes in Chandigarh.



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