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Top 6 Data Science Courses in Delhi With Placements

There are numerous educational institutes and top-rated data science courses in Delhi that provide the best data science education in the city. The courses aid students in obtaining an undergraduate master’s degree in data science. These courses are open to all graduates, postgraduates, and working professionals. These institutes offer many types of data science courses in India so that students can choose the one that best suits them. The professors who run the institutes create the curricula.


The institutes provide a variety of training courses that are monitored by top industry professionals. Before enrolling in any of the training programs, ensure that the institution is acknowledged as one of the best data science institutes in Delhi. Students should avoid attending training courses at unaccredited institutes. Furthermore, the student should ensure that the institution provides the necessary assistance. There are a lot of well-known institutions in Delhi that provide online and offline classroom training for data science experts.

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Top Data Science Courses in Delhi With Placements

Students can inquire about study materials such as tuition prices, packages, course completion certificates, and online formats. The training centers usually supply the study materials together with the tuition costs online, as well as the certificate of study. Some universities require students to pass an exam before receiving certification. Many top data science colleges in Delhi, however, accept applicants who do not wish to take the exam in a practical setting.

These most effective data science courses in Delhi allow students to learn from top training professionals with professional degrees in this industry. Students can also interact with trainers through the institute. Interaction with instructors can aid students in understanding the topic of the subject and let them reach the institute’s administration for the resolution of their queries and concerns (e.g., study materials tuition rates or examinations).

Students interested in joining a data science course this year must ensure that they researched the institute well and have enrolled in the top data science courses in Delhi in the best institutes before the due date as Certain institutes do not accept registrations batch completion. Students must keep in mind that they pay before the deadline and some institutes can afford to take fees in EMI. If participants can pay on time, they will be given priority in admission and will be able to take place in the batch.

Data Science Training With Practical Assignments in the Syllabus

The concept of data collection is the initial topic to teach trainees in the program. They learn how to collect data, evaluate it, and interpret the results. Statistical concepts, probability, and patterns are among the topics covered. Students at these top data science courses in Delhi institutes have the option of working on practical experiments or completing their projects using software.

In these institutes, students can improve their skills by monitoring and analyzing in live-streamed sessions. Live projects enhance the overall confidence of students through knowledge and technical skills. These projects help learners in gaining knowledge and experience while learning. Potential professionals can work independently after experience at their own pace. This is the only possible way to have hands-on experience.

In general, after graduation choosing a course in data science for a robust career from top data science institutes in Delhi might be beneficial for professional individuals or freshers who want to pursue a career in this field. These below-discussed institutes provide full-time study with online/offline facilities and teaching materials that students need to be successful in their fields. Along with thorough training, students can pick an internship program that will help them obtain hands-on experience. With these below-discussed options, it would be helpful to discover a competent and top-rated training institute to get education for top data science courses in Delhi.

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IIM SKILLS is a highly-rated institute known for providing intensive training in various professional courses. The Data Science Course offered at the institute packs in 11 months of rigorous training with practical projects, case studies, and a placement guarantee.


  • SQL
  • Jupyter
  • Python
  • ChatGPT

Key Features

  • Expert mentors
  • 24*7 Support desk
  • Resume Building
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Flexible Batches
  • User Friendly and Anywhere Accessible LMS
  • Capstone Projects
  • Master Certification

By the end of the training period, you will be well-equipped with all the knowledge to become a data scientist. You will get thorough practical training and work on assignments that involve the use of cutting-edge tools and technology in the data science industry.

The Data Science Course is ideally suited to freshers and experienced people who will get to upskill and gain advanced skillsets to make a mark in the industry.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Techstack Institute

Techstack Academy, founded in 2012, has grown to become a market leader in the field of Training and Consulting. It is assisting professionals and students worldwide by providing high-quality online and classroom training. They are a group of professionals dedicated to fulfilling industry needs with top data science courses in Delhi that continually grow technology developments and meet all industry objectives.

Techstack Academy is continually racing toward the aim of providing great online and classroom experiences for professionals and students in varied sectors that include top IT courses in pursuit of a high-performance learning culture. Techstack has highly qualified trainers on staff. As one of the top data science colleges in Delhi, they seek to assist professionals in obtaining fresh competencies, earning certifications, and addressing knowledge gaps.

In assisting faculty and contributing to the advancement of teaching excellence. The goal is to constantly develop and improve immersive educational courses that use cutting-edge technology. The classes will help professionals keep up with the ever-changing technology needs. Techstack Academy will seek to be an innovator and provide cutting-edge skills through its recognized more than 25 courses for students and professionals looking to advance in their careers by utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Techstack Academy facilitates the acquisition of new qualifications, abilities, and certifications for professionals to overcome knowledge gaps through its expanded syllabus that needs the world.

Techstack Academy is one of the leading data science colleges in Delhi, offering low-cost, high-quality, and real-time analytics training with its top data science courses in Delhi the primary purpose of get experts ready for industry and make them capable of overcoming the problems of competitive analytics.

The leading institute’s devoted and motivated team of professionals has successfully taught lakhs of professionals and students in fields globally such as Digital Marketing, Data Science, Business Analytics, computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, and others. The university is committed to improving student performance and moving their careers forward!

To keep up with the ever-changing technologies, the institute keeps evaluating its curriculum to pass on updated knowledge to learning individuals who attend the sessions for prospective industry professionals. must increase their knowledge, solve complex problems, and deliver results.

The institution has earned a reputation for providing high-quality training at reasonable prices with professionally prepared and revised syllabi by expert professionals of a strong industrial background. One of the most important features of Techstack education is the provision of tailored solutions in these top data science colleges in Delhi to fulfil the needs of the trainee. Many new students and software professionals, as well as analytically-minded students and organizations, have benefited from high-quality training in the establishment.

If you want to be successful in your job, come to Techstack and ask for top-quality class instruction. The support staff is glad to clear up any confusion or queries concerning the training they offer. Online learning (self-study) is also available through the institution to obtain all course materials as well as access to all study materials linked to the course. They also provide training on weekdays and weekends for three months and six months of live project work. The Techstack Academy provides the top data science courses in Delhi.

3.     SAS Training Institute

SAS’s top data science courses in Delhi are specifically developed for both beginning and advanced students who want to enter the fast-developing profession of data science. The institute is one of the top colleges in Delhi offering superior data science courses, with a job-oriented program that teaches students the principles of data science and everything related. The institute offers job-oriented programs that include top-tier training modules and project-based learning, as well as top-tier internship programs with extensive experience.

SAS provides a rare combination of data science skills that can impart knowledge to prospective data scientists in unlocking data insights and making a compelling story using data. The area of Data Science is vast, with each element requiring data to be handled unique manner. Data Science is the present leading technology that has taken over business sectors all over the world due to the enormous expansion of data as well as the growing need for companies to use data for decision guidance, bringing the fourth industrial revolution to everyone’s threshold. SAS Training Institute has the potential to fulfil the dreams of existing and prospective professionals by offering its top data science courses in Delhi.

4.     Analytic Square Institute

Analytic Square Institute has top Data science courses in Delhi through which students can collect knowledge from various applications for data insights and then they can apply this knowledge to make better decisions at their workplace. Analytic Square Institute is one of Delhi’s premier data science institutes. For many learning professionals, the data science course delivered a desired career path in revolutionary technical sectors which can be accessible at the institute because participants here can obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the various data science instruments and have the opportunity to improve their abilities in the field. Data Science Certification is one approach for improving knowledge and making oneself more appealing to businesses.

To deliver a holistic Data Science methodology, this course has been intended to give learners a complete Data Science Life Cycle as well as a cloud-integrated environment for lab practice. In the previous few decades, data science has expanded into various layers of technology, transforming numerous industries such as banking, insurance, finance, healthcare, and other technical domains. They equip learners with a simulated Data Science lab to familiarize them with real-world data science projects.

The institute provides Data Science courses in Delhi that will allow students to research in data science and associated subjects. For Indian and international students, the institute will provide classes at the graduate programs, undergraduate, executive, and PhD levels.

5.     SSDN Tech Institute

SSDN Tech Institute’s Certified top Data Science courses in Delhi will assist students in developing Data Science competencies. Institutions’ curricula include every area of data science, including the most fundamental ideas. SSDN Tech Institute is one of the leading institutes in Delhi that provides the best data science courses. Data Science is one of the most prominent fields in the business world today, with several prospects for progression. The course covers all areas of data science, including statistics and algorithmic learning, programming/data competencies, and business domain knowledge; covering all of the principles of data science will help you develop a good grip on the field.

The institute offers a Certified Data Scientist Course, which is an introductory program geared for individuals interested in pursuing a career in data science. They have built a solid foundation in data science by incorporating arithmetic, statistics, Python, machine learning, and actual Data Science case studies. This not only assists students in understanding comprehensive core principles but also in getting practical information that will assist students in furthering their studies in Data Science.

The institute’s target audience for the course is aspiring data scientists looking for a flexible skill set. Data analysts seeking to broaden their toolkit. Python and R programmers interested in data science Students and recent graduates pursuing professions in data science, Business people who want to use data to gain insights, and Data analysis abilities are required for researchers and scientists. Data aficionados looking to further their knowledge, Professionals from a variety of industries, Managers, and decision-makers who are not technical.

6.     DataMites

DataMites is a global institute that offers top data science courses in Delhi. It provides customized data science training and support in the best institute that has the best trainers for data science/ analytics courses in Delhi. It provides instructor-led classes, online courses, and self-paced courses.

The Data Science course is a beginner’s course aimed to help newcomers get started in Data Science. The course covers Data Science, Data Science vs. Business Analytics vs. Big Data, Different Types of Business Analytics, Data Science Project Operations, Data Science Roles, and Industry Applications of Data Science.

DataMites’ managerial data science course teaches decision-making in the vast opportunities for the data science domain, specifically in specific growing industries and business analytics, which is useful in gaining maximum expertise in Data-Driven Technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Python Learning. DataMites’ primary role is to develop specialists capable of tackling analytical domain challenges with courage. Comprehensive knowledge of a changing topic may be more valuable than one might think. These data science classes are aimed to teach data scientists, ML architects and/or engineers, and marketing analysts more about data science and applied analytics.

Data Science courses are becoming more popular as businesses recognize the usefulness of data in driving corporate success. Individuals who take a Data Science course from Datamites will study data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling, allowing them to extract useful insights and make data-driven decisions. This knowledge opens the door to a wide range of job prospects in fields such as technology, finance, health care, and communication, where data science is critical to progress and innovation.

As new applications for data science and analytics in marketing emerge daily, data science courses at Datamites integrate marketing topics such as profiling, search engine optimization, adaptability, customer interaction, and real-time marketing campaigns in their curriculum.  Data science education in finance encompasses a wide range of investment prospects. Data Science improves risk administration and risk analysis. Better analysis can lead to better judgments, increasing profits for financial institutions.

The DataMites Data Science course pricing covers 15,00 INR to 1,00,000 INR, depending on your desired learning method. Students can check in on selected top data science courses in Delhi and learn about the course fees at the institute’s website.

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7.     Innozant Institute

The Innozant Institute has top data science courses in Delhi that impart knowledge of Data science and applications of various methodologies, and algorithms. The institute teaches students machine learning theories to uncover unique patterns in data with a multidisciplinary strategy for extracting relevant insights from data spread around the globe. It aids with the preparation of data for processing, analysis, and more advanced analysis to identify trends and assist organizations in drawing profitable conclusions. Innozant Institute is one of Delhi’s best data science institutes.

It can also be used for data transformation, storage, and cleansing for specialized processing requirements. The analysis necessitates the creation and application of AI algorithmic models for analytics. Data science is based on software that can run over large amounts of data and transform patterns into valuable predictions that can help businesses make decisions. This is the type of stuff taught in the data science program. The data science certificate will teach students the lessons that will allow learners to follow standard methods in data science in the workplace. Therefore participants can enrol themselves here in top data science courses in Delhi.

Course Syllabus


  • Data Types: A Brief Introduction
  • Statistics for Beginners
  • Inferential Probability Statistics


  • Introduction
  • Variables in Data Structures
  • Data Types
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling in Control Flow
  • Data Science libraries that are useful
  • Arrays Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Visualization of Data

Programming in R

  • Data Structures in R: An Introduction
  • Obtaining Information from Various Sources
  • Functions
  • Data Formatting Data Transformation Looping Structure

Predictive Analysis

  • An Introduction to PA and ML
  • Logistic Regression
  • Linear Regression and Cluster Analysis
  • Forecasting with Time Series

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

  • Decision Tree
  • Ensemble Approaches in Tree-Based Modelling
  • Support Vector Machines
  • K-nearest Neighbor

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is a data science?

A large amount of data is available online and is generated regularly in the digital market. Large corporations and organizations are looking for personnel who can decipher unstructured or raw data and turn it into meaningful knowledge. So that the organization may assess predictive growth and make informed business decisions using studied data reports. In this case, the data scientist’s responsibility is to deliver the best solution to the company. Data science is a technique for simplifying complex or unstructured data so that businesses may draw inferences and achieve better outcomes. Data science assists businesses in determining consumer purchasing habits, market trends, and so on. All of this is analyzed using data science methods and instruments that will be learned during data science courses in Delhi. Data science is the most popular and rapidly growing sector of the IT industry. Data science specialists are in high demand at various companies.

Q. What is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is an important member of the corporation. This is a career in which people work with data, which involves data collecting, cleansing, mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modeling, and finally only optimizing the data. A data scientist gives not only the solution but also the best-optimized solution for the firm. Many studies believe the need for data science will be increased in the future. The function of a data scientist is in high demand, with numerous job prospects.

Q. How to choose data science or data analytics?

Data scientists are frequently significantly more technical, requiring a mathematical mindset, whereas Data Analysts use a statistical and analytical approach. In terms of career, Companies for data analyst entry-level roles are searching for analysts with strong statistical and computer skills.

Data analysts usually know math, science, coding, databases, modeling, statistical analysis, and MS Excel skills, whereas data scientists are primarily focused on developing new data modeling, visualization, and production processes. Both data scientists and analysts typically hold master’s degrees and develop skills in analyzing data using techniques such as Power BI, Tableau, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Students can opt for programs regardless of educational background because learning and extra education can be achieved later on. In any event, knowing which occupations correspond to hobbies will offer learners a clearer idea of the type of employment they’ll enjoy and likely flourish at. Consider this factor, as aligning the work to their interests can go a long way toward keeping content in careers for years to come.


Data Science is a high-level programming language with a wide range of advanced applications such as scientific computing, web programming, coding, and machine learning.

Data Science has been termed as the ” great need” in the industrial sector by researchers since it is in high demand among both new and seasoned developers. It is the most highly compensated talent among all programming languages utilized in the technology sector.

These institutes provide extensive Data Science Course training that will enable learners to master fundamental to advanced level practical concepts such as writing scripts, patterns, and file operations within Data Science while gaining hands-on real-world experience with the software as the course is supplemented by hands-on projects and live projects. These institutes are among the best data science institutes in Delhi.

These schools exist to give high-quality education with up-to-date modules that will assist students in comprehending the field’s demands and developments. If you are interested in enrolling in these courses or programs, simply go to the website or the institute for further information.

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