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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Gurgaon With Placements

As per estimated surveys and records, it is assumed that the global data creation and large data generation are projected to rapidly increase and expand its prominence to more than 200 zettabytes by 2025 creating a huge data supply chain. Therefore, with such data structures available, it becomes also necessary to manage and skillfully handle and evaluate those structures through the techniques and practices of data science and analytics highlighting the significance of the domain in the operation of businesses and data-driven organizations. With more data experts and data analysts is also upscaling at a rapid pace creating ample employment opportunities for data experts and data scientists. Like in most other states in India, Gurgaon also has shown significant growth and demand amongst candidates and professionals to opt for a career in the data science field creating the need to enroll in various data science courses in Gurgaon.

List of best data science courses in Gurgaon

In this article, we will be highlighting the major data science institutes in Gurgaon offering detailed and extensive courses in the subject aiding candidates to get up-skilled as per market demands and job requirements creating prospective career scope.

Data Science: Meaning and Its Varied Prospects:

‘Data Science Journal’ which was launched by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology in 2002 highlighted the importance and relevance of the data science domain in modern industrial usages deriving a distinct meaning and comprehension of the subject.

Data science is widely considered and known to be a scientific and multi-disciplinary academic and data research domain of learning focused on data collection from diverse sources both in structured or unstructured format, and data analysis through scientific techniques and methodologies.

It uses the core of other relevant subjects and their theoretical and practical knowledge especially that of subjects like applied mathematics, statistical analysis methods, information and communication technology, computer science, and more.

Data science operates on certain specific tasks like data pre-processing methods, feature engineering, machine learning, and algorithms, data visualization using tableau to interpret data-driven outcomes and findings.

Data science is therefore considered to be one of the best professional fields in the current job scenario with huge demand for skilled data scientists and also creating immense career opportunities.

It offers job roles like data analyst, data engineer, business intelligence analyst, data statistician, machine learning engineer, and big data architect with each profile offering higher salary structure, employee benefits, and higher corporate positions and responsibilities.

Such job roles require skills and knowledge of R and Python programming, data preparation with artificial intelligence learning, algorithms for automation models, and also required communication skills both oral and verbal.

Relevant Processes and Practices in the Data Science Domain:

Data science processes include varied practices and step-by-step procedures to handle large data structures and process them to develop resilient data models to be utilized in businesses and other operational functions. Some of the key data science practices include:

Data Collection: A Data scientist is entrusted with the first step in data analysis and research which is gathering and collecting large volumes of data both structured and unstructured from databases as well as from primary or secondary sources.

They collect such data models and store them for processing as per business and market needs and requirements. Data collection is generally done through web servers, social media, or internal or external databases.

Data Cleansing and Pre-Processing: The next step requires cleaning and formatting of the data collected initially where the data sets are subjected to in-depth analysis and examination to remove any data irregularities.

It also removes erroneous data structures and missing data values enhancing the overall assurance and quality of the data structures and thus transforming the data sets into processed and usable formats for industrial usage.

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Data Exploration: Once data structures are processed, they are subjected to data exploratory processes where the data structures and models are visualized and their patterns and trends are recognized for future analysis and data prediction.

It also incorporates data visualization tools to display the data findings and analyze its insights. Such data exploration is conducted through exploratory data analysis techniques establishing relationships between data variables.

Data Communication: It is a vital step where the data scientists put forward their data findings and research outcomes and land into significant data-driven conclusions for business strategy and decision-making.

The data structures and models gone through extensive research analysis and practices are communicated properly through the data communication process in the form of reports, graphs, dashboards, etc.

 Here’s the List of the Top 11 Data Science Courses in Gurgaon:


Establishing brand trust and garnering popularity in the course platform since 2015, IIM SKILLS is a great option for a data science master program and is one of the reputed data science courses in Gurgaon.

The institute offers an MBA program in data science and a master’s certification on its completion in alignment with top platforms like Microsoft, Google, etc. It is considered one of the best data science institutes in Gurgaon.

Course Features:

  • Duration: 11 MONTHS
  • Covering around 16+ live projects, and 10+ case study modules with a total of 160 hours of lecture and orientation sessions.
  • 24*7 doubt-clearing sessions
  • Placement and job assistance along with portfolio building
  • Covering extensive tools like Python, SQL, Jupyter, etc.
  • Regression, model selection, and generative AI techniques.


  • Data science and Statistics with Probability, SND, expected value, etc.
  • AL and ML in data science including RFE, Hypotheses, and AI-deep learning.
  • SQL in Data science including integration, reporting, etc.
  • Power BI in data science including data visuals, DAX, etc.
  • Python and Tableau in data science including cleansing, visualization, etc.
  • Alteryx in data science including impute values, random series, etc.

Course Details:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fees – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Website: iimskills.com

2. Digiperform-Digital Career Academy:

Digi Perform is one of the largest and renowned digital domain-specific learning and training providers having almost 50 expert panels across the digital marketing industry encompassing a rigid curriculum in a diverse range of courses and online certifications.

It has come up with a data science learning course with a specialization in analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence programming which has a blended study format incorporating projects and learning assignments.

The course has around 16 data science study modules along with live project doubt sessions and case studies based on industrial data problems in various sectors.

It also incorporates a wide range of data science and data analytical tools like Python, advanced Excel, Plotly, Scikit-Learn, tableau, SQL server, and version control tools along with superior content having industry expert guidance making it one of the sought-after data science programs in Gurgaon.

The course in data science is an 11-month duration program with around 75 assignments for practical understanding through live online batches covering essential topics like:

  • Introductory lessons in data science and statistics modules
  • Database designing with SQL querying
  • Descriptive and inferential techniques in statistics
  • Advanced modules in Excel learning

Course Fees: Rs 122720-/

Call Inquiry: + 91- 852-761-1500

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3. Edvancer:

Edvancer set up in 2013, is a part of the Global University Systems (GUS) and is a renowned international chain of higher education providing global educational courses and learning curricula to meet the demands of the job market.

It offers data science courses with varied specializations, however, the most popular course in this domain is the certified machine learning course with Python expertise having hands-on knowledge in data science case studies and real-world projects in collaboration with Coursera.

The course consists of 78 hours of learning modules along with 75 additional hours of practical assignments and projects certified by Google, IBM, and other international universities making it one of the sought-after and demanding data science institutes in Gurgaon.

The course comes in a self-paced learning format with supportive faculty and a comprehensive specialization in Python learning and machine learning making it one of the best data science programs in Gurgaon.

The Course Syllabus Has the Following Detailed Module Structure:

  • Python learning modules in Data Science
  • Data summary and visualization methodologies
  • Basics of Machine Learning Technology
  • Algorithms boosting in Python programming structure
  • Neural networking techniques in Python language.

Course Fees: Rs 34990 + GST

Call Inquiry: + 91-8080928948

4. Ducat:

Ducat is an acclaimed technical training and course provider with a specialization in information technology and professional certification courses training highly qualified professionals as well as beginners in the domain of data science.

It is offering a data science certification course using Python language programming aiding students to learn and understand the syntaxes and variables of data analytics and introducing them to techniques of data cleaning, collection, and data manipulation making it one of the best data science institutes in Gurgaon.

The data science course focuses on the learning and modules of machine learning as well as covering basic and advanced concepts of Python scripts, file operation techniques in Python programming, and using Python libraries like matpotlib, scikit, pandas along with sequence, web scraping, etc.

The course is a comprehensive program using simple syntaxes in its module for easy learning, having GUI GUI-based desktop application along with relevant job opportunities making it one of the best data science courses.

The Course With Python Training Includes the Following Syllabus Pattern:

  • Overview of Data Analytics and Data Techniques
  • Mathematical computation with Python libraries
  • Data Manipulation modules with Pandas tool
  • Data Visualization modules with Matpotlib tool
  • Machine Learning introduction and methodology
  • Big data technology and Spark with Python programming.

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5. Datamites Global Training Institute:

Datamites Global Training Institute is one of the top and leading training and educational platforms offering quality and cost-effective courses and learning programs with certification benefits.

It also offers an eccentric curriculum-based data science course covering all the essential concepts and analytical tools including Python, statistical learning, algorithms, and tableau concepts. It is among the top data science institutes in Gurgaon.

It is an 8-month duration course with 4 months of project mentoring and assignment work having classes on weekdays and weekends along with access to cloud lab in data science practices and 10+ capstone project work.

The course platform is accredited by IABAC and NASSCOM making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Gurgaon. The course entails flexible learning and doubt-clearing sessions with top instructors holding real-time modules in data science and placement assistance on completion of the course.

The Course Module in Datamites Global Training Institute is Structured as:

  • Data Science Foundation learning
  • Core essentials on Python programming structure
  • Statistics and its analytical procedures
  • Machine learning associate program
  • Database management with SQL techniques
  • Version control with Git technology
  • Big Data Foundation learning

Course Fees: Rs 72345/-

Call Inquiry: + 91-1800-313-3434

6. SSDN Technologies:

SSDN Technologies is also a renowned and highly rated global information technology platform and training institute offering master courses and certification programs in high-tech courses for career enhancement.

It offers a dynamic and industry-oriented data science program exploring data science practices like data collection, extraction, data evaluation, transformation, data mining, and predictive modeling making it one of the best data science courses in Gurgaon.

It includes 40 hours of learning modules through an online mode of training with highly qualified trainers for seamless guidance. The course also encompasses research analysis and teaching with real-life problem scenarios providing placement assistance as well in top companies.

The Data Science Course Program in SSDN Technologies Includes Varied Topics Like:

  • Data science basics and Python learning curriculum
  • Introduction to Data visualization, exploration techniques, plotting, and hypotheses testing
  • Statistical learning and analysis with data distribution techniques like correlation etc.
  • Python learning including Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Control Flow, etc.
  • Scientific computing and mathematical computation with Python libraries.
  • NLP applications and environment setup
  • Python web scrapping in the data science module

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7. Jeetech Academy:

Jeetech Academy is a renowned institute based in Gurgaon offering professional certification courses and learning programs in data science, digital marketing, web development, and designing with a prospective infrastructure including data science labs and classrooms.

The course also offers internship opportunities to work on real-world projects along with case studies and practical assignments making it one of the consolidated data science courses in Gurgaon.

It offers placement assistance in developing and enhancing resumes for company requirements helping students to also enhance their skills in data analytical practices with a very affordable fee structure.

The course also offers free demo classes to get to know about the course structure and briefings along with the latest and updated syllabus set as per industry demand.

It Includes an Extensive Range of Data Science Tools Like:

  • Python
  • R programming
  • R studio
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Anaconda
  • Numpy
  • Jupyter Notebook

8. Learnovita:

Learnovita is another technical training and learning platform with comprehensive study and academic modules offering diverse certification courses in the online platform.

It offers a high-tech data analytics and data science course covering all the fundamental concepts and advanced techniques and practices of data science modules, practical exercises, and case studies making it one of the best data science courses in Gurgaon.

It has 40 40-hour duration of learning and interaction sessions with live industry projects to receive hands-on experience and knowledge of data science applications in the industrial domain.

It includes popular data tools in its curriculum like SQL learning, python basics, advanced techniques, and R programming modules with data science practices like cleaning, pre-processing, evaluation, and more.

The Data Science Course in Learnovita Offers the Following Syllabus Program:

  • Statistical analysis including counting, sampling, estimation, scatter, and cleaning.
  • Basic to Advanced Microsoft Excel modules including conditional formatting, Pivot tables, charts, ranges, cells, and more.
  • SQL learning modules including conditional expression, manipulation statements, large data sets, etc.
  • Power BI and Tableau training modules.

Course Fees: Rs 16000/-

Call Inquiry: +91-8062245031

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9. Intellipat:

Intellipaat is offering a post-graduate program in data science learning conducted by expert-led faculty encompassing a curriculum on Python language training, machine learning techniques, and processes with application in real-world projects and various case studies.

The course is an 8-month full-time program having an online boot camp learning approach. This course is one of the sought-after data science courses in Gurgaon giving placement assistance.

The course has features like a dedicated career mentor with 50 industry projects and practical training in the modules along with capstone projects and dual certification.

The Data Science Course in Intellipaat Has a Dedicated Syllabus Structure:

  • Data transformation module with SQL techniques
  • Python training with extensive modules
  • Data analytics practices with advanced Python libraries
  • Statistical techniques of data learning
  • Deploying Power BI in data science practices
  • Business capstone project work and case studies

10. EXCEL R:

ExcelR is an excellent option to pursue data science learning in Gurgaon known to be a reputed technical course provider with modules in diverse specializations and expanding in online and offline modules of learning.

It imparts curriculum and skills in collaboration with NASSCOM and skills ranging from Predictive analysis to neural networks, and predictive modeling in data science. It is easily one of the best data science courses in Gurgaon.

 It is a 6-months program offering training in data science practices and placement opportunities with top brands and best-in-class faculty of experts having high degrees and qualifications.

The Course Curriculum in ExcelR Institute Follows the Following Syllabus:

  • Introduction to statistics with techniques of programming languages.
  • Probability modules with hypotheses testing.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) methodology in Data science.
  • Linear and Logistic Regression modules for data structuring
  • Data Mining and clustering techniques.
  • Introduction to forecasting and text mining.

11. Techstack Academy:

Techstack Academy is one of the best institutes in Gurgaon offering a detailed data science learning program covering topics like full-stack development, digital marketing, big data analytics, cyber security, etc.

It follows a blended mode of study available in both online and offline modules. It has dual certification affiliated with Orangus India.  The course is a 3-month full-time duration program and incorporates data science tools like Notebook, Anaconda Tableau, etc.

The course is conducted by top mentors from top hiring platforms like IBM, Google, and more making it one of the best data science courses.

The Course Module in Techstack Academy Contains the Following Structural Syllabus:

  • Introductory session on data science concepts
  • Statistical learning sessions covering its core concepts
  • Python programming module involving theoretical session
  • Data manipulation methodologies with regression analysis.
  • Introduction to Pandas part of the Python library
  • Unsupervised and supervised curriculum of machine learning.
  • Deep learning involving integration methods.
  • Capstone project and case studies on data problems.


1. Does One Need to Learn Python Programming for Data Science?

Ans: Yes, knowledge of Python programming language is essential in data science practices and one can learn it within the data science course curriculum only.

2. What Are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Data Science Courses From the Data Science Institutes in Gurgaon?

Ans: The career opportunities after completing data science courses from the top institutes in Gurgaon range from data analysts, and data engineers to data consultants, big data architects, machine learning engineers, etc.

3. Are Data Science Courses in Gurgaon Available in Blended Mode?

Ans: Yes, data science courses are available in both online and offline mediums and can easily be accessed and pursued at own convenience.

4. Can Non-It Students Opt for Data Science Certification?

Ans: Yes, a non-IT student can opt for a data science course assuming they must have the right training, experience, and technical skills in the domain.


Thus, the above-mentioned list of data science courses from the top data science institutes in Gurgaon is some of the industry-aligned and market-oriented data science learning platforms that enhance both a candidate’s initial knowledge and understanding of key concepts of the domain and later subject them to practical assignments to gather work-knowledge insights of data science.

The courses are available at their respective institute websites where one can visit and inquire further about the enrolment procedure and get help from their admission desk.

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