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How To Look For Freelance Jobs In India

Why not be smart and look for freelance jobs in India now!  Let’s look at the various ways in which professionals, students and anyone interested can find freelance jobs in India. The past year has not been kind to all of us. Due to the unavoidable circumstances of the Corona Virus spread all across the Globe, the economy has definitely taken a huge blow. This may have hit harder than monetization but there is hope in this situation. Many people lost their jobs, many were made to work from home, many got a huge salary deduction, and so on. This made the economy suffer more. 

How To Look For Freelance Jobs In India

If the World’s largest cities could pull through the recession stage then the Indian economy can also bounce back. Like everything in life, time heals even the deepest wounds. So will the economy. During this time, people may have learned to cut back on their expenses and adjust to what they had. But the basic needs still stand strong, every single day. People might learn to live without fancy parties and expensive scotch, but how can one live without basic needs like food, home, clean drinking water, electricity, and so on. 

That’s why, even if people lose their jobs, they still need a steady income to survive. Here the freelance jobs in India come into the picture. Most people might have started looking for freelance work, to fill their plates initially, but now they are loving the whole idea of it. 

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Who is a freelance worker, in the first place? 

A freelancer is a professional who can perform the same work at his leisure, time, and space as he would at the office. The work performed can be more or less than the assigned work during the 9-5 shift timings. The pay for the same also varies. The payment has to be set up in advance and with the consent of the parties. 

The hiring company can either form a contract or get the freelancer to abide by the contract. Which can assure both parties that they have performed their duties or they will be liable for a penalty. Which is that the freelancer has to do the specified work in the allotted time and submit it to the hirer. And the hirer will first provide the work and then make the payment as per the time decided by both parties. 

Who can choose freelance jobs in India: 

  • Writing:

This part has been always admired by many. Even though writing can be done from anywhere, many companies always prefer their writers to work right under their noses. Although, many writers prefer a completely quiet or a scenic view to do their writing.  Copywriters prefer to work in a creative environment with interactions and product discussions. While the features writers like to do their writing part in complete quiet after they do their extensive researching.

The freelance jobs in India have a huge scope for the up-and-coming writers and the already struggling ones as well. Many freelancing websites offer ‘project work’ to the writers and then the buyers can bid for those projects. As everyone’s writing skill is different and attracts different kinds of readers.  While the basic requirement from the writer community is the SEO-friendly blogs, articles, and social media posts, between the given time.

This gets them paid on a per word basis. This again is a good option for those who have good writing skills and can twist a phrase around.  Earning a good buck for having a command over the language can be rewarding.  There are many other types of writing as well, that people do and can earn well by freelancing. Like writing resumes for job portals, project reports, transcriptions, translations, essay and story writing, legal documents and agreements, and proofreading.  Even though most people may know how to converse in a particular language, writing can get them a little conscious.  As long as you are well-versed in the language and your vocabulary is untouchable, you are good to go. Just know, every organization needs people who are good writers.

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  • Accounts:

The accounts department of any company is treated with the most respect. Even the accountants have their own little group with their personal accounting jokes. This makes them an elite set. Many accountants start their own practice at their own expense, as well. They also use freelance jobs in India to take their work forward. As the financial year ends or there’s a new venture, accountants are called upon and are paid a handsome fee.  Many websites and companies prefer to hire accountants on a freelance basis. 

  • Graphic Designing:

This work has always been in pursuit and will always be. The designing and creating of the graphics and videos for social media, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, banners, product descriptions, billboards, templates, and so on. 

Graphic designing is a course that people spend years studying. Applications like Coral, Photoshop Draw, Adobe Premier Pro, Illustrator are used by graphic designers to get their best work done.

These applications don’t come in cheap and hence if they are working as freelancers, they have to invest a good fortune to earn their living. But after they have done it, the results are completely worth it. While the graphic designers usually charge as per their wishes and the hard work that went into it. Freelancing is also a good option for them. While some companies like to keep them on their payroll, freelancing graphic designers are always found in the trade. 

  • Website Designing and Development:

In today’s day and age, there would hardly be 1 in a Million companies that do not have a website or a social media page. More the followers and users of the website of the particular brand, the better the sales can be accounted for. Website development is not an easy task. Not everyone can master it, even after spending years trying to study the course. And with the ever-changing internet age, new designs keep on coming up. 

Many web designers have been seen working out of coffee shops, their houses, any place they can plug in their laptops’ chargers. The freelance jobs in India also benefit web developers, without a shadow of a doubt. 

  • Logo designing:

This again is an art of the new age world. Logos are the names of the companies or brands. People wish to create an ever-lasting impression with their company’s logo. Some people wish to stand out from their competitors and all of them like to get it copyrighted so that no one else copies their design. Logo designing is a talented job and is found very rarely. But they are lucky who have mastered it, usually, charge as per their wishes. As it is a rare talent, many logo designers like to work on their own terms and charge as well. The majority of them work freelance and keep on looking for freelance jobs in India either via online job searching portals or via the companies’ websites and so on. 

  • Teaching:

This is an extremely wide subject and line of work. Teaching school children, offering tuitions, offering online classes for college and school subjects, online degree and diploma courses, and so on. Teaching can and is also done via freelancing. This line of work is spread so wide and across, that one can easily earn a good amount and still have time for their other jobs. 

Freelancing doesn’t only mean, teaching online, although that is more convenient and has been a huge help since the Corona times started. Your tuition teachers that educate from their homes or come to your home are also freelancers. As they are under the obligation to work and deliver their performance but are not under the time radar. 

Freelance teaching over the internet doesn’t require much investment, all you need is a working internet connection, a computer or laptop, or a smartphone, and set up a video conference call with the students. This option can be clubbed with sharing the screen and including graphic aids, videos, and visual presentations, and so on. This is also considered a great way of learning. 

  • Sales, marketing, and customer service:

These areas of the business are also done by individuals who like to work their passion and still not be tied down with a contract or a timetable. Freelancing means that the professional gets to decide their time and space. Sales are one area of work that can be done on one’s own skills and time frame. Haven’t we all seen sales-persons who work as freelancers to earn some extra monies. Working freelance as a salesperson can allow the person to work harder and spend more time. By getting more leads via the internet, personal contacts, and so on. 

The Marketing department also sees a lot of freelancers. Digital marketing, email marketing, and so on. Many freelancers have been seen to work as good marketers, while benefiting the company that hires them and themselves, as well. 

Customer service or care is one department that doesn’t need any introduction. No company can function without this department. As dealing with customer’s requests, complaints and queries is an important function for the company’s growth. Customer service also deals with the booking of orders and services, generating new leads, and collecting data. So, people work from the comfort of their homes and provide the data to the highest bidder. Freelancing customer services can help many individuals who have good communication skills but can not work rotating shifts. The freelancing of customer care can be offered for abroad companies, as well. All one needs is a data or list of numbers and good communication skills. 

  • Legal:

The majority portion of the legal industry work as freelancers. Many prefer to work for the government or the legal system of the country like a Judge or Public prosecutor. Many don’t like to take the risks of working independently and opt to work under contract with a law firm or corporate firm. But mostly the lawyers or councilors like to work as freelancers. With the growing internet era, freelancing lawyers also offer their services over the internet. 

  • Photography:

The most searched for freelance jobs in India by clients and companies is for photographers. As soon as a photographer is out in the market for work as a freelancer, people tend to snatch them. A photographer hardly requires much, except for the camera and the kit. A freelancer photographer earns a hefty amount and can also work across borders. Many photographers who take pictures of landscapes, nature, usually sell their entire portfolio to one buyer. The online market for hiring and buying photographs is also very hot nowadays. Many corporate companies pay good money for a single-day shoot to the top names in the photographer business. 

  • Data Entry:

The process of data entry has been in the trade for the longest of time. Although many people find it to be boring, there is always a vacancy in this area. As companies will always require data and someone to methodically put it under the correct format. This may seem like a regular job under contract, but there are many people like housewives, work-from-home individuals who work as freelancing data entry operators. Many individuals have set this as their regular job, as all they need are the working computers, data entry projects, and a contract to get paid. 

  • Human Resources:

Human resource services are often in-house and rarely done freelance. But the recruiting and consultation induvial who like to work as 3rd party often help the in-house HRs to lock down good candidates. As freelancer human resources service providers don’t have many responsibilities like the in-house HRs. Their sole work and responsibility are to find the right candidates, screen them, schedule appointments, and make sure they are hired. Then their job is done. 

Interior Decorators and Architects: 

These two professions usually have more freelance workers than contractual ones. As they both have creative and technical jobs, these professionals like to charge as per their talents. They work on their own terms and time-table and thus freelancing is the best option for them. 

As mentioned above that the current times of the Pandemic made everyone ‘work from home’ or as freelancers. This made many online websites boost up as well. 

Here are the top freelancing websites for freelance jobs in India:

1. Freelance India

This site is very popular with the youth of the country for freelance jobs in India. As, apart from being a user-friendly website, they offer work for freshers as well. The site offers authentic work in numerous categories and allows freelancers to produce a Google listing as well. The memberships offered are free and paid as well and easy to access as well.

2. Upwork

This website works globally and has a good presence in the International market as well. They offer work to both freshers and experienced professionals as well. Their client list goes on and on and comprises some good names in the business-like Pinterest, Unilever, Zendesk, Panasonic, and so on. The work offered over this website is big bucks and a good variety of genres as well. They are one of the best places to find freelance jobs in India.

3. Truelancer

This is a free sign-up website for freelancers. This site doesn’t just narrow down to one type of genre. Projects on Copyrighting, graphic, website, and logo designing computer programming, sales and marketing, and so on; can be found here. The payment procedure is also noted to be apt here.

4. WorknHire.com

They claim to bring contractors and clients to the watering hole. This means the hiring companies and the freelancers looking for work can come to this website and find what they are looking for. They offer a variant list of different sectors of work, data entry jobs, content writing, finance and accounting, customer service, SMO, SEO, graphic designers, Java and game developers, etc. Here, the hiring company can post bids on the projects based on the topics or work and the freelancers can choose the work depending upon the bid.

5. Freelancer.in

They have a very elite list of clients that use their website to hire freelancers for different jobs; such as Amazon, Facebook, Deloitte, Novo Nordisk, NASA, TBM, Airbus, and so on. Many professionals get attracted to this website just to toss their name into the ring with these big names.

The payment making and receiving have a safe gateway. The users can browse the portfolios, view the bids, track the progress, and also access customer support in case of any issues.

6. 99designs

As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to the designers of the industry. One can easily find logos, designs, and pictures at economical costs. With a huge gallery, the user can get a good many options making it one of the best sites for freelance jobs in India.

7. Toptal

This website is only for experienced professionals. As they have a strict policy and screen very carefully and under a lot of scrutinies. But if you have chosen after the extensive and strict testing, then you can surely land some high-paying jobs.

8. Envato Studio for freelance jobs in India

This website is exclusively designed for web designers, animation, and video editors. This allows the designers to upload their profiles, samples of their work, their demands in terms of payment and testimonials. This allows the clients or companies to directly learn about the designer and see their work without wasting the time of requesting them for the same.

9. Guru

This is another good site for experienced freelancers. All you have to do is show your experience and sample of your work and wait for the opportunity to land on your lap. Their database is huge and clients move swiftly over this site to find new work. The payment method here is also trustworthy and can be done partially or in full.

10. Naukri.com

This website is one of the most visited and used portals for jobs. Some people might not know that you find freelance work here. This is not exactly the above-mentioned ones, as you don’t post any samples here, or get projects. The companies directly post their ads for freelance work and the respective candidate can apply for the same. Then, like any other job procedure, the two parties get in touch and conduct interviews and select the candidate, and then so on. Not everyone wishes to work on projects and get bids for them, some people do like to work as freelancers but under a company’s terms and conditions as well. Naukri.com is still India’s go-to website for job hunting. Be it for full-time work or freelance.

11. LinkedIn

Just like Naukri.com, this website is also famous for freelance jobs in India. Companies too, post ads for freelancers here. The same procedure happens here, too.

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Why go for freelance jobs in India?

  • Time-table: When you work as a freelancer, you control the time and work at your convenience. Although the matter of the deadline is always there. But at least you are not tied down to the chair until the company clock strikes 6! This feature has its pros and cons as well. Many individuals have reported that their work lacked discipline as they didn’t take the time-management into consideration. While the majority of freelancers enjoyed this feature then they got to do their other work as well. By working freelance, they could take up multiple projects and earn more money. 
  • Payment: This is always a tricky topic with freelancing. Let’s face it, not every client or company is true to their word, especially when the matter of money is at hand. There are some fraud companies, too, who get the work done and then either disappear or just do not pay up. Many companies or clients make a fuss over the work submitted and try to get out of paying the decided amount. But this is not the case with all the websites or clients, not all the fingers are of the same length! Are they! 
  • Location: People can work freelance sitting on their couch in Tokyo for a company in Africa or vice-versa. Freelancers can’t be tied down to the location they are in. After all, isn’t it the work that matters!

The freelance jobs in India have grown a great deal over the last decade and intend to grow a great deal more. Just tie your shoelaces and get ready for the run. 


Q. Is it worth to do a freelancing job in India?

Yes. Freelancing helps you work from anywhere anytime as long as you have internet access. There are many benefits of freelancing jobs but the the most important one is freedom of working in your comfort zone.

Q. Can we choose freelancing as a full-time career?

Yes of course. You can choose freelancing jobs as per your priority. One can either choose to be a freelancer as a fulltime career or a part time job depending on an individual’s choice.

Q. Is freelancing easy?

Freelancing has its own pros and cons. So can’t say if it’s easier or tough being a freelancer. If one gets flexibility in working the other challenges faced by a freelancer is being rewarded, self- motivation etc.

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