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Top 9 Data Science Courses in Bangalore With Placements

The Data Science field is to integrate every chance into valuable insight and cover a wide range of business and industry elements to examine the breadth and possibilities of innovation in the field of Data Science. Wide practices are available to understand the industry’s emerging technologies such as Data Science and involved methodologies, in which we will observe specialization within the industry including the structure of the course. Please continue reading this article- data science courses in Bangalore for more information.


Define Data Science and Its Role

Data Science is an area of expertise that focuses on how to extract information as well as knowledge from large data collections known as Big Data. Data Science is the application of knowledge in the form of actionable insights from data to address complicated issues across a wide range of applications. Data must be produced and processed to solve business problems by evaluating and producing data-driven solutions for high-level choices across a wide range of disciplines.

Data Science has developed its importance in the corporate world due to its business application need. A significant number of modern industries are heavily reliant upon data and make all of their critical decisions on the analytical data obtained from it. A qualified Data Scientist is a crucial component of a company’s personnel in the modern business setting since they create prospective strategies based on data. Furthermore, IBM company has predicted that more than 7,00,000 new employment possibilities in Data Science and AI are expected to become available in the future years.

Bangalore is a big city in India, with an amazing infrastructure and several business prospects. It is also considered India’s IT hub, with many tech corporations and startups operating there. It makes data scientists’ positions in great demand across a wide range of industries. Data Scientist is also an attractive career with a high package in Bangalore and other parts of India, with an average pay of 11,00,000 INR per year.

MNC professionals provide Data Scientist training. They create courses based on current market needs and assist data science aspirants in the city in transforming their careers. These industry teachers deliver Data Science online courses through live interactive classes.

Many institutes provide internationally regarded data science programs. These colleges’ faculties have substantial industry experience as well as devoted subject matter expertise. They also provide one-on-one coaching, and placement support such as resume-building workshops, soft skill training, mock interviews, broad networks for career prospects, practical hands-on learning sessions with capstone and real-world data science projects, and so on.

We Recommend These Courses in Bangalore That You Should Explore:

A Comprehensive Data Science Training Course Covers a Wide Range of Learning Modules, Including:

  • Foundation for Data Science
  • Python as a Data Science Tool
  • Data Science Statistics
  • Machine Learning Math for Data Science
  • Pandas Data Preparation
  • Tableau Foundations for Data Analysis
  • Data Visualisation with Python
  • Deployment of the Big Data Foundation Model
  • R Language Fundamentals
  • Advanced Learning
  • Data Science with SQL

Top 9 Institutes for Data Science Courses in Bangalore:


IIM SKILLS is widely known as one of the finest ed-tech institutes for diverse professional courses. the Data Science Course offered at the institute is one of the finest data science courses in Bangalore.

Salient features of IIM SKILLS

  1. Course Content: The Data Science Course content at IIM SKILLS is industry-recognized and covers the fundamental and advanced concepts of the data science industry.  The course content is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and advancements in the data science discipline to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology.
  2. Flexibility: IIM SKILLS offers great flexibility in terms of learning and attending classes. you also get recorded classes in case you miss any session.
  3. Assessment and Feedback: Regular assessments and constructive feedback are part of IIM SKILLS Course features.
  4. LMS and Community Support – The Data Science Learning Management system houses all the study materials, classes, and important information related to the data science course. it is regularly updated to incorporate any new information that comes in. You also get access to community support groups of like-minded individuals and can exchange information.
  5. Certification and Recognition: IIM SKILLS MBA in Data Science Program will credibility to your skills. The course is curated by the best minds in the industry and helps to become proficient in Data Science with rigorous training for 11 months. The Course comes with guaranteed internship, placement support and a help desk that attends queries within 48 hours of posting your doubts.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Programming Languages and Tools
  • Data Wrangling and Cleaning
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Preprocessing:
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Deep Learning
  • AI
  • Capstone Project
  • Case Studies, and more

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Learnbay

Learnbay’s Data Science course is a structured online training program that will help participants acquire skills and knowledge in essential parts of data science, AI, and machine learning, which are responsible for revolutionizing the corporate environment. Indeed, data science is the most fulfilling vocation in the digital revolution of the twenty-first century. Data Science courses at Learnbay are designed primarily to assist prospective data scientists in securing positions in reputed business firms.

Learnbay’s Data Scientist course is meant to provide theoretical and practical expertise on all aspects of data science, including programming, mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the business side of data science. It enables students to obtain in-demand data science abilities and give acceptable Data Science approaches to business challenges.

Graduates and IT professionals looking to improve their abilities can take advantage of Learnbay’s inexpensive, high-quality, real-time training courses. To run cutting-edge technology in today’s age of technological boom, it is unavoidable to have a varied set of knowledge and abilities. Technology is paving the path for a brighter future where learners can master it by becoming familiar with it.

Learnbay Data science programs guarantee employment referrals based on the student’s chosen domain. They assist students and learners in obtaining placement with startups and top MNCs to pursue a career as a data scientist. The institute prepares students by holding mock interviews following the program. Learnbay also provides support in the development of soft skills, portfolios, and resumes to its students so they can achieve professional breakthroughs after being selected by prominent worldwide firms such as TCS, Amazon, JP Morgan, and others.

3. ISB Institute of Data Science

The Indian School of Business provides extensive knowledge in data science courses to empower students, develop innovative leadership abilities, and information on new data-driven firms and their specific business challenges.

The ISB Institute’s best Data Science courses are designed to help businesses learn and apply new data-driven methods. It can help you gain an ongoing competitive advantage. The Institute undertakes research in a variety of fields related to data science and business analytics. It executes seminars and conferences, as well as designs and delivers both short-term and long-term programs for working professionals in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. The Advanced Management Plan in Business Analytics, its core curriculum, prepares professionals in the skills of a business analyst and data scientist, beginning with statistical analysis and moving to machine learning and economic analytics applications. ISB provides data analytics services to several departments, research institutions, and institutes. Furthermore, it seeks to devise and develop AI and analytics solutions for the sector to address complicated company issues.

The ISB faculty is committed to broadening the knowledge of participants by providing developing technical information and ideas to improve the management of data practice sessions and instruction in the classroom. ISB’s reputation as a data science school has grown dramatically since its humble beginnings due to its amazing ISB faculty and made major contributions to designing high-quality data science syllabi. As a result, this institute ISB is the best for top data science courses in Bangalore for fresh or professional students.

Recommendations For Data Analytics Courses In India Near You:

4. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy provides a well-structured Data Science course through an online training program that will assist participants in acquiring skills and understanding of essential tools of data science, AI, machine learning, and other applications that are highly needed for transforming the business environment.

The institute provides courses that integrate practical experience with academic concepts. It is a respected institute that offers the best value in training services, as well as the guidance that requires innovative thinkers and strategic thinking to create a solution that matches learning objectives, and as a consequence, students have been listed as one of the top Data Science courses in Bangalore.

Techstack Academy offers courses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Digital Marketing, and many more. Learn all of the skills needed to apply Data Science in web and social media. Techstack Academy’s data science course consists of multiple modules that will teach you the fundamentals of data science through simulation and real-time projects, as well as having a thorough knowledge of subjects such as data and analytics, statistics basics, dashboard design, python basic & advanced concepts, and a lot more.

Students will obtain data science certification and job placement assistance upon completion of their studies.

They have successfully offered courses to over 19000 students and trained around 1200 batches since their inception.

To help its learners progress in their professions and make a difference in their future, Techstack Academy provides classes in both online and offline formats, as well as real-world assignments, internships, and strategic consultancy.

Learners who are looking for any type of online presence, such as development, or any type of IT education data science courses, and data science courses in Bangalore have come to the proper place.

Techstack Academy is moving into new undertakings and wants to expand its teaching field even more soon, carrying on the history of providing instruction using cutting-edge technologies.

The 600+ hours of comprehensive Data Science teaching provided by Techstack Academy over 5 months are going to help you become an exceptional Data Scientist.

Few More Courses In Bangalore That You Should Not Miss:

5. DataTrained

The DataTrained institution prepares students for platform use by introducing them to the Learning Management System, which allows them to access course content, participate in live courses and assessments, connect with coaches, and obtain career coach assistance. A curriculum overview and software installation instructions are included in the preliminary session. The Data Science Institute course teaches Excel fundamentals (calculations, data sets, and manipulation) as well as statistical concepts (mean, mean mode, average, standard deviation, and skewness) using real-world scenarios and graphs/charts. The Programming Foundation course introduces data science and helps students build programming skills such as code solutions, algorithms, and flowcharts for future data science/coding study.

The curriculum provides students with in-depth Data Science insights, allowing them to grasp data science and the responsibilities of a data scientist or analyst. It begins with a thorough introduction to Excel fundamentals such as basic computations, dealing with data sets, and cleaning and modifying data for subsequent use. Fundamental statistical concepts such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and skewness will also be introduced to students. They will also be taught how to apply them to real-world scenarios in Excel and properly analyze data. Using graphs and charts, students can make informed judgments based on their results from data analysis.

DataTrained’s data science courses in Bangalore focus on the critical skills and demands of three primary profiles: machine learning engineer, data analyst, and data engineer starter requirements.

Curriculum for Data Science Courses in Bangalore:

  • Data Science Foundations
  • Python Programming Language
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Probability and Conditional Probability
  • Linear Regression – Simple and Multiple Regression
  • Ensemble methods (decision trees, random forests, binning, and boosting)
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms (K-means, Hierarchical clustering, Principal Component Analysis, and DBSCAN)
  • Advanced Techniques (Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Selections, Model Building, Model Tuning, and Pipeline Building)
  • Time series analysis (Time Series Components, Time Series Simulations, Model Evaluation, Use Case and Project Assignment)
  • Recommendation Engine (Data Types in RS, Recommendation Engine Types, and Recommendation Evaluation Metrics)
  • ChatGpt Essentials
  • Recognize and master the GNN model.

6.  Jeetech Academy

Jeetech Academy offers the best data science courses in Bangalore, including live projects as part of the advanced data science education in Delhi. The job-oriented training provided by the institute supports students in a large number of interviews and getting the highest employment role in the firm. The qualified faculty members at the institute provide methodical expertise in data science and clear all doubts during the training. Students who complete the data science course will be industry-ready and capable of taking on any role within the company. The institution helps young talent build their abilities so that they can become effective data scientists in the future.

Their highly qualified and trained teachers prepare each student to adhere to industry standards in the business while clarifying each data science topic with real-world examples. The trainers focus on concept development for the students and provide them the freedom to explore the subject. These industry professionals help students with their projects and prepare them for job interviews, and students are free to ask any questions or queries they have about the topics covered throughout the session.

Upon completion of the best data science courses in Bangalore, Jeetech Academy offers mock interview sessions, presentation training sessions, language classes, and personality development programs to assist students in improving their abilities for a variety of job roles.

Students can master all areas of data science using the three-stage learning process “learn-practice-implement,” which helps students learn more effectively throughout their data science profession from industry specialists with considerable experience in their sector.

If You Are Looking For Data Analytics Courses Abroad Then You Must Check These:

7. Analytixlabs

AnalytixLabs is a pioneer in excellent Data Science courses in Bangalore, and it is worldwide recognized for providing high-quality training programs designed and taught by industry experts. Based on its remarkable track record and student satisfaction, the university has progressively grown to earn a global reputation after establishing itself as India’s top analytics training institute. Students from this institute have gone on to work for companies such as Accenture, American Express, McKinsey & Company, etc. The organization is dedicated to assisting clients in developing primary and advanced analytics skills so that they can emerge as “Business Capable” professionals and enhance their job prospects.

Experts created the best data science courses in Bangalore to bring students up to date on industry best practices. Personal attention is provided by experts with a high level of dedication through small group batch sizes and individual counselling. To ensure that knowledge is retained, hands-on seminars and practice assignments on real-world business statistics are included. Modules focused on case studies guarantee that participants grasp both academic and practical applications. Furthermore, new courses are always being added, and existing ones are evolving to reflect the most recent and anticipated market developments.

Students can choose and combine several modalities of learning, such as classroom training programs, engaging live online classes, and e-learning sessions. All students are then granted 12-month access to a revolutionary educational system, with courses continually updated to match industry requirements.

Industry engagement and subject expertise are essential for a balance of academic and practical learning. The training includes a variety of job-related hands-on projects with real-world business and data challenges.


CCIT offers a one-year program for Data Science studies that includes extensive knowledge and experience, making it one of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Punjab. Today’s approaches adhere to the best in circumstances where CCIT notices business analytics and featured industry adaptations near a lot of wide and deep research.

CCIT offers data science courses in Bangalore in both online and offline formats.

Course frameworks aid in the comprehension of programming languages such as Python and R. The techniques engaged in the field are machine learning and artificial intelligence, or AI.

9. Aegis

Aegis is India’s top institute for new technology guidance, research, and instruction through a wide range of courses in Data Science, Analytics for Business, Artificial Intelligence, and digital safety. Six portfolio projects and one capstone project or product are included. Aegis’ best data science courses in Banglore assist students in acquiring and improving the technical abilities required to enter the field of data science. It is a rigorous 11-month curriculum with many projects and industry sessions that helped me gain a deep understanding of a range of tools and languages such as Tableau, Python, and a variety of machine learning approaches.

All of the industry’s tools and technology are included in the training program. Aegis has some of the best data science faculty in the business. They also organize a variety of events and industry seminars, allowing students to network with a variety of industry leaders.

Aegis’ Data Science curriculum covers almost every subject and advanced theme in machine learning, research, python SQL, big data, deeper learning, NLP, Tableau, Microsoft Azure, and other fields. Some elective studies will also expose you to a wide range of subjects. For example, financial analytics and customer analytics. A dedicated career management team ensures that students acquire numerous job opportunities from leading organizations. Aegis assists in creating a future career in data science.

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Business Analytics, Analytics for Prediction, NLP, Commercialization Analytics, Financial Analytics, and Operations Analytics are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying industries for students to enter.

The data science program was developed by expert faculty members from IBM, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and the other best experienced data scientists.

In summary, learners can have a great learning experience at Aegis. If you’ve been searching for top data science courses in Bangalore, Aegis is the place to start.

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Q. How do Data Scientists work?

Data scientists fulfil some of the most important requirements in the business world in the following ways:

  • A Data Scientist analyzes and extracts system data to gain insightful knowledge.
  • A Data scientist works on a certain specific topic before obtaining data for analysis by quizzing some questions to better understand it. Following that, the Data Scientist constructs the appropriate set of variables and data sets by gathering structured and unstructured data from many sources such as company data, public data, and so on.
  • These data scientists usually process raw data. The data turns into a format that is suitable for a particular type of data analysis. This process is the filtration and validation of large amounts of data with certainty, correctness, and completeness. So, after cleaning and confirming the data, it is ready for use the information which is then fed into an analytical, machine learning, or statistical model. Data scientists can use these findings to find various trends and patterns. Data scientist interrupts data as it is comprehended in search of possibilities and solutions. The task is completed by the data scientist giving results as well as insights to the proprietor or stakeholders.

Q. Why should you study data science courses in Bangalore?

Some of the benefits of studying data science in Bangalore:

  • Learning data science will help in building a solid career in your chosen field.
  • It will assist you in developing a skill set that will enable you to become a valuable professional in any firm.
  • Data Science will be the world’s future. Learning it right away will give you an advantage over others.
  • Learning data science improves your technical knowledge. It assists you in making informed decisions and benefits an organization with a wide range of abilities that boost the company’s efficiency.

Q. How can we choose a course in data science?

There are many accessible institutes for both online and offline courses, but one must consider several things before deciding which is the best match for serious learners. However, if someone wants to learn remotely or save time and get more out of any course, learners should attempt online courses.


In the end, data science courses in Bangalore conform to efficiency which adds value and success to their respective data science professions with these institutes. These institutes provide excellence in practical theories to meet the real-time environment, prestigious institutes emerging on the education frontlines with the trainer’s support and knowledge to achieve the foremost best one, one in the Data Science courses in Bangalore. The field of data science and the application of cutting-edge technology and/or approaches are experiencing rapid and sustained expansion.


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