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Top 7 Data Science Courses In India

Data Science is a huge field on a global scale as there is a global demand for Data Scientists in every industry. Students interested in studying Data Science and Analytics in India have several options. The country has the best online/offline institutions for learning data science, which provide great education, a promising employment market, and, most importantly, a multicultural environment. If you are planning a safe career option like Data Science Courses in India, this read- top 6 data science courses in India will help you out in introducing the best institutions of data science. Please read this article further for more details.


Data science (DS) involves the exercise of scientific reasoning to big data sets, the construction of statistical models and algorithms that operate on this data, and the codification of this data through computer engineering to create a product that can assist in making choices for an entity. It is a broad field with numerous cross-disciplinary features.

The study of data to acquire crucial business insights is known as data science. It is an integrated approach for evaluating large amounts of data that combines ideas and techniques from statistical analysis, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering.

What Makes Data Science So Important?

Data science is significant because it blends tools, methodologies, and technologies to create meaning from data. A plethora of tools capable of automatically gathering and storing data has overwhelmed modern organizations with data. Online systems and payment gateways capture more data in e-commerce, medical care, banking, and every other aspect of human existence.

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Data Science Offers in Businesses

  • Helps in discovering new patterns for performance.
  • Make new products and services.
  • Optimization takes place instantly.

Data science is a hands-on field, which means that to understand more about it, an individual must first use it. The most effective approach to learning about data science is to obtain a data science qualification, and the best way to do so is to obtain a data science certification.

Students may get the top data science courses in India from institutes that not only cover all of the ideas of data science but also go the extra mile by integrating practical aspects such as employment aid, industry specialization, etc.

Top 7  Data Science Courses In India


IIM SKILLS is India’s leading institute that offers guidance, research, and educational opportunities in emerging technologies through a variety of  certifications in Data Science, Analytics for Business, Artificial Intelligence, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, Financial Modeling, Business Accounting and Taxation, Investment Banking, content writing, and more.

Course Name – Data Science Course

It includes capstone projects, live assignments, and incisive learning on Data Science or product. The top data science courses in India by IIM SKILLS support its students in gathering and upgrading the technical skills required to enter the profession of data science. It consists of an intensive  program with multiple projects and industry sessions that assisted me in obtaining strong knowledge of numerous tools and languages like Tableau, Python, and a variety of machine learning techniques.

Students can start their careers in the fastest-growing and highest-paying fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Business Analytics, Analytics for Prediction, NLP, Commercialization Analytics, Financial Analytics, and Operations Analytics.

The data science program has been created by specialists from IBM, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and the most talented data scientists.

Post-completion, freshers can expect a compensation package ranging from 8.5 LPA to 18 LPA, while experienced candidates can expect a salary increase of up to 500% with a potential income of 40 LPA.

IIM SKILLS provides a program that includes: Interest Free EMI options available for Students in Data Science, Business Analytics, and AI.

The training curriculum includes all of the industry’s tools and technology. IIM SKILLS features some of the greatest data science faculty in the industry. They also host numerous events and industry seminars, allowing learners to network with numerous industry leaders.

IIM SKILLS’ Data Science curriculum encompasses nearly all subjects and advanced themes in machine learning, research, python SQL, big data, deeper learning, NLP, Tableau, Microsoft Azure, and other areas. Some elective studies will also expose you to a variety of domains. Financial analytics and customer analytics, for example. A dedicated career management staff ensures that students receive a slew of work prospects from top corporations. IIM SKILLS aids in establishing a future profession in data science. Overall, learners can have a positive experience while learning at IIM SKILLS. If you are interested in top data science courses in India, IIM SKILLS is one of the best locations to begin your career.

2.     Great Learning

Great Learning is a multinational EdTech firm that provides skilled and higher education programs in the technology, data, and business areas. It offers PG programs in data science & business analytics to become a data scientist and business analyst. Students can learn anytime, anywhere by experienced faculty members. They will get weekly online classes and support on projects and doubts.

Syllabus of the top data science courses in India by Great Learning

Module 1 – Data Science Definition

  • Definition of data science
  • Numerous routes to data science.
  • Suggestions for a new data scientist
  • What is the cloud?

Module 2 – What do data scientists do?

  • A regular week in the life of a data scientist
  • R vs. Python
  • Regression
  • Data science tools and technology

Module 3 – Business in Data Science

  • Businesses with data science
  • Tips for Recruiting Data Scientists

Module 4 – Data Science Case Studies

  • Data Science Applications
  • The Report Structure

Module 5 – Data Research

  • Things data scientists say
  • Data visualization

3.     Jeetech Academy

The top data science courses in India are provided by Jeetech Academy which includes live projects in the syllabus as a part of the advanced data science course in Delhi. The institute’s job-oriented training assists students in cracking a large number of interviews and obtaining the greatest employment role in the organization. The institute’s qualified faculty members provide methodical knowledge in data science and clear all doubts during the course. When students complete the data science course, they will be industry-ready and capable of taking on any responsibility within the firm. The institution assists new talent in developing their skills to become an efficient data scientist in the future. The institute believes in the three-stage learning method “learn-practice-implement,” which assists students in gaining better learning throughout their data science career. Students learn all aspects of data science from industry experts with extensive experience in their field.

Their highly skilled and trained teachers train each student to follow industry standards at the workplace while clarifying each data science topic using real-world examples. The trainers concentrate on concept development for the pupils and provide them with the flexibility to study the subject. These industry experts assist students with their projects and prepare them for job interviews, and students are free to ask any question or query related to topics during the session.

After completing the top data science courses in India, Jeetech Academy provides mock interview sessions, presentation workshops, English lessons, and personality development programs to help students improve their skills for numerous employment roles.

Few More Courses To Explore in India:

4.     Analytixlabs

AnalytixLabs is an innovator in top Data Science courses in India and is internationally recognized for high-quality training programs designed and delivered by industry specialists. Based on its exceptional record and student satisfaction, the university steadily developed to gain the same recognition globally after establishing itself as the top analytics training institute in India. Students from this institute have been placed in top organizations like Accenture, American Express, AbsolutData, Axtria, Bank of America, and McKinsey. The institution focuses on assisting clients in gaining fundamental and advanced analytics abilities so that they can emerge as “Industry Capable” individuals and grow their careers.

Experts designed the top data science courses in India to keep students ahead of the latest developments in industry best practices. Experts with a high level of dedication provide personal attention through small group batch sizes and individual counselling. Hands-on workshops and practice assignments on real-world business statistics are incorporated to guarantee that knowledge is retained. Modules based on case studies ensure that participants understand practical applications in addition to academic topics. Furthermore, new courses are always being offered, and existing ones are developing to reflect the most recent and impending market trends.

Students can select and combine a variety of learning modes, including classroom training programs, interactive live online, and e-learning sessions. All students are then given access to a cutting-edge learning system for 12 months, with the courses constantly being updated to meet industry requirements.

For a balance between theoretical and practical learning, industry contact and subject expertise are required. The training covers a variety of job-related hands-on projects that involve real-world business and data difficulties.

5.     ISB Institute of Data Science

The Indian School of Business (ISB) offers top data science courses in India that provide vast knowledge and allow students to acquire global leadership skills. It provides information about new data-driven businesses and their particular business difficulties.

The ISB Institute’s top Data Science courses aim to assist firms in learning and using modern data-driven ways. It is useful in developing long-term competitive advantage. The Institute conducts research in various areas of data science, and business analytics. It organizes conferences and workshops and develops and delivers short and long-term programs for working professionals in the fields of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science that benefit business. Its core program, the Advanced Management Plan in Business Analytics (AMPBA), trains professionals in the abilities of a business analyst and data scientist, starting with statistical analysis and progressing to machine learning and business analytics applications. ISB’s data analytics service is provided by the institute to numerous departments, research centres, and institutes. In addition, it intends to create and develop AI along with analytics solutions for the industry to address complicated business problems.

Data science courses offer a collection of skills for data science professionals and professors looking to expand their knowledge. The courses are designed to expand the understanding of participants in business theory and combine innovative business concepts with practical knowledge about applications. Participants can learn to tackle challenging business tricks using cutting-edge research techniques along with theory in the syllabus.

The ISB faculty is dedicated to creating information and ideas to improve data management practice and learning in the classroom. Since its foundation, ISB’s reputation as a research-oriented school has developed rapidly. ISB’s faculty has made significant contributions to providing quality education in data science. Therefore, this institution is best for top data science courses in India for learners.

6.     DataTrained

The DataTrained training prepares students to use the platform by exposing them to the Learning Management System, allowing them to access course content, attend live classes and tests, connect with mentors, and receive career coach assistance. A preliminary session includes a curriculum description and software installation instructions. The Data Science Institute course teaches Excel foundations (calculations, data sets, and manipulation) as well as statistical concepts (mean, the mean mode, standard deviation, and skewness) through real-world scenarios that are applied to data analysis utilizing graphs/charts. The Programming Foundation course introduces data science and develops programming abilities such as code solutions, algorithms, and flowcharts/pseudocode for further data science/coding research.

The program offers deep Data Science insights, which provide students with an understanding of data science and the duties of a data scientist or analyst. It starts with a detailed overview of Excel essentials, such as basic computations, working with data sets, and cleaning and altering data for later use. Learners will also be introduced to fundamental statistical concepts such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and skewness. They will also be instructed on how to apply them to real-world settings in Excel and appropriately analyze data. Students can make informed decisions based on their findings from the data analysis by using graphs and charts.

DataTrained’s data science courses focus on the important skills and needs of three major profiles: machine learning engineer, data analyst, and beginner requirements of data engineer profile. DataTrained is one of the institutes that offers various top data science courses in India with the following syllabus:


  • Foundation of Data Science
  • Python programming language
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Descriptive, Inferential Statistics
  • Probability & Conditional Probability
  • Linear Regression – Simple, Multiple regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Ensemble approaches (Decision trees, Random forests, Begging, and boosting)
  • Unsupervised Learning algorithms (K-means clustering, Hierarchical clustering, Principal Component Analysis and DBSCAN)
  • Advanced Techniques (Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature selections, Model building techniques, Model Tuning techniques, and Building pipeline)
  • Time series analysis (Time Series Components, Time Series Models, Model Evaluation, Use Case and Assignment and Projects)
  • Recommendation Engine (Types of Data in RS, Types of Recommendation Engine, and Evaluation Metrics in Recommendation)
  • ChatGpt Essentials
  • Generative models
  • Understand and learn the GNN model.

7.     Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy is a Delhi NCR-located educational institution that offers a variety of courses to students to help them tune up and update their skills in their chosen industry.

They offer courses that combine practical knowledge with academic notions. It is a reputable institute that provides the finest value in training services coupled with the help of creative minds and strategic thinking to build a solution that meets your learning goals, and as a result, they have been ranked as one of the top Data Science courses in India.

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, a Python Course, Digital Marketing, and many other courses are available at Techstack Academy. Learn every skill required to apply Data Science in web and social media. The data science course at Techstack Academy includes 55 modules that will teach you the fundamentals of data science by working on simulation and real-time projects, as well as having in-depth knowledge of subjects such as data and analytics, statistics basics, dashboard design, python fundamentals, and many more.

Students will receive data science certification upon completion of your course, as well as 100% job placement support.

Since their beginning, they have successfully delivered courses to over 19000 students and trained almost 1200 batches.

Techstack Academy offers classes in both format online and offline training, as well as real-world assignments, internships, and strategic consultation to help its learners advance their careers and make a difference in their future.

If learners are looking for any form of online presence, such as development, data science courses, or any other IT education, they should come to the right place.

Continuing the legacy of offering training with cutting-edge technologies, Techstack Academy expands into new endeavours and hopes to expand its training area even further soon.

Techstack Academy’s 600+ hours of intensive Data Science instruction over 5 months will help you become an excellent Data Scientist.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1) What separates Data Science from typical application programming?

Answer: Data Science approaches system development in a fundamentally different way than traditional application development.

We used to examine the input, figure out the intended outcome, and write code that contained the rules and statements needed to change the provided input into the desired outcome in classic programming paradigms. As one might expect, these rules were not easy to write, especially for data that even computers struggled to grasp, such as photos, movies, and so on.

Data Science alters this procedure slightly. We need access to significant amounts of data including the required inputs and their mappings to the expected outcomes. Then, we apply data science algorithms, which build rules based on mathematical analysis to map the specified inputs to output.

This rule development process is known as training. Following training, we use some data saved before training to evaluate and validate the system’s correctness. The created rules are a black box in which we have no idea how the inputs are turned into outputs.

However, if the precision is sufficient, we can use the system (also known as a model).

As previously stated, in traditional programming, we needed to write a set of guidelines for connecting the input to the output. Still, in Data Science, the rules are generated or learned naturally from the given data. This aided in the resolution of some challenging difficulties that various companies were facing.

Question 2) What are 5 five major prerequisites?

Answer: Machine Learning: Before enrolling in Data Science courses, you should be aware that machine learning is the foundation of data science. Data Scientists must have a strong understanding of machine learning as well as basic statistics skills.

Modelling: mathematical frameworks are required to assist you in making quick calculations at your fingertips. Modelling is another aspect of machine learning that entails recognizing multiple algorithms.

Statistics: Stats are at the heart of data science. A solid understanding of statistics can help you extract more intelligence and produce more detailed and meaningful outcomes.

Programming: To execute techniques in a data science project, a few levels of programming are required. Python and R are the most widely used programming languages because they are simple to learn and understand.

Database: A competent data scientist will need to grasp how databases function, how to maintain them, and how to extract data from them.

Question 3) How should candidates apply for data science training?

Answer: There are no such eligibility requirements for a data science course. Candidates must only hold a bachelor’s degree in a technical field/mathematics/ economics etc. Some institutes offer a Data Science course with various eligibility requirements that include both technical and non-technical background individuals. Individuals interested in data science, regardless of past educational background or professional experience, are welcome to enrol in the courses.


The data science course equips learners to meet the requirements for the businesses of big or small companies. Data science skills and technologies are required in data-driven circumstances across all industries. Following the completion of a data science certificate program, there are numerous professional prospects accessible. One of the most in-demand skills in the market nowadays is data science training in India. The course is intended for both working professionals and new students who desire to advance their careers in a popular field. Data science training provides students with logical and programming skills, as well as the ability to develop data science models.


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