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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Faridabad With Placements

If you are keen on exploring a different avenue in technical learning and want to forge a successful career, then data science can be a great and interesting option. Data science has rapidly grown over the past few decades forging an interesting academic learning and professional field where data structures are subjected to scientific research analysis and advanced evaluation and examination to construct business-friendly models. Thus, it has become a key component to drawing analytics and patterns of data behavior and putting those research findings to use for enhanced strategy and decision-making for businesses and organizations. In this article, we will shed focus on the significant data science courses in Faridabad and get to know about the curriculum structure course features, and their placement history with a detailed analysis of the course objectives.

List of Top 11 Institutes in Faridabad

Data science learning is growing increasingly popular amongst technical graduates as well as mid-career professionals, especially for those who are proficient at nurturing data and optimizing them for industrial usage aiding them in both knowledge and professional growth in the future. The data science institutes in Faridabad have introduced data science courses with the best structure and study topics and are taught by eminent faculties as well.

A Brief Understanding of Data Science as a Discipline

Data science is a multi-disciplinary domain with consolidated and comprehensive learning of data structures and models and conducting scientific research and analysis through advanced techniques and data analytical practices.

It also draws its principles and conceptual understanding from various other principles of subjects like applied mathematics and its computational processes, statistical learning and techniques, computer science, information and communication technology, and engineering.

Data science is the discipline and diversified realm for data experts and scientists with sub-parts like artificial intelligence modules, machine learning, and deep learning techniques and methodologies.

It holds immense techniques and importance as it efficiently manages large data structures consisting of structured and unstructured sets and subjects them to advanced processes for comprehension of unknown patterns and data trends.

Such analysis aids businesses and data-driven technological organizations to rely on its efficacy and conduct data research for more profitable outcomes. It also has a wide range of applications in industrial sectors generating employment opportunities for technical background candidates and mid-level professionals.

It caters to candidates willing to study data behavior and learn predictive modeling useful in finance, insurance, healthcare, and other sectors providing a better consumer experience.

Top Skills One Must Acquire From Data Science Courses

To get into a data science job, it is required that the candidate must go through data science training in data science practices and methodologies and acquire essential skills to apply in real-world problem-solving.

Firstly, STATISTICAL DATA ANALYSIS: Statistics and data science are co-related fields where data science draws the principles and practices of statistical learning from the domain. It involves statistical data analytical procedures where statistics are drawn to interpret data patterns and trends aiding in data modeling, survey formulation, and also for business intelligence-based learning involving large data sets.

Secondly, DATABASE MANAGEMENT SKILLS: DBMS or Database management is data analytical software that aids in proper data storage and organization of data structures for future usage. It incorporates multiple functions that generate accurate and precise data models with high-quality structures which are further retrieved for industrial and business utilization. It includes a distributed, federated, centralized database management system

Thirdly, DATA MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES: Data Manipulation technique also looks after ensuring data privacy and ethical data presentation of data involving data evaluation and manipulating data content and structure to re-model it as per business and industrial requirements.  It involves essential methods like extraction and gathering of data, cleansing their errors, removing all irregularities, and enhancing the data quality for further analytical processes.

Fourthly, DATA COMMUNICATION AND VISUALIZATION PROCESSES: Data Visualization is also known as information graphics and information visualization methodology incorporating data presentation architecture that visually presents data collection and analysis procedures. It is an essential skill set in the domain of data science practices and learning that aids in the proper and corrective presentation of data findings and research outcomes through charts, bar graphs, dashboards, and other visual mediums.

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 Here’s a List of Top 11 Data Science Courses in Faridabad


Known as a top educational company, IIM Skills provides world-class learning modules and specialization courses at affordable prices and with top company tie-ups for placement support.

Ever since its establishment in 2015, it has been offering top-tier courses and now it has introduced a master’s certification program in data science covering all the relevant theoretical concepts and work knowledge of data science methods and practices.

It is an MBA program in data learning and practices conducted full-time duration for 11 months. The course is approved by MSME having a tools-driven training module with live projects and case studies for further practical understanding of data science practices and methods.

The course commits to incorporating industry best practices with 160+ hours of interaction learning. Thus, it is one of the best data science courses in Faridabad with cutting-edge tools and skills curriculum within the course.

Highlighting the Course Content:

  • Time series, confidence Interval, SND in Statistical learning in Data science.
  • ML and AL modules involving random forest, boosting, deep learning, PCA, etc.
  • SQL mechanism involving DDL, DML, and RDBMS concepts.
  • Python in Data science involving core, numerical, geospatial data, etc.
  • Tableau modules in Data Science involving data summaries, calculated fields, etc.
  • R programming in Data science including operators, loops, arrays, etc.
  • Alteryx Curriculum including Alteryx design, data fields, etc.

Course Detail:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – Rs 99,900 +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

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 The data science pro course is a highly demanding and popular data science course in Introtallent Institute with online learning along with diverse topics ranging with special curriculum in Artificial intelligence in data science.

It is specifically designed to serve professionals in the data field conducted by expert-led mentors along with live and interactive projects in data science and data analytics assignments with presentations covering extensive content of the syllabus that makes it one of the best data science institutes in Faridabad.

It is a 6-month full-time course with an enhanced curriculum to get an understanding of end-to-end data science and analytical methodologies along with its applications in real-world problem solving along with implementing business intelligence in data science practices.

The course covers tools based on data science libraries like Advanced Excel, SQL querying methods, Pandas, and Matpotlib in Python language making it one of the top and sought-after data science courses.

The extensive course and detailed syllabus include:

  • Python curriculum
  • SQL learning and querying in data science practices
  • Advanced Excel including functions, columns, rows, etc.
  • Statistics and machine learning for data science and learning.
  • Business intelligence deploying tableau techniques
  • Capstone projects- 6 real-world assignments.

Course Fees: Rs 75000/-

Call Inquiry: +918431610064


Dev Fox Technology is an information technology-based academic institute offering online courses with industry-aligned practices and study programs. It is considered to be one of the leading data science institutes in Faridabad fostering a thriving and enriching learning environment along with obtaining certification training through courses.

The institute offers an expert curriculum in the data science domain which is a comprehensive course with a specialization in Python programming curated for freshers and also mid-career professionals.

The course is significant for its wide and diverse range of data science and analytical topics including ML methods and algorithms learning, data visualization, data manipulation through high-tech tools structure, statistics, and analytical procedures in data science.

It also offers practical learning and comprehension through its real-world projects and assignments where candidates can gain a working knowledge of data science tools and techniques. Thus, it can be considered one of the leading data science courses in Faridabad.

Some Essential Course Features include:

  • Learning duration of 3 months
  • English as the main language of instruction
  • 50 seats per batch
  • Leading and top-level mentorship by experts
  • Wide tools range like Seaborn, NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, etc.
  • Real-world assignments

For Further Details Call- + 91-9891270547

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IGM Guru is offering a unique learning curriculum in the data science domain incorporating a course structure that has the option of both online classroom learning as well a self-paced learning structure.

Counted as amongst the top data science courses in Faridabad, the data science programs come with Python Learning and basic to advanced programming learning for professionals having work experience in this domain.

The course consists of 40 hours of live sessions led by trained instructors along with small batches for one-to-one interaction with all candidates. The program offers a flexible schedule with 24*7 access and support for any course-related query.

Apart from Python, the course also covers other significant data science topics like Natural Language Processing techniques, deep learning, and big data modeling with other skills and tools. It has PCEP, PCAT, and PCAP certifications for Python learning.

Syllabus Highlights:

  • Pandas for data manipulation
  • Statistics in business application
  • Scipy for computational methods
  • Web scrapping with Python
  • Machine Learning using Scikit-Learn

Course Fees – online classroom – Rs 34950/-

 Call Inquiry- +91-7240740740


Skill Floor offers various data science specialization programs and the most renowned course is its certified data science developer program which aids in mastering skills of data science tools and methods ranging from Python, and algorithms to data manipulation and visualization.

It is one of the renowned data science institutes in Faridabad and the course platform is known to offer solid foundational knowledge of essential aspects of data science along with a certification module rating it amongst the top data science courses in Faridabad.

The Course Has Some Unique Features Including:

  • Intermediate level of learning suitable for beginners.
  • 1 month of unpaid internship opportunity
  • Live training modules with career guidance and assistance
  • 10 live projects along with capstone practicals
  • Industry-accepted certification
  • Aiding in networking with data science developers for collaboration.

Course Topics:

  • Data Science Overview and analytics
  • ML- basic to advanced
  • Programming modules in data science learning
  • Big data and its technological analysis
  • Data communication through visualization
  • Basics of Deep learning with neural networking modules

Course Fees: Rs 9900/-

Call Inquiry: +91-8047096280


Sofcon India is an accreditated training institute having collaborates with platforms like National Skills Development Corporation, Skill India, etc offering a varied range of technical courses mentored by top expert panels and faculty members.

Since data science has become a blooming career option in the field of information technology, it is offering an effective data science learning program in Faridabad which is considered to be one of the top and popular data science courses in Faridabad. It has a comprehensive learning structure with practical module sessions for real-world learning experiences.

The course has an overall duration of 3 months with 80 hours of learning and lecture modules. It has an internship opportunity for 6 months of duration with customized training modules in regular or weekend mode.

The course also has basic enrolment criteria with minimum eligibility requirements consisting of completing a B.tech or diploma or bachelor’s in relevant subjects. It is one of the well-known data science institutes in Faridabad.

Syllabus of the Course Includes:

  • Python library including NumPy, Pandas, Matpotlib, etc.
  • Web scraping techniques.
  • Prediction modeling methods in data science
  • Data Science- conceptual understanding
  • Python Learning- Basics

Call Inquiry:

+91-9873684099 (INDIA)

+91-9873689018 (FARIDABAD)

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My Tectra is an online-based technological training and academic course provider offering IT courses and program structures incorporating diverse course curricula and specialization modules.

Its data science program is known to be one of the most significant and topmost data science courses in Faridabad having high-quality expert trainers with industry-aligned certification. It has 24*7 customer care service including concepts of machine learning methods, Python programming, statistical techniques, and some of the relevant data science tools like Hadoop, spark, etc.

The course offers relevant certification at the end for building a career in data science practices. It has a placement and job assistance cell with top mentors and technical trainers aiding in learning and enhancing understanding of data science and analytics and that makes it a well-known data science institutes in Faridabad.

Course Content:

  • Data project lifecycle modules
  • Data transformation methods
  • Data science: Brief overview and facts
  • ML curriculum
  • Recommender Systems Module
  • Principles of data science
  • Data collection and acquisition practices
  • Outliers, co-relation, variable type
  • Normal, uniform, skewed distribution
  • Hypotheses, univariate, multivariate, and bivariate analysis
  • Sampling

For Free Demo Session Call- +91-8047112411


Udacity is a remarkable platform to get certification and learning courses in various technical specializations with extensive program content aiding development and critical thinking along with personalized support.

It is in collaboration with top technological companies offering a quality data science program with hands-on experience and knowledge of data management and data pipeline generation. It also consists of modules on data designing, building data-driven systems, and learning various data practices and methodologies.

It serves as one of the relevant data science courses in Faridabad with advanced skills including data interpretation and result generation, experimental assignments, coding practices, data storytelling, data visualization, and many more.

It is a data science nano degree program with 4 4-month duration modules having 10 hours of learning and a lecture curriculum per week with advanced skill levels.

The Course Content Includes Sub-courses Like:

  • Data science problems
  • Software engineering for data experts
  • Data engineering for data experts
  • Data designs and recommendation
  • Various data science projects

Course Fees: Rs 69700/-

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 9. UDEMY:

Udemy is a popular and reliable course platform accessible by global candidates with various short-term courses on diverse domains. Known for its open-source platform of curriculum, professionals across the globe are enrolling in its courses top-ranked by job platforms with enriched content and study curriculum.

 It is offering a Data Science Analytics Boot Camp providing knowledge of data science languages, techniques, and tools incorporating Python. Machine learning and other data practices modules. The top tools include NumPy, Matpotlib, Scikit Learn, and Pandas to develop data analytical knowledge and learning SQL practices and AI-based deep learning modules.

The course is of 31-hour-long program module in audio-video format of learning and study along with data science articles with coding exercises making it one of the best data science courses in Faridabad. The candidates can learn the course in a self-paced format inducing greater flexibility.


Being one of the top technical course providers, Inventateq is catering to a wide curriculum based on technological learning involving Python and R programming training modules,  AutoCAD,  software testing, DevOps, java scripting, and many other topics.

It offers a data science course program with advanced data science training with job-oriented certification imparting data knowledge with capstone projects for real-world problem-solving approach learning.

 It is a 3 months program having practical and working assignments with Microsoft and IBM certification options and job guidance with resume preparation along with the course structure.

It covers tools structures like Python library including Pandas, NumPy, and Tableau along with artificial intelligence and big data technology learning, Spark, and cloud computing platforms. Therefore, it is one of the leading data science courses in Faridabad.

The Course Content Highlighting Data Science Modules Include:

  • Data techniques and statistical methods
  • Machine learning involving regression and predictive learning.
  • Data visualization curriculum with tools like Seaborn, Matpotlib, etc.
  • Big data learning.
  • Statistical Analytics for trend and pattern learning.
  • Database management involving SQL dynamics.
  • Deep learning with AI modules.


Palin Analytics is a top learning and educational platform with industry-relevant training courses through excellent resources and a management team conducting modules in data engineering, advanced Excel, and business analytics.

Known as a trusted and one of the top data science institutes in Faridabad, it offers a certification program in data science including data wrangling, cleansing, business analytics, and other data science practices for educational and placement purposes.

It has been significantly ranked as one of the comprehensive data science courses in Faridabad.

  Course Highlights:

  • Covering 6 months of learning duration.
  • Lecture session involving 11 modules 4 project works and real-time projects.
  • 90 hours of lecture and interaction learning.
  • Industry-recognized certificate for completing the course module.

   Learning Outcomes:

  • Data Visualization through the EDA process.
  • Data wrangling and Munging techniques.
  • Data preparation post extraction.
  • Navigating through data sources.
  • Statistical methodologies.

 Curriculum Content:

  • Basic Analytical modeling
  • Regression types – linear, logistics, and decision tree.
  • Python language learning.
  • Data optimization and modeling.
  • Statistics involving chi-square, Anova test, random variables, etc.

For Course Inquiry Call: +91-9810600764


1. What Are the Prerequisites for Pursuing a Data Science Certification Course?

Ans:  The candidate to pursue data science certification must hold a relevant degree in technical subjects like statistics, mathematics, or information technology along with sound knowledge of programming and technical expertise.

2. What Are the Top Industries That Benefit From Data Science Technologies?

Ans: The top industries using data science technology include retail, finance, healthcare and medical, media, IT sectors, educational sectors, and more.

3. What Are the Career Opportunities After Pursuing Data Science Courses in Faridabad From the Top Data Science Institutes in Faridabad?

Ans: The top career paths after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Faridabad include that of big data consultant, data scientist, big data analyst, data architect, data engineer, and many more.

4. What Are the Data Science Practices One Can Learn From the Certificate Courses?

Ans: The data science practices one can learn from the certificate courses include data manipulation, data collection, data wrangling, visualization modules, data communication, and more.


Thus, data science and analytics offer a great option for employment in the technical sector of today’s job market encouraging youth and professionals to obtain certification in the domain to grab better job opportunities and higher positions. Such a scenario has also pushed data science institutes in Faridabad to introduce market-friendly curricula in data learning to gather knowledge of its practices. Therefore, get enrolled in the above-mentioned courses by checking the relevant details.

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