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Top 7 Online Data Science Courses With Live Training

In the world of information technology, which is built on data and information, the data science business has increased in importance and popularity. The field of data science has changed the internal and external operations of commercial and non-commercial firms and organizations in the aftermath of the data flood. Data science knowledge is necessary for the business for data collection, extraction, organization, and technical and non-technical analysis to reach findings and precise predictions that drive corporate and enterprise choices.  As a result, data science abilities serve as a catalyst for data management in both large and small organizations, allowing the sector to function. In this article, we have identified the best colleges in Kolkata for data science courses, and we hope that it will be helpful to learn more about the “Top Online Data Science Courses”.


Massive volumes of data are generated daily, creating a situation with data science skills requirements. As a critical component of any industry, the Data Science course has risen in popularity, and many firms have begun to use data science approaches to grow their operations and increase customer satisfaction. Predictive analysis and pattern identification are claimed to increase decision-making skills, revealing latent abilities.

By asking appropriate questions, students will be able to determine the core cause of an issue after taking a Data Science course.

They will be able to do exploratory studies on the provided data by easily modeling it with various techniques.

Figures, facts, dashboards, and other visual aids make it much easier for all potential learners to discuss and interpret data.

Companies want Data Scientists who can handle data, produce results, and drive decision-making. The job of a data scientist is all about using data to respond to questions, and these top online data science courses will teach every aspiring data scientist just that to excel in a career. At the institutions listed below, data science students will learn how to analyze data, create dashboards, and provide meaningful reports. They’ll create portfolio-worthy projects along the road to help students get job-ready.

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Top 7 Online Data Science Courses


IIM SKILLS is the leading educational company formed in the year 2015 by Vaibhav Kakkar. This company started its journey with its very first course in Content Writing on a digital platform. IIM SKILLS has its base location in Delhi. With the growing and successful response, IIM SKILLS expanded with a few more wide range of courses in sectors like banking, finance, digital & data science. All the courses by IIM SKILLS are offered on a digital platform across the globe. This is why they have students from all over the world. IIM SKILLS is highly recommended as their courses are certified and have global recognition.

If you are looking for the best online learning platform for courses in Data Science, then we highly recommend IIM SKILLS they are a globally recognized and top-ranking online training platform for data science courses. They rank in the number one position in the list of best online data science courses.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. ExcelR Solution

ExcelR Solution’s data science course provides highly good and cost-effective information in its training structure. They present numerous data frameworks that provide critical capabilities for addressing huge substantial data concerns. All course modules will be covered in their syllabus, beginning with an introduction to data statistics and progressing to tools and technologies in the vast data ecosystem.

Following a brief introduction to advanced training sessions, students will delve into a variety of technical topics. The course will also teach you about persistence and application deployment.

If you have extensive knowledge or a keen interest in analytics, processing, and computer programming and want to work in one of the most exciting businesses, Data Science at ExcelR is a fantastic opportunity.

Amazon, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and other top global organizations are looking for people in this industry.

The Data Science Experts Team has created training programs for both total beginners and experienced programmers intending to share their knowledge and assist learners in understanding complicated theories, concepts, and assignments in a simplified manner.

Expert educators will walk you through the intriguing field of Data Science step by step. The trainers are seasoned software engineers who are actively involved in numerous Python Machine Learning Projects. Their on-the-job training will substantially improve their comprehension of the difficult but profitable subject of Data Science programming.

By the end of the course, you will be well-prepared to pursue a career as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Engineer, and your chances of landing a job in the industry will have increased.

3. University of Mysore

The University of Mysore aspires to become a world-class university by attracting human resources from all walks of life and providing them with opportunities to learn across disciplines, as well as to develop talent, men, and women of character and competence capable of being tomorrow’s leaders and solving problems arising from rapidly changing global and local realities.

The Institute’s mission is to create an environment of stimulating discourse across disciplines and harvest knowledge with a cutting edge through high-quality teaching, research, and extension activities that lead to the generation of students who will provide leadership, vision, and direction to society.

The Institute designed an online MBA in Data Science and Business Analytics program that is intended for people who want to use data science and analytics to address complicated business problems. The program will provide a Master of Business Administration in Data Science & Business Analytics Management degree upon successful completion. The online MBA Data Science & Business Analytics Degree program at the University of Mysore is UGC and NAAC recognized. It is a globally recognized degree with the same value as a standard degree and verified for further education and work opportunities.

It is a good Institute for working Individuals as they can learn and work together while looking after other stuff in their lives.

This Program is Beneficial to a Wide Range of People, Including:

Data Scientists: Data scientists can assist individuals who are already working in the data science industry after clearing this course. They can also wish to develop their abilities and expertise in business analytics and management.

Business Analysts: This program is designed for professionals who wish to advance their abilities in data science and analytics to assist their employers in making data-driven decisions.

IT Professionals: This curriculum can help individuals transfer from IT to business management while also developing abilities in data science and analytics.

Aspiring Business Leaders: This program can help individuals who wish to start a profession in business management and build skills in data science and analytics.


Indian Eligibility: A 10th pass and a 12th pass from any accredited board A graduation degree in any field (10/12th NIOS is acceptable) is required.

The graduation degree from a UGC-approved accredited university

Foreign Qualifying Requirements: 15 Years of Formal Education

In summary, an online MBA in Data Science and Business Analytics is an excellent choice for students who wish to combine their interests in data science and business management while furthering their career in this industry.

Check These Data Analytics Courses in India:

4. Online Manipal

Online Manipal is a group of initiatives that uses technological improvements in the higher education learning sector to make quality education easier to access for a large number of learners. Since its establishment, Online Manipal has assisted over 30,000 students in realizing their full potential by offering them industry-relevant degrees in a variety of areas as well as cutting-edge certifications from premier colleges and institutes in a 100% online format.

The Master of Science in Data Science program is meant for students who want to pursue a career in analytical and management positions in a variety of industries. The curriculum, which is an ideal combination of machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics, assists them in gaining experience in addressing problems with real-world data.

At the commencement of the program, fresh or experienced aspirants will participate in a virtual orientation using advanced virtual interaction platforms.

At the virtual orientation, they can connect with peers, communicate with notable faculty members and course organizers, and learn from sessions led by entrepreneurs and industry experts.

As students move through their data science or other online degree programs, Online Manipal provides career advisory and counselling services, as well as a job search aid. Through industry readiness seminars and numerous skill development programs, each semester focuses on preparing students for the job market so the institution takes a special interest in hosting informative discussions and webinars for online learners. These sessions allow them to interact with industry leaders and subject matter specialists while expanding their domain knowledge.

Online Manipal Institute arranges advanced career preparation sessions for students in their last semester to prepare for job interviews.

In the process of learning from the top online data science courses in India, students can familiarize themselves with the entire job placement process, the various phases, and timelines, before the placement cycle begins. In the mock interviews, students can elevate their interview skills and boost confidence, chances of success in real-world interviews and eventually grabbing perfect jobs. Sessions on resume writing, preparing for interviews, LinkedIn profile improvements, and classes on interpersonal communication, corporate etiquette, and other topics help them build their professional persona and hone the abilities required for success at work.

5. Udemy

Udemy online ed-tech Institute offers top online data science courses that show career paths in its teaching which take its learners exactly what they want or need to start an amazing career as a data scientist. This top online data science courses is curated by a team of experts who will help shape the career paths of students. The course contains a collection of topics, projects, and more. At the conclusion, all students will be prepared to begin entry-level positions in their chosen field.

Udemy is an international network of lifelong learners on a mission to bridge the gap between institutions’ objectives and talents in this top online data science course, where collaborative effort is the key to success. The institution values a wide range of ideas, backgrounds, views, and approaches, issues with the same openness and zeal that a newcomer would.

Udemy provides Data Science Training utilizing its enormous Technology Expertise and learning to operate Delivery Methodology for the advantage of the student community in turning their dreams from a wandering generality to a definite reality. The main purpose of establishing Online Training sessions is to meet the training needs of candidates who are unable to attend Classroom Training owing to a variety of reasons.

Udemy is truly one of the best places to assist learners in retaining things that they are having difficulty learning. It is also one of the most useful platforms for students, allowing them to prepare for internships or positions in top organizations.

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6. Simplilearn

Simplilearn, an online learning platform, launched a variety of courses, including data science courses, to enable anyone in the world to learn the skills required to flourish in the twenty-first century. Simplilearn set out to build a fresh, interactive learning experience that was interesting, flexible, and accessible to as many people as possible. Since then, the institute has assisted millions of people all over the world in unlocking modern technological abilities and realizing their full potential through code.

Simplilearn has a mission to create a world in which everyone can make something important with technology and everyone has access to the necessary learning tools, resources, and chances. The top online data science courses with Simplilearn opens up a world of possibilities; all that is required is curiosity and a desire to learn the course. Teaching instructors at Simplilearn are dedicated to inspiring every individual, irrespective of where they are in their educational journeys, to keep pursuing knowledge, and growth to make an effect on the world around them.


Analytics Specialist Career Path.

Discover what to learn as a Data Scientist: Analytics Specialise in their journey.

Data Literacy Guidelines

Explore the world of data with this conceptual course that teaches students how to think visualize, and analyze data.

Understand SQL

SQL is a common language for connecting with databases and working with data.

Part I of Python Fundamentals for Data Science

Create a foundation in Python programming with a focus on data science!

Python for Data Science (Part II)

Continue to hone existing Python skills by applying them to real-world data science tasks such as data discovery and manipulation.

Portfolio Project

Apply the Python syntax knowledge to sort and analyze data regarding insurance expenses etc.

Data Science with Python Pandas

Discover how to use Python’s pandas package and lambda functions for data science.

Python for Exploratory Data Analysis

Discover approaches for exploratory data analysis (EDA) in Data Science.

Data Science Statistics Fundamentals

Understand when and how to utilize the key statistical tools used by Data Scientists to examine data.

Python Data Visualization Fundamentals 

Learn data visualization. Visualization is a value of more than a thousand data points if a picture is worth a thousand words.

Data Visualization is a Portfolio Project. 

Use the knowledge of data visualization to analyze and plot GDP and life expectancy data.

Data Wrangling, Cleaning, and Organization 

Data science demands clean, well-structured data, but cleaning data requires both a detailed analysis and technical expertise. Both can be developed here!

Data Science Findings Communication 

Communication is an essential component of your work as a data scientist. Learn excellent techniques for explaining your analysis effectively.

Portfolio Project of the Data Science Foundations

Learn to apply the understanding of data analysis to help the National Park Service interpret data regarding endangered animals.

The Analytics Specialty

Prepare for your data science specialization by learning how each function contributes to data interpretation.

Advanced-Data Exploratory Analysis

Improve statistics expertise and get ready to use data to make an argument.

Data Science Application Visualization

With these challenging projects, aspirants can put their Matplotlib data visualization learnings at the Institute to the test.

Data Science Using Advanced SQL

Continue to hone SQL skills through advanced approaches and hands-on experience.

Discover Tableau for Data Visualization.

Discover the fundamentals of data setup and visualization in Tableau.

Learn to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis

Learn about using Microsoft Excel to analyze and visualize data

Final Portfolio Project in Data Analytics

Develop a final portfolio project on a topic of choice to demonstrate your expertise in data analytics.

Final Review of Data Science Course

Analyze your knowledge like what learners studied in the Data Science course to apply that in the data Career and look for opportunities to further expertise.

Simplilearn will enable its learners to assess the value of learning by practising and implementing amazing challenges that will assist the student in understanding a new concept and subject. They will have made enormous progress since beginning to use. Due to the availability of multiple batches, participants can study for short or long durations at their leisure.

Simplilearn will give an excellent and highly engaging learning environment. As learners learn on their own, this will be an amazing game changer.

7. DataCamp

DataCamp is the best institute for top online data science courses which believes that everyone should have access to high-quality education and skills in data development to have a more secure future. As part of its objective to democratize data skills for all, the institute has always offered its students with limitless access to study resources. DataCamp’s instructors serve over 350,000 students worldwide in communities where data education is most needed.

DataCamp is not only the best institute for the top online data science courses and learning platforms for aspirants looking to learn remotely, but it is also a major data science network. Learners can take the course when they are ready, at their speed, and without the burden of travel.

Learners will also like the fact that they are being instructed by a diverse group of world-class specialists in their various professions. DataCamp users get the opportunity to learn from actual data science luminaries. Various courses on DataCamp teach users how to utilize a specific package/library, for example. In many situations, those courses are taught by the package’s designer.

The greatest benefit is that most of what participants learn can be used at work the very following day, which is a significant benefit that cannot be understated. They will also appreciate being taught by data science specialists who are actively developing and maintaining tools and packages that I use every day.

Participants will possess the ability to study and work at their own pace and during (sometimes extremely limited) free time is another fantastic feature of DataCamp and one of many reasons why aspirants should continue to use it.

DataCamp’s flexible “work pace” methodology is ideal for new participants. If you are stuck on an exercise or have a doubt, remember that you can find the solution by working backwards on a particularly difficult exercise since the course is constructed in such an easy self-learning method that it is an excellent way to learn.

The courses are all incredibly well presented, simple to follow, and teach very important skills that are frequently encountered. After finishing the data courses, you will have sufficient expertise and familiarity in numerous disciplines to be able to hone in on any specific task that you may be interested in, such as further machine learning, time series analysis, or finance.

Take your time and aim to get as much as you can out of the courses. It is much easier to rush through a course than it is to comprehend the information thoroughly. Furthermore, the conclusion of the course is only the beginning of data science.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What does an analyst do after a data science course?

Analytics Specialists, also known as Data Analysts, process and analyze data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that can help influence decision-making because almost every organization generates and manages massive amounts of data, Analytics Specialists are the most in-demand and adaptable Data Scientists.

Q. What does a machine learning specialist do?

Machine Learning Specialists create and apply machine learning models and algorithms to better comprehend data. Machine Learning Specialists are in high demand as the usage of AI develops in practically every area, from marketing to healthcare to e-commerce.

Q. How does a Natural Language Processing specialist work?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) specialists use text and artificial intelligence (AI) to educate computers on how to interpret and communicate with humans. As an NLP Specialist, you may create and maintain customer service chatbots, AI-powered voice assistants, grammar correction software, and other tools.


We have selected some of the best institutes for top online data science courses in India in this piece. These online colleges are major actors in data science education because they respond to students’ personalized needs while also keeping an eye on market expectations through creativity and innovation.

These online institutes are the best alternative to physical classroom-based education for individuals who want to enroll in the data science course remotely or who are just starting to comprehend it remotely. Data science is a dynamic phenomenon that will persist in industry for a long time. It is simple to choose a job path in which you are interested and plan to establish a career. Enrolling in top online data science courses might help you prepare for the new digital world.


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