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Top 6 Data Science Courses in Pune With Live Training

Data is the crux of innovation and decision management in today’s world, transforming the landscape of industry. The comprehensive Data Science Courses in Pune provide you with the necessary skills and information to thrive, ensuring that you get the most out of your job. In this article, we have compiled the best institutions for data science courses in Pune, and we hope that this will help you learn more about data science courses in Pune.


Data science is seen as a crucial component of every sector, as enormous amounts of data are generated regularly. The popularity of the Data Science course has grown dramatically, and many businesses have begun applying data science techniques to develop their business and enhance client happiness. Courses are supposed to improve decision-making skills through predictive analysis and pattern identification, hence revealing latent abilities.

Studying a Data Science course will assist learners in determining the root cause of an issue by asking pertinent questions.

They will be able to undertake exploratory research on the supplied data by readily modeling the data using various techniques.

It is significantly easier for all possible learners to communicate and analyze findings using graphs, dashboards, and so on.

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Top 6 Institutes for Data Science Courses in Pune


IIM SKILLS is highly coveted for its world-class professional training programs and their superior pedagogy. IIM SKILLS has one of the finest Data Science Courses in Pune With live projects, case studies, and special sessions for advanced concepts.

IIM SKILLS has a  comprehensive and industry-validated data science course that encompasses a wide range of features to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

Course Name – MBA in Data Science

Features of the IIM SKILLS Data Science Course

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The Data Science course covers a broad spectrum of topics, including statistics, machine learning, data visualization, data cleaning, and manipulation and is replete with case studies.
  2. Hands-on Projects: Practical experience is crucial for any data science course. The IIM SKILLS data Science course includes hands-on projects that allow students to apply their knowledge to become adept data scientists.
  3. Industry-Relevant Tools and Technologies: The course incorporates popular tools and programming languages relevant to the industry, such as Python, R, SQL.
  4. Capstone Project: A capstone project enables students to tackle a complicated problem with all the knowledge acquired in the course to successfully solve the issue.
  5. Expert Instructors: IIM SKILLS Institute can boast of industry professionals with years of experience in data science. They provide ample insights into real-world applications and challenges and offer strategies to excel in the world of data science.

Topics in the course include the following:

  • SQL
  • Jupyter
  • ChatGPT
  • FLASK, and many more

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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GUVI’s Data Science courses in Pune offer an online learning program with an exemplary upskilling experience for job seekers looking for possibilities in trending tech professional sectors. The IIT-M Certified Advanced Programming & Master Data Science course will help learners advance their careers by providing flexible boot camp-style upskilling, a comprehensive course structure, expert-guided mentorship, real-time data science projects, and industry-recognized skill certifications that will catalyze their profile to ace a lucrative career in the Data Science industry. This thorough Data Science course is committed to giving guaranteed work possibilities, including a Placement wing, for its participants’ flourishing future. It bridges the skill gaps and disparities in expertise between the learners and the job markets with top-notch skills.

Data Science Course Syllabus

Python – Beginning and Advanced

Participants will study the fundamentals of Python programming, including datatypes, loops, structures of data, and functions, and then complete assessments and assignments.

Following that, you will study advanced concepts such as comprehension, file management, periodic expressions, object-oriented programming, and many others.

Python Algorithmic Reasoning 

Participants will investigate the need for Algorithmic Reasoning and the need of efficient coding, as well as Data Structures and Algorithms and Memory Management Mechanisms.

Pandas and MongoDB- Data processing in Python

As large volumes of data must be handled, students will get the opportunity to create data-handling strategies using the Pandas library. The students will then go across every aspect of the Pandas library in depth.

Learn popular NoSQL databases like MongoDB and their significance as major components. Several operations, such as CRUD operations, will be conducted.

NumPy Probability and Statistics

Students will study Probability and Statistics, which are essential for comprehending, analyzing, and interpreting massive amounts of data. They will also cover the fundamentals of probability and statistics, such as probability theory, the Bayes theorem, distributions, and so on, as well as their significance. Aside from that, they will practice those ideas with Numpy. Students will continue learning statistics and probability, dealing with descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as hypothesis testing and a variety of other statistical methods.

Python: Data Visualization (Matplotlib, Seaborn)

Data visualization is used to put data in a visual environment to discover patterns, trends, and correlations in the data and do a lot of visualization with modules like Seaborn, Matplotlib, and others, which will lead to a successful format. Plotly’s Dash is a well-known open-source data visualization library that will be taught to use and create custom data visualization projects that will enable better storytelling.

Learners will never find difficulty in cracking a tech job at a reputed firm as they will be taught industry-ready skills. Guvi transformed its learners completely; they don’t need prior coding skills before joining the classes. With strong guidance and support, they will get quality knowledge and understanding of data science from basic to advanced. Easy teaching techniques will help learners to secure a place at tech companies with confidence. Students will participate in mock interviews with its HR staff as well as technical stages with specialists in the field and receive interviews with leading companies. They will get 100% assistance in cracking interviews for appealing packages in reputed organizations.

3. Scaler Academy

Scaler Academy is a leading establishment for Data Science Courses in Pune that offers a transformational online upskilling network for tech professionals. Academy is constantly growing with its continual assistance and encouragement to learn better, playing a crucial part in the journey of studying data science. The peer community is supportive, and the mentorship arrangement enhances the overall experience.

The course is created in such a way that those who understand the principles of programming can advance in higher level topics, which are required if they wish to work or grow at a product-based tech company. The academy professors educate beginners on the fundamentals of some of the most critical topics in data science. Learners can utilize these to become acquainted with the quality and style of instruction.

The instructor team’s overall teaching skills are good and effective with great faculty members of this tech titan Institute. Students enjoy every minute of study and clear their doubts easily in the presence of instructors.

Scaler’s training structure is a great support for students’ desire for mock Interviews before going real interview process. These mock Interviews are distinct in polishing their talent to the greatest extent and feasible in the most comprehensive manner.

The curriculum of the Data Science course

  • Programming Language Fundamentals
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Advanced Problem-Solving Techniques
  • SQL
  • LLD and Project Specialisations
  • System Design (Introduction to Scaling Techniques, SQL, NoSQL Database, Event-Driven Architecture, and Microservice Architecture)
  • Advanced Software & System Design
  • Data Engineering
  • DSA for Competitive Programming
  • Product Management for Engineers
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Data Structure and Advanced Problem- Problem-solving techniques
  • Backend Development
  • Capstone Project (Git, React, Testing, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, etc.)
  • Data Engineering

Finally, it is a platform that is adored by hundreds of thousands of data engineers worldwide due to its hands-on learning, practical tasks, and an organized library of actual existing interview questions. Join the Scaler Academy for Data Science Courses in Pune to transform yourself from an aspirant to an achiever.

Few More Courses in Pune That You Can Explore For More Career Opportunities:

4. IT Education Centre (IEC)

IT Education Centre is a glory-winning, internationally recognized Educational instruction Center known for providing high-quality instruction in Networking, Cloud Technologies, Data Science, Data Analytics, and Software Development. With hundreds of courses available from locations across the world, the IT Education Centre (IEC) delivers training on all top technologies taught by specialists to help candidates consistently learn.

IEC’s purpose is to assist students, cement knowledge among future professionals, make them aware of the latest technology, enhance their abilities, and advance their careers with lucrative pay. The emphasis is on providing training in a variety of technological courses that are in high demand in today’s employment market, with guaranteed job placement.

The most successful professionals prioritize such educational training where they can develop and keep their skills sharp while maintaining high productivity by effortlessly adopting new systems and processes, and IEC incorporates everything in its training journey. It also offers thorough Job guarantees and corporate courses that take into consideration the ever-changing technologies. By joining online Data Science Courses in Pune and across India at IEC, participants can discover numerous opportunities for using educational knowledge and develop a flair for creating the future of their dreams. By learning here, participants will obtain the confidence needed to apply their talents and alter their careers, as well as the potential to work in top-tier organizations.

IEC has its placement section which is constantly working on company tie-ups and the campus recruitment process. The course includes global certification for which learners must take an exam upon completion of the course, as well as a policy under which the centre provides 100% assistance in jobs for each course including data science until learners secure their dream job. As a result, anyone can apply for participation in the course for a Quality learning journey.

If you are thinking about pursuing a great career in data science course in Pune, this may be the ideal training Provider Institute that will serve as an initial step to your future success.

5. StarAgile

StarAgile has grown to become a leading titan in the training and consulting circumference, assisting students and professionals all over the world with outstanding, both classroom and online training. The training centre is a dedicated group of specialists who are dedicated to meeting industry needs in the face of ever-changing technology breakthroughs and responding to all learners’ needs.

StarAgile is constantly conquering the goals to deliver top-notch education through its classroom and online experience for students and professionals in diverse fields of data science. It walks the path of an exceptional learning culture with the help of its well-learned faculty. Staragile strives to assist professionals in learning new skills, obtaining certifications, and addressing knowledge gaps with over 130+ trained teachers.

Anyone interested in learning and improving their skills in data science can enrol in Staragile’s data science course. Students can enrol regardless of their educational background or whether they are working professionals. Notwithstanding the learners’ educational background, whether IT or non-IT, the course is ideal for anyone looking to upskill and land their dream job.

After enrolling in the program, students will have access to a variety of materials that will assist them in becoming Job-Ready Candidates.

Staragile has a specialized placement group of professionals who excel in their respective fields and are dedicated to assisting participants on their path.

The course is ideal for professionals whose hectic schedules prevent them from enrolling in full-time courses. They can simply learn at their own pace with the best teachers.

To keep up with the ever-changing technologies in this field, experts must broaden their knowledge boundaries, solve complicated challenges, and successfully provide outputs.

StarAgile facilitates the development of additional skills, certifications, and knowledge gaps for professionals with its constantly expanding course inventory to satisfy worldwide criteria and to answer increasing learning needs.

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6. Technogeeks

Technogeeks is based in Pune, with trainers working on live projects across several technologies. These trainers believe in sharing information and best practices to assist applicants in creating careers across multiple skill sets.

Technogeeks encourage any sort of teaching methodology innovation with the cooperation of expert trainers. This ensures every individual at Technogeeks gets the chance and room to be innovative. They thoroughly imprint learners’ aspirations on their minds and ensure that each member of Technogeeks adds to the learning experience of the participants, therefore they ensure that each member of Technogeeks always behaves with integrity and adheres to the highest professional standards.

Technogeeks cover all aspects of the data science course in their Comprehensive syllabus, like data collection, data cleaning, data exploration, and data modeling, and culminates with the interpretation of data. Participants of the course will get all the necessary tips from working Data scientists and data analysts on how to write clean and functional code, data analysis & machine learning models. Students can evaluate their understanding after the completion of each topic with the help of their highly professional assigned faculty staff. They will get an opportunity to involve themselves in real projects and get hands-on experience during training sessions.

Technogeeks’ expert trainers clarify complex topics for participants and make them easier to understand by responding to all concerns of students. The teaching style of trainers focuses on real-world scenarios, preparing students for industry interviews for their prospective profession. Students can ask concerns at any moment during personalized sessions with them at the Institute.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 – Core Python & Advance Python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Configuration and Installation
  • Python Object And Data Structures Operations
  • Statements in Python
  • Methods and UDF Functions
  • Python Modules, Packages, and Inbuilt Modules
  • File and Exception Management
  • OOPs Concepts in Python
  • Complex Python Components
  • Package Deployment and Parallel Processing

Chapter 2 – Data Analytics & Data Visualization

  • Data Analysis with Advanced Excel
  • Data Analysis Using Numpy, Python
  • Pandas and Advanced Analysis
  • Data Visualization with Python, Using Power BI and Tableau BI Tool

Chapter 3 – Mathematics and Statistics for Data Science

  • Need of Mathematics
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Formats’ Types
  • Numeric Variables

Chapter 4 – Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Linear regression practice project employing advertisement data set to forecast acceptable advertisements for customers.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) with NLTK Exercise
  • Data stemming technique and Vectorization
  • Neural Network and Deep Learning
  • Pipeline and MNIST implementation using Keras

Chapter 5 – Working with Databases with Python

  • Structured Query Language-create, Insert, Select, Update, Drop Command in SQL)
  • Table Operations and Integration in SQL With Python
  • REST fundamentals
  • Establishing application endpoints
  • Endpoint implementation
  • API testing with Postman
  • Concepts and implementation of Python
  • Implementation of Database, and front-end integration
  • Database Connectivity using REST
  • Developing a web development API for linking it to a Database
  • Setting up the API on a local server

Chapter 6 – Working with Databases with Python

  • Project Introduction and Practices
  • Project Scenarios
  • and life cycle
  • Version Controlling in Project Supervision
  • Introduction and Significance of GitHub in Project
  • Code submission for testing and deployment
  • Predictive analytics tools and techniques

Technogeeks Institute trains current candidates for being prospective employees from any educational background, including B.E, and B.Tech students pursuing graduation, post-graduation, and candidates employed in non-IT industries who require data science courses in Pune to adapt and improve the existing work model in their working field.

The Data Science Courses in Pune are created prudently so that candidates may start learning from the beginning and quickly progress from basic to intermediate level with the cooperation of ongoing practical-based live sessions accompanied by a series of complicated tasks.

Once a candidate feels they have reached the intermediate level, they are given the option to begin working on active cases. Active cases and projects let candidates learn using best practices, allowing them to progress to the expertise level and feel technically competent for the industrial job market.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is included in the curriculum of the data science course in Pune?

The data science educational institution covers the syllabus of all concepts, themes, and tools required to become a Data Scientist, and there are several opportunities to work as a Data Scientist in Pune or any other IT city in India.

There are also alternative job opportunities, such as freelancing from home or applying for jobs abroad.

The Curriculum of the Data Science Courses in Pune:

  • Python Programming
  • Statistics and Mathematics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Visualization
  • Data Extraction and Collection
  • Wrangling
  • Algorithms
  • Models for Machine Learning
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Supervised Learning
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Supervision of Learning
  • Learning Unsupervised
  • Basic linear regression and multivariate linear regression
  • KNN (K-nearest neighbor)
  • Association guidelines
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Rest API
  • Logistic regression
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks

The first employment as a data scientist is determined by a variety of elements such as application type, skill required in the organization, employer satisfaction with skills, etc.

Q. Is there a placement assurance in these Institutions after the data science course in Pune?

The professional team designed and laid out the Data Science course to help candidates land their desired employment at the aforementioned institutions.

These institutions support their applicants with data science course placement by providing employment references, practice interviews, and so forth.

Candidates will participate in live interactive sessions in Pune and online instructor-led live immersive training from top industry professionals.

All data science syllabus modules are intended for professional upskilling to support data Science professions that are in great demand in the market due to the rising usage of data in all sectors, from electric automobiles to marketing.

Data Science Course with Placement Support will ensure a job interview with mock interview support, giving learners control over their careers!

For us, it is on a best-effort basis but not time-bound – in some situations, students contact their particular institutes for career help even after course completion.

Q. What stimulates candidates to study data science courses in Pune?

Pune is a fast-growing Indian city noted for its prominent IT and software development industries. Many top technological businesses and research organizations are located in the city, making it an ideal location to learn about the newest trends and best practices in data science.

Pune is a dedicated place to a large number of start-ups and organizations where participants can connect with professionals in the sector while learning data science courses. To lead in the future employment possibilities and career growth industries are actively utilizing and investing in data science technology. This indicates that data science professionals are in inflated demand with remarkable talents in data science.

Data science courses in Pune offer lucrative compensation and a plethora of advantages within the technical area of many professional sectors. As a result, Pune is an excellent location for learning data science with a high quality of life and a low cost of living from established professionals and specialists in the industry.

Therefore, as compared to other major cities in India, Pune is an excellent spot for learning Data Science Courses in Pune and launching a career in the expanding field.


Data Science is a brief yet powerful term that has served as fuel for many businesses for decades. By introducing data science techniques into the organization, professionals will be able to estimate future growth and identify potential dangers. Continuing education programs in data science will help you advance your profession and supply a new source of talent. This reflects an emerging watershed in data science and its teaching, with an inbuilt ability to address the demands of aspiring students while feeding different streams of generalists and specialists.

Develop data scientist skills within a couple of months just by enrolling with these Data Science Courses in Pune from one of the leading institutes, which will ensure that you have a solid understanding of the data science course.

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