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Top 9 Data Science Courses In Akshardham With Placements

Data science is a skill that has been popular in recent years for its advancements in technology and techniques. But if we have to look at its origins realistically, the discipline has its roots from way back. It has evolved from parts of astronomy and physics to make the process more accurate when dealing with large data sets. In the changing industry dynamic, you should focus more on building your creative and technical skills because that is what the industry demands. Therefore, professional courses nowadays have started including skill-based curricula for better results. In this article, you will learn about several top-ranked data science courses in Akshardham.

List of Top 9 data science courses in Akshardham

What Skills Can You Learn From These Data Science Courses in Akshardham?

As you know today’s data science industry requires skilled professionals with valuable backgrounds in the latest data science techniques and software. The following lists some essential skills that act as stepping stones in this career path.

  • Machine Learning or AI – It is part of the technical skills that form the base of what a data scientist usually performs. These terms have different uses even though they have similar concepts because AI is a broader term and several other concepts like machine learning can be listed as part of it. These skills enable data scientists to use computer memory to improve the quality of their results. The computer is much more capable of processing raw data and producing accurate results at a faster rate. You will come across this concept through the data science courses in Akshardham.


  • Big Data – when we talk about data science, we often mention the large data sets that need to be processed to conclude. But these large data sets have a term and are better known as ‘Big data’. As beginners of the data science industry, you might explore this term in-depth under professional guidance and that is where these data science courses in Akshardham prove useful. As a student, you get first-hand experience from industry experts and the opportunity to master relevant industry tools.


  • Data Visualization – Sometimes too much technical information can be overwhelming for us to take and that’s when data visualization saves us. This skill implies that the results obtained from raw data can be transformed into visual forms such as graphs and charts so that they can be easily understood. Individuals who are involved in the data science process and come from non-technical backgrounds find it useful when the results of the data are presented visually. It enables smooth communication between decision-makers and stakeholders within the company.


  • Cloud Computing – this is a skill that is closely related to machine learning, but in simpler terms, it refers to the variety of computer services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and intelligence. One of the best uses of cloud computing skills is combined with big data, where cloud computing makes it easier to store a vast amount of data without the risk of losing any of it. This is useful when the device is temporary and cannot guarantee permanent storage of information.


  • Data Ethics – Aside from technical skills which you can learn through professional courses, soft skills are also essential for a data scientist to perform well. Data ethics is one such important skill that guides data collection, generation, analysis, and dissemination of structured or unstructured data. It is based on consent, clarity, consistency, and transparency. Many modern businesses perform based on data ethics skills, as they can demonstrate their commitment to protecting customer security and privacy. Data ethics skills can be acquired through our comprehensive list of data science courses in Akshardham.

Top 9 Data Science Institutes in Akshardham:


IIM SKILLS was established in the year 2015 to bring you elaborate and well-structured curricula such as the Data Science Master Course. The idea for the institute emerged from the success of an educational blog post, after which the Content Writing Course was introduced.

The company has become the fastest growing Ed-tech platform in the 21st century, which has its offices in Delhi but a massive online presence across several countries in Asia. It is trusted by leading brands like Google, Samsung, Unitech, HT Media Group and Yahoo.

To put IIM SKILLS’ achievements in numerical, we can say that more than 45,000 learners across the world have benefitted through its expert-led programs. Its approach to the education of learners makes it stand among the top data science institutes in Akshardham.

Data Science Course at IIM SKILLS:

The Data Science Master Course is a newly introduced curriculum that spans 11 months and covers almost all aspects of the industry. It assures you of in-depth knowledge of data structures and data prediction, as well as, mastering several advanced tools and their best practices.

The duration of the course is divided between 160+ hours of interactive lectures and 100+ hours of practical assignments. Along with that, you can participate in more than 16 live projects and over 10 case studies that provide the required practical exposure.

As one of the best data science courses in Akshardham, it leads the curriculum with a tools-driven approach and offers round-the-clock support to students.

Special classes are taken near the end of the program which covers resume and interview preparation and that makes it one of the top data institutes in Akshardham.

Course Details:

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – 99,900 INR +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

2. DataMites

DataMites Institute has been among the leading online course providers that cater to a wide variety of students. Some of the training programs are data science, machine learning, Python programming, Tableau, and deep learning so that students can understand the domain better with specializations.

DataMites also takes pride in its well-structured courses which are aptly designed and updated by experts who seek the experience and industrial backdrop to gain a better understanding of the subject.

The company does not have any limitations to the background of learners, therefore several freshmen, software professionals, analytics candidates as well and corporate companies have benefitted from it.

Data Science Course at DataMites:

The course typically covers the main parts of the data science industry such as Python, R, statistics, mathematics, and certain business aspects.

It spans 3 months and presents you with intensive sessions held on weekdays or weekends through classroom or live video classes, another 4 months are dedicated to live projects.

As a student, you also get unlimited access to a data science cloud lab for practicing your skills. It is also known as one of the well-known data institutes in Akshardham.

It is considered one of the top data science courses in Akshardham because the course follows the layout of self-study, intensive live-online training, IABAC certification exams, internship project mentoring, live client project delivery, and resume preparations.

The Modules Cover:

  • The foundation of Python and statistics essentials
  • Machine learning associate and expert
  • Database for SQL and MongoDB
  • Foundation of Big Data

Contact Information:

Phone: 1800 3133434

Website: datamites.com

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3. 360DigiTMG

360DigiTMG takes pride in being the most trusted organization for leading industries and an erudite institution for aspiring data scientists. Ever since it opened its doors in the year 2013, it has aimed towards transforming individual careers by providing means for exceptional learning and a way to improve yourself significantly.

360DigiTMG acts as the bridge that brings you closer to the industry’s expectations, which is what makes it stand among the top data science courses in Akshardham.

The curriculum design for each program is meticulous and set according to current business trends. Moreover, the courses are accredited by Microsoft and the State University of New York which further validates their validity.

Data Science Courses in 360DigiTMG:

In this 4-month-long training program, you get to master the advanced techniques and refine your skills with expert guidance or launch a successful career.

As part of the top data science institutes in Akshardham, the program has helped 96% of the graduates get placed with an almost 98% overall satisfaction rate and is ranked among one of the best data science courses in Akshardham.

Top-quality tools are covered such as Python, R, TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas, and PyTorch all of which are guided by industry experts with more than 20 years of experience.

The course enables you to apply data-driven approaches for business decisions and work with various data generation sources. It is one of the reputed data science institutes in Akshardham.

It also helps you perform text mining to generate customer sentiment analysis and perform forecasting to make proactive business decisions.

The Modules Cover:

  • SQL and Python programming
  • Data processing module
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Data mining: supervised and unsupervised learning

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9289675992

Email: [email protected]

Website: 360digitmg.com

4. ExcelR

ExcelR Institute which is based in the US works as a top consulting and training firm, focusing mainly on the student’s needs and helping professionals grow their skills.

Through its excellent services and strategic approach to education, it has secured several outlets in countries like Canada, the UK, Romania, and Australia to name a few.

Additionally, it has been awarded more than 30 franchises across the globe, ensuring its quality and related services. ExcelR Institute seeks to provide aspiring students like you with the best learning means and to make that happen, it will stop at nothing and hence is known as one of the best data science institutes in Akshardham.

Data Science Course at ExcelR:

The company structures the program to include assignments covering over 100 hours for practice and theoretical knowledge gain.

The institute makes the possibility of working on live projects happen for you and not just that, but you also get the opportunity to choose the projects you want to work on.

The curriculum for the Data Science Course is tailored keeping in mind the advanced and basic topics so that it is on par with the industry needs. The faculty is the strength of this institute and the quality of the program is what makes it stand out among other data science courses in Akshardham.

The seamless experience offers students the privilege of e-learning materials. Moreover, all sessions are recorded and uploaded so that you can re-watch them.

The Modules Cover:

  • Statistical analysis and Hypothesis testing
  • Neural networks and machine learning models
  • Text mining and forecasting
  • Functions and modules of core Python
  • Exception handling of core Python
  • Elaborate modules on Tableau

Contact Information:

Phone: 18002122121

Website: excelr.com

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5. AnalytixLabs

AnalytixLabs is operated by several experts within the domain and it ranks through its practical and tailored training approach. It was established in the year 2011 and from then onwards remained widely acclaimed for its well-designed programs and course delivery methods.

The company takes pride in the fact that students who graduate from here, get placed with reputed companies like Accenture, American Express, Axtria, Bank of America, and AbsolutData.

As a student at this institute, you get extensive guidance through small batch sizes and hands-on individual counseling. The format for the courses is flexible and can be blended into interactive live online sessions and e-learning sessions.

You get access to the state-of-the-art for 12 months while acknowledging an upgrade of courses as per industry standards.

Data Science Courses in AnalytixLabs:

As one of the best data science courses in Akshardham, the institute offers you an industry-relevant curriculum with dual certifications from IIT Guwahati.

It is available to you in the form of classroom and boot camp training, fully interactive live-online, and classroom blended with e-learning sessions.

The structure of the training program is loaded with skills like MIS Reporting Analysis, data visualization, text mining, data blending, Python, statistical analysis, and data mining.

Along with that, it is equipped with exercises for statistical analysis, case studies on Pandas for data mining, descriptive and visual analysis, exercises on industry tools, and an assignment on basic Python.

The institute is also equipped with a detailed career support plan which is listed on the website.

The Modules Cover:

  • Data visualization and analytics (Excel, SQL, Power BI, and VBA)
  • Data Science with R programming and Python programming
  • Machine learning and text mining
  • AI and machine learning Ops
  • Placement readiness program

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9555219007

Email: [email protected]

Website: analytixlabs.co.in

6. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a well-reputed institute providing students with the lifelong process of learning. It organizes the advanced technology and makes learning accessible so that our goal for a futuristic tech-driven society can achieved with ease.

It is considered one of the top data science institutes in Akshardham because its values lie in prioritizing the learner before anything else. They strive to achieve excellence and set high standards, maintaining an eye for detail.

With its mission, the company works towards developing next-generation leaders for the dynamic data science industry.

Data Science Course at Imarticus Learning:

The Postgraduate program in data science offers both classroom and live online training which is catered towards fresh graduates or early career professionals with tech backgrounds.

In this comprehensive program spanning 6 months, you are guaranteed 10 interviews, more than 25 projects, and over 10 tools. The curriculum is equipped with 100% job assurance and top students from this institute have been placed in Deloitte, Wipro, Capgemini, Accenture, Infosys, Goldman Sachs, Cognizant, and Genpact.

There are further provisions for live learning sessions and dedicated career services which include resume development, profile enhancement, career mentorship, and career counseling.

These features help it to be recognized among the top data science courses in Akshardham.

The Modules Covered Are:

  • Core module on Excel
  • Core module on SQL
  • Core module on Python programming
  • Core module on data science statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9953894060

Website: imarticus.org

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7. SkillSlash

SkillSlash Institute’s primary values include the scope for students to work with industry experts and learn from them. This significantly enhances their self-confidence as well as gain experience with the latest projects.

The company policies revolve around the rigorous teaching-learning methods that enable aspiring students to level up their abilities and make themselves suitable candidates at top firms.

Moreover, the company is committed to making its courses available worldwide and to all students who are keen on learning.

Data Science Course at SkillSlash:

SkillSlash brings you a comprehensive data science program that will help you enhance your current knowledge.  The program makes sure that the learning mode is blended and features a daily doubt resolution class so that you can feel comfortable proceeding to the next segment.

As part of the top data science courses in Akshardham, the program awards all students with triple certifications, validating their project experience, internships, and Microsoft course completion.

This is a huge benefit for students who are aiming high and makes the program worth it. Throughout the training program, you will also get weekly interactive sessions. For more information, you can check out the brochure provided on the website.

The Modules Covered are:

  • All the programming essentials
  • Understanding Applied statistics
  • Understanding machine learning
  • Modules on natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning
  • Modules of machine learning algorithms and data structures

Contact Information:

Phone: 8392911911

Website: skillslash.com

8. Udemy

Udemy is a global education platform that has been around for quite some time and its contribution to the learner’s community is worthy of being recognized.

It makes out a list of top online data science institutes in Akshardham because the company’s unique platform helps realize the dreams of millions of aspirants who wish to step into the professional world.

So far, its contributions have been towards 75,000+ students from countries across the world through a wide range of course options which spans 220,000 subject types.

Data Science Course at Udemy:

Udemy’s structured Statistics for Data Science and Business Analytics program is one of a kind in its lesson plan. It dives deep into the multidisciplinary aspect of the data science domain which is quite important, considering the modern industry requirements.

The curriculum specifies concepts related to inferential statistics and descriptive statistics as well as hypothesis testing and regression analysis.

Furthermore, similar to the structure of other top data science courses in Akshardham, this program follows a schedule that makes it easier for students to follow.

The Modules Cover:

  • Fundamentals of descriptive stats
  • Measures of central tendency
  • Topics covering confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing introduction

Contact Information:

Website: udemy.com

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 9. Coursera

Coursera’s website was opened to the public in the year 2012, which marks it as one of the oldest providers of online courses and one of the top providers of data science courses in Akshardham.

From the very beginning, the company has had this vision to eradicate existing educational barriers so that students from around the world can continue their education without a second thought.

Coursera has grown to become a leader among online education providers and it boasts several industry connections with big brands.

Data Science Course at Coursera:

Among all other data science courses in Akshardham, Coursera’s selection of specialized modules might give you a varied choice.

So, we have chosen the Data Science Specialization which presents you with ten modules, each having an in-depth analysis of the subject. The curriculum following it is beginner-friendly, so you can enrol without any worries.

There will be elaborate video lessons provided to you on concepts detailing GitHub, R programming and similar tools that help you learn the basics of data cleaning, analyzing and visualizing.

The complete program is accompanied by the guarantee of a sharable certificate which validates everything you’ve learned and makes your professional profile stand out from the rest.

The Modules Covered Are:

  • Data acquisition and cleaning
  • Module on reproducible research
  • Module on a regression model
  • Module on practical machine learning

Contact Information:

Website: coursera.org


Q.1) How Do I Define Data Science?

If you had to define this term, you could say that data is the unit of information, and data science is the study of extracting this data for achieving meaningful insights for businesses. The data science field combines the use of scientific computing, statistics, scientific methods, processes, scientific visualizations, and systems to let the procedure happen.

Q.2) How Much Can I Earn as a Data Scientist Based in Akshardham?

The average paycheck you could receive with intermediate skill levels is more than 12 Lakhs per year. However, with more experience, you could earn a promotion and your yearly paycheck along with it.

Q.3) How is R Programming Used in the Field of Data Science?

You might have come across R programming several times since most curricula include it. That’s because it has some role to play in the data science industry. The program has varying uses like data visualization, analysis, and manipulation leading to multiple research prospects. It helps businesses to enhance the quality of results they can obtain


With this article, we can conclude that data science is a discipline that anyone can master with the right amount of guidance and introduction. It may seem difficult to get into at first but once you get the hang of it, understanding the subject alongside the current industry innovations becomes much easier. This field has something for everybody, whether you are a beginner or a working professional you are sure to benefit from the list of data science courses in Akshardham.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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