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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Kanpur With Placements

The exponential and mass accumulation of data structures from multiple sources has created the hyped urgency in this digital age to manage and segregate them into useful and meaningful structures for industrial purposes proportionally increasing the need and demand for certified experts. According to multiple and trusted survey information, data generated in zettabytes and even more can be properly managed with the aid and practices of data science. Such data science domain has evolved over the years to include research practices and systematic analysis of data structures to retrieve meaningful information and insightful patterns based on which businesses operate and devise their decision and strategy-making procedures. In this article, we will explore and examine the mentioned data science courses in Kanpur and unleash their possibilities for offering data science-related job roles and helping candidates grab such job opportunities.

List of best data science courses in Kanpur

Data science is undeniably a boon for the technological as well as employment sectors creating hiring opportunities for various data science-based job roles ranging from business data analysts to even chartered data scientists.

The data science institutes in Kanpur have introduced some high-quality data science courses for upskilling aspiring candidates in this field. In this article, we will explore and examine the mentioned data science courses in Kanpur and unleash their possibilities for offering data science-related job roles and helping candidates grab such job opportunities.

Understanding Data Science and the Key Pillars of the Domain

Data science is a highly advanced domain and learning of data analytics through scientific research processes which leads to intrinsic data examination and drawing essential hidden data information through multiple step-by-step practices.

Known to be a multi-disciplinary study and knowledge curriculum, data science enables data models to go through advanced data processes like data collection, data cleansing, and evaluation through the usage of software and data tools, data sampling, and creating data visuals for information and communication.

The basic purpose and outlook of the data science domain is to uncover scientific and data-driven business problems by knowledge extraction and evaluation. Data science involves some key pillars that form a foundational base for data science practices and operations.

It includes domain knowledge which involves having the right knowledge and understanding of the business data models and their requirements and catering to their needs by designing and building appropriate data structure sets.

It also includes the operation of visualization tools like Tableau and ML to derive insights into data formats. Another important pillar is computer science as data science is highly dependent on programming languages to build as well as evaluate data structures involving Python, Java, Scala, and structures like SQL for data querying techniques.

Mathematics also forms a significant data science pillar as this domain uses its core concepts and computational methods.

Most Popular Data Science Jobs in Kanpur

Data science as discussed previously has not only led to technological expansion and innovation but also created massive job opportunities in the data-based field and data decision-making. Such job roles include exclusive perks, benefits, and a high salary structure with minimum eligibility criteria and data knowledge.

Some of the popular data-based job roles include:

  • MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER: Machine learning Engineer is one of the emerging and demanding data science profiles involving knowledge and application practices of machine learning including supervised and unsupervised machine learning curriculum. It includes device automation and data processing to navigate the channels and hence simplify the critical data and complexities in the software.
  • QUANTITATIVE ANALYST JOB: In the financial sector, the role of a data quantitative analyst is extremely crucial as it analyzes data sets and complex data models through data analytical practices to derive useful insights. Such a job role requires expertise in statistics knowledge and application, mathematical concepts and techniques, and data modeling. One can become one by enrolling in any data science specialization course and learning its practices.
  • DATA ARCHITECT: Data Architect crafts and builds resilient and high-quality data models and structures through robust systems streamlining all the structured and evaluated data structures in this process. They also enable data modeling and re-modeling based on the needs and demands of businesses.
  • DATA SCIENTIST: Data scientist is perhaps the most common and popular data science job role where one needs to have work experience in data analytical practices and methods. A data scientist uses his or her knowledge for data research analysis and formulating theories.

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Here’s the List of Top 11 Data Science Courses in Kanpur

Below is a list of the best data science institutes in Kanpur.


IIM Skills is a leading technology-based educational and learning platform offering skill development courses and learning curricula within an affordable fee range and mentored by industry experts and quality study infrastructure.

Since its establishment in 2015, it has emerged to be one of the fastest educational resource companies and learning institutes in courses ranging from analytics, digital marketing, finance, and many more.

It is offering an industry-aligned data science course which is a full-time MBA program and a degree course offering master certification. The course comes with advanced tools-based learning with live projects and mentoring on practical understanding of data tools making it one of the best data science courses in Kanpur.


  • Master certificate on completion
  • Live and capstone projects
  • 24*7 support infrastructure
  • Expert Guidance
  • Latest data science tools and technology
  • Job support
  • Resume building


  • Statistics – Random variable, expected value, probability
  • Machine learning and AI – Model validation, regularization, deep learning, etc
  • SQL learning – Queries, Data types, operators, commands, etc
  • Power BI – Tables, commands, DAX, logical functions
  • Python – EDA, Frequency tables, lists, dictionaries, etc.
  • Tableau – Sorting, tree maps, filters etc
  • R – Formatting, sorting, new variables, etc
  • Alteryx – Connecting to data sources, user and workflow, etc.

COURSE FEES: RS 99900 + 18% GST

CALL INQUIRY: +91-9580740740

CALL INQUIRY: +91- 7701928515

2. Aryavart Institute of Technology:

Aryavart Institute of Technology is an IT training and reputed educational and course provider platform offering programs that are job-oriented ranging from AI modules, data science, cloud computing learning, full stack development, and feature and server engineering.

The institute is committed to familiarizing backward students with technological learning and also offers data-based courses making it one of the top-rated data science institutes in Kanpur.

It offers a practical data science module course and learning program having live instructor-led sessions hands-on projects and fundamental learning of data science concepts and analytical procedures.

The course comes with internship opportunities and obtaining global certification and research-based opportunities in the future making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Kanpur.


  • Group discussion sessions
  • MS – Office module
  • Lab access and learning
  • Internship opportunity
  • Global certifications module
  • Portfolio-building



  • AI learning
  • ML and NLP
  • Computer Vision
  • Python Library
  • Operating system


  • BI modules
  • Data wrangling techniques
  • EDA process
  • MySQL Learning and Lab
  • Python Lab


  • Visualization methods
  • ML operations
  • Probability
  • Predictive Analytical models


  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Data modeling
  • Data pipelines
  • Cloud modelling

CALL INQUIRY DETAILS: +91-9771139290

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3. Uncodemy:

Uncodemy is a leading professional learning and industrial training-based educational company with training sessions in various technical domains along with certification course modules serving as a value for learners.

It has around 200 and more courses with 25+ live projects and 145+ expert instructors for lecture sessions making it one of the top data science institutes in Kanpur.

It is offering a data science course program partnered with Google and acclaimed by ISO and IABAC association comprising high-end modules and data analytics modules structure.

The course offers in-detailed coaching and skills necessary for excelling in the data science domain making it one of the best data science courses in Kanpur city.


  • 150+ hours of module learning
  • 90+ live sessions on the curriculum
  • Latest tools and software technology
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Paid internship opportunity
  • Boot camps and globally recognized certificates.


  • Python – Data structures, File operations, Manipulation with Pandas, OOP, etc.
  • Statistics – Basics, Feature Engineering, EDA etc
  • ML – Linear and logistic regression, KNN, SUC, Ensemble learning, etc.
  • NLP and visualization
  • SQL – Sorting, joins, sub-queries, etc.

CALL INQUIRY: +91- 7701928515


Databrio Academy is a corporate training and technical course module provider offering both certificate courses and IT training curricula for placement purposes.

It has top coaches and trainers aiding in bridging the gap between business and learning through workshops and practical assignments curriculum. The institute holds records for the successful placement of freshers and professionals across multiple companies.

If you are interested in a short-term data science learning certificate then it is the best platform as it offers a data science course with significant modules in R programming and Python language.

The course covers tools like MS Excel, Power BI, tableau, etc with ML modules and NLP learning along with one-to-one project mentoring making it one of the best data science courses in Kanpur.


  • 120 hours of duration learning
  • Accreditated to top platforms
  • Real-life cases and data projects
  • Expert mentoring channel
  • Placement assistance


  • Data science and Analytics Fundamentals – Correlation, Probability, Hypothesis testing, inferential analytics, etc.
  • R programming – R console, scripts, functions, applications, etc.
  • Python – operators, input-output, statements, commands, ML algorithms, etc.
  • Visualization – Data types and sources, Power BI and Tableau, etc.


Here are the best:


Educative is an in-demand skills and certification platform with AI-based mock interview sessions and curriculum for candidates along with cloud labs technology and personalized study modules with high-quality infrastructure.

Known for its course modules and high-tech learning which are tools and technology-based, it is offering a data science certification course in an online mode having a flexible curriculum schedule.

The course is an introductory module program in data science along with Python programming with skills like knowledge and orientation of Python libraries for cleaning and analysis, data functions involving Python module. Thus, it is one of the sought-after online-based data science courses in Kanpur.


  • Data plotting
  • Annotate data elements
  • Plot components and chart types
  • Merging of data sets
  • Data distribution techniques
  • Variables relation


  • Python – Numbers, strings, lists, comparisons, sets, Booleans, maps, etc.
  • NumPy – Arrays, Indexing, Broadcasting, Arithmetic operations etc
  • Pandas – Handling, Merging, Data frame etc
  • Matpotlib – Basic plotting, object-oriented approach, plot types, visualization, etc.
  • Projects

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Alison is an online and open-source platform for various courses and learning modules having specialized micro-modules of various technical and non-technical study programs.

It offers a data science and ML course program covering theoretical and practical learning curricula with an emphasis on concepts of regression types and data clustering practices in machine learning and programming.

It is a free online course with around 4 to 5 hours of interactive learning sessions led by top instructors from various global institutes making it one of the best options for data science institutes in Kanpur.

The course extensively covers knowledge and skills like data visualization techniques, deep learning methodologies, analytic learning, and more. It has CPD accreditated certification which can be shared at various job portals and hiring platforms.


  • Data science Field – Data science technologies and tools, workflows, visualization, exploration, etc.
  • ML Basics – Applications, workflows, outflows, deep learning, neural networking, clustering and regression etc.
  • Course assessment modules – Tools and concepts


  • Learning ML and data science components
  • Compare Data Science and Business intelligence
  • Relation of Data Science and ML
  • Deep learning technology


Simplilearn is a digital skill platform and career-based certification training institute that has reputed and empowering courses and IT training modules.

Its courses and academic curriculum are designed as per the structure of renowned global universities and industrial corporations with relevant online classes and expert-led instructors and trainers to teach course curricula.

It offers more than 400 courses with more than 40 global accreditations with a fast-paced learning infrastructure with new-age technology. It is offering a data science certification course incorporating Python modules, Ml, Tableau, and Generative AI with industry-aligned tools and real-world projects curriculum making it one of the best data science training programs in Kanpur.


  • 11 months full-time study curriculum
  • Online Bootcamp module
  • IBM –led certification
  • Live sessions led by Gen AI
  • Capstone projects and 25+ practical modules
  • Master class session
  • 14+ tools


  • Programming – Data types, OOPs concept, threading, operators, functions etc
  • SQL – Tables, operators, constraints, sub-queries, views, etc
  • Python – Pandas, linear algebra, probability etc
  • Tableau Desktop – Workspace, chart types, filters, analytics, etc
  • R programming – data structures, functions, etc.
  • Capstone project

COURSE FEES: Rs 57000/-

CALL INQUIRY: + 1800-212-7688


Digi Perform is a top and industry-accredited digital learning forum with its curriculum and content designed by expert panels from various marketing and corporate companies across Asia.

It offers industry-based courses with placement assistance in top and leading marketing to master programs in data science.

It offers a high-end certificate course in data science and analytics with ML and AI-based modules along with assignments and live doubt-clearing sessions making it one of the leading online data science courses.


  • 11 months of full-time curriculum
  • 75 and more practical assignments
  • DBMS modules involving tools like SQL server, MongoDB, Github, etc.
  • Advanced content as par international-led standards
  • Industry experts and career mentorship modules
  • Placement support


  • Data science Essential – Application and software tools
  • Excel – Interface, sorting, securing files, conditional formatting, etc.
  • Statistics – Sampling, types of data, etc.
  • Descriptive Statistics with Excel Datasets – Scatter plots, spread, variance, charts, etc.
  • ML and AI curriculum

COURSE FEES: Rs 1,22,720/-

CALL INQUIRY: +91-852-761-1500


Udemy is a renowned upskilling platform training learners across the globe under one roof imparting the latest industry-based skills and knowledge curriculum to transform their professional career.

It is an open-source learning and certification training platform having around 220k+ courses and diverse specialization modules with 75k+ expert instructors from reputed universities teaching the candidates.

Not only for individual learners, but their list of curated technical and business courses is also for governments and companies.

It is offering a data science specialization certificate course known as the data science course: complete data science bootcamp training which is a bestseller and one of the top online data science training programs in Kanpur.


  • 31 hours of video course learning
  • 93 data science articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Downloadable materials and study resources
  • Toolbox for a data scientist
  • Coding practices
  • Learning mathematical operations


  • Introductory lessons – Data science discipline and tools
  • Probability – Distributions, Bayesian interface, etc
  • Statistics – Types, hypotheses testing, confidence intervals, etc.
  • Python – Sequences, iterations, conditional statements, etc.
  • Chat GPT – Naïve Bayes classifier

COURSE FEES: Rs 4099/-


Iclass Training is a training platform with online study modules with a real-world problem approach and job-oriented courses focusing on relevant career opportunities in data science learning. It offers a data science certification course having the fundamental topics in the domain with an advanced curriculum in data wrangling, evaluation, and pre-processing with big data modules of technology.

The course offers a curriculum in data science concepts and practices with high-quality and expert trainers imparting career guidance and live interactive sessions on the modules.

It has flexible learning with excellent data science tools, tech-based lab facilities along professional certification making it one of the best data science courses in Kanpur.


  • Introduction to data management and database structures
  • Introduction to statistics and analytics and EDA.
  • Machine Learning  including classification and data clustering modules
  • Machine Learning Part Two includes unsupervised and deep learning with networking etc.
  • Big Data tools and models


Praxis Tech School is an online-based technical learning and educational platform awarded as the best education brand by the business platform and its course ranked best by AIM imparting certification modules for professionals to forge a career in the data science domain and practices.

It offers a post-graduate degree program structure in data science along with AI specialized learning and machine learning techniques involving data wrangling techniques, data modeling for business analytics, data interpretation, and trend analysis using techniques and big data technologies.

Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses. It is a 9-month full-time duration study program involving data tools like advanced Excel, R programming and structuring, SQL, and Tableau methods used in data programming and modeling along with statistical techniques imparting knowledge of data mining, Supervised machine learning, AI-based deep learning, and neural networks.


1. Can one become a data architect after pursuing data science courses?

Ans: Yes, one can pursue the job of data architect after finishing the data science course as it includes a detailed curriculum and practical learning on data architecture and modeling.

2. What are the available modes of training in data science institutes in Kanpur?

Ans: The data science courses are conducted online as well as offline mode along with a hybrid learning curriculum as well offering flexibility.

3. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Kanpur?

Ans: The career options after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Kanpur include that of data analyst, data consultant, data architect, data engineer, ML engineer, and many more.

4. What is the credibility of the certificate on data science course completion?

Ans: The data science course certificates offered are recognized by top hiring agencies and job platforms aiding data experts to enhance their job designation in the domain.


Therefore, data science certificate courses from the mentioned data science institutes in Kanpur are of immense help and a reliable source for candidates to pursue careers in data science practices. Normally, data science courses are offered by such institutes only with specialization certification modules for quick and flexible learning opportunities. Thus, if you are seeking such a career, you can explore the courses.

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