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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Noida With Placements

Data Science is an upcoming domain with many colleges and institutions in Noida offering Data Science programs. In this article, we will be listing the top 11 Data Science courses in Noida with their placement support system. As Noida is the epicenter of IT, industry, and education, these Data Science Courses emerge as instrumental in giving shape to the future workforce by imparting the best programs that suit anyone from fresher to professional.

List of best data science courses in Noida

Suppose we are talking about a typical Data Science degree Program duration. In that case, it will take 1 to 3 years, but when it comes to institutions’ certification programs, one can complete in 2 to 15 months.

The Institutions will give you the opportunities to get hired or placed by top companies where you will have the best exposure and experience of working in the latest Data Science Applications. It will kick start or boost the career and anyone will be able to fly high and surely achieve their goals and dreams. 

Find here the other top-ranked courses in Noida for career upliftment:

Top 11 Data Science Courses in Noida


IIM SKILLS is the fast-growing and emerging Ed-Tech. It has established itself in 23 cities in India and also outside India in Dubai and Singapore. It has a main branch in Delhi. It started through writing educational blogs and when it reached 1 million followers, they thought of imparting full-fledged training programs.

Their first professional training program was in a Content Writing Master Course and now they are into programming all the Marketing and Finance courses and one of their fast-growing courses is Data Science Courses.

Their mission is to provide the best training at affordable prices to help anyone upskill themselves professionally and grow in their respective careers.

Course Name: Data Science Master Course

Course Duration: 11 months

Course Fee: 99,990 + 18% GST

Course Content: 

  1. Statistics of Data Science
  2. Data Science using Python
  3. Data Science using SQL
  4. Data Science using Tableau
  5. Data Science using Power BI
  6. Data Science using Alteryx
  7. Data Science AI and ML
  8. R for Data Science 

Key Features:

  1. The Data Science Course is ranked number 1 by The Statesmen, Times Now, and Analytics Inside.
  2. Master certification
  3. Group discounts of 3 or more registrations
  4. 100% money-back guarantee
  5. 160+ Hours of lectures
  6. 100+ Hours of Practical assignments
  7. 16+ Live projects
  8. 10+ case studies
  9. 7+ Tools covered
  10. Tools driven training
  11. Capstone Projects
  12. Resume and Interview preparation
  13. 24*7 support
  14. Experienced and Self-motivated Faculty

If you aspire to be a part of an exciting career that offers stability and a fat package, then it is best bet to enroll for a Data Science Course today and achieve your fulfilling career goals.

Last but not least invest in your future by getting yourself trained in Data Science and reward yourself with a highly rewarding career. It is recognized as one of the best Data Science Institutes in Noida.

For any more details, Please Contact,

Phone No. +91 9580 740 740

2. TCA

It is one of the best Data Science Institutes in Noida which caters to all the training programs which would fetch a job. It is a training and development platform dedicated to producing quality manpower for industries like IT, Data Analytics, and Civil and mechanical divisions of any industry.

They help in bridging the gap between technical institutes and the industries. It provides tailored courses according to the client’s needs. The courses are designed in such a way so that anyone who does the course can achieve their career goals in the best faculty-backed-up environment.

It is an institute which is established to provide the best industry jobs and where anyone can create an opportunity for a successful career. The Data Science Courses in Noida of TCA are best recognized by the industries.

Course Name: Complete Data Science

Course Duration: 18 Classes –  36 Hours

Course Content: 6 Modules

  1. Python
  2. Statistics and MySQL
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Natural language Processing
  7. Tools- PyCharm, Scikit learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow and Keras, NLTK

Key Features:

  1. 6 Real time projects
  2. Best corporate trainers
  3. The course covers all phases of the Data Science life cycle which involves business understanding, Data Mining,  Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Feature Engineering, Predictive Modeling, and Data Visualization. 
  4. Dedicated Placement Team
  5. Campus Placement drives

For any more clarifications about the course,

Please dial the phone No. +91 7827 180 534

3. TechStack Academy

TechStack Academy is the Best provider of Data Science courses in Noida as it helps in accelerating the skills with Mastertouch. It was founded in 2012 with its base in Delhi. It gives complete training to upgrade skills in multiple domains like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing and Graphic Designing.

The platform focuses on creating engaging and open interactive studying environments for learners. They believe in the unstoppable power of gaining skills at any time of your life. The institute is backed up by an expert faculty with an all-time support system. It is well known as one of the best Data Science Institutes in Noida. 

Course Name: Master in Data Science Course

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: INR 11,000 for each month

Course Content: 

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Introduction to Excel
  4. Dashboard Designing
  5.  Basics of statistics
  6. Fundamentals of Python/R
  7. Data Importing, Data Exporting in Python and R
  8. Numpy Package
  9. Data manipulation using Pandas
  10. Pandas package
  11. Python Advanced- Visualization and Matplotlib
  12. Pylab and Pyplot
  13. Fundamentals of R
  14. Data Manipulation, Visualization, and preparation in R
  15. Predictive modeling Concept
  16. Correlation and linear regression
  17. Logistic Regression
  18. Machine learning
  19. Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  20. Text Mining

Key Features:

  1. Capstone Project
  2. Resume building
  3. Mock Interview help 1:1 
  4. Program certificate
  5. Career support
  6. 25+ case studies
  7. 42 days internship included
  8. Good helpful faculty
  9. Real-world curriculum offered

For any more details about the course, Please contact

Phone No. +91 9319844494

4. DigiPerform

DigiPerfome is awarded as Asia’s Number 1 most trusted brand in Digital Education and has good Data Science Courses in Noida. It is the exclusive digital-specific domain training platform for freshers and professionals who want to excel in their careers or kick-start their careers.

The curriculum is designed by 50 + industry experts keeping all the minute necessities of learners in changing Digital market trends. The courses give the best hands-on experiences by working on live projects.

The platform offers the best courses as per the learner’s preferences, time, and career requirements. They have a vision to make people perform on Digital marketing outcomes or products and various platforms. It is one of the best Data Science Institutes in Noida. 

Course Name: Master Program in Data Science

Course Duration: 11 months

Course Fee: INR 1,22, 720

Course Content:

  1. Data Science Essentials
  2. Business Analytics and Data Visualization
  3. Python Programming and Data Visualization using Python
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis
  5. Predictive Modeling using Python
  6. Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Key Features:

  1. Live Projects and doubt sessions
  2. Assignments and Case Studies
  3. Multiple job chances
  4. Best faculty
  5. 24*7 support
  6. Career support

For any more clarifications, Please contact at the

Phone No. +91 852 761 1500

5. 4Achievers

It is a leading platform of Data Science Courses in Noida to provide the best training to the learners. They give online and corporate training. It was started to help individuals and businesses by giving the best training in the latest technology fields.

It has a team of passionate industry experts who want to share their knowledge and expertise in the upcoming fields of technology. The institute wants to give the best of the training to their learners to achieve their goals.

This is the best Data Science Institute as it helps every learner to give their best shot in the industry and excel in their future careers.  

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Collection and Preprocessing
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Model Evaluation and Optimization
  7. Applied Machine Learning
  8. Deep Learning
  9. Big Data Analysis
  10.  Data Science in Practice

Key features:

  1. Best expert Faculty
  2. Better understanding as Curriculum is designed in an agile way
  3. 100% Placement assistance
  4. Salary hike by 7%
  5. Globally recognized Certification
  6. 24*7 Support

For any more details: Contact phone No. +91 801080 5667


This is an Ed Tech company that offers online Data Science Courses in Noida and has been working in imparting training to the freshers and professionals to flourish in their careers. 

Its focus is to give training to acquire the best skills that could transform anyone’s career. It consists of good experienced trainers who are ready to give support all 24 hours *7. The curriculum is best planned as per the market needs and the learners.

The courses are designed in such a way that they can reach out to learners at affordable rates. They give experience in real-world projects. They give good placement opportunities.

Course Name: Executive Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Course Duration: 12 Months

Course Content:

  1. Python Fundamentals
  2. Data Analysis with SQL
  3. Statistics and Probability
  4. Data Analysis with Excel
  5. Python for Data Science Visualization
  6. Data Cleaning and Preparation
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Tree-based and Boosting Models
  9. Time Series and Analyzing and Forecasting
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Deep Learning Fundamentals
  12. Internship Programs
  13. Soft Skills Programs

Key Features:

  1. 400+ Hours of Instructor-led training
  2. 150+ Hours of self-paced learning
  3. 500+ Exercises and Assessments
  4. Dedicated Career Coach
  5. Professional Certification Program
  6. 24*7 Support
  7. Good Placements
  8.  Best Faculty
  9. Career Support

For any other information, contact the phone No. +91 8700627800

7. Croma Campus

It is a platform that gives industry training designed and delivered in collaboration with expert faculty to anyone who wants to kick start their careers or wants to make big in their careers.

It is one of the best Data Science Courses in Noida that believes that the fast-changing business world requires every professional to keep upskilling themselves to survive in the ever-changing market trends.

They provide a wide range of learning chances so that anyone can stay job-ready. It is one of the Data Science institutes in Noida which would take a learner to new heights! They offer exciting courses that would make a proud place in their resumes and in their career graph. 

Course Name: Master Course in Data Science

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: INR 40,000

Course Content:

  1. Python for Data Science
  2. Data Analysis and Visualization
  3. SQL and MS SQL
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Microsoft Power BI
  7. Live Projects

Key Features:

  1. Real-life case studies
  2. Best Industry experts
  3. Acquire essential industry skills
  4. Hands-on Practical experience
  5. Collaborative Learning
  6. Assessments and Quizzes
  7. 100 % Placement Assistance
  8. 24*7 Career support
  9. Industry Recognized Certification

For any more queries, please contact the phone No. +91 9711526942

8. Aptron

Aptron offers Data Science Courses in Noida to small, medium, and large businesses for their employees to keep them updated with the latest skills to beat and sail through the market trends.

It gives training in IT and non-IT courses with industry-experienced experts who also give full-time support in learning through hands-on experiences. Their courses are well-designed and are suitable for changing market trends.

Aptron is North India’s best organization that trains engineering and college passouts to upskill their skills to match up with the changing market trends. They simply believe in the methodology of Learning by Doing.

Course Name: Data Science Masters Course

Course Content:

  1. Foundations of Data Science
  2. Programming Languages of Data Science
  3. Data Wrangling and pre-processing
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Big Data Technologies
  7. Deep Learning
  8. Industry Projects and Case Studies
  9. Natural language Processing
  10. Time Series Analysis
  11. Data Ethics and Privacy
  12. Cloud Computing for Data Science
  13. Advanced-Data Analysis
  14. Data Science in Specific Domains

Key Features:

  1. Beautifully crafted curriculum
  2. Hands-on Educational Journey
  3. Best Industry experts
  4. The certificate is recognized by all industries.

For any more details, kindly contact,

 The phone No. +91 706 527 3000 

9. Datamites

Datamites is one of the leading Data Science Courses in Noida that offers Cost-effective, quality, and real-time training Courses.  They offer a wide range of training courses in Data Analytics and Data Sciences.

Datamites’ main intention is to produce professionals who can withstand the difficulties of the competitive Data Science field.

The curriculum is very well designed by industry experts who deliberately included all the required elements to be included in the syllabus so that every learner could sail through the changing market trends.

They also provide customized training to the learners as per their requirements.

Course Name: Data Science Foundation Course

Course Content: 

  1. Statistics
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Programming
  4. Data Skills
  5. Business Domain Knowledge
  6. Application of Data Science in 5 real world Industry domains

Key Features:

  1. Good Career opportunities
  2. Salary Hikes
  3. It is designed for freshers to professionals
  4. Recognized certification
  5. Choice of  learning options modes- Traditional classroom, Live Virtual classroom, and Self Learning
  6. Dedicated Placement Team

For any more queries about the course, Please contact

Phone No. 1800 313 3434

10. 360DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG has its main branch in Hyderabad, India. It is an excellent institution in providing Data Science Courses in Noida to make a bridge between professional concepts and industry expectations.

It has a beautifully crafted curriculum and is working beyond limits in accelerating digital transformation and preparing the future generation to give their best shot.

It is a top-ranked institution dedicated to addressing the needs of learners and giving training in the latest technologies. Learners are very well placed in top-notch companies and get the best opportunities to prove themselves.

Course Name: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Course

Course Duration: 12 months

Course Fee: INR 1,85,000 + Tax

Key Highlights:

  1. Additional Assignments of over 300+ hours 
  2. Live Free Webinars
  3. Resume and LinkedIn review sessions
  4. Lifetime LMS access
  5. 24*7 support
  6. Job Placements in Data Science and AI fields
  7. Complementary Courses
  8. Unlimited Mock interviews and Quiz sessions
  9. Hands-on Experience on Live Projects 
  10. Offline Hiring events
  11. Recognized Certification 

For any more details, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

11. Knowledge Hive

Khiva aims to equip learners with expert-level industry professionals who are dedicated to giving power to the individuals in Noida. It is ranked as the best Data Science institute.

They focus on providing quality skills that would help anyone with the ever-changing present market trend. They believe in thinking differently, teaching differently, and making a huge difference in an individual’s life.

It is the catalyst for change and one should go for this platform of education technology. They also have a vision to build a strong bridge gap between aspiring learners of Noida and technological advancements.

Their goal set is to empower the learners with the best skills through Data Science Courses in Noida which would help them to excel in changing the market trends. 

Course Name: CATALYST

 Mode of Training: Online and Offline

CATALYST has emerged as the best Data Science Course which is carefully designed by IITM and IIMA along with top-notch industry experts who are deeply rooted in the Noida community. 

It is made for all domains, both for IT and non-IT people. It is a comprehensive program that includes domains of Statistics, Programming, and Data Visualization. CATALYST will empower you with unbeatable skills and insights to excel in Data Science Courses.

Its certification program can be an important step towards exciting job opportunities. With Khive certification anyone can become the apple of the eye of potential employers and land up having the best position in multinational corporations.

Key Features:

  1. 40 hours of expert-led class
  2. 30+ Hand-On- Assignments
  3. Case studies based on practical curriculum
  4. 3 Mock Interviews with corporate HR
  5. 100+ hands-on exercises
  6. Master projects for job readiness
  7. 36+ Business problem-solving practice
  8. Industry mentorship

Why choose Khive for Data science institutes in Noida:

  1. Designed by Industry experts with alumni of IITM and IIMA
  2. Attainment of invaluable insights and skills, hands-on experience, and real-world applications
  3. Case study approach and development of problem-solving abilities
  4. Comprehensive curriculum
  5. Job Placement and its assistance
  6. Work experience in the master project

For any more details:

Contact Phone no: 74487 55899

E-mail: [email protected]


1. What is Data Science?

Data Science is the field that uses different systems, algorithms, and scientific methods to gain knowledge from all types of data. Data Science is nothing but the application of set principles and analytical techniques to extract information from huge data. The extracted data can be used for strategic planning, gaining insights, and making decisions. 

2. How beneficial is a Data Science career in today’s time?

In today’s time, there is a high rise in Data generation, and making that Data organized and well-sorted to increase industry growth is every business’s dream. As there is technology growth happening, demand for Data Scientists will be at the forefront. So, it is an exciting and upcoming career for aspiring learners who want to make it a big boom in their respective careers. 

3. What are the different Job Titles in a Data Science Career?

The following are the job titles in a Data Science Career:

Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Architect

Data Storyteller

Machine Learning Engineer

Business Intelligence Developer

Database administrator

Technology Specialized roles

4. How do Data Scientists in Noida work?

All the Educational Institutions and Technological organizations in Noida are desperately looking for professionals who are good in Data Science techniques like analyzing large data sets, implementing machine learning algorithms, and making strategic decisions. It is advisable to take any course in Noida as it is known to be the best provider of Data Science Courses in Noida.

5. How can Data Science be grasped?

The basics to learning Data Science is to learn Programming with Python language which is very easy to learn. Anyone can take training from the best Data Science Courses in Noida for the best results.

6. What is the eligibility to become a Data Scientist?

To become a Data Scientist, one should know the basics of Data Science techniques. Knowledge of coding. Programming is the fundamental skill requirement. Knowledge of SQL will be highly beneficial. 

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