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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Lucknow With Placements

The word Data Science came into existence in the early 1960’s. The reason for creating this Data Science word was to term a new profession to understand and interpret the large amount of data that was being gathered during that time. Data Science is gradually deployed in different sectors and at the same time gaining popularity. The existence of data Science is rooted in statistics, computer science, and mathematics. As Data Science is evolving, the demand for data scientists has shot up. This article will focus on data science courses in Lucknow and will highlight the top data science institutes in Lucknow in today’s digital age.

List of best data science courses in Lucknow

Data Science includes all the statistical methodologies, Artificial Intelligence, machinery, and the internet. With the tremendous usage of the internet, there has been a huge growth in data volumes as well. Every enterprise wants to make big profits by making better decisions, so AI and Data Science work hand in hand to unlock all the possibilities. So, here is the list of the Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Lucknow:

Do check out here the other top-ranked courses in Lucnknow:

Top 10 Data Science Courses In Lucknow

Below is a list of the most trusted data science courses in Lucknow.

1. StarAgile

StarAgile was founded in 2016 with a vision and mission to continuously develop interactive learning courses for upcoming new technologies. It has made a big place in training and consultancy. It has set a goal of providing world-class classrooms and online training.

StarAgile has a passionate bunch of professionals who are committed to the development of new skills by reaching students from far and wide. They offer Data Science Courses in Lucknow to students and professionals of diverse domains.

They intend to be like a torch in giving futuristic skills to anyone who wants to get enriched in their jobs and get acceleration in their careers.

Courses Name:

  1. Data Science Certification Training Course in India.
  2. Data Science Master’s Program.

 A. Data Science Certification Training Course in India.

Course Duration: 6 Months

Mode of Training: Online

Course Fee: INR 49,999/-

 Course Modules: 7

  1. Python Programming and SQL
  2. Statistics and Data Analysis
  3. Machine Learning
  4. AI and Deep Learning
  5. R for Data Science
  6. Tableau
  7. Power BI

 Key Features:

  1. Starting assured package of INR 5 LPA
  2. Training is given by industry experts
  3. Dedicated Faculty for instant doubt clarification
  4. Hands-on-assignment for each module
  5. 300-plus hours of Practical assignment
  6. Certificate from IBM
  7. 6 Months Internship Certificate
  8. Profile and resume-building
  9. Help in the preparation of company interviews through mock tests.

B. Data Science Master’s Program.

Course Duration: 6 months

Mode of Training: Online

Course Fee: INR 49,999/-

Course Content:

  1. AI, data mining, data learning, and forecasting
  2. Skills to clean data and add new data
  3. Visualization of complex data
  4. How to prepare reliable statistics from unstructured data
  5. Learning to use unsupervised and supervised statistical tools
  6. Techniques to solve data-related issues with the help of statistics
  7. Developing Data Analytical skills
  8. Improving the ability to solve data-related problems.

 Key Features:

  1. 300 Hours Plus virtual training
  2. 300 Hours Plus practical assignments
  3. 4 live capstone projects
  4. Dedicated expert for any time doubt-solving
  5. Certificate for IBM
  6. 6 months project experience certificate
  7. 100% guaranteed company interview
  8. Assistance in preparation of Resume
  9. Mock Interviews

The above-mentioned Data Science Courses in Lucknow with StarAgile will help anyone from a student to a professional to start their career as a Data Scientist. This Data Science institute would help in speeding the careers as the course includes relevant topics in today’s market.

Contact Details:

Phone No. 9513393880

E-mail: [email protected]

2. Imarticus

Imarticus believes in the fact that learning is a lifelong process that is never-ending and keeps changing as per the market trends. Their motto is to organize knowledge in such a way that it is easy for individuals to access the knowledge anywhere to walk in the futuristic and tech-driven world.

They bring high-quality experts from different top-class universities to impart knowledge with rigorous programs that are experiential, valuable, and progressive.

Imarticus helps individuals to make a mark in their won professions by gaming skill sets that are fruitful in their industry. It works to empower the new generation of professionals. It is one of the best Data Science institutes in Lucknow and popular for Data Science in Lucknow.

Course Name: Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Analytics

Course Duration: 6 Months

Mode of Training: Online and Physical

Course Fee: INR 1,98,000 in 3 Installments with EMI option

Course Content:

  1. Basics of Programming
  2. Core Track:
  • Principles of Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Python Programming
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Statistics of Data Science
  1. Specialization Track:

Specialization 1: Advanced ML Track

Specialization 2: Data Analytics and ML Track

  1. Capstone Project
  2. Career Services

Key Features:

  1. 100% Job assurance
  2. Live Learning modules
  3. Real-world Projects
  4. Hackathons
  5. Dedicated Career Services
  6. 300 Plus hours of learning
  7. Live Online Training
  8. Certificate after completion of the course
  9. Profile Enhancement
  10. Help in Resume Building
  11. Mock interviews

This is one of the top 10 Data Science Institutes in Lucknow which takes your career to new heights. The Data Science Course is designed to foster the unique skills required for the modern Data Science Analyst. The Program is designed in such a way that any student or professional can get jobs and build a career in Data Science and Analytics.

For more detailed information following are the

Contact Details:

Phone No: Lucknow: 7065029191

Website: imarticus.org

3. UpGrad

UpGrad was started in the year 2015 as the founders noticed that it is the need of every professional to upgrade their skills to match up with the changing trends of the market. They started with an endeavor to facilitate quality education for the future generation with their Undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

It is now a leading online learning platform that offers Data Science Courses in Lucknow with digital marketing, and a lot more. It is a collaboration with dignified universities and industry experts to provide the best relevant and high-quality content.

It is South Asia’s largest EdTech company. It is one of the excellent Data Science courses in Lucknow and is popular among others. It has a vision to empower every individual to enhance their skills which would assist in their respective careers and learners will achieve their desired outcomes.

Courses Name:

  1. Free Data Science in E-Commerce

It is a 13 Hour duration online Course for newcomers which would help in acquiring a skill used in E-Commerce in making key business decisions using data. You will get a free and shareable certificate.

 Course Content:

Inventory management

Fraud Detection

A/B Testing

Improving User experience

Price markup and markdown

Market mix modelling

  1. Post Graduate Program in Data Science and AI (Executive)

Course Duration: 12 Months

Mode Of Learning: Online

Course Fee: INR 3,25,000 (INR 7,190 per month)

Course Content

  1. 400-plus hours of content delivery
  2. 14 plus Industry Projects
  3. 50 Plus Live Sessions
  4. 3 Plus Tools and languages
  5. Specialization that aligns with your interests and career goals.

Key features:

  1. Learning Support
  2. Career Assistance
  3. Practical Projects
  4. Job Opportunities
  5. Best Teaching Experts
  6. Personalized Problem-solving classes
  7. Complementary Python Programming Bootcamp
  8. Up-to-date syllabus with generative AI Modules
  9. WES Recognized Degree
  10. 10. Career Mentorship session (1:1)
  11. Exclusive Job Opportunities Portal
  12. Just-in-time interviews
  13. 100 % job guarantee

UpGrad is one of the top Data Science Institutes in Lucknow that delivers quality programs to upskill and transform careers. They always think ahead and believe in “Aage Ki Socho”. UpGrad’s mission is quite simple, they want to give the best hands-on experience to prepare students for meaningful and productive careers. No Doubt, it has one of the best Data Science Courses in Lucknow.

Contact No.

Phone No. 1800-210-2020

Website: programs.upgrade.com

4. Intellipat

Intellipat was founded in 2011 by two enthusiasts Mr Diwakar Chittora and Miss Shilpi Jain. They wanted to impart online affordable training in upcoming technologies. It is a global online training provider and the best in giving Data Science Courses.

They have industry-designed certifications in Big Data, Data Science, Artificial intelligence, and 100 Plus top trending technologies. They help professionals select the best careers for themselves by giving expert knowledge, hands-on project experience, evaluating progress, and offering industry-recognized certifications.

They are renowned for Data Science Courses in Lucknow. They also help in assisting corporate clients to make their workforce gain skills and keep themselves updated with changing technology and the Digital landscape.

Course Name: There are best 2 Certificate Courses and 2 Degree Courses

  1. Post Graduate Certification in Data Science
  2. Data Science and Machine Learning course
  3. MBA in Data Science
  4. M.Sc in Data Science in IU


  1. Post Graduate Certification in Data Science

Course Duration: 11 months

Course Fee: INR 1,54,024 (EMI INR 6,999 per month)

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Content: 19 Modules

  1. Preparatory Session of Linux and Python
  2. Data Transformation using SQL
  3. Python Libraries for Data Science
  4. Inferential Data Science
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Supervised Learning
  7. Unsupervised Learning
  8. Advanced Machine Learning Algorithm
  9. Data Science at Scale with spark
  10. Deep Learning through TensorFlow
  11. Natural Language processing
  12. Computer Vision
  13. Fundamentals of Generative AI Frameworks
  14. Prompt Engineering and Application based generative AI
  15. Power BI
  16. MLOps
  17. Data Science Capstone Project
  18. Business case studies
  19. Excel analytics.

Key Features:

  1. iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee Certification
  2. 620 Hours of applied learning
  3. Learn from IIT Faculty
  4. Upto 50 Lakhs startup incubation support
  5. 2 Days campus Immersion at IIT Roorkee
  6. 24 *7 support
  7. 50 Plus industry-based projects and case studies.
  8. The top 2 best performers will receive Rs 8,00,00 in fellowship
  9. 1:1 Mock Interviews
  10. 90 Plus Live sessions for freshers and professionals.


  1. Data Science and Machine Learning course

Course Duration: 8 months

Course Fee: INR 99,000 + GST

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Content: 11 Modules

  1. Master SQL for Data Transformation
  2. Advanced Statistics and mathematics for machine learning
  3. Python Programming
  4. Python libraries for data analysis
  5. Machine learning
  6. Data visualization and Power BI
  7. Deep Learning
  8. Data Science capstone project
  9. Business Case Studies
  10. MS Excel
  11. Linux

Key Features

  1. 100 % Job Guarantee
  2. 8 months Live session by industry experts
  3. Dedicated team of technical career mentor
  4. 24 * 7 support
  5. 50+ industry projects
  6. Group Learning activities
  7. E-learning videos from MIT Faculty
  8. 1:1 Doubt-clearing sessions
  9. Industry-recognized Certification


  1. MBA in Data Science

Course Duration: 12 months

Course Fee: INR 4,50,015 + GST

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Content: 10 Modules

  1. Big Data and Data Science
  2. Data Analytics for decision making
  3. Introduction to AI for managers
  4. Digital business acceleration
  5. Data Visualization and Storytelling with data
  6. Strategic management
  7. Corporate security and Business intelligence
  8. Customer Data-driven Marketing Analytics
  9. Project Management
  10. Introduction to Cloud Computing

Key Features

  1. Master Class by SSBM faculty
  2. 1 to 1 mock interviews
  3. WES recognized program
  4. Learn Data Analytics and Data Science from industry experts by Intellipat
  5. Personal Advisor
  6. Industry-oriented projects
  7. Multi Case Studies
  8. Swiss Quality Education
  9. 300% Salary Hike
  10. Recognized Certificate


  1. M.Sc in Data Science at IU

Course Duration: 24 months

Course Fee: INR 1,39,992 /SEM

Mode of Learning: Online

Course content: 22 Modules

  1. Python and Linux
  2. Data Wrangling with SQL
  3. GIT
  4. Python with Data Science
  5. Advanced Statistics
  6. Machine Learning and Prediction Algorithm
  7. AI and Deep Learning
  8. Deploying Machine learning Models on the Cloud (MLops)
  9. Data Visualization with Power BI
  10. Data Science Capstone projects
  11. Advanced mathematics
  12. Data Science and Society
  13. Advanced Statistics
  14. Use Case and Evaluation
  15. Project Data Science and use case
  16. Big Data Technologies
  17. Cyber Security and Data Protection
  18. Case Study Model Engineering
  19. Software Engineering for Data-Intensive Sciences
  20. Electives
  21. Seminar- current topics in data science
  22. Master Thesis and Colloquium

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Certification from IITM Pravartak
  2. IBM Certification
  3. Alumni Status of IU Germany
  4. Visa Assistance by Intellipat
  5. 1:1 Mock Interviews
  6. Resume Building and LinkedIn Profile review
  7. Live sessions from IIT Madras faculty
  8. No IELTS required
  9. Free German Classes
  10. Mentor support
  11. WES recognized

Intellipat Data Science Courses aim to speed up Data Science careers by making an expert in this domain. It is one of the Top organizations in Data Science Courses in Lucknow. They help to make basic and advanced concepts easy.

In the above-mentioned Data Science Courses in Lucknow, you will gain hands-on experience working on live projects which will help in advancing your career growth.

For more details:

Phone No: 7022374614

5. Scaler

Scaler runs with a vision that combines business expertise, creative excellence, latest market technology to create strong digital products that give businesses the best results. They have expertise in proven processes from ideation to execution.

At Scaler, they provide a team of creative thinkers, strategic designers, and talented engineers for the evolution of digital products. They provide top quality and tailor-made solutions which keeps any business a step ahead. They provide the best  Data Science Courses in Lucknow.

Course Name: Data Science and Machine Learning Program

This course is for the freshers to the professionals

Course Duration: Beginners- 15 months

Mode of Learning: Online

Course Fee: 3.69L (INR 8628 per month)

Course content:

  1. Tableau plus Excel
  2. SQL
  3. Beginner Python

Key Features

  1. 1:1 mentorship
  2. Top-notch instructors
  3. Projects and case studies
  4. Career Counseling
  5. Tools and Languages
  6. Many job opportunities
  7. Mock interviews
  8. Help in Resume building and LinkedIn profile.

Scaler has a teaching army that could make you confident about your fundamentals. The curriculum is designed in such a way that you will be a solid expert Data Scientist.

For any more details kindly contact at the following contact details:

Phone No. 01205096005

6. Online MANIPAL

Online Manipal is the digitized home for all the Manipal Universities that are NAAC accredited and offer online degree courses which are considered at the same parallel platform as on-campus degrees.

It started in the year 2021. It has a huge success rate with an enrolment of more than 50,000 students who want to achieve their big dreams at affordable rates with new-age certification in 100% online mode. It is termed as one of the best Data Science institutes in Lucknow.

Course Name: M.SC in Data Science

Course Duration: 24 months

Course Fee: INR 2,80,000

Course Content:

Sem 1:

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Probability and its Distribution
  • Programming with R and Python
  • Statistical Inference
  • Database management

Sem 2:

  • Linear Regression Model
  • Categorical Data Analysis and Generalized Linear Models
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Design and Analysis and Experiments
  • Mini Project

Sem 3:

  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Machine Learning methods
  • Deep Learning and Text mining
  • Bayesian Statistical modeling
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2

Sem 4:

  • Programming in SAS for Analytics
  • Applied Data Analytics
  • Research Methodology
  • Capstone Projects

Key Features:

  1. Strong academic support
  2. Industry oriented syllabus
  3. World-class faculty
  4. Effective Online Pedagogy
  5. Career Assistance
  6. Immersive Learning
  7. UGC-entitled Degree

Online MANIPAL is one of the best Top 10 Digital Science Courses in Lucknow. It has achieved the Highest accreditation Grade by NAAC.

7. Theknowledgeacademy

They are the world’s largest and well-established provider of online training courses globally. They provide quality-infused learning solutions by imparting 25,000 Plus courses across 190 countries. They deliver training solutions to corporates, MNCs, the government, and the public sector. They give training in areas of IT, personnel, Human Resources and Management.

Course Name: Data Science Master Course

Mode of Training: Online and Physical

Course Content: 10 Modules

  1. Python Data Science training
  2. Python with Machine Learning
  3. Data Science with R
  4. Microsoft Power BI Masterclass
  5. Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  6. Data Analysis Training with MS Excel
  7. Advanced SQL
  8. Python Programming Training
  9. Tableau Training
  10. Probability and Statistics for Data Science Training

They impart the best Data Science Courses in Lucknow. This course will help individuals know different methods that will aid in extracting insights that would add value to their business.

Contact Details:

Phone No. 91 8037244591

8. Datamites

Datamites is a leading Data Science Course provider at an affordable cost with a wide range of training in the booming analytical field. Its motive is to create professionals who can dive smoothly into the analytics field. They have a team of experts. They have designed Courses for freshers and professionals.

Course Name: Certified Data Scientist

Course Fee: INR 65,455

Mode of Training: Online

Course Content:



Machine Learning Algorithms

Business Aspects


Key Features:

  1. Self-Study Videos and Books
  2. IABAC Certification Exam
  3. Internship project mentoring
  4. Live Client Project delivery
  5. Resume Building
  6. Job alert Interviews

For more details contact:

Phone No. 1800-313-3434

Email: [email protected]

9. Simplilearn

They are the world’s leading digital skills provider to help learners in extracting knowledge to keep themselves up-to-date. They are nest in giving quality training in Data Science Courses in Lucknow.

Course name: Data Scientist Course in Lucknow

Course Fee: INR 57,000

Key Features:

  1. IBM advantage
  2. 25 Industry-relevant projects
  3. Generative AI Edge
  4. Job Assistance

For more details:

Contact Phone no. 1800-212-7688

10. IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow has a mission to improve management systems and to be a permanent center of excellence in generating management education, research, consultancy, and training. They are the best organization in giving Data Science Courses in Lucknow.

Course Name: Executive Program in Data Science and AI for Managers

Course Duration: 9 months

Course Fee: INR 2,22,000

Mode of Training: Online

Course content: 11 modules

For more details please visit:



  1. What is the definition of data science?

Data Science is the domain that uses different systems, algorithms, and, scientific methods to gain knowledge from all types of data.

  1. How good is a Data Science career?

In today’s time, there is a high rise in data generation, and making that data organized to increase industry growth is every business’s dream. As there is technology growth, demand for Data Scientists will be at the forefront. So, definitely, it is an exciting and upcoming career.

  1. What are Job Titles in a Data Science career?

There are 10 job titles:

Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Architect

Data Storyteller

Machine Learning Engineer

Business Intelligence Developer

Database administrator

Technology Specialized roles


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