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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Jaipur With Placements

According to survey reports and analysis, it has been projected that data science is one of the fastest and most developing research and analytical domains conducting high-end data interpretation and the micro-examination of data structure to arrive at essential conclusions. If such surveys are to be believed, it is asserted that by 2019 the domain of data science is going to expand by 20% and can take over the technical job market with huge candidates shifting to data-related jobs for higher salaries and positions. For candidates and working professionals, some of the reputed data science courses in Jaipur City have come up with both online and offline learning and certification modules in data science.

List of best data science courses in Jaipur

It is expected that data science professionals have relevant skills, advanced research abilities, and curriculum knowledge along with practical comprehension of data software, and technological tools which makes this field highly diverse and resource-friendly.

Such data science institutes in Jaipur have been evaluated in detail in this article providing relevant insights into their features. And also learning about the future data science job roles one can pursue by enrolling in these courses and modules.

Data Science: Meaning, Processes and Importance

Data science is a research and analytical domain with data as its primary ingredient devising means and methodologies to capture large data structures and models from multiple sources and process them to transform them for business purposes.

It can be termed as an intersection of various other domains and academic fields like computer science technology, applied mathematics, information science, statistical concepts and practices, and other computational tools.

Data science has a myriad range of processes and functional methods starting from data collection which involves gathering data and formulating statements based on which further research processes are going to be conducted.

Once this data is successfully retrieved, then it is subjected to cleaning and processing by removing any missing or erroneous data structures and ensuring corrective data quality.

These data structures are used in programming and other evaluation techniques to build up model structures and finally, they are explored and visualized via data visualization techniques consisting of EDA, report generation, dashboards, and more.

Data science technologies are immensely leveraged in the current technological market ranging from cloud computing, and AI-generated and programmed digital structures to automation of major structures in high-tech industries, its major structures in high-tech industries, its importance is limitless. In the future also it will play a significant role in developing Machine Learning models and structures.

Highlighting the Top Usages and Benefits of Data Structures

Data science stores unlimited usages and benefits since all major industries run on processes and structural data models which are built by data experts and data scientists.

Its usage can be gauged from the application of data science technologies in multiple domains like in the healthcare sector where a patient’s demographics, health checkup reports, and insurance coverage all are data-driven and have become automated with the aid of machine learning.

Even in the domain of finance, all major financial products and services have gone digital with data-driven mechanisms making it easier to profile customers, address their issues, and track any risks of fraud to cater to better customer service and experience.

Data Science is widely used in business strategy-making by delving into data analytics and pattern identification drawing surveys and devising means to improve overall business and company performance.

Even in the retail industry, data science technology is managing the entire online delivery services through product tracking, product purchasing, and other benefits of data science experienced by these sectors helping them to make effective decisions based on customer preferences and profit generation as the insights provide comprehension of former developments and idea of trends in the market.

The technology has improved the overall efficiency and outcome of operational models by deploying AI and machine learning tools in devices minimizing unnecessary human labor and input.

It aids in extracting insights solving critical data problems and researching the probable methods to improve data models for better service along with maintaining data ethics and privacy features. Thus, data science is indeed the future of technological innovation with limitless practices and its scope in diverse sectors and organizations.

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Here’s a List of Top 11 Data Science Institutes in Jaipur


IIM SKILLS is an industry-recognized and highly-rated educational institute comprising technological and skill-based courses and learning programs. It has a presence in around 23 cities all over Asia providing courses in data, marketing, banking, and more.

The institute has a highly engaging and reliable course structure with researched materials and resources to improve candidate’s knowledge and understanding along with guidance from experienced and seasoned mentors.

It offers a data science study program along with master certification approved by Govt organizations like MSME with an instructor-led curriculum. It is a full-time MBA degree program with case studies and 100+ hours of practical assignments covering extensive tools like:

  • Jupyter
  • Flask
  • Chat GPT
  • Tableau
  • SQL


  • AL and ML – clustering, parameter, Naïve Bayes, etc.
  • SQL – schema, Metadata, SSRS, etc.
  • Statistics – Probability, Sampling, Forecasting, etc.
  • Power BI – Template, Power Query, Functions etc.
  • R language – Scatter plots, manipulating, clouds, etc.
  • Alteryx – Workflow, filtering, etc.

COURSE FEES: RS 99900 + 18% GST

CALL INQUIRY: +91-9580740740


Digistack Edu is an advanced digital learning and training platform offering cost-effective and best-in-class courses in multiple modules and study domains. Its courses range from data science to web development and digital marketing curriculum making it one of the best data science institutes in Jaipur.

Along with a well-built classroom infrastructure for imparting technical skills, it also offers rigorous internship opportunities through its learning study courses opening the door to the technological world.

Amongst many of its courses, it offers a data science specialization course with the basic modules of Python learning and programming to the advanced library to analyze and evaluate data models and structures.

The course covers extensive 32 modules on various data science learning topics mostly in advanced level of learning. It is a 4-month duration program with study shifts making it flexible for all categories of candidates. Therefore, it is one of the best data science institutes in Jaipur.


  • Advanced Python with Python library tools
  • Visualization with seaborn and other tools
  • Advanced Machine learning techniques
  • Introduction to R language modules
  • Loop control in R programming
  • Visualization using GGPLOT 2
  • Tableau connections module
  • Maps and filter in Tableau
  • MySQL knowledge

CALL INQUIRY: +91-6397-123-682

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Techno Master is a technical portal having high-quality academic infrastructure imparting courses and modules in software development, digital marketing, analytics, cloud computing, mean stack development, and many more.

Established in 2001, it is a reputed and one of the highly acknowledged data science courses in Jaipur offering a certification course in data science conducted by IT experts including 13 modules with an exhaustive syllabus with all-round knowledge of data science practices and methodologies.

The data science program comes with real-time projects and practical applications of concepts in data science projects and case studies making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Jaipur.


  • Live classes with individual supervision
  • Low fee structure
  • Flexible learning from anywhere
  • Access to portal
  • Internship on real-world projects
  • Placement guarantee
  • Internship certificate


  • Data science processes, wrangling, exploration, etc
  • Machine learning for prediction analysis
  • Statistics for inferential and descriptive learning
  • Software engineering modules
  • Python packages
  • Recommendation system modules
  • Web development


Imarticus Learning is a top-rated ed-tech company and certification institute with both classrooms nod online learning curricula with world-class experience in study and globally recognized course structures.

It has around more than 20 specialized courses and programs with high placement chances in top companies and effective for career transition opportunities and is one of the best data science institutes in Jaipur.

It is offering a highly specialized post-graduate program in data science and analytics which is a project-based learning curriculum with job assistance having tie-ups with top-tier partner companies and hiring organizations. Therefore, it is one of the most demanded data science institutes in Jaipur.


  • Duration covering 6 months of learning
  • 300+ hours of lecture modules
  • 10+ data tools and technologies
  • Career services include workshops, mentoring, resume-building, etc.
  • Data hackathons and projects.


  • Basic programming – variables, expressions, lists, and data types, etc.
  • Excel – Essentials, look-up, charts, etc.
  • SQL – joins sub-queries, unions, etc.
  • Machine learning – K-means clustering, model tuning, etc.
  • Python library module
  • Statistics – tests, hypotheses, etc
  • Capstone project

COURSE FEES: Rs 1,98,000/-

CALL INQUIRY: +91-9953621050

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Datacrew is a leading professional training platform in India with program modules ranging from Generative AI, and cloud computing to data science and analytics and full-stack development.

The institute conducts courses online and in both offline modes aiding to deploy algorithmic structures in case studies and data modeling. It has workshops, career guidance, and a high client base with in-demand post-graduate programs and certifications.

It offers a high-quality data science certification program with generative AI modules and innovative solutions tools and technologies. It has real-world applications and project structures conducted by leading experts making it one of the best data science courses in Jaipur.


  • Technical session- 26 to 27 weeks of learning
  • 48 hours of interactive session
  • Live and all sessions recorded
  • Certification
  • Job preparation and profile building


  • Data science with AI, Excel fundamentals, etc
  • Data Visualization in charts, graphs, etc
  • Python syntax and setup
  • SQL for data manipulation
  • Descriptive statistical analysis
  • Data pre-processing and cleaning using Pandas
  • Algorithms – classification, clustering, etc.


Zeetron Networks Pvt Ltd is a consultancy and educational firm emerging to be one of the reputed institutes in Rajasthan offering courses in operating systems, database management, exploring network infrastructure, and security as well.

It offers a data science learning and analytics course structure designed for aspiring data developers, big data professionals, and analytics for better career growth with extensive project work and case studies on data science problems.

The course is taught by certified data science experts and trainers with industry experience having data lab accessibility and effective course materials and resources making it one of the best data science courses in Jaipur.


  • Approximately 400+ hours of learning
  • More than 60 case studies and project work
  • One-to-one mentorship and guidance
  • Job guidance in top hiring firms
  • Workshops
  • Moderate course Fee structure


  • Data science lifecycle and Machine learning
  • Mathematical concepts – vectors, gradients, linear algebra, etc.
  • Statistics – confidence interval, data types, inferences, etc.
  • Python libraries and function sets
  • Machine Learning – Feature selection, Classification, text mining modules, and more.

FOR ALL INQUIRY: +91- 9057015701

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Data Trained is an emerging technological and study course platform with professional education and industry-aligned certification curriculum imparting enriching subject expert modules in Big data, ML, DevOps, management, data analytics, and more.

It offers immersive learning and top-rated data science courses which is a post-graduate program in neural networking and machine learning methods. The course is sponsored by Future Skills Prime and NSSCOM and has an international industry curriculum structure.

The course covers placement benefits, internship options with working experience learning opportunities; resume structuring, and more making it one of the most sought-after data science courses in Jaipur.


  • 6 months of duration along with a live internship
  • Course learning span for 12 months
  • 300+ hours of sessions on topics and 80+ live curriculum
  • Domain specialization
  • Certificate of Internship
  • More than 15+ tools including NLP, SQL, Tableau, Python, etc.


  • Data Science Programming Foundation
  • Python with AI functions packages, etc
  • Machine Learning with ensemble techniques
  • Chat GPT modules in data structuring
  • Computer vision in Deep learning modules and NLP techniques

COURSE FEES: Rs 1, 60,000 + 18% GST

CALL INQUIRY DETAILS: +44-744-142-7157


Established in 2011, Madrid Software is a skill-based training center to impart technical skills and market-oriented knowledge curriculum in courses like cloud computing, digital marketing, business analytics, big data Hadoop, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, and many more.

It offers an advanced level data science course program covering data-based tools and high-end technologies like data mining and text mining processes, tableau tool learning, SQL basics, Predictive modeling concepts, and applications in data structuring taught by expert trainers having 8 years and more experience in data science applications.

It is one of the best data science courses in Jaipur with high-quality course content and assignment structure.


  • 6 months duration of study
  • Online and classroom training
  • Recorded sessions
  • Real-time sessions
  • Case studies
  • Capstone projects and assessment tests
  • Placement coordinator


  • Data science – tools and usage
  • Python concepts – installation, libraries, labels, loops etc
  • Statistics – Sampling techniques, types, distribution, probability, etc.
  • ML – lifecycle, algorithms, etc
  • NLP models

CALL INQUIRY DETAILS: +91 -9560785589


Known to be one of the reputed data learning and technical specialization course platforms, Coding Ninjas is acclaimed to be offering excellent study modules with reliable certifications and mentorship.

It offers a data science course that incorporates data manipulation, deep learning modules, python libraries applications in real life, and data visualization techniques with various forms using machine learning skills and high-tech methodologies like neural networking, statistical analysis, decision trees, random variables and sampling techniques, and more.

It has an industry-guided capstone learning curriculum with 70+ hours of interactive lecture modules and mock interview preparation for job and interview guidance for the best hiring organizations. The course is considered to be one of the best data science courses in Jaipur city.

The course is designed to enable one to improve skills in developing machine learning algorithms and for seeking job roles like data scientists, data scientists, data architects, etc.


  • Introduction to Language Programming Pattern
  • Data algorithms and their application
  • Data science with ML curriculum and knowledge
  • Case study on startups and business projects.
  • Image and text classification.
  • Logistic regression
  • Decision tree methods and more


Pro IT Bridge is a technical training institute with information technology-based learning modules and study courses and modules aligned as par career-based certification with improved learning in data science concepts.

It offers courses having skilled professional trainers conducting modules on data science, tableau, AI programs, machine learning, deep learning programs, etc. Its data science course is one of the best data science courses in Jaipur with a specialization in machine learning with supervised and unsupervised types of ML programs having live sessions and lab facilities.

It offers simultaneous learning and knowledge structure in deep learning, data retrieving techniques, data exploration blending fundamentals of algorithms, mathematical computation, Python learning, and statistics.

It is a 4-month long duration course covering popular tools like Jupyter, Scikit-learn, Spyder, NumPy, Plotly, XG boost, Python, Pandas, and more.


  • Introduction to data science lifecycle.
  • Python core
  • Software engineering
  • Python libraries and application
  • Supervised and unsupervised modules
  • Ensemble techniques with association rules.
  • Introduction to the Flask tool process


Datamites Global Training Institute is a domain knowledge-specific e-learning and technical and non-technical certification platform offering courses and knowledge modules on various specializations including data engineering, ML ops, Python, data engineering, etc.

It offers a data science foundation with a beginner-level course covering wholesome learning of data science concepts, Statistics, and machine learning methods about the IABAC syllabus pattern.

Govt recognized organizations like NASSCOM are sponsoring the data science program with reliable data certification and job-aligned study structure.

The course incorporates specialized domains of learning and study including Statistics, business knowledge, and ML modules making it one of the most sought-after data science courses in Jaipur.

The course has the following syllabus:

  • What is data science? : Knowing the meaning and concept
  • Data science: Domains of learning
  • Data importing and exporting techniques
  • Data Exploration
  • Programming core
  • Applied Statistics
  • Machine Learning basics and core
  • Visual presentation with Tableau
  • Career opportunities

Course Fees: Rs 21,945/-

Call Inquiry: 1800-313-3434


1. Can one become a data engineer after completing data science courses in India?

Ans: Yes, a candidate opting for data science courses in top institutes in India can aspire to become a data engineer as it covers a comprehensive module covering all data science-related topics.

2. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Jaipur?

Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the acclaimed data science institutes in Jaipur include that of Tableau developer, ML analyst, Business analyst, Data Engineer, Data analyst, Database administrator, data scientist, and more.

3. Are data science boot camps helpful?

Ans: Yes data science boot camps offer fast-paced learning imparting skills in a shorter time along with practical-based mentorship from expert trainers and more.

4. Can a data science job be considered a secured job?

Ans: Yes, surely, data science jobs are highly renowned and demanded with great salary packages based on skills and years of experience in the domain.


Thus, with the expansion of data structures and data-driven operations carried out by various sectors daily, it becomes a necessity that knowledge of data science practices needs to be updated with time. Such urgency has led data experts to enroll in data science courses to upskill themselves as per requirements. The above-mentioned data science institutes in Jaipur are offering excellent courses in the domain with high-quality infrastructure and job guarantee assistance rated amongst the best training centers in Jaipur.

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