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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Mysore With Placements

Data, at its core, has become a repository of various knowledge and informational modules permeating the realm of various aspects and domains of our lives. It has become a technological seed harvested from varied and diverse sources cultivating a world of technological advancement and growth and efficient digital performances of business products and services. Life without quality data structures and models has become a hopeless fallow that has spread its base to almost every technical domain of operation. In such a scenario, the importance and relevance of data science technologies and the demand for skilled data experts and professionals has become the key necessity of the hour creating an upswing of employment opportunities in the domain. Many institutes are significantly offering data science courses in Mysore along with varied specializations in related programming languages, and data science tools along with offering industry-relevant certifications to boost career growth.

List of best data science courses in Mysore

In this article, we will keenly explore the career opportunities in data science through the lens of the data science institutes in Mysore and engage in knowing more about careers in the data science domain and the data science courses in Mysore.

Data Science: Concept and Its Fundamental Elements

‘Data Science’ as a term first devised in the late 1960s or early 1970s started with the knowledge and application of statistics and analytical techniques involved in statistical models later developing to incorporate domains of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning methods, business intelligence, etc.

Data science has with time evolved to become a multi-disciplinary or rather an inter-disciplinary academic field of study and research analytical domain that involves systematic extraction and processing of data from diverse sources.

It involves the usage of core concepts and principles of statistics, computer science technologies, mathematical computation, and information technology, and also the principles of applied economics to draw scientific inferences of data structures.

It uses analytical techniques to derive essential patterns and trends to comprehend data behavior and relationships of data variables to apply them to create resilient business models.

Data science involves key fundamental elements including machine learning techniques using artificial intelligence-based programs and algorithms to handle large datasets to find correlations and data patterns.

It also uses the elements of data visualization techniques for enhanced graphical and digital presentation of key analytics and data insights to communicate with stakeholders and promote collaboration.

Data science also uses elements of programming languages like R, Python, and SAS in combination with data science libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matpotlib aiding in designing data structures along with data pre-processing mechanisms.

Another important element of data science is domain knowledge including specific knowledge and understanding of specific domains involving feature engineering, deriving hypotheses, etc.

Other best courses in Mysore:

What To Expect in a Data Science Course?

As the data science craze has hit hard the educational and employment sector creating massive demand for data science courses and data science experts, it is only plausible that professionals and beginners are keen on enrolling in data science courses.

Many technical institutes and online open-source platforms are delivering comprehensive and quality data science courses that are aiding to provide technical and non-technical skills and expertise in the data science domain.

Therefore, one must be acquainted with the course offerings and curriculum structure and also must expect practical knowledge of data analytical tools and techniques to gain hands-on experience in data science practices.

Most of the data science courses incorporate a methodical curriculum where one will learn the foundational skills of statistics, and mathematics along with programming languages like probability techniques, hypotheses testing of data models, programming languages like Python, R along with data science libraries.

Such knowledge helps to analyze data systematically and scientifically along with deploying numerical and computational methods to draw meaningful conclusions and insights.

Apart from these data science courses offer knowledge of machine learning algorithms in data science like decision trees, random forests, linear regression techniques, knowledge of SQL and querying along with tools like Tableau, MySQL, Tensor Flow, advanced Excel, and various popular data tools.

Data science courses offer capstone live projects to work on to gain in-depth experience and a practical understanding of how data scientific methods work with real-world problem-solving approaches. Such courses also aid in developing and building a strong portfolio relevant to job market demand and hiring.

Presenting a Detailed List of the Top 11 Data Science Courses in Mysore


IIM SKILLS is one of the top and premier e-learning platforms catering to high-quality courses. They offer a detailed master course in data science which is 11 months duration and an instructor-led MBA program highly rated by forums like The Statesman, and Analytics Insight with a curriculum aligned as par standards led and approved by MSME.

It is a master certification in data science incorporating tools-driven training and learning with readily available capstone projects to work on live assignments and tools like Python,  Chat GPT, and Flask with 160+ hours of lectures imparted by top trainers and mentors.

What to look forward to in the data science course:

  • 7 certifications in one program module
  • 7 live projects on Excel, VBA, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, R programming, and Alteryx to work on along with 10+ case studies and capstone projects
  • 2 months of an internship opportunity with brands like Accenture, Pwc, etc.

Course Fee:  INR 99,900 + GST

Contact info: 91-9580740740


Tops Technologies is a top-rated platform offering a wide range of technical courses on software development, specialized courses, digital marketing, data science artificial intelligence techniques algorithmic programming, machine learning techniques, and many more.

It offers a data science course in collaboration with National Skills Development Corporation and Skills India with job-oriented teaching and learning modules, and live projects with expert-led mentorship.

It has top agencies serving a dedicated platform ideal for beginners as well as for professionals having advanced learning structure, customized training, and online webinars with short-term workshops and interactive or lecture sessions and curriculum.

It also imparts practical understanding and experience of data tools and techniques thereby making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course has  a comprehensive learning module including the following syllabus as structured below:

  • Foundations of programming and applications of data science
  • Data structures and algorithms learning processes
  • Statistical learning and its different methods
  • Data wrangling methods and techniques
  • Data visualization techniques and modules
  • Machine learning methods
  • Big data technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL learning techniques, Spark framework modules, etc.


Iclass Training is a reputed online learning and training platform with real-time and job assistance-based courses focusing on placement opportunities in top companies.

It offers a comprehensive data science course incorporating the foundational topics in the domain with an advanced curriculum in statistics, machine learning, and data communication with big data technologies making it one of the best data science institutes in Mysore.

The course offers extensive knowledge and practical understanding of data science concepts and practices with expert and real-time trainers imparting guidance and interactive sessions.

It has flexible batch timings with excellent data science tools and lab facilities along with professional certification recognized by various job platforms making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The syllabus and course contents include:

  • Introduction to data management
  • Introduction to statistics and Exploratory data analysis
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Part One including classification and clustering
  • Introduction to Machine Learning Part Two includes time series, neural networks, support vector machines, and association rule mining.
  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop.


Apponix Technologies is a technical learning and course provider platform with a diverse range of certification programs in domains of data science, full stack development, digital marketing, cloud computing, etc.

It is one of the sought-after data science institutes in Mysore. It offers a data science program with Python certification training covering essential skills like Python full coding, data visualization techniques with Python, machine learning with Python, robotic automation, logistic regression, SQL queries, and more.

The course entails 60 hours of practical session learning with 18 case study modules on machine learning along with IABAC-certified data scientist certification mentored by senior data scientists as faculty members.

Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses in Mysore with placement assistance and guaranteed interview arrangements.

The syllabus of the entire program includes:

  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Data handling techniques in Python
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Linear regression techniques
  • Logistic regression practices and case studies
  • Time series forecasting
  • Cluster analysis in Machine learning
  • Decision tree and random forest


Datamites Global Training Institute is another popular e-learning and professional certification platform offering dynamic courses and learning modules on various specializations including data engineering, data mining, ML ops, Python, etc.

It is offering a data science foundation course covering a basic overview of data science concepts, statistical analysis, and machine learning methods as per the IABAC syllabus pattern.

It is in collaboration with NASSCOM and Future Skills Prime having expert trainers with deep research and coaching expertise along with 5 case study modules for practical learning.

The course has specially three domains of learning including Statistics, machine learning or programming, and business knowledge making it one of the most sought-after data science courses in Mysore.

The course has the following syllabus:

  • What is data science?
  • Data science: Areas of study
  • Data sources and importing techniques
  • Data Exploratory Analysis
  • Data Science programming
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Visual Analytics with Tableau
  • Data science career and conclusion

Course Fees: Rs 21,945/-

Call Inquiry: 1800-313-3434


Geekster is another technical platform providing advanced course and study modules along with professional certifications in collaboration with top hiring partners. It is offering a data science and generative AI specialization course in collaboration with IIT Guwahati and the National Skills Development Corporation.

The course curriculum is designed in alignment with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon with learning modules in sheets, Power BI, Python, and SQL learning along with top projects in speech recognition, Chat Bot, SQL query generator, etc.

The course is of 8 months duration including 50+ real-world projects and case studies along with expert counseling and an AI-powered portfolio to stand out making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course program includes the following curriculum:

  • Introduction to Google Spreadsheets and Power BI
  • Databases and SQL learning
  • Data structure in Python
  • Exploratory Data Analytics
  • Machine learning and Natural language processing
  • Deep learning and Generative AI.


Upgrad is a reputed educational and technology company offering digital learning courses and programs incorporating the latest and advanced pedagogy, best-in-class faculty with intensive online learning having professional certification courses on various domains of learning.

It offers a post-graduate certificate course in data science and artificial intelligence sponsored by IIT- Bangalore with top-class faculty instructions and practical projects to work on a study curriculum with a flexible learning schedule for working professionals and beginners as well.

It is an 8-month duration full-time program in a blended format of study with 300+ hours of interactive learning along with Python programming boot camp, case study projects, and other essential skills compiled within the course along with artificial intelligence-based profile builder for job placement and guidance.

It includes advanced data tools like advanced Excel, MySQL, and programming languages like Python making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course curriculum is divided as:

  1. Introduction to Python language
  2. Programming in Python language
  3. Python for data science techniques
  4. Data visualization in Python
  5. Exploratory Data analysis
  6. Credit EDA case study
  7. Inferential statistics
  8. Hypothesis testing
  9. Data analysis using SQL
  10. Advanced SQL and practices
  11. Machine learning methods
  12. Deep learning techniques
  13. Data Engineering


My Great Learning is a renowned technical training and software course platform having 10 years of excellence in imparting high-end courses and study curricula along with modules on acquiring professional certification.

It offers dual certification on post-graduate diploma courses in data science and business analytics to pursue a career in data science and related jobs with no former requirement of coding expertise for enrolling in the course.

It is a 12-month duration full-time certification program with exclusive placement support job assistance and live career mentorship by expert-led faculty members with a curriculum designed in alignment with McCombs School of Business and Great Lakes Institute.

It includes expert training and practical knowledge of various software and analytical tools like SQL Learning, Python, and Tableau learning along with Chat GPT, Machine learning, and predictive modeling techniques helpful to impart an effective understanding of data science technicalities and knowledge. Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course syllabus consists of:

  1. Introduction to data science methods and artificial intelligence module
  2. Business Finance Analytics
  3. SQL programming techniques
  4. Python for data science techniques
  5. Inferential statistics learning
  6. Predictive modeling techniques
  7. Machine learning techniques
  8. Time series forecasting methods
  9. Optimization techniques and methods
  10. Marketing and retail analytics


Careerera is a globally and internationally accreditated online e-learning portal with various courses and professional certifications with high-quality learning modules including various technical and non-technical specialized courses.

It offers a highly rewarding master’s program in data science and analytics with an integrated project-based learning curriculum, practical case studies modules addressing the analytical and data science methodologies having collaborations with top hiring agencies in the industry giving practical domain experience of real-world data problems and solutions making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The program is designed to serve the need for IT professionals and also entry-level candidates to know the details of data mining with SQL learning methods, advanced Excel, Python programming, and predictive analytics for algorithm modeling,  big data systems, and models.

The program skillfully entails the following modules:

  • Introduction to Analytics :
  • Introduction to Business Analytics Modules
  • R for data science techniques
  • Visualization using R programming
  • Statistical method for decision-making :
  • Descriptive statistics methodologies
  • Probability and distribution concepts
  • Hypothesis testing and estimation
  • Business Finance:
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Budgeting
  • Working capital management
  • Capital budgeting methods
  • Marketing and CRM :
  • Core concepts and marketing
  • Customer value methods


Coursera is a global learning and certification platform offering high-quality courses on multiple specializations and micro-specializations conducting comprehensive knowledge and practical training in such courses imparting professional certifications and credible badges as well.

It offers many data science courses with data tools learning including an applied data science course with Python giving deep insights on data science, its analytics tools and techniques with data handling skills and management.

It is a 4-month time span program having an intermediate level study curriculum with 10 hours of learning per week in collaboration with the University of Michigan conducting various analytical techniques like data visualization techniques, inferential statistics, knowledge of machine learning methods along with tools like Python programming techniques, knowledge of pandas, NumPy, Matpotlib, text mining and more.

It also includes certification and badge recognized globally and provided by the University of Michigan making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course  related to data science modules is  structured as:

  • Introduction to data science in Python programming language
  • Applied plotting, and charting in Python.
  • Applied Machine learning in Python programming language
  • Applied text mining with Python analytical modules.
  • Applied network analysis in Python programming.

11. 360 DIGI TMG:

360 Digi TMG is a pioneering training institute offering a wide range of courses and digital learning modules. It offers a significant data science course designed as per the latest market curriculum to help become a certified data scientist and learn the core of statistical analysis, machine learning techniques along predictive analysis methodologies.

The course is accredited by NASSCOM having dedicated hours of learning and interactive sessions with 2 capstone live projects for practical assessment and guaranteed job placement.

The course has premier modules on the foundations of statistics, business intelligence, and exploratory data analysis along with probability, regression techniques, network analytics, and text mining making it one of the best data science courses in Mysore.

The course syllabus is presented as:

  • Python Introduction and Fundamentals
  • SQL learning techniques
  • Data science preliminaries
  • Data processing techniques
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Feature engineering modules
  • Power BI methods and techniques
  • Clustering/ segmentation
  • Dimension reduction processes


1. Can non-IT students opt for a career in data science?

Ans: A person from a non-IT background can opt for a career in data science however it will be difficult for them to hold a grasp as data science involves technical requirements and may take time to understand its principles.

2. What is the normal duration of a data science online course?

Ans: The normal program duration of a data science online course may vary from 2-3 months to even 1 year.

3. Can one opt for data science without prior coding knowledge?

Ans: Well, prior coding knowledge is not mandatory for the data science domain even though it is expected that one must be acquainted with basic knowledge of coding before embarking on data science.

4. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from data science institutes in Mysore?

Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing data science courses in Mysore from the top data science institutes in Mysore include that of a data engineer, data scientist, Machine learning engineer, data marketing specialist, Statistical specialist, etc.


Therefore, data science as a professional domain is showcasing huge potential and these data science institutes in Mysore are catering to such huge demand for data science learning. As data is becoming a fuel to technological advancement, the need for nurturing and harnessing more such data is also gaining stupendous momentum which indirectly leads to an urgency of skilled data experts who can efficiently handle data and transform it. So, the data science courses in Mysore are offering a platform to leverage the knowledge of data analytics and build a career out of it.


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