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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Ranchi With Placements

Data is extremely easily available to business rulers to those willing to extract it. Technically speaking data science is an integrative blend of statistical reasoning and machine learning algorithm development and application attached with technical tools to solve complex data analytic provocations. Technology Companies are probably the most important beneficiaries of data science. Hence, in the article below, we have mentioned the details about the best data science courses in Ranchi. Explore now!

List of best data science courses in Ranchi

5 Broad Areas That Increase the Importance of Data Science Are:

  1. Decision Making
  2. Problem-Solving
  3. Understanding
  4. Improving Processes
  5. Understanding Customers

In Today’s world, an integral part of governing a successful organization involves gathering data that can be analyzed to gain greater zenith or insights into the business and the customers. Data Science is everywhere right now.

Every company is turning to data sciences to solve their complex problems. Here comes the role of a Data Scientist or Analyst who can come up with bright business solutions. This circumstance has put data scientists in a favorable position regarding employment and payment.

So Simply, a lot of people are becoming interested in learning Data Science to grab the opportunities of jobs that have bright career prospects. In this article, I will be listing the top 10 Data Science Courses in Ranchi.

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Here Are The Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Ranchi


IIM SKILLS is an institute that was started in the year 2015 to provide quality education at economical prices through asynchronous and many online programs. The faculty consists of a highly educated and trained team of experts with more than 10+ years of experience.

Its motto is to create efficient and ingenious professionals who can easily swim through any tides of the market. They aim to provide the best infrastructure, and proficient faculty and to amplify best-up market skills to balance with the present industries.

Their dynamic online training sessions empower you for high-demand sectors ensuring you can pick up a job at any point in time. You can kick start your career today with IIM SKILLS and thrive in the ever-evolving job market.

It has the best Data Science Courses in Ranchi which would give the best education to the learner which could add value to their fabulous future career plans.

Course Name: Data Science Master Course

Course Duration- 11 Months

Course Fee: 99,999 + 18% GST

✍️ Course Content:

  1. Statistics in Data Science
  2. Data Science ( AI and ML)
  3. Data Science using SQ
  4. Data Science using Power BI
  5. Data Science using Python
  6. Data Science using Tableau
  7. Environment and sustainability
  8. R for Data Science
  9. Data Science using Alteryx

 🧐 Key Features:

  1. 160+ Hours Lectures
  2. 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  3. 16+ Live Projects
  4. 10+ Case Studies
  5. 7+ Tools covered
  6. Capstone Projects
  7. Resume and Interview Preparation
  8. 24*7 Support
  9. Master Certification

For any further information, please contact,

📞+91 9580 740 740

2. 4Achievers

4Achievers is a dominant platform of Data Science Courses in Ranchi that provides the best training to individuals and working professionals. They give both online and industry training.

It was started to help individuals and industries to be trained in the latest and upcoming technology fields. It has a team of proficient industry top-notch experts who want to share their knowledge and expertise with individuals who want to do well in their respective compelling careers. 

The institute’s motto is to give the best of the training to their students to achieve their future goals. This is one of the best Data Science Institutes in Ranchi as it helps every learner to give their best performance in the industry and excel in their careers.

They believe that learning skills are an investment for your bright and successful future. Their Data Science Courses in Ranchi are designed to get you job-ready with global certifications!

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

✍️ Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Data Science
  2. Data Collection and Preprocessing
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Model Evaluation and Optimization
  7. Applied Machine Learning
  8. Deep Learning
  9. Big Data Analysis
  10.  Data Science in Practice

🧐 Key features:

  1. Best expert Faculty
  2. Easy understanding as the syllabus is designed in an intelligent way
  3. 100% Placement assistance
  4. Salary hike by 7%
  5. Globally recognized Certification
  6. 24*7 Support

For any more details: 

📞+91 801080 5667

3. Knowledge Hive

Khiva aims to condition learners with expert-level industry professionals who are dedicated to giving strength to the individuals in Ranchi. It is ranked as one of the best Data Science Institutes in Ranchi.

They aim to provide quality skills that would help anyone with the dynamic present market trend. They believe in thinking differently, teaching differently, and making a huge difference in the aspiring learner’s life. 

It is the stimulant for change and one should go for this platform of education technology. They also have a vision to build a strong study bridge gap between aspiring learners of Ranchi and technological advancements.

They aim to empower the learners with the best skills through Data Science Courses in Ranchi which would help them to succeed in changing the market trends. 

Course Name: CATALYST

 Mode of Training: Online and Offline

CATALYST has emerged as the best Data Science Course in Ranchi which is carefully designed by IITM and IIMA along with top industry experts who are deeply rooted in the Ranchi community. It is a detailed program that includes fields of Statistics, Programming, and Data Visualization. 

CATALYST will make you powerful with unbeatable skills and insights to excel in Data Science Courses. Its certification program can be an important step towards interesting job opportunities. With Khive Certification anybody can become a favorite of possible employers and land up having the best place in multinational corporations.

🧐 Key Features:

  1. 40 hours of expert-led class
  2. 30+ Hand-On- Assignments
  3. Case studies based on practical curriculum
  4. 3 Mock Interviews with corporate HR
  5. 100+ hands-on exercises
  6. Master projects for job readiness
  7. 36+ Business problem-solving practice
  8. Industry mentorship

Why choose Khive for Data Science Courses in Ranchi:

  1. The syllabus was designed by Industry experts with alumni of IITM and IIMA
  2. Empowering yourself with invaluable insights and skills, hands-on experience, and real-world applications
  3. Case study approach and enhancement of problem-solving abilities
  4. Comprehensive curriculum
  5. Job Placement and its assistance
  6. Work experience in the master project
  7. The best Data Science Institute in Ranchi.

 For any more details:

 📞: 74487 55899

E-mail: [email protected]

4. DTGyan

DTGyan was established by a team of Dell, Oracle, and Intel who had in-depth industry experience and passionate professionals on a mission to build a center of perfection for Data Analytics training.

It is India’s first free education OTT Platform in which you will find top industry experts who share their experience and knowledge. It offers a wide range of training programs to choose from like Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, weekly gossip, and talks with industry experts. 

It gives the best Data Science Courses in Ranchi and is renowned for its programs. DTGyan is ranked as the top Data Science and Analytics Institute in India with its placement record.

Course Name: Data Science with Python Course

Course Duration: 5 months

Course Fee: INR 45000 Plus GST

✍️ Course Content: 4 Modules

  1. Python for Data Science
  2. Data Analysis with Python by Data Trained
  3. Data Visualization with Python by Data Trained
  4. Applied Machine Learning with Python

🧐 Key Features:

  1. 68 hours of blended learning
  2. Interactive learning
  3. 4 Industry based projects
  4. Dedicated mentoring sessions from industry experts
  5. 7 tools covered which are learned are: Python, My SQL, Excel, Google Cloud, SQL, Panda, and NLP

It is an excellent Data Science Institute in Ranchi because it provides technology-based training to aspiring freshers and also to working professionals who can easily succeed in their careers.

For any more details contact,

📞 +91 9560084091 

5. TCA

TCA- Training and Development company is one of the renowned Data Science Institutes in Ranchi which provides all the training programs that would help any individual fetch good jobs.

It is a training and development company dedicated to producing quality human resources for industries like IT, Data Analytics, and Civil and Mechanical divisions of any business.

 Their vision is to help in building and bridging the gap between technical institutes and industries. It provides tailor-made courses according to the client’s needs and requirements. 

The various courses are intelligently designed in such a manner so that anyone who does the course can easily succeed in their respective careers and reach their career goals in the best experienced faculty-backed-up positive environment. 

It is an institute that has started to provide the best quality industry jobs and where anyone can create an opportunity for an exciting and successful career. The Data Science Courses in Ranchi of TCA are trusted by all industries.

Course Name: Complete Data Science

Course Duration: 18 Classes – 36 Hours

✍️ Course Content: 6 Modules

  1. Python
  2. Statistics and MySQL
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Natural language Processing
  7. Tools- PyCharm, Scikit learn, Matplotlib, TensorFlow and Keras, NLTK

🧐 Key Features:

  1. 6 Real time projects
  2. Best corporate trainers
  3. It covers all phases of the Data Science life cycle which involves business understanding, Data Mining, Data Cleaning, Data Exploration, Feature Engineering, Predictive Modeling, and Data Visualization. 
  4. Dedicated Placement Team
  5. Campus Placement drives

For any more clarifications about the course,

📞 +91 7827 180 534

6. DigiPerform

DigiPerfom is ranked as Asia’s Number 1 most committed brand in Digital Education and has an excellent set of Data Science Courses in Ranchi. It is the only digital-specific domain training platform for aspiring freshers and working professionals who want to rise high in their careers and be efficient in their careers.

The beautifully crafted curriculum is designed by 55 + industry top-notch experts keeping all the important necessities of individuals in today’s changing Digital Market trends. 

The training gives the best hands-on experiences by working on real-world live projects. The institute offers the best courses as per the learner’s preferences, time, and career requirements.

They aim to make people perform excellently in Digital Marketing or products and its various platforms.

Course Name: Master Program in Data Science

Course Duration: 11 months

Course Fee: INR 1,22, 720

✍️ Course Content:

  1. Data Science Essentials
  2. Business Analytics and Data Visualization
  3. Python Programming and Data Visualization using Python
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis
  5. Predictive Modeling using Python
  6. Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

🧐 Key Features:

  1. Live Projects and doubt sessions
  2. Assignments and Case Studies
  3. Multiple job chances
  4. Best faculty
  5. 24*7 support
  6. Career support
  7. Ranked as the best Data Science Institute in Ranchi

For any more clarifications, Please contact at the

 📞 +91 852 761 1500

7. Intellipaat

Intellipaat believes that each and everyone has the right to top-quality education, so the institute tries to provide the best quality training at an economical price. It combines a brilliant approach to the creation of a course curriculum. It provides whole life support and access to the study resources. 

They focus on what, why, who, and how. With the beautifully crafted syllabus content, the students walk away with a big satisfaction and an in-depth understanding of the new concepts.

Intellipaat is in the constant undertaking of changing the education culture so that every individual can benefit from the open resourceful educative environment.

Course Name: Data Science Course

Course Duration: 7 months

Course Fee: INR 70,053

✍️ Course Content: 15 Modules

  1. Preparatory Session- Linux and Python
  2. Data Wrangling with SQL
  3. Python with Data Science
  4. Linear Algebra with Advanced Statistics
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Supervised Learning
  7. Unsupervised Learning
  8. Deep Learning using TensorFlow
  9. Data Science Capstone Project
  10. Business Case studies
  11. Generative AI
  12. Power BI
  13. Deploying ML models with cloud
  14. Git
  15. Job Readiness
  16. Data Analysis with MS Excel

🧐 Key Features:

  1. 50+ Live sessions across 7 months
  2. 1:1 industry mentors and 24*7 support
  3. 218 hours self paced videos
  4. Resume preparation and LinkedIn profile review
  5. 200 hours of project and exercises
  6. Campus immersion at IIT Roorkee
  7. Get training from IIT Roorkee faculty and industry top-notch experts
  8. No-cost EMI option
  9. Recognized certification 

It provides the best Data Science Courses in Ranchi which would jumpstart the career of the aspiring fresher and salary hikes of working professionals.

For any more details, contact:

📞 +91 7022374614

8. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is the academy that provides the best Data Science Courses in Ranchi which is accredited by renowned institutions. It gives multiple courses to aspiring freshers and efficient working professionals to succeed in their respective domains by enhancing their skill sets. 

They give training solutions to the clients of Businesses, Corporations, Multinational Organizations, and Private Organizations in all subjects like IIT Technical, Personal Development, Human Resources, and Management Courses. It is a well-known Data Science Institute in Ranchi.

Course Name: Data Science Masters Course

✍️ Course Content:

  1. Python Data Science Training 
  2. Python with Machine Learning Training
  3. Data Science with R Training
  4. Microsoft Power BI Masterclass
  5. Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training
  6. Data Analysis Training using Excel
  7. Advanced SQL
  8. Python Programming Training
  9. Tableau Training
  10. Probability and Statistics for Data Science Training

🧐 Key Features:

  1. Lucrative career
  2. Mastering Skills
  3. Mastering of Tools
  4. Best job opportunities

It is good to join the Institute for those who aim to be at the top of the Data Sciences industry and make a mark of themselves in the upcoming technologies. It is believed to be one of the best Data Science institutes in Ranchi.

For any other details contact,

 📞 +91 8037244591

9. DataisGood

The technology industry is flourishing like anything and there is never been a better time to gain in-demand technological skills that would change your career. DataisGood is an Ed Tech company that provides online Data Science Courses in Ranchi and has been working efficiently in giving training to aspiring freshers and working professionals to stand out in their careers. 

Its focus is to give education to possess the best up-market skills that could transform anyone’s career or career choices. It consists of good experienced and trained proficient experts in the industry who are ready to give support 24*7. 

The curriculum is best crafted as per the market needs and the learner’s requirements. The trainings are designed in such a way that they can reach out to learners at pocket-friendly rates. The learners can gain experience through real-world live projects. They give the best placement opportunities as well.

Course Name: Executive Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Course Duration: 12 Months

✍️ Course Content:

  1. Python Fundamentals
  2. Data Analysis with SQL
  3. Statistics and Probability
  4. Data Analysis with Excel
  5. Python for Data Science Visualization
  6. Data Cleaning and Preparation
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Tree-based and Boosting Models
  9. Time Series and Analyzing and Forecasting
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Deep Learning Fundamentals
  12. Internship Programs
  13. Soft Skills Programs

🧐 Key Features:

  1. 400+ Hours of Instructor-led training
  2. 150+ Hours of self-paced learning
  3. 500+ Exercises and Assessments
  4. Dedicated Career Coach
  5. Professional Certification Program
  6. 24*7 Support
  7. Good Placements
  8.  Best Faculty
  9. Career Support
  10. 1:1 Personalized Mentorship

For any other information, contact,

 📞 +91 8700627800

10. Scaler

Scaler is an Education and training platform for working professionals and also for the new bees. Their programs help upskill young professionals in the real-life world. They aim to create an environment that helps their students unlock their hidden potential and grab the best opportunities.

It is known for the best Data Science Courses in Ranchi. Scaler Certification is the certification which you can proudly showcase to the world your expertise in Data Science throughout the year. 

Course Name: Scalar Data Science and Machine Learning Program. (Beginner Program)

Course Duration: 15 months

Mode of Training: Online

Course Fee: INR 3.69 Lakhs

🧐 Course Content:

  1. Tableau plus Excel
  2. SQL
  3. Beginner Python

🔑 Key Features

  1. 1:1 mentorship
  2. Top-notch instructors
  3. Projects and case studies
  4. Career Counselling
  5. Tools and Languages
  6. Many job opportunities
  7. Mock interviews
  8. Help in Resume building and LinkedIn profile.

Scaler has a teaching army of Industry top-notch Experts that could make you confident about your fundamentals. The curriculum is crafted in such a way that you will be a confident and efficient expert Data Scientist!

 It is one of the best data science institutes for anyone who wants to kickstart their career in Data Science.

 For any clarifications contact:

📞. 01205096005


The Data Science Courses in Ranchi with placements is an affiliation project with the best companies like IBM. The learner’s careers in Data Science will get a boost and they will be able to bring top Data Science Institutes in Ranchi with world-class training. Moreover, the skills will help freshers and efficient professionals be successful in their respective domains.

Data Science which is the top professional career has a splendid scope in India. A lot of industries like E-commerce, Healthcare, Transport, and Manufacturing have huge amounts of data and indeed require data science to get insights. Data Science is showing no major signs of slowing down and there is an increasing demand for Data Science jobs.

Data Science is always improving and has a tremendous scope in the coming years as Big Data is the foundation of all the Megatrends that are happening around.

Happy Data Science Learning! 

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