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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Malleshwaram With Placements

Transformative technologies and digitalization have one common factor between them and that is data which is creating multiple domains of study and creating new possibilities in every sector in use. Data has become an indispensable asset leveraging on which businesses and companies are devising analytics and technological strategies to lead to more growth and draw more profits. Such data-driven models and structures require efficient management with time-to-time upgradation and methodological research which can contribute to its performance metrics and efficiency. Such a task is performed by the domain of data science which uses its practices and analytical methods efficiently using data structures to build models usable by businesses, organizations, and institutes to strive towards excellence and contribute to better decision-making. In this article, we will have a detailed analysis of such data science courses in Malleshwaram and discuss their potential.

List of best data science courses in Malleshwaram

Data science as a domain has gained immense popularity and recognition in recent years which even led to the significance of skilled and talented data experts and data scientists who can devise data-driven models and innovative structures. Therefore, the data science institutes in Malleshwaram have come up with some renowned and detailed data science courses helping data scientists and beginners to gather process knowledge of data science.

Data Science: Meaning and Its Processes

Data science as a concept got its first modern meaning and approach from William S Cleveland in 2001 when he gave a wider meaning to the field of elaborate expansion of statistical learning and analytics.

With time, data science evolved as an interdisciplinary academic and research field for enhanced data analytics knowledge integrating knowledge and understanding of other domains, especially mathematics, statistics, computer science technology, principles of information and communication technology, scientific methods, and algorithms.

Therefore, it is an advanced data research and learning domain that uses various process knowledge, procedures, and algorithms to conduct data analysis and extract information and insights to aid in building resilient data models for businesses.

The domain of data science operates on some step-by-step processes which firstly include understanding the problem and addressing the research question where a data researcher comprehends the goal of the research and frames the research question to meet business expectations and devise a project outline.

Secondly, it gets involved in the process of data collection and retrieving large data sets from various sources of databases and stores them for optimal use.

Next, it conducts extensive data cleaning and transforming mechanisms to filter the datasets and remove unnecessary and unwanted erroneous data to enhance overall data quality and assurance and at the same time make it more accurate.

Then, it conducts data visualization techniques through graphs, charts, and dashboards to represent essential data findings and research results through exploratory data analysis techniques to gain an understanding of the relationships of variables.

Data Science Vs Data Analytics: Knowing the Differences

Data science is an interdisciplinary as well as a multidisciplinary field of academic study and research analysis of various data structures and models to draw insights and a detailed understanding of its patterns and trends.

Whereas, data analytics is all about devising data analytical techniques and tools to conduct thorough analysis and pre-processing of data and derive analytical findings therefore is a part of the data science domain only.

While data science is keener on drawing relevant insights and knowledge extraction to solve critical data problems, data analytics is more about focusing on methodologies and techniques of analyzing historical sets to capture their trends and highlight relevant patterns to conclude business decisions.

Data science uses advanced and broader techniques including predictive modeling, machine learning with algorithms, and advanced statistical and computational methods to conduct data research and analyze its trends and patterns for problem-solving.

Data analytics on the other hand uses methods of prescriptive, descriptive, and diagnostic techniques for data analysis and drawing insights into data behavior and patterns.

Explore here the best:

Here’s a List of the Top 11 Data Science Courses in Malleshwaram


Keeping in mind the demand and need for certified and qualified data scientists, IIM SKILLS, established in the year 2015, has introduced a master course in data science which is regarded as the top data science course in Malleshwaram.

The course is equipped and furnished as per industry requirements and is an MBA program for the span of 11 months covering all the essential topics and curriculum of data science.

The course adopts the latest pedagogy and teaching techniques in data science with highly qualified mentors instructing for 160+ hours of duration along with 100+ hours of practical learning curriculum for the candidates.

The course also entails 500+ hiring partners for job and placement assistance on completion along with lifetime access to its LMS module for candidates with industry-relevant curriculum and profile building assistance as well.

The course requires basic eligibility as to having a keen understanding of data analytics with computer science subject proficiency and eagerness to learn about data science practices.

The course comes with the following syllabus and topics:

  • Statistical learning in data science modules
  • Data science with Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technologies modules
  • Data science with SQL learning techniques including object explorer, data manipulation etc
  • Data science with Power BI methods of learning
  • R programming in data science modules
  • Tableau learning in data science learning
  • Alteryx in data science technologies

Course Fees: Rs 99900 + 18% GST

Call Inquiry: +91 9580740740


Simplilearn is considered to be the best online platform catering to multiple courses with the best faculties and top companies collaboration and online certifications and ranks amongst the top data analytics courses in Malleshwaram aiming to provide a better understanding of data science techniques and data mining for experienced professionals as well as providing optimal understanding of data science tools.

The boot camp training module is divided into the following detailed modules:

  • COURSE 1 : Programming Essentials in Data Science
  • COURSE 2 : SQL learning methodologies
  • COURSE 3 : Python programming basics
  • COURSE 4 : Applied Data Science with Python Learning
  • COURSE 5 : Machine Learning Techniques
  • COURSE 6 : Tableau Training modules
  • COURSE 7 : Data Scientist Capstone projects

The course is in collaboration with IBM giving hands-on experience with various tech tools covering Python, Hadoop, Tableau, etc with AI tools handy for online interaction sessions and learning.

It has dedicated international faculty and industry experts imparting lectures and seminars online on various aspects of data mining, data analytics, data transformation, and its application in scientific research techniques. It provides master certification on successful completion of the course.


Pro IT Bridge is a leading and top name in training institutes in technical and information technology-based courses and learning modules with career-based certification and job assistance. It offers digital skills training courses having skilled professionals and expert-led trainers conducting modules on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence programs, etc.

Its data science course is one of the best data science courses in Malleshwaram with a specialization in machine learning technology having high-level pedagogy techniques, live sessions, and interaction curriculum.

It imparts parallel knowledge in deep learning, data exploration, processing blending fundamentals of Python, algorithms, mathematical computation, and statistical learning approaches.

It is a 4-month full-time duration course covering essential data science tools like Jupyter, Spyder, NumPy, Plotly, Scikit learn, XG boost, LightGbm, Python, Pandas, and more.

The course curriculum covers a wide range of syllabi including:

  • Introduction to data science and stages of data science lifecycle.
  • Introduction to Python programming language.
  • Software engineering fundamentals.
  • Python libraries.
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning in machine learning techniques.
  • Ensemble techniques, recommendation systems, and association rules.
  • Introduction to Flask.


Introtallent is a highly accreditated data science and artificial intelligence training platform having high-end courses in data science Pro, analytics Pro, and artificial intelligence engineer certificate making it one of the most sought-after data science institutes in Malleshwaram.

The data science pro course offered by the institute is curiously designed and drafted by industry experts and renowned mentors along with real-time live projects data science assignments and business presentations.

It is a 6-month duration full-time course with a high Google rating and serving a curriculum to get a clearer understanding of end-to-end data science projects and learning to implement business intelligence and data analytics in real-world projects.

The course extensively covers a wide range of data tools, languages, and data science libraries like MySQL, Advanced Excel, Python, tableau, Pandas, Matpotlib, and more making it one of the top data science courses in Malleshwaram.

The course covers an extensive module including:

  • Python programming for data science
  • SQL learning techniques
  • Advanced Excel and methodologies
  • Statistics for data science and machine learning methods
  • Tableau with business intelligence tools
  • Capstone project including 50+ assignments and 6 projects on real-time problems

Course fees: Rs 75000/-

Call Inquiry: +918431610064


Odin School is another reputed and popular e-learning and software training institute offering high-quality and industry-relevant courses in web development, Power BI, data science, digital marketing, and also online MBA courses.

It offers a comprehensive data science program which is a 6-month duration course incorporating a live instructor-led curriculum; project and assignment-based learning methodology.

It is a certified member of NASSCOM and SHRM platforms offering one of the best data science courses in Malleshwaram. The course entails live session learning modules, self-paced learning resources, 60+ practice tests with lab access, and more.

It has tie-ups with 500+ hiring organizations and recruitment agencies with top skills and tools like SQL, Py spark, Hadoop, AWS, Power BI, GIT, Keras, and many more.

It has a detailed and well-structured module including:

  • SQL basics learning
  • Advanced Excel techniques
  • Statistical Analysis methodologies
  • Mini capstone project
  • Power BI fundamentals
  • Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft fabric
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning and Generative AI.


Learnbay is a top-rated and popular digital learning and knowledge platform with professional certification program modules and courses in diverse domains. It is offering a data science course with IBM-led certification and expert training in tools like Python, Power BI, and AI skills as well.

It is a 6-month full-time duration program of around 300+ hours of online interactive learning and training sessions having expert-led mentor guidance and assistance along with practical learning sessions with capstone projects and real-world data science projects. The program also includes generative AI modules and dedicated mentorship.

The course curriculum is structured as per the following:

  • Cohort orientation along with special programming classes.
  • Python programming including Python, Anaconda, Github, and Pandas.
  • Statistics and machine learning.
  • Data science tools including SQL, MongoDB, Tableau, Power BI, time series, etc.
  • AI tools like deep learning, NLP, etc.


Datamites Global Training Institute is a trusted e-learning platform offering dynamic courses and learning modules on various specializations with professional certification including data engineering, Python, DevOps, etc.

It offers a data science course covering a basic comprehension and knowledge of data science concepts, statistical analysis techniques, and machine learning methodologies as per the IABAC syllabus pattern.

It is in collaboration with NASSCOM and Future Skills Prime with deep research and coaching expertise imparted by expert trainers along with case study modules for practical learning and experience.

The course has specially three comprehensive domains of learning including Statistical learning, machine learning or programming, and business knowledge making it one of the most sought-after data science courses in Malleshwaram.

The course has the following syllabus:

  • What is data science? Basic concept
  • Data science: Areas of study and practices
  • Data sources and importing techniques
  • Data Exploratory Analysis method
  • Data Science programming module
  • Introduction to Applied Statistics
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Visual Analytics with Tableau Learning
  • Data science career and conclusion

Course Fees: Rs 21,945/-

Call Inquiry: 1800-313-3434


Udemy is a globally acclaimed e-learning and certification platform with courses aiding professionals to enhance their careers in their expertise and acquire skills as per market needs. It is an open-source learning portal offering high-rated courses accreditated by international universities with top faculties and expert-led curriculum and study programs.

It is offering a comprehensive Data science course: Complete Data Science Boot Camp including data science t knowledge along with subjects like mathematical computation, statistics, Python programming, deep learning techniques, and extensive training modules.

The course provides knowledge of the tools and techniques essential to be a data scientist and data expert with practical knowledge of logistic and linear regressions in Python programming, and machine learning techniques with algorithms using NumPy, Pandas, and other tools to develop deep learning frameworks.

It also enables one to learn about data clustering and unfolding the power of neural networking in the data science domain with deep learning methods.

It is a 31-hour-long study module along with 93 articles in a self-paced learning schedule with coding exercises along with a certificate of completion making it one of the best data science courses in Malleshwaram.


My Great Learning is one of the renowned data science institutes having 10 years of excellence in imparting high-quality courses and learning modules encompassing multiple domains.

It is a top-rated e-learning platform offering dual certification on post-graduate diplomas in data science and business analytics with advanced knowledge and practical training in data science modules.

It is a 12-month duration full-time program with certification on completion with exclusive live career mentorship by expert-led faculty members and placement assistance with a curriculum designed in alignment with McCombs School of Business.

It includes various data analytical tools like Python, Tableau, SQL, Chat GPT, Machine learning, and predictive modeling techniques helping to impart an effective understanding of data science technicalities and understanding.

The course syllabus consists of:

  1. Introduction to data science programs with AI techniques.
  2. Business Finance Analytics methods
  3. SQL programming techniques
  4. Python for data science programming
  5. Inferential statistics learning
  6. Predictive modeling techniques
  7. Machine learning techniques and practices
  8. Time series forecasting methods
  9. Optimization techniques
  10. Marketing and retail analytics


Brain Station is a premier institute focusing on coding and analytical boot camps and other technical courses with professional certification in domains like web development web designing modules, UI/UX design interface and learning, digital marketing, product management, data analytics, etc.

It offers an enriching course in data analytics and data science covering the basic data core concepts and methodologies, data collection techniques, and imparting technical data science domain skills for real-world problem-solving with a variety of case studies imparting practical knowledge and understanding of data science tools and software of data research and analysis.

The course incorporates industry-led data analytics training programs with top agencies tie-ups like Google, Microsoft, Uber, and Slack, an interactive project-based curriculum with community beyond the classroom.

The course curriculum and learning module are divided into:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics :
  • Application of data strategy techniques
  • Learning data-cleaning techniques
  • Excel data analysis techniques
  • Database and Advanced Data Analytics:
  • Learning database fundamentals
  • SQL learning mechanism and methods
  • Advanced-Data analytics methodologies
  • Large data sets handling processes
  • Data Visualization:
  • Data visualization with Tableau
  • Tableau dashboard learning techniques
  • Data storytelling techniques


DV Analytics is one of the leading and renowned data science institutes in Malleshwaram with a high-quality training and consulting platform offering tailor-made courses to adapt to changing corporate dynamics.

It offers a key and relevant data science course with an advanced data science module in data analytics including the foundations of statistical programming and analytics, database management and automation of data-related tasks module, data mining using Excel, SAS, R programming, and more.

The program offers a holistic understanding of data science methodologies focusing on the latest data science tools and practices making it one of the best data science courses in Malleshwaram.

The Course curriculum includes the latest syllabus structure as follows:

  • DBMS programming and reporting with Excel base, SQL base, Python base, and R base.
  • Reporting and visualization including Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview, reporting, and visual.
  • Statistics and Advanced Analytics including Excel, Python, SAS, and R, etc.
  • Open AI language model and prompt engineering including ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Claude, etc for workflow models.
  • Training on soft skills including speech control, and code of conduct.


1. Which degree is considered best for opting career in data science?

Ans: A candidate with having relevant degree in mathematics or statistics, engineering, applied economics and information technology is eligible, however, a degree in computer science is preferred.

2. What is the salary structure of a data scientist in India?

Ans: The salary of a data scientist in India may easily vary from 4 lakhs to 30 lakhs per annum depending on skills, level of expertise, and knowledge.

3. Do data science courses come with placement support?

Ans: Yes, data science courses have dedicated placement and job assistance cells and guidance.

4. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Malleshwaram?

Ans: The data science institutes in Malleshwaram offer data science courses preparing one to pursue a career as a data analyst, data engineer, big data architect, data marketing specialist, data scientist, data project manager, etc.


Therefore, the impact of data science is far-reaching creating global phenomena and leading to technological growth and innovation helping to ease our lives in various aspects. Companies and business organizations are increasingly relying on data science dynamics to lead to market competition and reach newer innovation heights. Thus, they are keen on employing and hiring data experts who can aid their skills in improving the business data models. So, the data science institutes in Malleshwaram have come up with the above-mentioned courses for prosperous career growth in the data science domain.


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