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Top 11 Data Science Courses In Kota With Placements

The global digital sector is being positively overwhelmed and upgraded based on advanced data science technologies and its practices deploying AI modules, data programming, and modeling methods to enlarge and expand the technological upliftment. Now with such huge development, the responsibility to retrieve and manage quality data structures is also a challenge requiring skills and domain expertise that is flexible enough to be updated over time. This creates the urgency for professionals and experts having sound knowledge of data science methodologies as well as working experience who can apply such techniques with remarkable efficiency. In this article, we will be discussing and analyzing at length the efficacy of the data science courses in Kota and how candidates can access them, whether they can fit their busy schedules and career prospects, and much more.

List of best data science courses in Kota

For any data science job role, the person must have a relevant degree as well which is provided by some of the renowned data science institutes in Kota providing study modules and work opportunities in real-world projects. The courses cover all data practice modules and topics offering a wholesome learning experience.

The Meaning of Data Science and Its Lifecycle Processes

Data science is an interdisciplinary and highly integrative academic field with research and analytical practices making the domain comprehensive enough to accommodate algorithms, data tools and techniques, scientific processes, etc.

It enables to structure of large volumes of unruly data sets. It subjects them to rigorous analysis involving evaluation, cleaning, pre-processing, wrangling, and finally visualization through graphs, charts, and other visual formats.

Data science practices are mostly carried out by qualified and skilled data scientists having the requisite knowledge and practical experiences to include conceptual theories of computer sciences, mathematical operations and functions, statistics, information and communication technology, etc.

A data science lifecycle is a congregation of essential steps that are involved in working on a data science real-life project with a sequential technique of data methods deployment.

Firstly, the process begins with data structure collection and gathering both in structured and raw form and stored for further analysis and structuring as per project objectives and needs.

Secondly, the next and perhaps the most significant stage is the proper processing of data models involving cleaning and getting rid of unwanted data structures, errors, and false data to improve data quality and then transform them through ETL and other relevant processes.

Thirdly, the transformed data structures go through exploration techniques determining their patterns, ranges, and intrinsic values and aid in drawing decision and strategy formulation.

Fourthly, data reports are being generated and presented to gain insights and coded information that can be useful for businesses and analytics purposes.

These reports contain essential data analytics that are obtained through research analysis and decoding various data models through effective processes of data science methodologies and are part of data communication strategies where the data information is communicated to business setups to unfold their patterns and essential trends.

Why Data Science Courses Are Popular in Kota?

Since data science is one of the top and highly rewarding career options transitioning into a substantial and acclaimed domain of professional data handling and management services, its courses are increasingly becoming popular amongst candidates and mid-level professionals.

Since leading and top branded companies have gone digital with their services and product marketing, they rely on the procedures of data science practices and management techniques to increase their sales and brand value.

As such it offers candidates remarkable opportunities to work with such huge brands and top-rated companies. Data science courses are also gaining popularity since the reach of data science has become highly multifarious.

It is conquering top sectors like finance, retail, healthcare, media, and marketing thereby increasing the chances and opportunities of employment as the jobs are skill-based and are eligible for candidates having data science course degrees and certification.

There is also a high opportunity for growth in a lesser period and one can obtain top-level positions and designation in data-based companies and firms offering high salary packages along with job security benefits. Data science job roles are also flexible as they can be pursued in remote and freelance mode as well.

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Here’s the List of Top 11 Data Science Institutes in Kota


With an aim to impart world-class education and technological learning experience, IIM Skills is a top institute offering quality courses and training in various domains since 2015.

The platform is widely known for offering industry-relevant and brand-recognized certification modules helping candidates to have access to high-tech courses with easy registration and admission procedures and also affordable fee structure.

Its courses range from data analytics, and digital marketing to financial modeling, data science, and many more. It is offering a data science certification program with a master curriculum module ranked as one of the top data science courses in Kota by renowned platforms.

The course is a tool and technology-based module that helps to extract and analyze data and learning with expert mentor panels and capstone projects for improved learning.

The course is an MBA curriculum expanding for 11 months full-time duration along with master certification aligned to market needs and sponsored by MSME. T covers tools like Python, MySQL, Flask, Jupyter, and more along with 500+ hiring partners.


  • Statistics – SND, regression types, time series, etc.
  • Al and Ml – Forecasting, model validation, PCA, Deep learning, etc.
  • SQL – Databases and tables, keywords, functions, etc.
  • Power BI- power editor, query, DAX, etc.
  • Python – Packages, Control Flow, conditional statements, etc.
  • Tableau – Dimensions, measures, architecture.
  • R – New variable, appending, merger, etc.
  • Alteryx – Interface, designer, string data, etc.

COURSE FEES: RS 99900 + 18% GST

CALL INQUIRY: +91-9580740740


Dataspace Academy is a software and educational training and certification institute specializing in modules of cyber security leading to an ethical study curriculum having around 100+ courses in their module.

They have been empowering candidates with industry-aligned and company-recognized certifications and training in marketing, analytics, and finance courses.

It is offering a data science certification course program paving the way for prosperous career opportunities in data science and analytics. The course consists of interactive learning with lectures, laboratory access, workshops, and a job-aligned study structure making it one of the best data science institutes in Kota.


  • 12 months of full-time learning
  • Offline and online class flexibility
  • 100% placement support
  • Hands-on projects and real-life assignments
  • Tie-ups with top hiring firms
  • Lab oriented sessions


  • Excel-based data analysis – Mathematics, Interface modules
  • Python – Functions, OOP, EDA, etc
  • SQL – star schema, ERD, statements, etc
  • Statistics – T distribution, Central tendency, correlation, etc
  • ML – Vector matrix, SLR, MLR, regression etc
  • Deep Learning – computer vision, Neural network, CNN, etc.

CALL INQUIRY: +91-9748242603

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Profound Edutech Private Limited is a top name in consulting and IT training offering courses with knowledge of the newest tools and technologies having academic partnerships and student placement cells for job purposes.

It is one of the best data science institutes in Kota. Its courses are validated and market-aligned with structural modules designed for all categories of candidates.

It offers a data science course and learning program with a Python specialized module to apply to business problems and real-world exercises. The course offers an excellent platform to explore data science topics and subjects mentored by qualified data experts and teachers making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Kota.


  • 5 months of program duration
  • Expert trainers with more than 10 years of relevant experience
  • 100% placement guidance
  • For IT professionals and experienced candidates
  • Data science projects on design and development


  • Fundamentals of Data Science – Lifecycle and role of a data scientist
  • Excel programming – spreadsheet, formatting, functions etc
  • SQL database – Types, views, tables, constraints etc
  • Python core – OOP, string, File handling, Loops, etc
  • ML – Types, regression, SVM, etc
  • Power BI – Data shaping, AI, optimization, etc.
  • Deep Learning – CNN, NLP, RNN, etc.

CALL INQUIRY: +91- 8983012051


Codecademy is a renowned open-source and certification online platform for global candidates offering high-tech job-oriented study programs and learning courses making it one of the most demanded data science institutes in Kota as candidates can access the courses in online mode.

The institute offers myriad data science specialization courses, however, the most popular one is its data science foundation course which is one of the best data science courses in Kota.

It is a beginner-level learning program with a 56-hour time duration of completion along with a completion certificate upon finishing the course module within time.

It is meant to obtain skills like Python and statistical analysis, databases on SQL modules along with job portfolio development having 15 units and 34 projects for practical learning.


  • Data Science – Its foundations, journey, etc.
  • Data Literacy Fundamentals – Data visualization, analysis, etc.
  • SQL – Querying with databases and more.
  • Python – Programming and structuring data models and working with real data.
  • Data science projects with Python library
  • Lambda functions module
  • Data wrangling and tidying
  • Portfolio project

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Cloudxlab is a high-technology-based innovational learning platform and educational courses hub with a designed curriculum as per industry standards and student’s needs and requirements. It provides an online video format course with auto-assessment tests and learning modules.

It offers a data science course which is a self-paced and flexible study curriculum having 5 sub-courses like big data with Hadoop tool, spark, deep learning curriculum and more making it one of the best data science institutes in Kota.


  • More than 220 hours of learning
  • Top-class curriculum in data practices
  • More than 26 live and real-world projects
  • Lab access
  • Tools ranging from Scala, NumPy, Hive, Tensor Flow, Tableau, etc.
  • Job assistance with top brands.


  • Foundational concepts of programming
  • Big data with Apache Hadoop module
  • ML with spark, training, SVM, landscape etc
  • Data formats and management
  • Deep learning and networking training
  • NLP training
  • Reinforcement learning modules

COURSE FEES: Rs 3999/-

CALL INQUIRY: 080-4920-2224

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PW Skills is a reputed and high-tech learning platform with a relevant course curriculum to empower candidates and professionals from diverse backgrounds leveraging the skills and tools knowledge imparted by the institute.

It is known for its affordable online-based study programs with top industry mentors coaching the learners and having a high-tech innovation lab as well for a better learning experience.

It is offering a data science course that is online-based and also based on real-life problem modules covering the syllabus in ML, NLP, Python, NumPy, and many more. The course prepares students to pursue job roles as AI consultants, AI engineers, data scientists, and data science experts making it one of the best data science courses in Kota.


  • 6 months full-time duration
  • 200+ hours of learning and interactions
  • Recorded session for later access
  • Job guidance and profiling
  • PW certification and internship
  • Affordable fees


  • Python – objects, numbers, strings, operators, etc
  • Statistics – Types, dispersion measures, sets, variables etc
  • ML – Validation split, regression, EDA, etc
  • Deep Learning – Image classification, detection, RCNN, etc
  • NLP – Text processing, libraries, networks, etc.

COURSE FEES: Rs 20000/-

CALL INQUIRY: +91-6361388292


Logic Mojo is an expert-led educational platform and tech-based modules actively engaging candidates from all rounds of life and varied backgrounds along with preparation for data science-based job profiles with well-furnished learning infrastructure.

It offers a data science online course with weekend classes with no prior requirement for coding and programming suitable for professionals and fresher candidates in the technical domain. It is one of the best data science courses offering job opportunities and internships with digital firms and top companies.


  • 7 months of full-time learning
  • 500+ hiring partners
  • 60+ case studies and assignments
  • 18+ industry-aligned curriculum
  • Recorded classes for lifetime access
  • Personalized training
  • Job assistance


  • OOP in Python modules, statistics methods
  • Functional and exception handling in Python
  • NumPy, Pandas – arrays and data types
  • Standard distribution
  • Probability and Mathematics fundamental
  • Advanced Statistics – Poisson distribution, hypotheses testing

COURSE FEES: Rs 4500 per month

CALL INQUIRY: +91-8088975867


Ineuron is a course provider and educational platform having emerging technological study programs with excellence in industry-crafted course programs imparting analytical skills, virtual labs, internship opportunities, modules, and many more.

It is offering a data science masters pro learning module covering topics of advanced techniques and tools in data science practices imparting learning sessions in both Hindi and English making it one of the best data science courses in Kota and India.


  • 4 to 5 months of learning duration
  • Curriculum guidance by experts
  • Dashboards access
  • Self-paced and flexible schedule
  • High-quality resources and materials
  • Doubt—clearing sessions
  • Online mode of study
  • 200+ hiring firms


  • Course Foundation – Lab introduction, support system, dashboard, etc
  • Python – Booleans, strings, mutability of objects, conditions, loops etc
  • Statistics – Distribution function, Z stats, Estimation, P-value, F-test, etc.
  • ML – Train, split, over-fitting, performance, etc
  • EDA – Anomaly detection, regression, Time series, etc.

COURSE FEES: Rs 8000/-

CALL INQUIRY: +91-8071176111


Coursera is a job-oriented and global educational and certification portal having tie-ups with more than 300 reputed universities and institutes across the globe and imparting quality modules mentored by top lecturers and educators recognized internationally.

It has many short-term and long-term degree and certification modules in data science. It is offering a data science professional course led by IBM to prepare one for a career in the data science field and upskilling in demanded skills.

The course is considered to be one of the top-rated data science courses in Kota with working professionals enrolling in it, especially for its flexible learning schedule.


  • 5 months full-time program
  • 10 hours of learning per week
  • For beginner-level candidates
  • Earning badge and degree credit certificate
  • Tools and libraries used by top data scientists
  • Portfolio of data science projects


  • Data science Introduction – Model selection, analysis, etc
  • Tools – Github, Rstudio, Jupyter Notebook
  • Data science Techniques – Data mining, classification models, etc
  • Python project – SQL, databases, visualization, ML, etc.
  • Applied capstone project


Geekster is skill skill-relevant and technology-friendly learning and technical platform providing advanced and specialized learning courses and study programs along with professional certifications recognized by major top companies and having collaboration and corporate tie-ups with hiring agencies as well.

It offers data science and generative AI modules and a specialized course curriculum in collaboration with IIT Guwahati and the National Skills Development Corporation or NSDC which is a top government-recognized body.

The course structure in data science is formulated in alignment with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft having tech-based and standard data science project learning with modules in Excel spreadsheets, Power BI methods, introductory lessons in Python, and SQL learning and querying techniques along with  SQL query generator, speech recognition, and virtual reality modules.

The course is of 8 months duration and full-time curriculum including 50+ real-life case studies along with AI-based portfolio development making it one of the best data science courses.


  • Google Spreadsheets and  introduction to Power BI methodologies
  • Database monitoring and SQL learning techniques
  • Python is used in data structuring and programming
  • EDA processes in data visualization
  • NLP and Machine learning processes
  • Deep learning process
  • Generative AI


WS Cube Tech is a renowned upskilling institute offering multiple ranges of technical and non-technical courses covering Python, Tableau, and Power BI with high demand amongst candidates for its upgraded learning infrastructure and curriculum.

It offers a data science program with a total of 6 months of full-time study and a learning period considered to be one of the best data science courses in Kota. The course is conducted by mentors having a high level and excellent grasp of the data science modules and related topics along with interaction modules.

It also has hands-on practical project modules along with industry-recognized certification upon course completion.


  • Python involves loops, sets, functions, and more.
  • Data analytics with Python library and statistics models etc.
  • Machine learning with regression types, data types, etc.
  • Deep learning with neural networks having ANN modules


1. Are there study materials and resources included within the program?

Ans: Yes, relevant study materials and high-quality resources on data science modules are included within the course program and readily accessible by the candidates.

2. Will the data science courses in Kota cover Python programming?

Ans: Yes, the data science courses extensively cover modules in Python programming from basic to advanced curriculum involving functions, libraries, programming essential and core modules, and project work to have practical understanding.

3. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Kota?

Ans: The career opportunities one can avail from pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Kota include that of AI developer, Database manager, Big data architect, data consultant, data research analyst, data scientist, and many more.

4. Is a career in data science worth its hype?

Ans: Yes, a career in data science is considered to be highly rewarding and prestigious considering the reach and prospects of data science technology in a current market scenario involving data science practices and methodologies and higher packages and perks.


Thus, it is evident that the relationship between data production and its management is directly proportional to the need and demand for experienced and seasoned data experts with high knowledge and skills in data science practices. Thus, the data science career option is flourishing amongst highly qualified data experts and candidates having relevant educational qualifications making it one of the sought-after professions. The data science institutes in Kota are further offering courses to learn more about the practices.

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