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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses In Thailand With Live Training

Are you mindful of the importance of attaining valuable knowledge about digital marketing in this rapidly evolving age of digital transformation?  Through the best digital marketing, researched strategies help companies to progress in competitiveness. As a result, digital marketing courses in Thailand have become an essential prerequisite for a company’s popularity and growth. This article includes basic discussions concerning digital marketing courses in Thailand and educational establishments.

Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand

A Brief Description of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a technical act of promoting businesses through the use of digital technology. The goods or services promoted by marketers for every level of businesses on different social media sites, emails, mobile phones, and any other digital medium. Businesses use the digital medium of promotion in fast-evolving digital days so that they can easily connect with existing large and potential consumers for their services/products as well as consumer behaviour for prospective agendas.

Digital marketing is similar to the conventional way of marketing in digital days. Smart businesses strive to digitally build mutually beneficial connections with prospective clients for their services.

However, because it is geared to target today’s consumers, digital marketing has largely superseded most old marketing strategies.

In addition, the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing does not showcase the latest trendy marketing strategies, digital or otherwise. Instead, this guide covers core disciplines such as content, social media, and email marketing, always in the situation of the business goals that are important to them.

These marketing methods include obtaining new leads and customers, monetizing existing leads and customers, and building communities of brand champions and promoters.

Different Kinds of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad phrase that refers to ways to increase corporate interest and profitability through potential customers. Considering all the necessary commercial tactics, digital marketing depends on specific technical approaches. Hence, digital marketing comprises different kinds of approaches that are commonly employed including:

Social media marketing entails creating a distinct online presence by attracting a large number of internet followers using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technical process of devising a set of tactics to escalate the number of visitors to a website by getting high rankings in search results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are paid-for online advertisements that show alongside non-paid search results.

Mobile marketing includes promotions on apps, SMS updates, promotions on WhatsApp for regular upgraded services, and the launch of different products.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting products/ services of other businesses. The business shares revenue with a marketer after selling products/services. Through marketing efforts, the affiliate receives a commission for each consumer referred to the website.

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What Are the Reactions of Digital Transformation on Employees and Customers?

Digitization affects the boundaries of production, distribution, and consumption, transforming business and the way people work. These trends include possibilities such as the introduction of new products, processes, and techniques, as well as risks to companies and employees who must modify work organization, distribution, and skills. The global pandemic has now dominated the overall consequences on the labour market, necessitating telecommuting for employees and managers in digital enterprises.

The labour market impact of automation expresses itself as new requirements for new skills in the implementation of new engagements. Employees must be trained and re-qualified, or they must be replaced by others who already have the necessary skills. Digitization both produces new employment and renders some existing ones obsolete.

New technologies such as steam engines and electricity are also causing havoc in the labour sector. Interaction between people in work processes is vital in work distribution. Many people work in corporate settings. This field of work is changing as a result of the digital transformation, with work platforms that mediate between individuals online without the need for persons or organizations to intervene outside of this platform.

Digital transformation affects firms both internally and internationally, impacting organizational structures and management methods as well as their interactions with customers, partners, and competitors.

Developing new technology and increasing reliance on new business models decreases transaction costs, redefines trade business processes, and optimizes corporate organizational structures.

In most cases, lowering transaction costs leads to the introduction of new rivals and market dynamics, and new entrants frequently have different business models. Technological advancements can stimulate economic activity by either producing new products and services or upgrading existing ones and relocating them to new market segments. New technologies also strive to improve the productivity and effectiveness of organizational staff.

While artificial intelligence (AI) in technological advances will increase company efficiency and economic growth, millions of people throughout the world will be more productive in their occupations, or update their skills.

Companies use innovative, cutting-edge solutions to organize remote work for their staff. Employees must be able to work with specialized IT goods remotely to keep their jobs. Management focuses on problem-solving in work organization, expanding the reach of customer service through solutions such as chatbots, automation tools for sustainability, and modernizing obsolete and conflicting systems.

Learning Institutions for Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand:

1.         IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a dedicated digital educational platform that provides a variety of courses, including Digital Marketing Course In Thailand, to improve professional education and provide relevant upgraded skills. It transforms learning solutions that promote personal and professional advancement. The training curriculum always stays updated with regular developments in the industry about theories and technologies.

  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months = 2 Months Paid Internship With Fixed Stipend
  • Course Fee– TBH 12732 + Taxes

IIM SKILLS talents have learned what pupils require throughout the years. They have established in-house knowledge and a process to help them drive professional success. IIM skills investigate innovative vision, create ideas, and learn about the requirements of professionalism in teaching.

This complete course continues for 5 months of classroom instruction and is supported by a 2-month paid virtual internship that helps to consolidate the obtained knowledge through application in real-world situations. With weekday and weekend batches available, the program accommodates a wide range of schedules. It makes education affordable to learners.

Weekly assignments and projects in real-time engage participants, creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment. The course curriculum is carefully designed to blend academic knowledge with practical experience, guaranteeing that learners are prepared for the job upon finishing the course.

Learners in the program also have perpetual accessibility to an extensive collection of educational materials, class recordings, and lectures, facilitating continued learning and development. Furthermore, the course provides career counseling, resume planning, prep for interviews, and job search aid, demonstrating IIM SKILLS’ dedication toward participant success outside of the classroom. These are some of the reasons why IIM SKILLS is considered one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses in thailand.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Curriculum Modules In Detail for the Digital Marketing Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS:

A Brief Description of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Overview

  •  Purpose and Contemporary Trends
  •  Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

WordPress Website Development

  •  Website Design and Layout
  •  WordPress Setup and Configuration
  •  Website Design and Personalization
  •  Widgets and plugins

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Comprehensive Guide to Google AdWords, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
  • Analytics and Reporting


Inbound Marketing

  • Implementing Content Marketing to Gain Buyers
  • Strategies for Engagement
  • Optimization of Conversion Rates
  • Inbound Marketing With HubSpot

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
  • Affiliate Marketing Techniques
  • Monitoring Affiliate Payments and Links

Video (YouTube) Marketing

  • Production of Video Content
  • Promotion and Monetization

Strategy for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Learning the Use of Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Developing a Consistent Marketing Strategy

Monitoring Brand Management

  • Communication Management in the Digital Environment

Analytics and Stats

  • Evaluating Digital Marketing ROI
  • With analytics from Google
  • Learn to Use Data for Marketing Initiatives

The Digital Marketing Master Course at IIM SKILLS stands out as an outstanding option for individuals aiming to master the art and science of digital marketing in today’s frantic digital environment, as evidenced by strong alumni reviews and a rigorous curriculum. IIM Skills is a worthy option for digital marketing courses in Thailand.

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 Know About Our Students from Across The Globe 

2.         ICERT

ICERT Global is an online establishment for worldwide readers of various courses. It has the main mission to educate prospective professionals and turn them into leaders at business organizations. This Institution has launched a professional certification service that is equipped with high-quality modules in a variety of professional subjects. iCert Global distinguishes out in the world of digital marketing for its comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses Participants should be immersed in a dynamic, interactive learning environment. Every session, they will participate in a new activity and apply their information through polls, quizzes, and problem-solving exercises meant to accelerate and reinforce their learning. Share your thoughts with your classmates, widen their viewpoints, and question the world’s view.

An expert panel with extensive industry understanding creates the courseware, guaranteeing that participants acquire relevant and up-to-date material. Learners receive an excellent basis and practical knowledge of digital marketing after 80+ hours of specialized training taught by professors with vast experience and skills.

The iCert Global certification confirms a professional’s dedication to perfection and expertise in digital marketing abilities. It improves professional advancement opportunities by making certified professionals shine in the job market and increase their worth for prospective employers.

Students will be able to apply their knowledge and experience the case approach by using real-world scenarios. Business executives will discuss the difficulties they have encountered. As the story progresses, they will use course topics, critical resources and frameworks, and the diverse viewpoints of their peers to analyze the problem and select a course of action.

3.     Udacity

Udemy commenced its revolutionary path of teaching skills to potential learners for jobs via virtual mediums in the digital period.

Udacity empowers trainees to tackle severe digital requirements. Global corporate sectors needed such talent in marketing for their productive purposes. Global students now have the chance to participate in a wide range of professional learning courses in the most convenient way.

Prospective professionals will get personalized feedback to perform for organizations with competency.

The unique material is developed and polished in partnership with industry experts. Each Udacity program is prepared with proper research. Modules in courses go far beyond step-by-step directions. It fosters critical thinking skills necessary for job relevance. Expert mentors pay attention to removing barriers to learners by giving them personalized support and ensuring comprehensive competency mastery.

Courses In the Program

Nanodegree in Digital Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Framework of Digital Marketing
  • Business Value
  • Marketing Channels
  • Marketing Purposes and Progress
  • Content Planning

Marketing Data and Technology

  • Fundamentals of Technology in Marketing
  • Attribution of Models
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking and Data Insights in Marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
  • Organic Campaigns
  • Management of Ad Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

  • On-Site SEO
  • Off-Site- Link Building
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO audit

Search Engine Marketing

  • Basics of Search Engine Marketing
  • Approaches and Tools for Keyword Research
  • Learn Different Elements for Effective Advertisement
  • Evaluation of Google Ads and Campaign

Digital Advertising

  • Audience Fundamentals
  • Multichannel Ad Formats
  • Programmatic Ad Technology
  • Campaign Planning and Management

Email Marketing

  • Introductory Lessons
  • Effective Email Campaign
  • Types of Email Strategy

Udacity’s Careers team will let students explore their new career paths. Students will apply new skills to their present employment. As a result, Udacity is the finest option for Digital Marketing Courses In Thailand.

4.     TBS

When we talk about digital marketing courses in Thailand, how can we forget TBS. TBS offers six-month master’s advanced digital marketing courses in Thailand to equip students with a dynamic, interactive learning journey. TBS is a global community of excellent business professionals. It provides a network of an intensive educational environment to ignite the careers of students by well-learned industry professionals. Professional faculty brings a lot of expertise and perspectives to the table, having mastered the difficult environment of digital marketing for over a decade.

TBS specializes in an interactive approach when teaching the course. it is meant to provide practical insights and practical applications as well as conceptual understanding. Participants will be actively involved in the implementation of advanced digital marketing techniques, guaranteeing that all participants are job-ready the minute they finish the course from TBS.

This program is a lot more than merely a classroom. It is an investment in the future of learners, establishing the necessary foundations for a prosperous and fulfilling career in digital marketing. It guarantees that students grasp all marketing approaches and lifetime value.

Join TBS and begin your journey to understanding the technique and technology of digital marketing. TBS is more than just an educational institution; they are students’ growth partners, assisting them throughout every stage of your digital marketing process.

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5.     EXCELR</strong>

EXCELR offers digital marketing courses in Thailand with the guarantee of job interview training. Students should enrol in India’s leading digital marketing certification program, which implements a curriculum aligned with the most recent industry trends, learn from specialists with extensive real-world experience, and then get guaranteed job interviews with an extensive network of 2000+ recruiting partners until they land the job of their dreams.

ExcelR is a prominent institution of Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand. The course will be taught by highly experienced and accredited trainers widely regarded as some of the best in the industry, resulting in a unique learning experience. The course has numerous hands-on tasks on each topic covered in the training. After finishing the training, the institute provides its learners with a one-year subscription to e-learning, eight worldwide certifications from Google, Hubspot, and others, and recruitment help. Many previous participants of the institute are now working as digital marketing professionals for various companies.

Skills Covered in the Course

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign management
  • Email marketing

ExcelR provides extensive support to all students in their E-learning process with the help of industry professionals which makes good option for digital marketing courses in Thailand.

<h3>6.     Digital Scholar</strong></strong></strong></strong>

&amp;lt;p>Digital Scholar offers promising Digital Marketing Courses In Thailand for professional enthusiasts in the digital field. Digital Scholar introduces digital marketing courses that comprehensively train each module. Each course will be taught to students in an engaging method.

Modules in each course were rigorously built by digital scholars with specializations. It provides all students with a comprehensive learning experience of the most in-demand digital marketing abilities. From the moment they enlist in the course until they graduate as accomplished digital marketers, participants will be provided extensive guidance.

The faculty members are attentive to students in the remote classes. The digital scholar has a strong digital existence regardless of geographical route. Professional industry geniuses are associated with digital scholars who have years of hands-on experience in the area of digital marketing. Mass learners of institutions will be provided with advanced skills and methods for the workplace. During the engaging sessions, students will be able to come across like-minded business professionals. They will have feedback sessions with trainers following each class for betterment. The more skills learners acquire, the more diverse their possibilities at employment will be.

Conclusion of the article- Digital Marketing Courses In Thailand

In conclusion, Given the variety of digital marketing strategies, there is an equally wide collection of technologically savvy perks available. On a broad level, digital marketing allows businesses to access clients during their daily activities. Businesses of all sizes and shapes can reap significant rewards from the proper use of digital marketing tactics. With so many benefits to digital marketing knowledge, it’s easy to see why potential professionals should pursue it as a career.

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand&lt;/strong>

Q.  How can differentiate offline and online marketing?

Business uses both kinds of marketing approaches in their promotional, but online marketing has superseded offline approach nowadays in the digital revolution. However offline model still fulfils marketing purposes.  To understand differences better, read further:

Marketing through offline

Offline marketing is the exercise of connecting individuals to brand names and characteristics. Businesses of any level, big or small frequently use a mixed approach to promote their brands. The offline model of marketing educates about products/services’ potential features in a variety of formats, including print media and non-print media. It includes broadcasting, printing, brochures, flyers, adverts, newspapers, pamphlets, and posters.

Marketing through online:

Online marketing is the trending marketing behaviour on the internet to spread brands’ messages and attract potential clients digitally. Such promotional messages are executed by marketers for businesses of any stage in the form of ads, articles, emails, mobile messages, videos, posts, and so on.   Online marketing operations are feasible to attract visitors and help in tracking the visitor’s data instantly.

The online marketing services portfolio is focused on delivering the same marketing objectives as offline marketing. Online forms of marketing assist in digital efforts across different devices and social platforms, from strategy to execution. It incorporates services to grow the business and develop a strong trustworthy relationship. In digital marketing, online connection with customers increases brand awareness and leads the sales. It grows brand recognition, determines pricing and makes offers, runs advertising campaigns, and offers, instantly. Examples of online marketing services such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Website and E-commerce management
  • Email marketing

Q. What is the role of AI in the future of the digital market?

The future of the digital market is soaring high due to the magnificent artificial intelligence rise in the tech industry. AI-powered software, ranging from smart chatbots to predictive analytics, will change the way organizations interact with their customers. It will empower small or big firms to make instant data-driven decisions.

systems find patterns and trends in large amounts of customer data, allowing marketers to accurately target audiences with tailored communications.

AI can emerge as a prominent force to resolve all the needs of consumers in digital marketing by providing digital information instantly. The continuous evolution of technology and the shifting behaviours of consumers towards digital channels are expected to substantially expand the opportunities for growth and success in the field of digital marketing.

Q. Does Thailand have opportunities in digital marketing jobs?

The world demanding digital marketers and Thailand is one of the most important and soaring markets for digital agencies. It is in high need of digital marketing expertise to keep its businesses growing. The primary reason for this is- 30% of prospective job searchers want to work in technology-based positions, specifically in AI, mobile marketing, data analytics, cloud, machine learning, and advanced security. Soft skills, on the other hand, such as problem-decoder and critical analytical, have surged in demand among firms looking to strike the appropriate balance between population and artificial intelligence.

Priyanka Sharma is a skilled writer and has written and published many articles and blogs. She decided to switch her occupation to content writing after five years of working as a travel agent. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Now she is a full-time content writer and is honing her skills.

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