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Top 5 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses In Thailand

Business Accounting and Taxation Course is a comprehensive program that opens up various job opportunities. As an interdisciplinary program, it broadens the range of job options. The course module covers included in the study materials, helps students search for the finest possible career options after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand. Accounting is a continually evolving skill in the business world which made this course an essential component of all types of businesses. The methods may evolve in the time of digital progress, but the principle of accounting remains unchanged. This article about Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand covers all aspects of the course, required for students to learn to become professionals.

Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand

Understanding of Accounting in Business and Taxation

Accounting in Business

Before learning about the top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand, lets see what accounting in business is. Accounting in business is the practice of keeping track of all business processes. In this procedure, financial documents are analyzed, documented, and understood.


Taxation is a mechanism that governments all around the world use. It entails levying fees on individuals, groups of individuals, or businesses to produce cash that can be used for the country’s development efforts.

Let us look over some basic concepts to have a sense of what will be covered in the BAT course:

  • A BAT course with a diversified curriculum is an intense certification program delivered through in-person and online classes that gives students an in-depth knowledge of Accountancy. It combines theoretical and practical understanding of bookkeeping and accounting to provide students with a well-rounded viewpoint.
  • This course also includes formal training in the System Application Product (SAP), which is a system made up of modules that cover all aspects of business management. Learning SAP is a valuable tool to add to your skill set in the field of management.
  • A BAT course also provides students with software tools and approaches known as Quickbooks Coaching. This program is one of the most dependable sources in the Accounting area for preserving sensitive financial statements or information.


The globally acclaimed online platform IIM SKILLS offers one of the courses for the financial industry- business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand for full-time students and learning professionals to bridge the gap between traditional learning methods and the suddenly evolving remote learning method.

The comprehensive program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional school degrees and the ever-changing demands of the finance industry. The course offers enriching study material for a diverse range of professionals and recent commerce graduates eager to enter the industry or professionals looking for career change due to the demand for business accounting taxation in the field.

The courses are designed for tax professionals to broaden their knowledge, and improve their skills and marketability. Entrepreneurs who want to understand the financial aspects of business management, and Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who want to update their expertise can join business accounting and taxation courses at IIM SKILLS for a better understanding of modern accounting tools.

Course Module:

Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Business Accounting
  • Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally
GST and GST in Tally
  • Basics of GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST Filing
TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Basics of TDS
  • TDS in Tally
  • TDS filing
Payroll and Payroll with Tally
  • Basics Payroll
  • Payroll with Tally
Income Tax with Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax with Tally
  • Income Tax E-Filing
Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting
  • Advance Excel
  • MIS Reporting and Financials

The business accounting and taxation courses are prepared to provide training with industry-specific skills, techniques, and software. As a result, they are job-ready, with the ability to manage real-time job work. High demand and a large number of available positions make business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand a highly sought-after option among general students or professionals who want to upgrade their skills as per the market demand.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Coursera

Coursera offers unlimited courses in a variety of subjects with projects, expertise, and certification which keeps learners motivated in each of its courses. The ed-tech platform Coursera was founded in 2012 to manage a worldwide learning platform for global students. Coursera courses are inexpensive, and learners can join them for free for some courses. The course is founded on the notion that gaining real-world great learning approaches and experience to prepare for today’s digital employment market. The fees of business accounting and taxation courses within Thailand or globally are really low.

This course will teach every student to assess and record their first financial transaction until the end of the fiscal year.

All learners must complete the projects to receive certification. The course includes videos, module assignments, quizzes, and programming assignments.

Coursera Offers a Variety of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand or Globally for Freshers and Working Professionals Such as:

  • Tally Bookkeeper (Accounting software, data management, etc.)
  • Introduction to Finance and Account (General accounting, financial analysis and management)
  • US Federal Taxation (Taxes, financial accounting, critical thinking, and rules & regulations)
  • GST Taxation (Taxes and problem-solving)
  • Macroeconomics (Business management, financial analysis and strategic management)
  • Financial Management (Analysis, accounting, management and leadership)
  • Finance of Mergers & Acquisition (Financial analysis, management, M & A deal design)
  • Managerial analysis in Economics and Business (Market analysis, financial analysis of business, decision making and behavioural economics)
  • Federal Taxation (Taxes, financial accounting, general management, critical thinking and problem-solving skills)
  • Multistate Taxation (Taxes)
  • Taxation of Business Entities
  • Graduate Certificate in Taxation
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning

Participants will be able to build subject matter expertise in new concepts, financial understanding of topics and tools, hands-on projects, job relevant skills from well-qualified and experienced industry professionals. After completion of the course, learners will get a shareable certificate so that they can use it for further career exploration.


3. National Institute of Financial Markets

The National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM) offers (BAT) business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand to provide students with a fundamental understanding of business accounting concepts, taxation, payroll rules & regulations, and the integral concepts of Economics.

A business accounting and taxation education can provide any professional individual with all the necessary accounting and financial information and abilities to manage an organization that includes important areas such as sales, accounting, and taxation. To comprehend better about the course, it is critical to understand and investigate the principles of Business Accounting and Taxation, which are key topics in this program.

Highlights of the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand

  • It is one of the top short-term courses after completing a commerce degree, and it is an ideal short-term PG diploma program for both commerce and non-commerce background students.
  • Business accounting and taxation courses provide learners with an understanding of technical accounting systems such as System Application Products, to train them on a standard with certified CAs and MBAs.
  • ERP software, QuickBooks, auditing, MIS reporting, SAP, payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and other topics are covered in business, accounting, and taxation courses.
  • The course was designed with the increasing demand for accountants in India in mind, to mentor commerce graduates to enter the field of Accounting and Taxation.
  • Students will learn accounting in this course, as well as financial reporting and auditing, which will open up new disciplines and opportunities in the Commerce field.

Syllabus covered by the National Institute of Financial Markets for business accounting and Taxation courses in Thailand such as:

Tally ERP- Software for Financial Reporting

  • Account Types
  • Transaction Flow
  • Expense and Purchase Process, and so on.


  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)
  • TDS Accounting
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Filing TDS Return, and so on.

Payroll and its Elements

  • Payroll Components
  • Registration and Returns
  • Understanding Payroll in Tally, and many more.


  • Introduction of Busy
  • Transaction Posting
  • GST Report Extraction
  • Ledger Creation, and so on.

Financial Statements

  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Understanding and Computing Various Financial Ratios
  • Trial Balance Preparation
  • Best Auditing Practices, etc.

(Simulation-Based) SAP Module

  • Management of Vendors and Customers
  • Delivery and Invoice Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Cash and Credit Behavior Management


Reporting in Excel and MIS

  • Basic to Advanced Excel
  • Vlookup and HLookup Lookup Functions
  • MIS Objective and Benefits
  • MIS Reporting in Excel, and so forth.

GST (Goods and Services Tax)

  • Tax Refund
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Applicability
  • Tax Invoice
  • GST Return Preparation and E-filing, etc.

Business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand from the National Institute of Financial Markets will help students to evolve in their respective professions.

4. Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of courses to global students at their own pace and rhythm with an amazing remote classroom experience.

Udemy designed several accounting and taxation courses to educate individuals on the most recent trends and approaches for handling an organization’s accounts and taxation department. Course curriculums are created by experienced faculty with the key challenges and expectations of the IT and corporate sectors in mind. The primary responsibility of professionals in this field is to comprehend income, cost of production, legal financial transactions, and financial data to forecast the growth of a certain organization.

Course Module

Basics of Taxation and Accounting

  • Structure and Procedures of a Double-Entry Accounting System
  • Accountancy’s Golden Rules
  • Accounts Rules and Journals
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Accounting and Business Fundamentals


  • Tally Rental Licence Request
  • Tally Prime-Launching, Licencing
  • Predefined Vouchers in TallyPrime Introduction Keeping Track of Purchases and Sales
  • Contra, Receipt, and Payment Vouchers
  • Tally Journal Entries
  • Opening Balances and Opening Stock Update
  • Group Company-Creation, Modification, and Removal
  • Steps for Data Entry in TallyPrime – Ledgers, Items, and Vouchers

Billing in Tally

  • Billing Configuration – Company Logo
  • Stock Items & Ledgers Additional Description
  • Enable the Rate Inclusive of Taxes column
  • Billing Configuration – Update Sales Voucher Numbering Printing Preferences-Cut Seal and Signature, Jurisdiction, and Bank Information
  • Keeping Track of GST Expenses Non-claimable and Claimable

Inventory Management

  • Introduction, Importance, and Benefits of Inventory Management
  • Unit of Measurement Development
  • Group – Development and Modification
  • Creation and Modification
  • Item Creation and Modification
  • Activation of Stock Item Batches
  • Batch information allocation in purchase invoice
  • In sales
  • selling stock products from a batch and recognizing expired batches
  • Item Return for Expired Batch Stock
  • Active Price Levels
  • Price level definition, price list creation, and price list
  • Price List Revision
  • Inventory Valuations of Various Types
  • Purchase Order and Sales Order Activation
  • Delivery and Receipt Notes are activated.
  • Debit and Credit Note Activation
  • Purchase management includes purchase orders, receipt notes, purchases, and buy reordering.
  • Sales Administration – Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, Sales, and Sales Return

Udemy is a perfect digital institution for learners keen to study remotely and can get various courses globally.

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5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is another top-notch ed tech e-platform that offers the best result-oriented education in business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand or whoever wants to learn the course remotely.

Henry Harvin based out of the US and India Institute earned a reputation for providing high-quality education globally. They are the world’s known institute for offering a variety of professional courses to learners. This ed tech institute has garnered recognition across a variety of platforms and this makes it a great option for business and taxation courses in Thailand for fresh or working individuals.

Henry Harvin even offers online instruction and study materials, making this course easily accessible for all. As is customary for Henry Harvin classes, their signature teaching is included. This interactive platform motivates every learner to pursue their goals. It gives them passion wings by offering the necessary education with locations throughout the world.

Highlights of the Course

  • GST courses and information on indirect taxation are available.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the experiences of knowledgeable people.
  • Improved grasp of TDS and TCS systems
  • Share thoughts with the trainers.
  • Learn about income tax and business tax.
  • Doubt clarification is provided both during and after the course.
  • Practical knowledge is offered to apply accounting and tax ideas learned in the classroom to the real world. Assistance is provided in developing a financial strategy for one’s firm.
  • Simple concepts of litigation management are addressed.

Benefits of the Course

  • Career targeted Course Module
  • Unlimited Hours of practical instruction are available.
  • Assistance in finding a Job.
  • Smart classrooms that include audio and video support for kids
  • Practical training is prioritized above theoretical understanding.
  • Opportunities for internships in leading corporations
  • There are weekend batches available.
  • Lifetime faculty assistance
  • Personal care is required because of the low batch strength.
  • A demo lesson is provided for free.
  • The workshop has been computerized.
  • All pupils will participate in personality development sessions.
  • Beneficial Monthly seminar for all professionals
  • After completing the course, the chances of landing a job increase by 30-35%.
  • It aids governments. Make in India, Digital India, and numerous other initiatives.

The Institute designed a curriculum that provides candidates with in-depth knowledge of Accounting and taxation from basics to advanced to keep learners competitive in the business.

Course Module

Goods and Services Tax Practices

  • Introduction and Comprehensive Detail of Goods and Services Tax
  • Export and Import
  • Invoicing and Returns
  • Litigation Management

Income Tax Practices

  • Management of Litigation (Assessment / Appeal / Offences)
  • Income Tax from Other Sources
  • House Property
  • Capital Gain, and Income Tax Filing of Income Tax Return
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Resolution of Tax Audit Doubts

Analysis of Financial Statement

  • Accounting and Financial Statements Principals
  • Financial Statement Interpretation
  • Analysis and Reporting of Financial Documents
  • Analysis Report Preparation
  • Analysis of Balance Sheets and Ratios
  • Income Statement Examination
  • Flow of Funds Statement
  • Analysis of the Rate of Return


  • Tally ERP 9 Fundamentals and Inventory Management
  • Accounting Management Using Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • Production and Stock Management with the Use of Tally ERP 9
  • Introduction of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Tally ERP 9 with GST Compliance
  • Tally ERP 9 Payroll Management

Advance Excel

  • Tables in Action
  • Understanding Cell References
  • Fundamentals Excel Functions
  • Sorting Data Filtering and Data Consolidation/ Formula Fundamentals/ Functions
  • Text Functions a
  • Use of Dates, CountIfs, and SumIfs
  • Lookup and Information
  • Making Use of Named Ranges
  • Validation of Data
  • Formula for a Dynamic Array
  • Using Conditional Formatting Macros (Non-VBA Recording)
  • Data Summarization Using Pivot Tables
  • Functions with Slicers
  • Power Pivot / Power Query
  • Charts and Other Subjects
  • Excel Dashboard
  • Protection and Security
  • Mail Merge

Accounting and taxation projects

  • Using Lookup Functions to Work with Sales Data
  • Examining long-term changes in fuel economy and costs
  • Learn to Form a Business
  • Work on Debits and Credits
  • Taxes, Value Added Tax, Voucher, Expense

From the beginning to the end of the courses, participants will appreciate every aspect of business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand. The faculty members are unquestionably experienced and expert in their topics like other top-tier management institutions. Students will appreciate the potential that they will discover throughout online courses and will notice the difference when their expertise and acumen in Accounting and Taxation will make them more confident in a professional workplace, during mock or real interviews, or even during casual business chats.

Frequently Asked Questions of Article Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand

Q. How learners can understand accounting as a career?

Accounting courses educate students on the most recent trends and approaches for handling an organization’s accounts. Curriculums are created with the key challenges and expectations of the IT sectors in mind. The primary responsibility of workers in this profession is to comprehend income, cost of production, lawful financial transactions, and financial data, and forecast the growth of a certain company.

Accounting Courses Have the Following Benefits and Job Opportunities:

  • Increased demand for mathematical and statistical understanding
  • Only one-quarter of the year’s workload
  • Rapidly added program designation to your name
  • Increase your business expertise.
  • Develop a stronger interest in finance.
  • Participate in the Corporate Environment
  • Discover the legal criteria for taxation and monetary policy.
  • Learn about different financial transactions.
  • Discover the basics of business structure.

Q. How many types of jobs are available after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Thailand?

This course aims to familiarize learners with all key skills and components so that they will be ready for a variety of job options after course completion. Some of them are counted below:

  • Tax Analyst
  • Senior Associate Assistant
  • Senior Manager Accounts Executive
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Accounting and Taxation Faculty Member

Q. What Is the role of a tax accountant?

A Tax Accountant is one of the most lucrative and gratifying professional paths for new professionals after completing business accounting and taxation education. The following are the primary functions and responsibilities of a Tax Accountant:

  • Provides the corporation with the greatest business ideas, investment prospects, and a variety of other advantageous tactics.
  • In charge of filing and submitting tax-related paperwork for the fiscal year.
  • Calculates the company’s or organization’s income tax returns and guarantees that they are paid on schedule.
  • Advises the company’s board of directors on financial and tax management issues.

Conclusion of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Thailand

Commercial accounting and tax skills are in high demand in the corporate world. Over time, business accounting and taxation systems and methodologies have changed, making it a more sophisticated and exact practice. Accounting and tax professionals are hired by businesses to manage the corporation’s finances and tax filings related to customers, suppliers, employees, inventories, and other factors. Accounting and taxes are in high demand globally, and the aforementioned online institutions will assist students in enhancing their skill sets.

Priyanka Sharma is a skilled writer and has written and published many articles and blogs. She decided to switch her occupation to content writing after five years of working as a travel agent. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Now she is a full-time content writer and is honing her skills.

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