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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata

The business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata are designed to help students become industry-ready accountants via experiential and practical learning. Students will study the Indian tax system, accounting and taxation fundamentals, the VAT system, and GST brackets during the course. Because of the growing number of taxes and a scarcity of professionals in the area, these courses emphasize the need of establishing a foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in accounting.


Business accounting and taxation course in Kolkata


Kolkata is known as India’s intellectual capital. The “think-tank” city of India has a number of accounting firms that specialize in tax, advisory and financial risk management, audit, and assurance. Measuring, disclosing, or providing assurance about financial information is performed by accounting businesses in Kolkata, which assists managers, investors, and tax authorities in making informed resource allocation decisions.


Kolkata’s intellectual depth has pushed numerous world-class accounting companies to establish a presence in the city. Obtaining suitable certifications for your chosen career path might help you verify your knowledge while also increasing your employability.


For financial professionals, there are a number of important certifications that can assist them to demonstrate their knowledge and experience. In this post, we will look at ten of the best business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata, along with descriptions and prerequisites, to help you pick the best one for your future.


Scope of Business Accounting and Taxation Course


Every firm, organization, or individual requires business accounting and taxation expertise. Since financial services are crucial intermediary inputs into other sectors of the economy and provide a significant contribution to long-term productivity, innovation, and economic growth, these jobs are always in high demand.


Indeed, a well-functioning financial system allows an economy to reach its maximum output and employment potential. A qualified business and taxation candidate can work in areas such as taxes, accounting, real estate, budget analysis, management accounting, revenue management, corporate taxation, personal finance adviser, and others.


Accounting is a demanding profession, and bookkeeping knowledge and abilities enable individuals who excel in it to contribute to the growth of a country’s economy. Taxation, on the other hand, is a set of regulations, protocols, and methods for establishing taxes that has always been and will always be present in the lives of every individual and every company.


It will be a wise idea to take the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata because it will teach you all of the accounting methods and planning, as well as all of the state and federal taxation requirements for corporations, businesses (small and large), and individuals.


Here are some of the other in-demand courses in Kolkata


After graduation, students can follow a Certificate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation, which gives them the opportunity to specialize in financial sectors, taxation, international and national tax, the Indian economy, and much more.


Taking this course after the 12th will provide students with a solid foundation for pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the discipline, as well as a start in the financial sector as an intern or junior. Learn the fundamentals of Cost Management Accounting in India before diving into the top 10 business accounting and taxes courses in Kolkata.


Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata


1. BAT Course in Kolkata – IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS BAT Course is a rich business accounting and taxation program to foster necessary accountancy skills and knowledge. The course provides hands-on learning practices to make students job-ready by the end of the course.


Developed by industry leaders with a wealth of experience, the program is well-crafted and structured to cover A to Z aspects of business accounting and taxation. The best part about the course is that it is constantly upgraded with the new developments and changes in the industry to make you stay ahead of the curve.


Course Details: Master BAT Course

Course Duration: 3 months

Certification: Master certification


Download Business Accounting and Taxation Course Curriculum


Salient Features of the BAT Course:

  • Industry-leaders as mentors
  • Flexible and small batch sizes
  • Absolutely practically-oriented
  • Live Intensive training sessions
  • All sessions recordings, ebooks, and resource materials are available via LMS support
  • 24*7 support
  • Learn anytime and anywhere
  • Free demo session
  • Job referrals, placement assistance, and interview preparation

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite


2. BAT Course in Kolkata – EduPristine


EduPristine’s Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) is a hands-on, experiential learning program designed to help students become industry-ready accountants. The program has well-structured modules which are planned and curated by industry experts with years of experience in accounting and taxation.


The curriculum of EduPristine is built on real market demand and the trainers are also experienced and qualified CAs. The students will not only be trained in terms of expertise and practicality in the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata, but they will also obtain an equally crucial set of soft skills which will help them create a stable and extensive network as they enter the professional realm of accounting and taxation.


Course Details: The course includes 9 Modules, 14 Projects, and 4 Software.

Course Duration:  3-4 months

Certification: 4 top accounting certifications


Job Opportunities: Job updates on a regular basis, personalized career advice assistance with resume writing, assistance with job placement, and career services


Salient Features of the course

  • Interaction between faculty and students on a regular basis
  • Fundamental accounting rules are discussed
  • LIVE sessions led by industry faculty
  • Access to the Learning Management System (LMS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a year
  • Lecture recordings are available to help students review concepts learned in class.
  • Attending sessions on a mobile device, a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop
  • Content for self-paced learning
  • Assignments and projects for homework


Email ID: [email protected]


3. BAT Course in Kolkata – Bengal Tax Counsel (BTC)


Professional Certificate in Accounting and Taxation (PCAT) by Bengal Tax Counsel is a one-year tailor-made training course that is one of the most popular Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata. The PCAT Course offers to provide students with much-needed professional training in accounting and taxation.


All aspiring Accountants and Tax Professionals would benefit from this course, which has been precisely crafted to meet their needs. BTC’s training strategy and course content are rational, to the point, and relevant to the intended audience. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the subject by focusing on the practical elements.


Through a range of project work on many disciplines, all students gain hands-on experience. The course prioritizes computer education in the areas of accounting and fundamentals.


Course Details:

  •  The course covers manual accounts
  • computerized accounts (tally)
  • professional tax, drafting agreements
  • banking, ESIC, and PF (basic), income tax, goods, and service tax (GST)
  • and online taxation


Course Duration and Fees: The duration of the course is 12 months and the course fee is ₹ 22000/-


Salient Features of the Course

  • Free counseling is available to students who are having difficulty making critical career decisions.
  • Focuses on educating students on how to become self-employed, with over 70% of students opting to work as independent consultants after completing the course.


Email ID: [email protected]


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4. BAT Course in Kolkata – George Telegraph Institute of Accounts


One of the most reputed Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata is the Professional Business Accountant Course offered by George Telegraph Institute of Accounts. A self-paced course that uses interactive lessons highlighting the Accounting Map to cover all levels about financial accounting, direct and indirect taxes, Microsoft Office, Advanced Excel, costing and finance, banking and insurance, auditing, and more.


This course was created by GTIA in response to the diverse needs of various industries in terms of employability. The Professional Business Accountant program is designed to provide you with the skills you’ll need to thrive, and it is backed up with cutting-edge placements and internships to ensure your future job success.


Course Details:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Computer Application
  • Tally.Erp9
  • Direct Tax
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Auditing
  • E-filing of statutory returns
  • and hands-on instruction in sophisticated software is all covered within the course.


Course Duration: 52 weeks

Job Opportunities and Internships: 6 monthly internships are offered



Sealdah (Main Campus)

136, BB Ganguly Street,

Lebutala, Bowbazar,

Kolkata – 700012


Salient Features of the Course

  • As a Certified Accountant, you can have a career that lasts a lifetime.
  • Comprehensive instruction in accounting, taxation, computer skills, and soft skills.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to work for national and international organizations or to create your own company.
  • Practical and hands-on training guarantees that you are better prepared for the obstacles that you will face on the job.
  • To replicate a real-world context, use the concepts in practical case-like scenarios.
  • Learn to work smarter by incorporating technology into your daily routine.


5. BAT Course in Kolkata – National Institute of Management & Business Studies (NIMB)


The Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata offered by the National Institute of Management & Business Studies focus on Finance Accounting and Taxation, Finance Accounting structure, and the financial status of a business or organization.


The tax regime is also taught to the students, which demands a firm, company, or person pay a percentage of their income or revenue to the government as a tax in order for the development of the state or nation.


Course Details:

  • Accounts
  • Income Tax
  • GST and Payroll
  • and Tally
  • 6 Modules
  • 2 Projects


Course Duration: The total duration of the course is six months.

Email ID: [email protected]


Salient Features of the Course

  • Industry Recognized Certificate
  • Classes are available online
  • Flexible schedule
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Placement assistance


6. BAT Course in Kolkata – ICA Edu Skills


One of the most popular courses for aspiring accounting and finance professionals is the CIA (Certified Industrial Accountant). This course is regarded as one of the best accounting courses to help you with a placement facility since it includes most of the concepts and practical training modules.


After the completion of this financial accounting course, one can work in the areas of accounting, finance, and taxation. Accounts training, Direct Tax, GST, Tally ERP, and other topics are covered in Certified Industrial Accounts training.


Course Details:

  • Business Computer Applications
  • Business Accounting
  • TallyPrimeDirect Tax
  • GST, Advanced Accounts
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Banking and Auditing
  • MCA
  • XBRL and LLP)
  • Ind AS


Course Duration and Fees: 18 Months

Certification: Industry-recognized certificate

Job Opportunities and Internship: 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities

Email: [email protected]


Salient Features of the Course

  • Hands-on training using the most up-to-date software
  • Faculty and trainers who are among the best in the industry
  • 80% of the classes are practical
  • Lessons in theory account for 20% of the total
  • The course curriculum has been updated


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7. BAT Course in Kolkata – Synergy School of Business Skills


The Business Accounting and Taxation course by Synergy School of Business Skills is for people who are primarily interested in finance and taxation. Strong accounting, excel, and reporting abilities are covered along with the practical components of both direct and indirect taxation.


The curriculum is created entirely by industry specialists. The course focuses on an exhaustive classroom training schedule with self-paced learning content. Its curriculum is industry endorsed and the students get hands-on practice with real-life case studies.


Course Details: Practical Accounting, Advanced Excel, Payroll Management, Goods and Service Tax, Income Tax

Course Duration: 2 months’ course

Email ID: [email protected]


Salient Features of the Course

  • Industry Relevant Content Case Study Based on Hands-on Training
  • Simulation-Based Practical Training
  • Training by Industry Experts
  • 2 Months Course with 100% Placement Assistance
  • Practical Income Tax Training


8. BAT Course in Kolkata – APG Learning


Certificate Course in Business Accounting and Taxation at APG Learning paves the way for the students to get a better-paying job with better prospects in the future, as it provides candidates with a thorough understanding of taxation, financing, auditing, and analyst, indirect taxation, and other topics. The course covers accounting, payroll, GST, and income tax.


Course Details: There is a total of five modules in this course and it deals with Practical Accounting, Basic Excel, Payroll Management, Goods and Service Tax, Income Tax, and Tally.


Course Duration and Fees: The duration of the course is 2 months and the course fee is ₹ 10169/-.

Email ID: [email protected]


Salient Features of the Course

  • Subject-matter experts can provide you with industry knowledge
  • Freshers and Working Professionals will benefit
  • 100 percent interactive and hands-on learning in accounting and taxation


9. BAT Course in Kolkata – Trusted Tax Academy


Trusted Tax Academy is a Professional Training Institute that offers students in the fields of accounting and taxation practical training to help them advance in their careers. Trusted Tax Academy has established a one-year professional Practical Accountant Training course that teaches students how to apply modern accounting and taxation systems.


Through its unique professional training package, Trusted Tax Academy aims to transform the students into confident professionals ready to face the market fearlessly.


Course Details:

  • Advance MS word
  • Excel, and MS Access
  • Concept of modern accounting systems
  • taxation
  • concept of ERPs, Tally (the latest version) /Busywin 17/ Marg Erp,
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • The calculation
  • Return Preparation
  • Income Tax – Calculation
  • e filing, and others
  • P.Tax – Calculation
  • e filing, and others
  • TDS/TCS- Calculation
  • e filing, and others.
  • All the aforesaid courses plus ROC Matters
  • Payrolls
  • Banking
  • Loan project preparation
  • and others


Course Duration and Fees: 12 Months (8 months Theory and 4 months Industrial Training and Practical Training with stipend)



5/F, Bidhan Nagar Road, 1st Floor,
Kolkata- 700067, West Bengal, India


Salient Features of the Course

  • All accounting and taxation fundamentals are explained in detail.
  • Indirect taxation training and information are supplied.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to gain from the wisdom of seasoned experts.
  • TDS and TCS systems are covered more extensively than any other Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata


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10. Flowria Academy


Certificate in TALLY.ERP9 with GST by Flowria Academy will equip students with the necessary skills to effectively manage receivables and payables, credits, fund flow, cash flow, banking, ledgers, budgeting, multi-currency accounting, and automatic or manual bank reconciliation.


Course Details:

  • The course covers Accounts Configuration
  • Accounts Master Creations
  • Voucher Types and Classes
  • Accounts Vouchers
  • Taxable events in indirect taxation prior to GST
  • Taxable events under GST
  • Meaning of Goods and Services under GST
  • Applicability of GST
  • Structure of GST in India
  • international setup of GST
  • Regulatory framework of GST.


Course Duration and Fees: The course duration is 2 months and the course fee is ₹ 10000/-


1/21 Azadgarh Tollygunge

P.O.Regent Park,

Kolkata – 700 040

West Bengal, India


Salient Features of the Course

  • Study tactics and advice are clearly communicated to the students
  • Course materials are the most thorough among the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata
  • Small groups are created ensuring that the students receive complete and undivided attention at all times
  • Essential study materials are provided
  • Certified trainers with years of experience in the field
  • Provides training solutions that are truly cost-effective
  • Committed to quality and passionate about improving excellence


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the scope of the Business Accounting and Taxation Course?

Since the business accounting and taxation course provides applicants with a solid understanding of taxation, financing, auditing, analysis, indirect taxation, and other topics, it paves the way for students to get a higher-paying career with good future prospects. Taking Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata will provide you with the necessary information and skills to manage an organization that spans many divisions such as sales, accounting, and taxation.


2. What is the average fee for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata?

The fee of the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kolkata varies depending on which institution you attend. It also varies based on the number of modules offered by each institute and how long the course lasts. Many institutes also provide students with the option of choosing the number of modules they want to study.


3. Which areas of the economy have a demand for Business Accounting and Taxation professionals?

Business Accounting and Taxation professionals are in high demand in a variety of industries, including real property, expert and technical services, economics, investment, healthcare, insurance, government support services, and many more.




In the accounting industry, Business Accounting and Taxation have always been in high demand. However, the right mentoring and disciplined efforts are required to be successful in this field. When it comes to finding a single institute that offers Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata, there are several possibilities to consider. Modules and structure of exams fluctuate depending on the institute.


They could consist of long or short courses spaced out over a considerable period of time. When deciding between the fees and the quality of Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kolkata, there are a few more aspects to consider. Whether it is an offline or online institute, you must thoroughly research it before enrolling. You should check the institute’s admissions rate, graduation rate, and employment rate once students complete the course. You must also verify the institute’s accreditation as well as the faculty’s background.

  • I have an interest in finance. I am an intern in an accountancy firm and through my connections with some of my colleagues I came to know about business accounting and taxation courses in kolkata being high in demand as it is a very helpful course for someone such as myself who has a curiosity for learning more in finance and accounting. Can you tell me about the variety of jobs I can apply for after the completion of this course? And can I study this course along with my internship or do I have to wait for my internship period to get over?

  • Hi , this is Shweta . I was looking for a course to pursue as I am looking for better employment opportunities . I read your article and I appreciate the in-depth study because I’ve been researching this topic on my own . You have answered every question I had about business accounting and taxes courses in Kolkata. The list is thorough and includes all pertinent information about the courses provided by various online institutions. The post offers a wonderful breakdown of business accounting and taxes course requirements and importance in the finance sector, as well as for professionals looking for a better job after completing the course. I’m planning to enrol in your class.

  • I have recently completed B.com from a college in Kolkata and joined my family’s business venture. Since I am the youngest and that means I am the most in touch with the digital world I wanted to learn about business accounting and taxation courses so that we can deliver updated techniques to our clients. A friend of mine directed me to business accounting and taxation courses in Kolkata available and I looked it up on the internet and it lead me to your blog post. To all those who want to enhance their financial skills and learn about the latest industrial trends I would suggest this course.

  • I recently graduated from college with an Arts degree majoring in economics and joined a firm, which handles taxation for a variety of businesses. Since I don’t have much knowledge compared to a finance student I’d like to learn more about taxation and finance so that I am updated with the most up-to-date tactics. I learned about a business accounting and taxation course in Kolkata when I looked it up on the internet. I would like to learn more about this course to improve my financial skills . I also believe that the majority of colleges that offer this course have a demo class, so I am looking forward to attend one.

  • Through a relative . I learned about BAT course and I am keen to know about business accounting and taxation course in Kolkata. I work as an intern in an accounting business and am passionate about stock market , trading and accounting. Because it is in great demand, it is an excellent course to take for someone like me who is interested in learning more. This list is comprehensive and complete, and it contains all pertinent course information. It provides an excellent overview of business accounting and taxation courses, as well as their requirements and significance in the finance industry.

  • I recently graduated from college and began working in a firm as taxation specialist. I’d like to learn more about taxation and finance to keep up with the most current developments in the industry. For that I was trying to find a course that I can take in my weekends. I searched for business accounting and taxation courses in kolkata on google and found your post in the same. I’d like to learn more about this course to help meimprove my financial skills, . I’m also hoping to join this course in the next week if possible.
    Thank you very much.

  • I came upon this course recently. My friend who had done a similar course recommended I do this one as it is an updated course. I am a graduate in B.Com. I am looking for a job. This course can help me speed up that process. I have an interest in learning more about accountancy. Are these business accounting and taxation courses in kolkata delivered online? I am having a difficulty understanding the course curriculum. Can you explain it to me. Do these course cover basics and the advanced updated knowledge prevalent in the industry? Plz relpy.
    thank you very much

  • It was difficult for me to choose the top business accounting and taxation course in Kolkata because there are so many that provide the course. I can now distinguish between them thanks to this article that is so informative and insightful . It does a good job of elaborating on both the many courses and the course itself. I was curious if this course would help me find a better job , so I looked for an answer online. After completing this course, I am convinced that I will be more qualified to earn a decent wage and a nice job. Many thanks.

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