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Top 7 SEO Courses in Kolkata With 100% Practical Training

Technology has paved the path to industrial and economic growth globally. Usage of technology has increased a lot in the past 30 years. Especially booming of smartphones in the last 10 years has changed a lot. In today’s world, over 61.85% of people are using smartphones which means consumers can easily get their hands on any kind of stuff they need.


Thus buying, selling, branding, and even sharing ideas has become an easy job. And to be an expert in digital marketing, one must know and understand how to increase the traffic to a website or anything you are trying to market on the online platform. To crack that safe, SEO is the master key.


SEO courses in Kolkata


What Is SEO?


Getting organic rankings from a search engine leads to targeted traffic to a site. We call this method search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization involves creating excellent content, optimizing it around specific keywords, and creating backlinks.


Search engine optimization aims to boost a site’s ranking in that site’s organic (non-paid) search results. Getting ranked for a specific keyword will not only help you get more traffic, but it will help you get “free” traffic, month after month.


Why Learning SEO Is Important?


Ranking And Visibility – Most users choose to use the top five search engine suggestions when searching for a service or product online. By ranking higher in search results, you generate more visibility online, which greatly increases the likelihood of potential customers clicking over to your site and making a purchase.


Web Traffic -In other words, if customers cannot find you on the web, there are missed sales opportunities. The benefit of SEO is an increase in organic search engine traffic, which means more daily visitors to your website. In turn, this leads to an increase in sales, since the more relevant visitors your site receives, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.


User Experience – A website must provide information about the product or service being offered, where to purchase it, and how to obtain it.   By developing the site with Google and Bing, there is room for improving user experience.

These search engines provide easy access to the information needed to communicate with users. Search engines are likely to have the same issue if users have trouble navigating your website.


Growth – SEO is crucial to the growth of your brand, there’s no doubt about it. It is well known that the more organic (aka non-paid) web traffic your site receives, the higher it ranks on a search engine for a variety of high-volume keywords.

More customers and sales are likely to result from a well-optimized website. Once people find your website through a search engine, they are much more likely to share it on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.


Now let’s move on to the list of SEO courses in Kolkata.



IIM SKILLS is a deemed globalized institute- offering standardized programs in varied domains like marketing, writing, and finance. With their professional training programs imparted by industry experts, they have already trained 15000+ students and working professionals across the globe.


As for their up-to-date curriculum and advanced teaching methodologies based on live-interactive training sessions, the institute has garnered immense popularity. Undoubtedly, they put forward their A-game when it comes to the best SEO training in Kolkata.


Course Name: Advanced SEO course

Duration: 1 month- 2 months (PAID) internship

Fees: INR14,900+GST

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Course Content:

  • SEO fundamentals
  • Setting up your niche
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO reporting
  • Bonus modules


This 4-weeks plus 8-weeks program consists of 16 hours live lectures, practical assignments, and weekly tasks. The guaranteed paid internship program gives you ample opportunities to acquire hands-on learning experience. Moreover, as a part of the program, you work on 2 live project and case studies.


Among other things, you get free tools worth 20K, and a training to put each one of them into use to maximize your productivity levels. Once you finish the 1-month training program, you are accoladed with a Master Certification from IIM SKILLS. Furthermore, a certifcate and LOR is rewarded to you post internship program.


As a matter of fact, you have the option of choosing between weekday and weekend batches. So, fret not, if you are a working professional, you can upskill yourself without compromising on your work schedule. Even if, by chance, you miss a lecture, you recive the session recordings to keep yourself up-to-date.


24*7 LMS support stays with you- not only till the end of the program but for a lifetime. So, you can come back and update yourself any time in the future, without spending an extra dime.

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IIM SKILLS industry veterans help you become an SEO expert and assist you in getting jobs, starting your own agency, or becoming a freelancer. To get an insight into this course, you can book your free demo with them by clicking the link below:


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is one of the renowned institutes which provides various courses around marketing and data field. They are also known for providing one of the finest SEO courses in Kolkata.


Digital Vidya specializes in providing new-age skills to individuals and organizations through professional training in Asia. The institute has a decade of experience in these fields and they know exactly what they are doing. So they happen to be one of the top players in this field.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration: 1 month

Fee: 11,900+18% GST


Course Content

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-page practices
  • Keyword research and competitive analysis
  • SEO friendly design and architecture
  • Technical website optimization
  • Link-Building
  • Social, local, mobile SEO strategies
  • SEO Site Audit
  • Algorithm update
  • SEO tracking
  • The future of SEO
  • SEO career paths


This course consists of 12 hours of live instructor-led sessions and they give you lifetime access to the latest content. So if you need to brush up on what you have learned you can always go back to learn again. They will give you hands-on projects and assignments to keep you up in the game.


They have flexible timing as they provide both weekdays and weekend batches so you can choose according to your schedule. Upon completion of your course, you will be provided with SEO course completion certification.


They provide a research-based internship in which you will research one topic every week. You’ll be able to do a blog post with your credentials for every good research submission you submit to Digital Vidya.


You will get 15000 worth of SEO tools like SEO management tools and professional SEO software which helps you with your projects and assignments. As a result of being in the field for ten years and training many professionals along the way, they are still in the field today.


The only reason for this is because they have industry experts who help you become an SEO expert. They also have demo classes to give you a glimpse of the course you are willing to learn. Digital Vidya is one of the SEO courses in Kolkata that provides excellent teaching.




The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) is India’s largest and most successful digital marketing college. They provide many certification courses that also include SEO certification courses. They provide one of the best short-term SEO courses in Kolkata.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration: 7 hours

Fee: 6355+18%GST


Course Content

  • The groundwork for online SEO Training
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO Tutorial
  • Google- proofing your website
  • Off-page SEO Tutorials
  • Google Search Consoles
  • Blackhat Techniques


This is a short-term course with 6 hours of live class with 1 hour of video lecture. Since it is a short-term course, you will have access to video lectures for 30 days. So, if you want to refresh your learning, you can go back again. This course is very effective in that you get to learn. 9 different types of SEO tools with assignments and practical tests.


By the end of this course, you will be trained on how to use SEO to your benefit and you will be provided with IIDE’s SEO completion certificate. Its trainers have highly experienced industry experts and have a lot of hands-on experience in the subjects they teach.


This allows students to learn from top business leaders and gain some insight into the corporate world. This is one of the short and effective SEO courses in Kolkata that give you a quick start in SEO.


4. W3 Web School


Kolkata is home to one of India’s leading and most innovative IT training schools, W3 Web School. The mission of this institute is to offer high-quality training at an affordable price.


They aim to equip students with the necessary skills in digital marketing, web design, and development. W3 Web School provides one of the best SEO courses in Kolkata.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration: 3 months

Fee: 10000


Course Content

  • Basic for SEO
  • HTML/CSS Errors, validation and Optimization
  • Link Type and Optimization
  • SEO Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Website Design SEO Guidelines
  • Keyword Prominence
  • Mobile SEO Optimization
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off Pages SEO
  • Website Content Optimization for SEO
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Wardress On Pages Optimization
  • Magento On Pages Optimization
  • Joomla On Pages Optimization


This course is 40 hours interactive online class with industries expert trainers. These are job-oriented courses that give a great insight into SEO specifications. The team at W3 Web School offers SEO and SMO training that is hands-on and relevant to your business; we provide you with practical training that works for this field.


Despite the need for SEO training in Kolkata, many candidates don’t find the time to attend regular classes. Therefore, they conduct offline training in addition to online training. The SEO program at W3webschool can be taken at the convenience of each student, allowing them to gain the maximum benefit from the course. You have 3 classes every week for 3 months with 3 live projects.


The course provides you with detailed knowledge of search engine optimization, which you’ll need to ace your job interview. They also provide 100% placement assistance.


They also provide you free demo classes so, you will have an idea of what you are getting into. When you compare the costs of training with the benefits, you’ll see that the fees are extremely low. You’ll be able to learn more about what you’re paying for.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite 

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5. Karmick Institute


Karmick Institute offers basic and advanced SEO courses in Kolkata. With flexible class times, a high-end infrastructure, and the best instructors in the industry, they ensure your success. They provide you with both on-page and off-page SEO training with international projects.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration: 1.5 months

Fee: 8000/-


Course Content


  • Know about SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor’s Analysis
  • Finding Target Audience
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Live Project Assignment


Upon completion of this course, you will be SEO certified professional and they provide 100% job assistance. So there is a possibility you will get hired by companies after completion of this course. They provide you with the need to work on live projects you are assigned to.


They have both online and offline classes with flexible timing. You will be in a hands of industry experienced and skillful trainers who will ensure your success. They also provide free demo classes so you have a basic knowledge about the course and you may have an idea of what you will learn for the next 45 days.

6. PromozSEO


PromozSEO web marketing academy offers you the best SEO courses in Kolkata.  They strive to provide authentic and results-oriented SEO training in Kolkata to each student. They aim to prepare their students with the latest and ethical SEO techniques that will help them boost their careers as true SEO or digital marketing professionals.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration: 70 hours


Course Content   


  • Basics and Introduction to Search Engines
  • HTML Structure, Semantic Errors, and Validation
  • Advanced SEO Keywords Analysis Training
  • Advanced E-Commerce Keyword Analysis Training
  • On-Page SEO (Onsite SEO) Training
  • Advanced Rich Snippet Markup in SEO – Structured Data Training
  • Advanced Google Search Console like Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Training
  • Blogging for SEO Training
  • Advanced WordPress SEO Training
  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization Training
  • Competition Analysis Training
  • Advanced Off-Page SEO (Offsite SEO) Training
  • Local SEO Training
  • Advanced Mobile SEO Training
  • Advanced and Technical SEO Training
  • Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Training
  • Advanced Voice Search Optimization Training
  • Advanced Site Recovery and Website Audit Training
  • Ranking Recipe 1 and New Secret SEO
  • Ranking Recipe 2 and New Secret SEO
  • Ranking Recipe 3 and New Secret SEO
  • SEO Company Job and Freelancing Projects


They give practical and genuine google SEO training methodology on various websites. They provide you will the required SEO tool with SEO training PDF, PTT, and video material for you to begin with. Overall this is a complete package and ultimate guide to SEO.


They cover every aspect of this field and helps you to understand easily. PromozSEO also offers customized SEO courses to companies all over West Bengal, including Kolkata. There is no better training company in Kolkata and nearby West Bengal than PromozSEO if you’d like your employees trained in Search Engine Optimization by professional trainers.


7. Apponix Academy


The Apponix Academy is one of the newest and most dynamic academies that specializes in corporate training and digital marketing. Thousands of students have been trained by Apponix. The company offers 100% placement assistance.


There is a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers at Apponix Academy, who pride themselves on providing quality education. This is one of the best SEO courses in Kolkata.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Duration and Fee: Contact Apponix academy to know about it.


 Course Content

  • Basics of SEO
  • Advance SEO Training
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Keywords Research and Analysis
  • Off-Page Optimization


They give you complete hands-on training with the guidance of expert faculty. As this course is 100% job-oriented training, they help you face any post-training interview. Moreover, having flexible timing students can perform their best. And you will be provided with an SEO certificate at the end of SEO course completion.


Now we have seen the top 6 SEO courses in Kolkata, let us move on to the few common question.


Frequently Asked Questions


 Is SEO a good career path?

Ans: Those with a passion for online marketing and ‘all things internet’ may find SEO to be an excellent career choice. You’ll learn and develop continually, have the chance to earn a great income, and that career appeals to those who have a competitive streak.


 How much does SEO earn?

Ans:  Freshers can expect to earn around Rs. 1.8-2.8 lakhs per annum, while professionals with more than 5-8 years of experience can earn around Rs. 3.5-6.6 lakhs per annum.


 Does SEO require full-time work?

Ans: The SEO process encompasses many aspects, from content writing to technical optimization. This is a full-time job, not one for the weekends or as an employee’s third responsibility.


What is the career outlook for SEO in India?

Ans:   SEO in India has a very broad scope and a bright future. Digital marketing will create 1.5 lakh jobs over the next five years across Search Engine Optimization, social media, and analytics with salaries of Rs 4.5 to Rs 5.5 lakh.


How to describe an SEO job?

Ans: SEO specialists identify strategies, techniques, and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website and achieve a high ranking in search engine results. As a result of generating more leads, you will be able to drive revenue and profitability for the company.




Each year, the world conducts trillions of searches in search of information about products and services, which makes SEO a fundamental field in digital marketing. In addition to other marketing channels, search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands.

You can significantly improve your bottom line by ranking higher than your competition in search results. Thus learning and having knowledge about SEO is very important in this modern era. For this, you must enroll yourself in any one of the afore-mentioned SEO courses in Kolkata.

  • I work as a marketing assistant for a company and want to get into digital marketing. My mother informed me that SEO course in Kolkata is the newest fashion and is rapidly raising the bar for the digital industry. I want to take advantage of the chance and finish this course as quickly as I can. Which of the top SEO training programmes are available right now? Are the courses that are offering re lessons that I have seen reliable? Will they cover the entire curriculum or just the fundamentals? I’ve seen a lot of these courses, and the free options are frequently fake. Help please.

  • Since having completed my bachelors degree i have seen many such courses recommended to me. but i never got interested to learn about these course cause of the content that they deliver. this course however is great and i am really impressed with the content that they provide. i want to study as soon as possible so plz where can i fill the form for enrollment. there are not many seo courses in kolkata and some are not that good. these courses do look great from this information and i would love to get a chance to study in one of them sometime.

  • I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and recently joined my father’s firm. Here, we have a tiny business. My father is wanting to develop his company, and I was looking into how I could help him. I came across your article and thought it was very interesting. I had never heard of SEO before. But I’m in need of some clarification, and I’d love to have my uncertainties dispelled through a sample lesson. I’d also like to know if you took this SEO course in Kolkata and if so, where did you go? I’d also like to know the cost and if it’s part-time or full-time.

  • I have studied content creation and know a bit about SEO. However I want to understand more about SEO and the workings of a search engine optimization tool. I want to build a stable career in this field and get a nice start with the help of seo. That’s why I was searching on google for best seo courses in kolkata and your institute’s name came on many results. After going through the courses curriculum provided by your institute I am sure that it will be a suitable course for me. I want to get an seo specialization from a reputed institute. When can I start with this course?
    Thank you.

  • My mother has just retired and she is very energetic to start the second phase of her career . She is very talented in cooking and wants to write blogs of her recipes. I want her to sign up for a SEO course in Kolkata as it is important to be up to date with the latest trends of the internet . SEO tool is definitely one of the many . I wanted to know if this is a part time or full time course and if it is available for her to enrol online . Weekend course would be great . Also what is the eligibility criteria for the SEO course ?

  • What is the demand for a seo specialist in kolkata. I am staying in kolkata and want to join seo courses in kolkata but don’t know the scope of this course here. Are companies actively looking for a seo specialist in kolkata, is seo going to be a long term thing in the marketing world. Can you help me with some answers. I work with an ad agency in kolkata. I want to know more about seo course from IIM Skills. Like the batch timings and duration. I liked the article and want to know more about seo and its benefits.

  • I found the article very helpful. Since I am interested in digital marketing I searched for top SEO courses in Kolkata and am now more interested to learn about SEO as well. Being stuck at home for past two years I developed a hobby in reading and writing and found that I can capitalize on it. I want to start my own blog as well on the side so learning SEO will be helpful there as well. I would like to join iimskills. Do you guys offer a demo session so that I can be sure of my choice? Other than that I am really excited to join and add this skill to my expertise.

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