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The Importance And Prospect of SEO in India In 2024

The verve of SEO practices and SEO professionals in the marketing industry has taken the world by storm. More and more SEO professionals are coming up as the demand is also surging by leaps and bounds. If you are planning your future as an SEO specialist, but before that, you want to ascertain what waits for you down the line, then you have landed at the prudent point. In this blog, we are going to delve deeper into the pretentious prospect of SEO in India.


Prospect of SEO in India


Whenever you want to scout for instructions, knowledge, products, and services- what is the foremost thing you do? Google it, right? Believe it or not, but we all have become willing takers of Google gimmicks. When customers have shifted to digital platforms, where will the sellers go?


Obviously, they will have to chase down the customer domain.


The transcending market bends from store buying to online shopping has pushed marketers to rethink their trade plans. Likewise, online knowledge contingents, trainers, IT sectors, government organizations, and almost everyone who wants to reach the masses seek online presence. In the wake of digital dependency, all of them have turned towards upticking ubiquity on search engines.


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Whatever shows up-sells up!


Here comes the catch. Whether looking for a product or service or some piece of information- do you ever visit beyond the first or second page of Google? No? Personally, I don’t! Now, can the innumerable product and service providers become showstopper on the first page of Google? No, obviously not possible.


That’s where the viable race kicks-in. Every brand and company want to be on the first page, and how is that possible? Through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Conceiving this, SEO becomes more and more authoritative. Thus, can’t agree more with the organic prospect of SEO in India.


What is SEO?

SEO, an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, refers to the art and science of optimization of the web pages to be highlighted on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The science part deals with the technological backdrops peeping into the website technicalities – such as coding, designing, user experience, and much more. Similarly, the art stems from the comprehension of customer cognition, business analytics, emphatic influences to the content of products and services.


The correct conglomeration of art and science form the stark pillars of the digital marketing SEO practices. Taking into account, all these factors extol the scales and speed up the development of the organization. In simpler words, Search Engine Optimization facilitates better ranking, driving more traffic to the website and thus, augmenting the overall brand personality in the online world.


Qualifications for the SEO Sector


Though SEO has gained momentum rapidly, yet in terms of educational endeavors- it remains an unexplored or far-fetched ground. There is no official governing authority, no particular degree, and no fixed standards to pass out for the SEO industry.


Does that mean you need no degree to get into the SEO industry? Umm…no!!! Just like any other industry, the minimum qualification stays at a graduate degree in any relevant course. To add badges to your collars, you can opt for digital marketing online courses or diploma courses. 


In addition to-the ubiquitous courses, a few influential and international institutions are offering international certifications for completing SEO courses. They are the firstborn to interpret the prospect of SEO in India and other countries, for that only they have looked into training programs in the field.


Skillset is a must!

Yeah! We did talk about fundamental courses to let you peep through the SEO world, yet working in the SEO sector is not confined to the realms of higher education or degrees. Beyond the lines of conventional examinations, its warp builds upon the bedrock of a keen skillset that you must acquire. What are they?


In harmony with the media relations industry, SEO is a fast-evolving, progressive, upbeat industry that requires your competence in a litany of skills. Holistic development (incessant acquisition) of these skills is the driving force for smooth ratcheting up your career curve.


Let’s take a glimpse at the pre-requisite skills to meet the SEO standards, which are:


  • A healthy knowledge of HTML and CSS technologies.
  • The mechanism behind the working of search engines, such as Google.
  • Robust analytical and logical skills
  • Exuberantly written communication skills, such as blog posts, emails, comments, and more.
  • Fundamental photo and video editing skills
  • Cognizance of creating presentations and reports.
  • Content curation
  • solid knowledge of social media channels such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Good understanding of user experience and customer behavior patterns in the digital world.


Roles and Salary

For anyone and everyone, a paycheck is an intrinsic reinforcement that drags them to the workplace. Do you see eye to eye with that notion? Yeah, passion and all is hunky-dory, but ultimate backing comes from remunerations.


Taking into consideration that thought, here in this section, I have enlisted some of the key roles and at par salary associated with it. Not to overlook, the given salary brackets are mere average. Thus, remunerations may vary depending upon factors- such as location, work experience, and company requirements.


Stepping the base ladder, an SEO trainee or fresher is responsible for the administration of elementary SEO work- keyword research, meta tags, Slide Share- to name a few. Initial salary expectation could swing in between 10-15K.


Coming to the next level of SEO executive, one can demand a salary between 15-25K for on-page SEO and off-page SEO management of a website. Furthermore, a link builder can get somewhere around 20-25K for creating high-end backlinks.


Next in-line is an SEO analyst who is entitled to conceive strategized plans for on-page SEO and off-page SEO with a compensation of 25-35K. Striding forward, a Sr. SEO executive or SEO expert is responsible for executing strategies and plans for a console of 30-45K.


An SEO Content writer is entrusted to write high-quality content inclusive of blogs, articles, guest posts, etc. This person can assume a rampant remuneration between 25-50K. Then, there is an SEO lead, who organize and manage multiple SEO projects and teams. An SEO team leader can ask for a compensation of 45-65K.


Thereupon, an SEO Consultant monitors content on a day-to-day basis and offers suggestions. Not shackled by SEO, it focuses on content, social, and paid searches. As the work goes beyond the bounds, so does the salary expectation, which can upbeat into 60-90K braces.


The highest-paid job positions are SEO managers and Digital marketing managers whose salaries whirl between 80L-1.5L and 1L and above individually. An SEO manager empowers to assign tasks, resources, and overall strategies for projects. Going beyond SEO levels, the digital marketing manager affirms all the work and resources related to digital marketing, like content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web analytics, SEO, SEM, etc.


Looking over the growth rate, you can expect steady progress in this field with experience and polished skills. Working smart and riding the bandwagon is the key to tracing peak opportunities.



Is SEO a suitable career choice?

Standing at a diversion, many young newbies wonder whether they should take the SEO drive or go along with the conventional career options. No doubt, it’s an important decision that one has to make as the whole-lot-of-career waves on this particular discretion.


To test the waters, let’s look at what SEO experts have to say who have already worked their way around in the industry.


One of the most trusted names in the SEO industry, A.J. Ghergich, sheds light on the matter. As per his viewpoint, bonanza companies are ready to pay a fortune but only to quality SEO professionals. Then, some people put SEO into their resume without having anything to do with it. That is the elephant in the room. Yet, he believes that an SEO professional who construes the fast-paced industry and provides expert guidance has a lot of scope down the road.


Dana Lookadoo, SEO consultant and founder of Yo!Yo! SEO remarks the SEO as a life-long learning career. With firm belief, she avers and clears the air for newbies that SEO is not a dying prospect at all. Going by her conviction, SEO is a perpetually changing and ideal career for anyone on the cutting-edge of digital marketing.


The way they see things, SEO is an ideal career for an inquisitive, agile, and innovative person who wants to ride the bandwagon and learn something each day. Think it over- are you ready to face the fluctuations and stand against it no matter what- then, you have a sure way-to-go in the SEO industry.


Prospect of SEO in India

Based on data and researches, the scope of SEO in India is immense. Not only in the past few years, but also in the upcoming years- it erects a proliferate and productive industry. Check out the stakes below that corroborate SEO as a booming industry.


According to LinkedIn,

As people hit the screens for entertainment and businesses in the past year, demand for digital marketing professionals (including job titles as digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Marketing Representative, SEO Specialist) grew by nearly 33%.


Clearly, it shows the ante for digital marketers and SEO specialists are skyrocketing in correspondence to rising digitalization. Moreover, as SEO is ideal in defining digital marketing, it becomes a substantial part of digital marketers’ resume. Thus, SEO is both a worthwhile career option and an exquisite skill– to highlight your resume.


Who should get in the SEO career prospect?

Anyone enthusiastic and passionate about marketing, analytics, websites, SEO, and ravenous for upcoming drifts should consider a career prospect in an SEO specialist. Without higher degree compulsions, sheer dedication, logic, and patience can lighten the path of success.


Owing to online job exposure, you have all the options in-hand: part-time, full-time, freelancing, or be the owner of the company. You can shake a leg with a fresher or trainee by grasping the work proceedings of the field. Further, you can follow up with a Jr. SEO executive and work at the designation unless you get a stronghold over the horizon. Once you find yourself acclimated to the industry, upgrade yourself for SEO executive and team leader opportunities.



Why is the SEO industry growing?

As we know, the prospect of SEO in India is undoubtedly glimmering. here are some pointers as to why the SEO industry is burgeoning are:

  • The elevated use of search engines by people every day.
  • Mass mobile web searches on Google.
  • Brands and enterprises using SEO actively in India and internationally.
  • Digital marketers as well as direct marketers embracing SEO.
  • Organic SEO listings on the Google platform are more credible than ads.


Job Opportunities in India

The expansion of the digital marketing industry has rendered a major thrust to SEO job opportunities ballooning the prospect of SEO in India. You can peruse infinite employment opportunities for SEO abled (both freshers as well as for connoisseurs) people. Chasing down your criteria, you can search for the job searches on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, or other job providing websites.


Another factor that serves as a silver lining for the SEO industry is that you can often opt for worldwide employment opportunities. What does this mean? There are manifold foreign companies that have well-established offices in India. Due to this, the entailing chances of job opportunities for SEO professionals have surged in India.


Why companies need SEO professionals?

You type in the Search engine and get a list of links and webpages, where you most probably click the topmost link or max-to-max the links on the first page. Who takes the pains to go to the second page of Google search, I surmise no one. That’s the thing.


Amongst innumerable websites to be on the first page is what the race is all about. And to ace this cutting-edge competition of the webpage world, SEO specialists come into play. That is to say, with more and more websites coming up, the need for SEO is increasing at a rapid rate.


Another question that leaves heads scratching is what does an SEO professional do for the company? From website audit to an SEO campaign, to keyword research to optimal website loading to user-friendly responsive designs– an SEO has to work its magic. This was just the tip of the iceberg; let us probe the unfathomable depths of an SEO.


Taking down the complete analysis of the website, the SEO specialist wrought a consistent and comprehensive campaign for the company website. With profound keyword research and competitor analysis, an SEO person ensures that the company targets befitting keywords and audience.


In the age of timelessness, nobody has a minute to spare for webpage loading. Hence, optimal webpage loading is the primary basis to coax a reader to spend time at your website. Another problem that wakes up is people use myriad devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, tabs- all having different sizes. Keeping that view in mind, SEO specialist has to make content accessible and user-friendly on divergent devices.


Thus, you can say every ounce of a website needs SEO professionals to make it appealing and alluring to the target audience. For that very purpose, companies hire SEO specialists.


Tips to Get Hired

SEO is a moving target where with every brand-new update– the coordinates of the battleground change. As a consequence, job-fishing in the ever-evolving industry is a challenging task. Both for- finding a new job and progressive career, you have to stay far-ahead in the update curve. 


For the interview, be ready to face straight from the shoulder questions. Alternatively, you must be well-adept to steer the interview in the direction of the questions that highlight your capabilities.


Here are few tips that you can consider and work upon to crack the hard-nut interview.

  • If you are an experienced candidate, then empower your portfolio and resume to do the talking before you enter the interview room. Your resume should showcase your adept skills, and your portfolio should demonstrate your diversified work experiences on various projects.
  • If you don’t want to turn your interview into a flat setback, then be prepared with the latest and forthcoming updates of Google and its efficaciousness in the industry. Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Mobilegeddon, Rankbrain, and more of its kind should be up your sleeves.
  • Link Building strategies play a vital role in framing the success of SEO specialists. By and large, link building is one of the toilsome tasks, so being an SEO, unveil your particular policy for effective link building practices. Whether it is organic linking, non-editorial linking, or outreach linking– you should have the backing to support your thought-process.
  • Primarily, SEO professionals cater to the data-driven insights to process the workflow. To make those ends meet, you have to be proficient in utilizing analytical and SEO tools. Some of the tools that stay by your side are Google analytics, SEO Power suite, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and more. These tools are your spine that keeps you erect and lets you perform all the functions.
  • As an entrant of eternal industry, you should develop a versatile skill set with beckons on one or two selective skills such as SEO in your case. For instance, you might acquire a bit or more about content creation, PPC, social media, blogging, email, and other campaigns alongside.
  • Every company wants to know about your personalized strategy that you embody for the company. More than anything else, the company wants to hear about your well-reasoned strategy that you convict will work out-and-out in all progressive manner for the company. From speculation to implementation, be pre-cooked with all the ingredients and step-by-step procedure.


Freelancing Openings

With the advent of online marketing, SEO experts play a pivotal role in reshaping the company profile. Many a company want to reap the benefits of SEO adepts without permanently hiring them. Hence, several outsourcing medium platforms become a catalyst for the union of employer and freelancer employees. As a result, the prospect of SEO in India in terms of freelancing has also surged.

Being an SEO freelancer, you can sign up for your account, and the freelancing openings will boom in as and when required. One major privilege that entails freelancing is that you can take up as much work as you want or as little as you want- the ball remains in your court.


Willing takers of freelancers can kick-start with social media, content writing, SEO, web analytics, link building, and more.


Is SEO still relevant in 2023?

Rumors inclined towards SEO as a dying industry are up in the air, but they are just talks (without any credibility). The reality is that SEO was, is, and will be in-demand despite the on-going changes by and large. This clearly enlightens the prospect of SEO in India which is advertently glorious.


Traveling back decades, SEO was as simple as adding a keyword to your title tags and content- and you could rank on page one. Seriously, it was that simple! But over the years, the face of it alchemized. From that primitiveness, SEO has undergone and upturned changes such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and much more.


As professed by a few SEO experts, website SEO ranking will seesaw in 2023 but targeting the number one position on Google will be more precious than ever before. Therefore, you have to be the best and up-to-date with the upcoming Google algorithms. Moreover, in 2023, the user experience will take the central seat. As a result, the content would have to be prehensile to be consumable on mobile.


Wrapping it Up on SEO In India!

Jettisoning or ejecting out the rumors pertinent to SEO as a dying industry, I hope this blog cleared the mist between you and your SEO career. No doubt, the prospect of SEO in India is enchanting and eminent, provided that the level of complexity has surged up. The more you can keep yourself up-to-date with Google policies, the better the career choice is for you.


SEO is more than important to any business as it ensures page one ranking, encouraging more traffic and hence, polishing the overall brand image and personality. The demands for SEO will nothing fall short of growth, for India is a harbor of outsourcing work in addition to Indian companies’ longings for adept SEO professionals.

An English-graduate, vivacious researcher, SEO content writer, avid reader, and passionate writer, Alumna and content writer at IIM Skills.

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