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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata

Technical writing has become one of the hottest fast-growing careers and skills in today’s world, due to constant inventions and technological advancements. As a result, those innovations require marketing in order to compete in the massive competitions, resulting in an increase in the demand for tech-writers.


List of the best technical writing courses in Kolkata


Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy, is a modern metropolis in India with a strong educational background and literacy, allowing us to take advantage of a variety of technical writing courses in Kolkata. The great place of joy, India’s scientific and cultural capital, is known for having the country’s largest public library, making it a dream destination for many readers.


It is also home to bookworms and the motherland of many great writers. Kolkata, is even more famous, as the “Land of the Bookworms,” thanks to its famous college street and large book fairs where a large number of book lovers meet, share their work, and become friends.


Likewise, Kolkata, as an innovative city, is thriving in various digital industries and businesses, providing many people with a great career option in technical writing. Here are some of the best technical writing courses in Kolkata to help you advance your career.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is a type of professional writing that involves breaking down complex information and making it simple and understandable, such as, for example, breaking down the complex structural information of technological innovation or technical information into a format that is easily understood.


Technical writing entails conducting research and organizing content in order to provide readers with concise information and establish brand value. This style of writing is widely used in large businesses and industries and is high in demand. People with excellent technical writing skills have a higher chance of advancement in their organizations and are referred to as tech-writers.


Technical Writing – An Effective Means of Communication


Technical writing is an influential and impactful way of communication in any business which helps in providing information by instructions or explanations or by telling how it works to their readers by hitting straight to the point. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, or any other industry, technical writing is increasingly focusing on business communication.

It is primarily used to communicate ideas, plans, and reports in the most understandable format within and outside the firm. Because it necessitates extensive data research and industry expertise, it is now gaining popularity as a skill and a career to pursue.




Technical writers conduct research and make content for a spread of platforms (electronic, printed, audio-visual, and even touch). Online help, manuals, white papers, design specifications, project plans, and software test plans are all examples of different types of information. Technical writers are increasingly involved in the creation of online training material as e-learning becomes more popular.


So, a technical writer is a firm’s communicative writer who is in charge of the firm’s content. They disseminate information in a variety of formats and are knowledgeable about these formats. They work their magic on their phones, software, or books to create valuable content. Tech-writers have a very technical ring to it. Isn’t it cool to be a tech-writer?




The technical writing industry has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in increased market value and demand. This new industry is now offering high-paying jobs with global career opportunities.


Many industries, such as medicine, communication, education, IT, and research and development, as well as companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apex Systems, Cactus Communications, and many others, offer job opportunities in this field because it helps them reduce the complexity of their products and increase sales.


A person with more hands-on technical writing experience has a better chance of getting more opportunities in business/company activities. By adopting these technical writing skills, one can work hard and get a great job in it as a full-time job or as a freelancer, or work from home or be your own boss, and use these skills to start their own business and expand. For starters, a person can learn from the ground up and gain experience by working as an intern or in a job.


Technical writing can further be applied to academic and social media writing by providing facts, reports, and information about the project. This is a fantastic asset/skill for making more money by writing in a variety of industries and expanding your knowledge and skills. This hugely helps in shaping your career in professional upfront.


Technical Writing Includes


  • Repair Manual
  • User Guides
  • Release Notes
  • Reports [laboratory, research, analysis, and so on]
  • Press Release
  • Medical Writing
  • Research Papers
  • White Papers
  • Journals
  • Catalogs
  • Documentations
  • Templates


And much more in various fields. In this type of writing, we get to learn and use a variety of software applications, as well as create documents in a variety of formats.

Check Out a Few Other Best Courses Available in Kolkata:

How to Become a Technical Writer?


Anyone with a strong desire to write and research can become a technical writer/tech writer. Everything can be started on one’s own if one has the interest and desire to do so.


Starting from scratch by gaining knowledge in that field through research and trial and error. Research and learning can be done using resources such as the internet, videos, or books. Here are some top 5 technical writing book recommendations to try.


  1. Technical Writing 101 by Alan S. Pringle, Sarah S. O’Keefe
  2. Technical Writing Process by Kieran Morgan and Sanja Spajic
  3. The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing by Krista Van Lan
  4. Technical Writing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists by Phillip A. Laplante
  5. Handbook of Technical Writing by Gerald J. Alred, Walter E. Oliu, Charles T. Brusaw.


There is a slew of other technical writing books available, written by some of the best writers in the field. Take a glance at them as well. Alternatively, one can invest their money and time directly hiring a mentor who specializes in teaching this skill in order to save time and have more time learning and creating with their well-packaged technical writing courses in Kolkata, if in that particular home place.


In this exciting career, there are numerous short courses, certifications, and higher education courses to choose from. All you have to do now is enroll, pay, and start learning. After you’ve done your research and reading, start writing and creating samples of your work, and you’ll have a fantastic portfolio that’s completely focused on your niche and industry knowledge.


Courses to Save You Time!


Taking classes and learning everything from the beginning helps you understand the fundamentals of this growing career option. By taking classes, one saves time because he/she isn’t wasting it looking for information in bits and pieces here and there; instead, he gets everything in one place by enrolling in a well-designed course tailored to his needs, which has multiple benefits.


There are no more trials and errors because you get clear instructions on what to do next and what not to, which saves a lot of time. It is advantageous to learn from talented and experienced people who are already working in this field and many more. To find more relatable and trustworthy content, one can simply research the courses available near their home or workplace, or online from reputable institutions.


For example, in Kolkata, one can simply type “technical writing courses in Kolkata” into their search engine to find the most appropriate option. But don’t worry, we’ve already listed the courses in Kolkata below. So, let’s take a look at some of the top 5 technical writing courses in Kolkata.


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata


1.      IIM SKILLS


Technical Writing Course at IIM SKILLS is one of the most popular technical writing courses in Kolkata, India. Headquartered in Delhi, also has a presence in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is the best online educational institution because it offers a wide range of courses and has a fantastic faculty.


IIM SKILLS provides a 5-week live online training program that includes 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. This master’s program covers all of the foundations and advancements in writing.


The program covers a wide range of formats, software, tools, and other topics to help you become a pro and take the lead in your field. IIM SKILLS is the best among the technical writing courses in Kolkata.


Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. How to write
  3. Creating your content
  4. Technical Reports
  5. White Papers/ Journals
  6. DDLC and Versioning
  7. Conversational Writing
  8. Reviewing and Publishing
  9. API Documentation using XML
  10. Data Sheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  11. Effective Writing
  12. Medical Writing
  13. Case studies and much more.


Best Part of the Course

  • Interactive sessions
  • Brilliant faculty
  • Beginner to advanced course
  • Master Certification
  • Guaranteed internship opportunities
  • Lifetime Support and Access
  • Dedicated placement cells
  • Tools driven training
  • Practical learning
  • Portfolio Development


The Technical Writing Master Course is a 5-week live online training course with excellent interactive sessions. The course fee is INR 14,900 + GST. Make an appointment at IIM SKILLS


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Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:


Contact information

Call: +91-9911839503

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2.      ECT


ECT [Education and Career Times], a government-recognized institute, offers technical writing courses in Kolkata and many other places to help you improve your technical skills and gain more clients and audiences. ECT, based in Delhi, offers online training and short-term certification courses to help people advance their careers.


Course Curriculum

Module 1

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Grammar and Styling in Technical Writing
  3. Information Architecture
  4. Master a Markdown Language
  5. Learn XML
  6. Learn JSON
  7. Learn DITA
  8. Document Authoring Tool
  9. Technical Authoring Tool
  10. API Documentation
  11. Agile Documentation Strategy
  12. Careers in Technical Writing
  13. Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  14. Other useful and beginner-friendly tools

And much more if you enroll for Module 2.


Best Part of the Course

  • Recognized by the Government of India
  • Live and Interactive Sessions
  • Internship opportunities
  • Personalized Attention
  • Certification
  • Assignments and live projects
  • Technical Quizzes


The technical writing courses in Kolkata offered by the institution are a three-month online live training program. In the first one and a half months, you’ll have ten classes. For the next seven weeks, you’ll be working on four Live Tasks. Try a free Demo at ECT.


Contact Information

Call: +91-7827916060

Email: [email protected]

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3.      PromozSEO


Kolkata’s PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy, providing technical writing courses in Kolkata and is well-known for advanced digital marketing, SEO, social media, and YouTube marketing training.

The academy offers advanced courses that should be taken after you have mastered the fundamentals and are eager to learn more. Advanced Technical SEO Training in Kolkata is a next-level program for professionals, designers, and marketers, with options for classroom and online training.


Course Curriculum

The course contains 10 Modules with a lot of informative subheadings.

  1. Module 1 – HTML Structure Validation and Website Loading Time Optimization
  2. Module 2 – SEO Friendly URL Optimization
  3. Module 3 – Understanding Duplicate Content Issues
  4. Module 4 – Understanding URL Redirection and its types
  5. Module 5 – Cannibalization
  6. Module 6 – HTTP Error handling
  7. Module 7 – Sitemaps and Robot.txt
  8. Module 8 – Google Webmaster and Analytics
  9. Module 9 – Inbound links and cleaning
  10. Module 10 – Analyzing Website


Best Part of the Course

  • Advance training program
  • More insights into the Digital world
  • Search Engine Optimization Knowledge
  • Learn from experienced Technical SEO Professionals
  • Free tools
  • Recognized Institute by SiliconIndia


Silicon Valley has named PromozSEO one of the top ten digital marketing training institutes in India. The training includes 70+ hours of interactive and comprehensive instruction delivered via live classroom sessions in Kolkata or online SEO training from anywhere in the world. Check out PromozSEO for more information.


Contact Information

Call: +91-9804457170

Email: [email protected]


4.      Compete Infotech Academy


In Kolkata, Compete Infotech Academy is an excellent Digital Marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC Training Institute. The academy specializes in all aspects of marketing and in preparing students to be successful entrepreneurs.


They offer low-cost learning as well as a variety of learning options. On their website, the academy offers a wide range of courses, including short-term courses, workshops, free resources, certification courses, and much more.


The faculty and staff are completely committed to teaching and disseminating digital knowledge to as many people as possible. The institution is trusted by many top MNC’s and huge brands all over the world like IBM, HCL, TATA, Cognizant, and Capgemini.


Course Curriculum

In its main course, Advance Level Content Writing Certification Course, the institute provides an “Introduction to Technical Writing” In the form of the first module in the well-designed course. More than 20 modules and topics are covered in-depth in the course.


Best Part of the Course

  • Training by industrial experts
  • Global Certification
  • Full insights to digital training
  • Interactive and live classes
  • Projects and assignments


Learn how to write technical and web content as well as business, creative, and social media content. Learn more about SEO skills and discover full-time job opportunities, start your own business, and freelance.


You can try live classes in technical writing in Kolkata or can adopt one on one online live sessions. Obtain clients and polish up your management skills. On their website, you can get a free demo and a free consultation.


Contact Information

Call: +91-9433365039

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


5.      Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a global EdTech company with offices in the United States and India that provides high-quality training and services through well-designed and well-organized content, resources, and courses.

Henry Harvin is a trusted training partner to over 100 colleges across India, as well as over 180+ businesses and corporations. The company has a slew of awards, affiliations, and recognition to its name.


Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Courses in Kolkata provides knowledge in the form of different modules and assists you in converting complex content into professional and effective content for your clients’ benefit. The course covers a variety of formats and how to use them, as well as fun assignments and training sessions.


Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Documentation Process
  3. Technical Writing Process
  4. Grammar and Editing
  5. Technical Writing Software Tools
  6. Components of Technical Document
  7. Techniques of Technical Writing
  8. Technical Document Template Creation
  9. Formats
  10. Advanced Tech Tools


Complimentary Modules

  1. Development of Soft Skills
  2. Resume Writing


Best Part of the Course

  • 9 in 1 course
  • Lifetime access and support
  • 1 year Gold Membership
  • Alumni Status
  • Practical Training
  • Internship and Job Support
  • Line Online Training and Projects
  • Bootcamps and Hackathons
  • Certification
  • Introduction to many tools and software


By providing live online classroom lectures in self-paced schedules under the mentorship of award-winning trainers, the course covers a wide range of tools and aids in the learning and polishing of a wide range of skills.


The price of a self-paced course and a live online classroom course differs. They have special offers and scholarship tests to help you save money. More information and courses can be found on their website – Henry Harvin.


Contact Information

Call: +91-9015266266

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Is it worthwhile to learn technical writing?

Technical writing is a highly in-demand skill set in large corporations because it ensures that the employee will make their product, service, matter, explanation, and other formats as simple as possible, making the firm’s operations simple, smooth, and effective.

Spending time and money to learn technical writing not only gives you a mastery of vast knowledge but also gives you the opportunity to earn more money and advance your career.


2.     What do we learn in technical writing courses?

A perfectly well-designed technical writing course gives us insights and develops skills to create and provide clear instructions in various formats such as reports, manuals, documents, structures, styles, and so on with the help of research and industry knowledge in the dynamic and technical environment.


3.     Who is qualified to study technical writing?

This course is open to anyone who is interested in gaining industry knowledge and expanding their skill set, such as students, working people, professionals, homemakers, business owners, and so on.


4.     Where can I learn technical writing?

Technical writing can be learned through the internet, books, courses, or on-the-job training. The books and courses mentioned above are some suggestions for learning technical writing.

The above-mentioned courses are well-designed, with excellent faculty and a course curriculum that allows for self-paced learning as well as lifetime support and access, being the best technical writing courses in Kolkata.


5.     How much does the course cost, and does it include certification?

The cost of the courses varies depending on whether they are online live classes or offline one-on-one classes. Demo classes or query resolution calls are available through the courses. Yes, courses provide certifications from their respective partnered organizations, which greatly enhance the value of your resume.


6.     Is technical writing a good career path?

Technical writing is now a thriving profession. Working people, professionals, researchers, developers, writers, freelancers, students, and others can all benefit from a career in technical writing. It offers good pay for freelancers as well as a side hustle and knowledge expansion for working people and students.


7.     How much money do technical writers make?

The amount of money earned by technical writers varies according to their level of expertise and work in that field. In India, the average salary for a fresher is nearly INR 4 lakh per year. As a freelancer, one can earn more money by broadening their horizons and working with many clients, and discovering many opportunities, even on a global scale.




So, these are the top 5 technical writing courses in Kolkata as listed above. The courses are available as needed, self-paced, online live classrooms, and some with present institutes offering various technical writing courses in Kolkata.


The institutes offer in-depth introduction and knowledge and round-the-clock support. Choose your course after thorough research and based on what is most suitable for you. Technical writing is a simple skill set to learn in the business and industrial professions.


A subject that is both practical and technical. Keep in mind that it is always necessary to be ready to adapt to the changing environment and to face challenges. Start now to be an expert in technical writing and be a skilled tech writer.

Sakshi Jain, a writer, trainee and a student, who is fascinated by writing and learning new things and anything that piques her interest. She aspires to spread wise words, kindness, and love, as well as to add great value to the world. She enjoys writing, reading, gaining knowledge and exploring and developing great ideas and content.
  • Sincerely, I lack any relevant writing experience. I don’t feel confident enough to publish my writing online, so I only compose a few pieces for myself. Due to my lack of satisfaction with the marketing demo course I attended, I looked at other accessible courses. It was during this process that I discovered Technical writing courses in Kolkata . Since the majority of these courses offer online instruction, I was a little worried about the calibre of the instruction since we can ask all of our questions and get prompt answers offline. Please recommend a reputable school where I can take a trial lesson before enrolling.

  • I am a student of journalism and I work in a content writing agency in Mumbai. I want to improve my writing skills and learn more about SEO so that I can get better job possibilities and a bigger raise. I’d like to know how much of a boost I may expect as an intermediate level writer from taking Technical writing courses in Kolkata. Also, please direct me to the finest mentioned institute that offers part-time live online sessions that I may attend, as I am now employed and this is the greatest choice for me. Thanks

  • Hello, I’m a student in Kolkata seeking some side income. Technical writing is one of the skills I am considering; but, because I am still in college and do not want to work full-time, so does technical writing offers part-time or freelancing jobs? if yes, Does any of the above-mentioned institutes support their students in establishing themselves as freelance technical writers?

  • What is a technical communication specialist ? Also can I be a technical trainer after completing Technical writing courses in Kolkata ? I am a house wife and I took a break of 6 years because of my child . I want to make a career come back now . I used to work for a publishing house in Kolkata prior to taking my break . Now I want to enrol in a course that will genuinely benefit me . My total work experience was 6 years before I took a break . Will my experience be counted now ? Thanks

  • Hello, I’ve been looking for a technical writing course in Kolkata to hone my skills as a technical writer, but I’m not sure which course to invest my time and money in because there are an infinite number of courses available on the internet, and not all of them are worthy. That’s when I came across this article, which I found to be extremely useful and educational. This article answered most of my questions about technical writing and the various courses that are available. This article about the technical writing course served as a guide for me when deciding which course to take.

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