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Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses In Kolkata With Excel Training

Professional courses like the Financial modeling courses in Kolkata are something which is high in demand. The reason is the tech-savvy society. With technology having entered every sphere of our lives, it has in a way started controlling us. Technology has led to the rise in the number of young and efficient people that has risen the competition. Hence to stand out in this competitive world, one needs to have some add-on qualities. A professional course gives you that add-on quality. So grab a cup of coffee while reading this article which will give you the complete details of all the financial modeling courses in Kolkata.

Financial Modeling Courses In Kolkata

Kolkata- City of Joy

Kolkata is an old city. It was once the capital of British India known by its colonial name Calcutta. It is known for its cultural-artistic-intellectual aura. Book lovers from all over the world come to visit ‘College Street’, an entire area dedicated to all kinds of books- academic, competitive, second-hand, new books, fiction, non-fiction, rare books, etc. The iconic ‘Coffee House’ is also located in the same area. The city is also the home to the ‘Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teressa. Education forms one of the major sectors here. Professional skill-based courses are found here which cater to the needs of young job seekers.

Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata Meaning

Financial modeling is related to the field of finance. This is a practical job-oriented course usually done by students to get a piece of first-hand knowledge about the finance industry. This course uses case studies and practical assignments along with living statistics to help you understand the concepts in detail.

Being professional courses, the syllabus is planned according to the industry demands. With computers and the internet, older ways of working have been replaced by newer techniques. While earlier the finance department worked with the help of manual work which included calculations and data processing, today we use software and tools for this job.

While academic degrees would give you a great deal of theoretical knowledge, you would be required to use this knowledge in your workplace. You might know the concepts but you would also need to know how to apply them.

This being a professional course would help you in using your theoretical knowledge and applying it practically at your workplace. The financial modeling courses in Kolkata is meant for those who want to enter a job with the practical knowledge required.

Career Options after doing Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

  • Tax analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial Research Analyst
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Market Research
  • Bank Manager
  • Financial Planning

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Scope of Doing a Financial Modeling Course in Kolkata

You might be thinking that how would such a short course help me get a good job. While most of us feel that our conventional academic degrees are more than enough to get us a good job, in reality, it is not. An engineer would not require any extra professional course because a BTech course already includes every aspect of the practical applicative experience.

Similarly, a medical student after completing MBBS would not require any other course as their academic syllabus focuses on the practical aspect the most. But if you are a commerce graduate can you tell a company about your practical experience? No, because our education system gives very little attention to the practical experience-based knowledge related to non-professional courses. 

Hence, doing a Financial Modeling course would help you immensely in such a situation. You would gain a lot of knowledge, both theoretical and practical. This type of skill-based course is introduced by various institutes to help students to fill up the experience gap that they have.

The case studies that you would be studying and analyzing would help you to get a real insight into the critical finance industry. After completing the course, you would receive certificates from the respective institute. This certificate will be like an additional trophy to your resume.

Companies nowadays seek candidates who have at least some knowledge of the industry or department they are about to join. Pure bookish knowledge is not going to help you excel in a non-academic career. Your certificate will give your employer an idea of your practical knowledge and help you to stand out among other candidates with no such exposure.

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Skills Required to do Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

Before doing a course, you need to have certain skills. These skills are not restricted to just technical skills but also your personal skills. Let us check out some very important skills like:

  • Basic Computer Skills: FMC is a professional course that will use tools that operate through the computer. You don’t need to be a pro in computer usage like a hacker, but knowing basic computer operations is a necessity. Without the basic usage, you will not be able to understand the practical element. Also, all the tasks are computer-based.
  • Sincerity: This is not specific to this course but all courses in general. If you enroll yourself in a course, you must do it with sincerity. Since the number of seats for such a course is limited, you may end up doing this course instead of another student who wanted to do this course sincerely.
  • Calculation: This is a course that is related to the field of finance. Anything related to finance will always include calculations and analysis. If you are someone who doesn’t like calculations, then this course is definitely not for you.
  • Basic English: While nobody wants you to have Shakespearean English knowledge for a finance course, basic English- communication, and writing is a must. Since all the operations you will learn need to be applied on the computer through the tools you would need a basic understanding of the language. The medium of language in which this course is delivered in most of the institutes is also English.
  • Time Management: This is a short-term course done by students while doing their regular work- studies or jobs. So proper time management is very necessary. Along with your daily responsibilities, you would need to attend the minimum number of classes of the course to give the test. You would also be required to submit the assignments assigned to you after each session on time. A proper way of charting your whole day would help you with this.

Types of Financial Models 

  • – Budget Model
  • – Consolidation Model
  • – Three Statement Model
  • – Merger Model (M&A)
  • – Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF)
  • – Initial Public Offering Model (IPO)
  • – Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO)
  • – Sum of the Parts Model
  • – Forecasting Model
  • – Option Pricing Model

Explore the Best Financial Modeling Courses in India

Top Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata


IIM SKILLS was founded in 2015 as an online educational institute. Over the years, it has gained the reputation of one of the finest institutes in India, providing online courses to students. Their courses are updated very often keeping in mind the current industry needs.

The financial modeling course provided by this institute is designed keeping in mind the latest tools and techniques used. It is one of the most in-demand financial modeling courses in Kolkata.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course: Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST


Perks of doing this Course:

  • – This course can be done by graduates, CA, CFA, FRM, MBA, finance professionals, engineers, etc
  • – Each student will get guaranteed job interview opportunities
  • – Certificates would be provided by the institute once the course is completed
  • – Practical training is given the maximum weightage
  • – Expert trainers teach the students
  • – Advanced tools like MS Excel and Powerpoint are used
  • – Constant guidance and help would be provided to students over emails

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2) Kredent Academy

The institute offers career-oriented courses related to the field of finance. These courses are professional courses that help students gain a professional edge over other freshers. Experts in their field are part of the teaching faculty who train students about the various concepts used in the finance industry. Students are familiar with the tools and techniques used in this industry.

Course: Certification in Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling

Duration: 1 month (8 sessions of 3 hours each)


  • Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Financial Modeling Case Study

Mode: Classroom sessions

Perks of doing this course:

– Students will get to know about the concept of cost of capital and cash flow

– Every student will receive certificates from NSE Academy facilitated by Kredent Academy

– The expert trainer who would be taking these classes has an experience of over 15 years of in this field

– All the students will get to attend 10 hours of internship along with preparation of an Equity Research Report

– Placement assistance would be provided to all those who are interested

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9748 222 555

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3) Corporate Finance Institute

The institute provides professional financial modeling courses in Kolkata and other related finance domains. All their courses are meant for those who are willing to enter the finance industry with differing specifications. Being a dedicated finance institute, the trainers who provide the courses are highly efficient in their field and are well-experienced.

Course: Financial Modeling and Value Analyst Certification (FMVA)

Duration: 1 year 


  • Accounting 
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Presentation and Visuals
  • Strategy

Mode: Online

Perks of doing this course:

– Students are required to complete 11 core courses in order to build a strong base of knowledge

– They have to choose 3 elective courses out of 11 to get more advanced knowledge and understanding of the topics

– You will gain a Blockchain Certificate to verify your skills

– Expert instructors are going to train, teach, and guide you during the course

– 170+ live interactive exercises are conducted to make the course helpful and exciting

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-(800)-817-7539

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4) The WallStreet School

The institute was established in the year 2009 to provide professional courses to students to help them excel in their careers. The approach is practical-based with the maximum effort being given to developing application-based knowledge. They have well-trained experts who train the students about the various concepts and mechanisms in the finance industry.

Course: Financial Modeling and Valuations

Duration: 2.5 months


  • Basic to Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel and PowerPoint
  • Basic Finance Concepts
  • Feasibility Studies/ Business Modeling
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Discounted Cashflow Valuation
  • Merger Model
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Mock Interviews and Resume edits


– Online

– Live Classes

– Classroom sessions

Perks of doing this course:

– Students are required to pay only 40% of the total fees at the time of enrollment. The remaining 60% will be paid only after placements

– The WallStreet School’s widely acclaimed certificate would be given to students once they complete the course

– 100% placement assistance is provided to each student who has enrolled in this course

– The trainers are ex-investment bankers and ex-consultants who teach the students

– Batches are available in both full-time modes as well as weekend modes

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9953729651

You might be inclined towards other in-demand, professional, job-specific courses like the following:

5) EduDelphi 

This is an esteemed professional institute developed to help newbies to gain skill-based knowledge. Their main motto is to provide advanced, newer, and innovative techniques to their students which would help them to stand out among other people. The main focus of their course is on application-based knowledge where maximum practical training is imparted to each student. It is one of the top financial modeling courses in Kolkata with practical training. 

Course: Financial Modeling Certification

Duration: Exclusive 2 days Masterclass or 4 days masterclass


  • Excel 
  • Best Practices for Building Financial Models
  • Modeling Growth Drivers
  • Depreciation
  • Cost Drivers
  • Asset and Debt schedules
  • Projecting Cash Flow Statement
  • Circular References
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Valuation using DCF and COMPS
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Building Valuation Dashboards

Mode: Self-Paced; Live Classes; In-house Live

Perks of doing this course: 

– They have 3 tests of 2.5 hours duration each. Students need to pass this examination with the minimum required score mentioned by the institute. Only after passing the exams will the students receive their certificates

– You will receive 24/7 support and guidance from the institute through doubts and queries that are solved over mail

– Practice questions would be given to you to help you prepare in a better way for the exams

– You can access the e-portal site of the institute for 1 year after completing the course

– Being a student-friendly institute, you can reschedule the examination by talking to that in-charge 

– 120+ hours of Exam success slides would be provided to you for your benefit

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9474989111

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 6) Udemy

Udemy as an institution is known for the various kinds of online courses that it offers. Each of these courses is provided by different institutions across the world. So, while being located at a particular place, you can get your certificates from different international institutes. Their courses are according to the current market demands.

Course: Financial modeling- Build a complete DCF valuation model

Duration: 5 hours


  • Introduction to company valuation
  • Technical tools
  • Discounted cash flow model in excel
  • Forecasting of key P and L items
  • Key balance sheet items
  • Calculating  free cash flows and net cash flows
  • Calculation of the present value of cash flows within the forecast period
  • Calculating continuing value, enterprise value, and equity value of the business
  • Additional analyses

Mode: Online

Benefits of doing this course:

-You will learn how to build a cash flow statement

– This is one of the top-rated courses of this institution trusted by business enterprises worldwide

– Students would learn to improve their Microsoft Excel modeling skills

– How to create advanced charts and prepare sensitive analysis is taught to students

– You would be able to access these course materials all your life

7) Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has been known for its online educational courses that impart quality and well-advanced training to its students.  A large number of courses are provided by this institute. The financial modeling course provided by this institute is a technical skill-based course meant for those who want to create a career in finance and accounts and is one of the most popular financial modeling courses in Kolkata.

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 40 hours of live training


  • MS Excel Tips
  • Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Equity Research Modeling
  • Financial Report Writing
  • Case Study 1 and 2
  • Soft Skills Development 
  • Resume Writing

Mode: Online 

Perks of doing this course:

– The syllabus is a blend of theory and practicals so that students can gain a holistic knowledge base

– Along with the course, students would be helped to prepare their resumes and also trained for the job interviews

You will receive 100% placement assistance

– All of you who enroll for this course will get 1-year gold membership to access the documents and other materials

– Weekly Bootcamp sessions are arranged so that students can clear their doubts before jumping onto a new topic

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9891953953 

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Frequently Asked Questions on financial modeling courses in Kolkata

Q1. Is a Financial Modeling Course in Kolkata a professional course?

Yes. This course is a highly professional course giving you an insight into the working of the finance industry. This course is practical and application-based with most of the weightage given to the practical training of the students.

Q2. Can I do a Financial Modeling Course in Kolkata in online mode?

Yes. While a lot of classes are available in the classroom mode, you have a lot more classes that are available in the online mode. The online mode is extremely important today due to the numerous work commitments that students have. The main idea behind introducing online classes was so that maximum students can attend the classes while not having to make significant changes in their daily routine.

Many of the institutes offer online classes, classroom sessions, and live classes to help students and give them the option to choose the mode suitable for them.

Q3. What is the duration of an FMC in Kolkata?

The average duration is somewhere between 1 to 3 months. Most of the courses conducted by different institutes are usually completed within 3 months. The reason is, that a financial modeling course is a professional course. Being a professional course the duration is kept short to help students avail the benefits of the course and get jobs quickly.

Conclusion on financial modeling courses in Kolkata

A Financial Modeling Course is a very interesting course for those who want to enter the finance field. This course includes charts, diagrams, case studies, etc for references which make the sessions interesting and realistic. This type of a course will not only increase your knowledge base but will also help you to give your job interviews in a more confident manner. Your efficiency  as a candidate will help you fetch your dream job,

Students who want to enter the job field can enroll in this course to gain a complete view and understanding of financial modeling. I hope you found the article informative. So, stop thinking and enroll in one of these financial modeling courses in Kolkata now.


  • Hi I am being employed as an assistant accountant. Employers are increasingly looking for employees with expertise in financial modelling. When exploring new initiatives and ventures, financial modelling tools are heavily employed to project earnings and evaluate expenditures. This aids in assessing the company’s total performance in the past, present, and future financial projections. Businesses look for applicants who have a thorough understanding of financial modelling and analysis in order to achieve their goals. I’m looking for an institute that offers a certificate programme in financial modeling course in Kolkata, that also includes practical application of the skills. My expertise in financial modelling will be attested to, by the Certificate. With the list available here investing in a course needs an informed decision, so I would prefer attending a demo session first.

  • Hi. I am doing Actuarial Science. Actuarial science discipline involves calculation of various types of risks that insurance companies insure people against. An Actuary is required to examine and evaluate the financial costs of risk and uncertainty using mathematical and statistical methods to determine the risks of probable events, helping businesses and clients develop policies that would reduce the cost of that risk in insurance, pension, finance, investment and other industries & professions. Financial models are utilised to judge the company’s ability to combat adverse economic or business conditions. Financial modeling plays vital role in risk management and business planning.For acquiring financial modeling training in Kolkata, I have been searching an institute that laids emphasis on practical learning with good reputation and recognized certification. IIM skills being an Indian Institute and seems more reliable, I would prefer to join it. With its opportunity to attend free demo session I would like to register and experience the learning methodology, and the course structure.

  • Hi, I am a Tax Consultant. Financial Modeling is the prominent skill that will help me remain above the increasing number of CA’s and carve a niche for climbing a ladder to success in this changing corporate landscape. I am willing to explore new arenas in the financial sector such as research, analysis, project finance management, forex analysis etc. So, without wasting much time on researching anymore, I would like to conclude my opinion by registering for a free demo invite. Thanks

  • I have a master’s in business administration and 2 years of experience in a kolkata-based industry. With the current financial market, this course looks to be the best option to qualify me for a good role in the market. I have some questions regarding the financial modeling course in kolkata. Please advise me of a suitable online course in financial modeling that would be helpful. I have not much experience in the finance sector. Is there a demand for financial modeling? What career opportunities do you have after you finish the course?

  • I’m pursuing an MBA while working as an intern for a business. I’m having trouble managing my internship because I’m a starter, but I’ve since discovered that in order to succeed in this line of work, you need to have a solid grasp of practical knowledge. This is the reason I’ve been looking for a course to take after my internship is over. I performed some online research and found that the best way for me to increase my effectiveness would be to enrol in a financial modelling course in Kolkata. I may thus enrol in this course. It would be great if you could offer advice on the optimal course details.

  • I’m completely perplexed as to what courses I can pursue after graduation. I did some research on the many online and offline courses that are offered. I heard of a financial modelling course in Kolkata and wanted to learn more. I was curious about the employment alternatives available to me after completing this course. I’m also curious if this is a good course for a newbie like myself to take. I’d also like to be pointed to a few good institutes that provide financial modelling courses and it would be great to attend a trial or demo class to have all my doubts answered there .

  • Hello, my name is Shubham. I have completed my 12th and am now searching for online financial modeling courses to help me with my studies. I want to upgrade my skills with a course that is not only practical but also imparts knowledge that is helpful to me. This course can also add some weight to my job search. This course was suggested to me by some friends who have done this course from IIMskills. They were satisfied with this course and told me to join as soon as I can. Can I know the fee structure and the timings for the batch?

  • I’m currently employed by an insurance company. I’d like to improve my skills and add a certification to my résumé so that I can hunt for better work opportunities. After doing some research on the internet about various financial courses, I came across a financial modelling course In Kolkata that seemed to have a lot to offer in terms of professional progression. It would be helpful to learn about potential employment opportunities after completing the course, as well as the salary increase I can anticipate after enrolling in an online financial modelling school. I’ll read up on more institutions that offer this course to get a better idea and will enrol in one once I am sure.

  • I’ve am working as a consultant. I’m currently looking for a training to help me improve my client services and deliver quality. I heard about the financial modelling course from a friend who is doing this course and decided to take it. Given my history, I believe I will be able to learn this course quickly. But I am confused if I should I take this course right now or after I finish my current job? I’m seeking for a financial modelling course in Kolkata as I am based out of here. When and for how long will the online course be held, given that it is an online course?

  • Hi, I’m from Kolkata. I read the article on financial modeling courses in Kolkata. There are lots of new businesses here in Kolkata. Is there a scope for financial modeling in Kolkata? I’m looking for a financial modeling course that’s short and something not too technical for me to understand so that I can communicate it easily. Thanks for the write-up. I work in a firm here. I am not planning to leave the job right now so could you help me by explaining whether or not I can study this course along with my current job? Thank you very much

  • Hello. Does this course have any relevance to the non-banking sector? I work in an FMCG company here in Kolkata and there seems to be a lot of inventory management that requires excel. I have tried using some excel courses on youtube and some other paid sites but they seem to be lacking when it comes to managing the data I use. Main problem is putting together the vast inventory of products is quite difficult. So I’m looking at a number crunching course that is similar to picking stocks. Found this financial modelling course in Kolkata and have been keen to understand if it can cover inventory management. Thank you. Regards, Mausmi Banarjee.

  • Hello, my name is Shweta. I am searching for financial modeling courses in Kolkata. Can you please suggest to me some so I can look into it and join this course soon. I am a student. I have completed my 12th and looking for some options for my portfolio. As it is an important course for anyone with an interest in financial market it will add some weight to my job search in the future. What skills do I have to possess in order to pursue this course. Would you suggest online or in classroom as a mode for the learning. Thank yiu.

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