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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses In Chennai

Don’t you hate when you need to do your taxes? You have to navigate through a sea of tax laws, forms, and documents. But, alas, there is no avoiding tax time. Keeping track of your earnings, savings, and expenses can make filing taxes simple. For the students in the field of finance and taxation, we have come with bearing good news. Are you from Chennai and exploring joining the professional industry? Then Business Accounting and taxation course is your way into this world. Here is the list of the top 10 institutes for Business Accounting and taxation courses in Chennai. 

Business accounting and taxation course in Chennai

Learn a few basics before digging into the best business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai.

What is the Need for a BAT Course?

Most businesses fail because of mismanagement. They do not know how to manage monetary resources efficiently. This can be done very effectively with proper accounting and taxation. If you want to succeed in this competitive business world then you need to be on top of your accounting and taxation act.

How does a company uphold its accounts? How do they prepare their cash flow and profit and loss ratios? How much money should you pay tax on? These are the types of questions that could be answered by learning accounting and taxation. In this fast-paced world of modern technology, every second counts.

For the youth of the present decade, technology has become the most influential thing in their lives. It is not some vague notion anymore; it has been integrated into our daily life. At the same time, there are still many people who have yet to get to know about the world of the Internet and e-learning.

Business Accounting and Taxation is a very important part of the commerce field and Financial Accounting.  It is one of the most important parts of the commerce field. You can make a lot of money from it if you know everything about it. A most entrepreneur runs their businesses in their account.

And they take care of their financial issues and taxes by themselves. But for that, you should have good knowledge of business accounting. Whether you are running a large-scale business or operating a smaller scale one, accounting and taxation are two very important aspects of commerce.

You need to have a good knowledge of finance to succeed and make a profit in today’s competitive world. Business accounting is an important part of any business to keep it growing and in the black. Companies have to track expenses, profits, credit accounts, sales revenue, and more to stay afloat and make sure they are performing as well as expected.

Accounting and taxation are two terms that are used most commonly in business. They both deal with the usage and management of the company’s assets. A company’s finances can either make or break the company if not handled well.  There are two types of accounting that you will probably come across in the business world, namely; Direct and Indirect.

As a small business owner, you need to be familiar with these different accounts because it directly affects how you should run your business. The type of accounting used by a company depends on the nature of its business. However, most businesses can use both types because they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Since all the forms of a business are digital, it is very important to safeguard them from all types of hacking or other errors. Such errors and bugs may cause a lot of money loss and problems. That is why any type of online accounting software should come with some kind of user guide.

No wonder why so many people are fascinated by the financial markets and love to watch stock market trends or read about earnings reports. Of course, there is a difference between business accounting and other forms of accounting, but there are a few basic principles that hold in both cases.

The importance of the business accounting and taxation course lies not just in understanding the functions of the finance sector, but also in learning how financial decisions are made. This is not an easy job. Many factors might come into play for making a decision and it requires a lot of knowledge to understand them all.

Business Accounting and Taxation Course’s Length is generally from 3 to 6 months. Business Accounting and Taxation Course in India was established to bring accounting and taxation knowledge to every industry, domestic or international. The course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of people who have a commerce background but are not aware of accounting and taxation in depth.

The finance industries are wide and huge. The accounting job market is growing in all the major countries across the world. The financial management sector is also growing at a reasonable speed. All these jobs have several streams of different branches and also have a variety of functions involved in them.

This makes the accountants who are properly educated more and more in demand today, compared to even 10 years ago, because the complexity of accounting is increasing day by day because of the different technological advancements and developments.

Here Are the Other Most Demanded Courses in Chennai

There Are Two Categories of Taxes in India

  • Direct Tax: All the taxes that are directly paid to the government from a taxpayer such as Gift tax, property tax, and income tax. All these taxes are non-transferable.
  • Indirect Tax: All the taxes which are not mandatory to any particular person, it is levied on the goods and products an individual needs to buy. Excise duty, value-added tax (VAT) and customs duty are indirect taxes.

As the world of business progresses, so do its concepts such as accounting, taxation, and financial management. India is one of the largest developing countries and following the booming scenarios in India the need for professional company employees is also on a rise.

The field of business accounting is a gateway to the world of opportunities to excel in your professional career as well as self-employment. CPA is one of the lucrative job profiles that offer hugely attractive salaries and a bright career path. The youth of today want to solve financial and other problems on their own even after they are settled.

While some start businesses and become entrepreneurs others look for jobs in the corporate world. The corporate sector offers lucrative salaries, commissions, bonuses, and incentives along with an attractive job profile. Building a successful career through online courses is not an easy task.

The reason behind it is the presence of numerous online programs that are appearing daily in the online market. That’s why students fail to select only one program. Hence, they don’t achieve their desired results. They miss out on some opportunities which could have brought them a stable career in their life.

Here are Business Accounting and Taxation Course Details

The word “business” is not defined exactly but in this case, it refers to modern business and commerce, particularly in the field of accounting. Business accounting deals with all the principles and practices of financial management and taxation.

Therefore, beginners can also get through into the regular B.Com program after a year or two more of classroom sessions and field training. So, if you wish to be distinguished in your company and field, then you can certainly go for these courses and stand out from the crowd.

But you need to understand that this is also a very difficult course and you may feel that it’s hard to understand the contents of this course. Without wasting much time let’s get started and explore the Courses online here is the list of Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai

1. BAT Course In Chennai – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the most prestigious institutes for online learning in Chennai. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute offers online professional courses pan India and even transcends international boundaries. Due to its well-defined and structured courses, the institute has amassed immense popularity from people across the world.

The IIM SKILLS Master BAT Course is one of its classic courses that impart deep knowledge in the domain of business accounting and taxation. The course is exhaustive yet comprehensive making it one of the best business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai.

Course Name: Business Accounting & Taxation Course

Recognized by: Govt. of India

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Admission Criteria: Pursuing Graduation, Graduation or Equivalent

Program Fee: 34,900 + 18% Taxes

Placement Support: 100% Placements & 1 Month Assured Internship

Mode of Delivery: Live Online Zoom Classroom

Next Batch:

Weekday Batch - 30th April 2024

Every Tue, Wed & Thur - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (IST)


Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Business Accounting
  • Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally
GST and GST in Tally
  • Basics of GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST Filing
TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Basics of TDS
  • TDS in Tally
  • TDS filing
Payroll and Payroll with Tally
  • Basics Payroll
  • Payroll with Tally
Income Tax with Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax with Tally
  • Income Tax E-Filing
Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting
  • Advance Excel
  • MIS Reporting and Financials

BAT Course Features:

  • Master certifications
  • Expert trainers and faculties
  • Flexible hours and batches for working pupils
  • Free access to LMS (lifetime)
  • 100% Practical Acquisition
  • Post-training assistance

 Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2. BAT Course In Chennai – National Institute of Finance Markets (NIFM)

NIFM is an institution that has been aiding students with their professional certifications for several years now. The institution provides several professional courses, including content writing and technical writing. NIFM has been voted as the best institution for skills development, with IT professionals from organizations across the country and the globe.

The institution has had numerous success stories where it has helped students secure high-paying jobs at premium companies in India and abroad within weeks of joining NIFM.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – 6 Months

Price – 45000+GST

Course Features:

  • Six modules course with detail-oriented chapters
  • 80% course is based to upskill your practical knowledge
  • Flexibles hours
  • Experts’ guidance and training
  • Classroom-based learning

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3. BAT Course In Chennai – Udemy 

Uplatz is a partner with Udemy and provides accounting & tax courses. If you’re looking for improvement in your career, look no further. They are the best experts in the industry who will help you to achieve your goal of accounting and taxation. Uplatz offers you courses that contain all the relevant coursework.

They do not diverge from the core of budgeting and management which can help you get benefited in your career. They are an expert team that teaches their clients about the FAQs that are related to SAP or other accounting matters. You will be able to get in touch with them through their forum, Facebook or Twitter accounts easily.

You can also directly contact them by email or phone if you are facing any difficulty or have questions regarding these courses and lectures.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Price – 1280 INR

Course Features:

  • Lifetime access to tools and LMS
  • Certification courses
  • Accessible on TV and Mobile both.
  • On-demand video for learning

4. BAT Course In Chennai – EduPristine

EduPristine is a self-paced learning organization (SLO) based in Chennai. It provides students with quality education in a wide range of online courses including business, finance, accounting, marketing, analytics, and healthcare.

In a bid to contribute to society, they developed the practice exam series which contained over 1200 questions and answers regarding various undergraduate level direct taxes courses like GAAP Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Reporting, Auditing, and Banking and Finance among others.

They specialize in offering high-quality learning opportunities that are flexible, simple, transparent, and best of all, affordable. These made learning here a rewarding experience for the students.

Course Label– Business Accounting & Taxation courses

Duration – 6 Months

Course Features:

  • Certification course
  • Expert guidance
  • Student aid center
  • Batches are limited to 20-25 students only
  • Offers career services after the completion of the course
  • Job placement

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5. BAT Course In Chennai –  Coursera

​Coursera is one of the best online learning websites that provide certifications and degrees at an affordable price. Some universities and colleges have collaborated with Coursera providing beneficial discounts to students. There are courses on Coursera that offer certification upon completion, which are designed by top universities and institutions. Coursera is one of the best platforms to advance your career and educational goals.

It’s helping people from different backgrounds advance their skills and discover new professions and avenues for self-development. The popularity of these sites inspired several other providers to begin offering online courses through web portals, such as CourseSites, Udemy, and EdX.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – No restrictions

Price – Free enrollment additional fees for Quizzes and certificate

Course Features:

  • 100% Learning
  • Experts feedbacks and guidance
  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Certification course

6. BAT Course In Chennai – City Commerce Academy

The City Commerce Academy (CCA) deals with the accounting and taxation course. This course expertizes in providing all components of Business Accounting, Accounts Expert, and Tax Expert.

The accounting and taxation course offered by CCA has always been best suited for candidates who are looking for quick entry into the corporate world. It is an ideal course for those aiming to provide small businesses with comprehensive business management training.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – 40-50 Days

Price – 17,500 INR

Course Features:

  • Online mode of learning due to the pandemic
  • Free trial available
  • Flexible hours
  • Hindi sessions are also available
  • Certification course

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7. BAT Course In Chennai – ICA Edu Skills

ICA Edu skills are the best accounting training institute in India which delivers the right combination of high-quality education to all students. The main reason behind its popularity is they follow its motto and aim to provide an affordable and easy way to study accounting.

The teachers of this institute are highly trained and intelligent. They give the best education with real-time examples and past experiences to students, also they provide the best placements with 80% Jobs through training.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – 18 Months

Course Features:

  • Certification course
  • Student Assistance and Support
  • 30+ placements cells
  • Multiple career options and guidance

8. BAT Course In Chennai – Synergy SBS

Synergy SBS is a reputed education institute in Delhi. It offers various courses like management, CA and CS education, etc. Synergy SBS Business Accounting and Taxation course include Business taxation, which teaches students to find the sources of taxation with the help of tools such as budget statements, budgets, and other tax-related information through accounting skills and techniques to reduce their tax burdens. It enables them to calculate their tax liabilities applied to business income.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – 120 hours of session

Course Features:

  • Industry oriented course
  • Assistance center 24*7
  • Flexible hours
  • Provides study notes

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9. BAT Course in Chennai – Sai Infosys Company

Sai Infosys is also one of the most reputed institutes for computer training. The establishment specializes in computer language and programming, accounts, finance, web designing, communication, DBA training, and Dot net. The organization also provides training for web designing and communications.

Apart from operations across South India, on a pan-Indian basis, the institute is also part of many State Government projects which have instilled confidence in the interest for good quality education. They have well-qualified faculty members who deliver sessions with innovative methods for students to learn specializations that suit them.

Course Label– Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Course Features:

  • Students Aid center
  • Flexible hours
  • Online and offline means of classes are available
  • Weekend classes and fast track option are also available
  • Certification course

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10. BAT Course in Chennai – The Institute of Professional Accountants

The Institute of Professional Accountants offers the accounting and taxation course with the name Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation Course (DTL). The online course also provides a practical account of knowledge that can be utilized by candidates immediately in the field.

This is the portal that provides you with details about all the courses/seminars conducted by the Institute as well as online courses such as Basic Computer Knowledge Course, Information Technology Audit Course, and more. IPA PGT has been initiated to enable professionals to get a comprehensive understanding of the Indian taxation system.

The practical experience and expertise, the faculty members of IPA possess, coupled with their expertise in providing cutting-edge solutions to taxation-related problems makes the student achieve excellence in their skills over some time. The Faculty enrolled for this course is one of the best in the country.

Course Label – Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.

Duration – 3 Months

Course Features:

  • Certification course
  • Flexible hours
  • Students help center
  • 100% job placements


Q1. What is a tax diploma?

A tax diploma is a one-year certification course in Taxation. It deals with practical areas of finances such as direct and indirect taxes.

Q2. What are the career options after completion of business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai?

After the completion of the BAT course, one can pursue an Accounting Manager, Accounting supervisor, and Accounting Assistant.

Q3. What is the eligibility for business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai?

Anyone with a background in Commence can pursue the BAT course.

Q4. What is PGP-BAT?

PGP-BAT is an academic 6-month certification course, that wants to excel in the field of Business Accounting and taxation.

Q5. What is Salary after the BAT course?

2 lakhs-8 lakhs per annum


With thousands of young graduates ready to get into the field, it becomes necessary for a company to seek applicants with a specialization in numbers. The Business Accounting and Taxation Course is considered one of the most coveted courses among business students. These courses not only teach you to do business accounting but to perform a tax audit, stock analysis, and management accounting. With hundreds of colleges available, narrowing down your search is not easy.

Unlike most other online colleges, the majority of our best online accounting schools provide their students with actual office experience. Your thirst for knowledge, your desire to master the subject, and your ability to work hard and learn efficiently can be measured only by you. But then again, our BAT course helps you accomplish this feat. With this course, you can make an effective career in the field of business accounting. You can also take advantage of the range of courses offered by Business Accounting & Taxation Online.

If you want to improve your income level and get a formidable career, then you must enroll in one of the best accounting college accounting and taxation courses. A number of colleges offer tax accounting and tax software training. You can choose any of the tax accounting companies that provide training including several computer-based online courses. Go through this list of top ten institutes for Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai, pick your fit and carve your own destiny to your success.

  • In order to increase my chances of landing a job, I was looking for a course to take. I enjoyed reading your work and found the in-depth analysis to be quite helpful. Regarding the business accounting and taxation course in Chennai , you have addressed all of my queries. The list is thorough and includes all pertinent details about the programmes provided by major online institutions. The article gives a great explanation of the prerequisites for a business accounting and taxation course and its significance in the financial sector and for those looking for a better job after completing the course.

  • I was curious to learn more about business accounting and taxation course in chenna after reading your write up, I will be sure to start with the course as soon as I can. I researched online on the topics and modules that are being covered. Can you tell me about the various types of jobs I’ll be able to apply for when I complete this course? What skills do I need to have before entering this course? What do you charge for this course? Can you send me the details to enroll myself in your course I want to learn this course from IIMSKILLS.

  • Hi, I am Biju Reddy. I am an accountant in an MNC in Chennai. I have 5 years of experience working in the finance industry. I have never heard about this course in my experience. I think this is a new course that is out here for peolpe interested in financial market to learn. I have not read the course structure though. I am working on developing my skills on the side. I was looking for business accounting and taxation course in chennai after Inheard about this course. There is a lot of information in this blog plz help me find a course for me. Thank you.

  • I recently graduated from in B.com and joined my family’s firm, which handles taxation for a variety of businesses. There is a lot of competition out there, and I’d like to learn more about taxation so that we can provide our clients with the most up-to-date tactics. I learned about business accounting and taxation course in Chennai through a friend, and I looked it up on the internet. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their financial skills and learn about current industrial trends because it has a lot to offer. I also believe that the majority of colleges that offer this course have a demo class.

  • I recently graduated from a college with a B.com degree and joined a friends start-up. I am very tech savvy and am connected to the digital world, I wanted to learn about business accounting and taxes courses so that we can provide our clients with the most up-to-date practises. I was introduced to this course by a friend who told me about business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai. I checked it up on the internet and found it. Is this course is really recommended for anyone who wants to improve their financial skills and learn about current industry trends ? I just wanted a second opinion to be very sure

  • My name is Rajneesh and I am an accountant in Chennai . I recently moved here and was looking for this course as there is a huge demand for individuals with this skill . While I was researching about jobs and the requirements before pursuing business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai, I came across this article and it has gotten me interested in learning this course. Can someone like me take this course? If yes, will it be manageable with my duties? I want to know if all the institutes listed in your article will cover what’s mentioned in your course highlight summary . Thank you

  • I am a commerce graduate currently interning at an accountancy and finance firm . I want to grow and be an asset to my company through contribution of skill set. I have a keen eye for finance and I am looking to join a business accounting and taxation course in Chennai as it will be very useful for someone like me who wants to know more about the finance and taxation industry. Can you suggest some career options I can look at after completing the course ? I also want to know if I can pursue this course along side my job ? If yes then please direct me to a good institute providing this course

  • Which of these courses listed is better suited for an MBA Graduate. I have done my MBA degree from chennai and I was wondering if I can pursue one of these business accounting and taxation courses in chennai only and help my resume and skills. I am sure a BAT certificate will be a nice addition to my services. Also I was wondering if the quality of the course has anything to do with the length of the course as some of these courses have less duration than others. Would you mind helping me with this query? I would enroll as soon as I am cleared with my doubts.

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