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Top 7 Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the major education centers in Southern India. The city boasts more than 50 schools and multiple private and public colleges for students interested in engineering, medical, arts, and commerce.  Apart from professional courses, many private institutes offer certificate or postgraduate courses which are tailor-made to current industry requirements are also offered. In this post, we have explored the top private institutes which offer business accounting and taxation courses in Coimbatore to launch aspiring students into glorious professional careers.


Business Accounting and Taxation course in Coimbatore


What is the Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course?


Every business in existence today sells products or services and charges its customers with the intention to make a profit. Any business which manufactures or sells products or services also incurs the cost for purchase of raw materials, labor, electricity, or any resource physical or digital which could help them complete the sale and deliver value to its customers.


After completing the purchase transactions for inputs required by the business and sale transactions with its customers the business needs to record each transaction in a specific way which helps them to identify the total costs incurred, sales, and profits made by the business which is very important for the business to grow organically.


In a BAT course, the participant who is normally already a commerce graduate is taught the relevant subjects and concepts actually used in the industry today by a variety of businesses for accounting purposes. Since a business is also an entity it is liable to pay direct and indirect taxes based on the products and services sold.


There are rules for all the different types of taxes being levied on businesses in India today.  These rules undergo changes depending on the policies and reforms introduced by the central and state governments. The business is also expected to pay income tax to the government on the net profit made during a certain financial year.


The participant in this course is made aware of all the different taxation laws and also receives necessary training which helps him/her to keep a track of official Government Resolution (GR) and state or central government announcements made during the yearly budget.


Hence the details and benefits of doing a business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore are mentioned in this article which will help aspiring accounting professionals choose the right next step in their careers.



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Why Should You Choose the BAT Course in Coimbatore?


Many courses are being offered in the field of accounting and finance in India. India is also on the verge of a boom due to an increase in the number of new companies starting each year. The scale of the opportunity can be judged by the fact that more than 20,000 job openings are available for interested candidates just on a single online portal such as Naukri.


Large businesses often select candidates who have completed their Chartered Accountancy due to the knowledge and experience gained by the candidate during their journey to become a Chartered Accountant.


Hence commerce graduates freshly out of college or who lack the necessary industry exposure and practical experience are overlooked due to their incomplete skill set. With the BAT course, these commerce graduates are offered the platform to upskill themselves and compete with other professionals such as a CA or CFA.


As a professional who has completed the BAT course from a reputed institute or academy, you will be able to learn the various components, and sections relevant to a particular industry type and provide the necessary expertise to start-ups and new entrepreneur ventures which have no knowledge on how to manage their accounts and are ready to pay even premium for these services.


This course also prepares you for the job requirements other than the accounting techniques by providing you with the necessary grooming in terms of soft skills and personality development which makes it easier for the candidate to fit in any industry.


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What Are the Job Opportunities?


After successfully completing the BAT course a student is better prepared for various roles such as accounting professional, accounting consultant, finance specialist, tax auditor, and many such roles. There are many job opportunities in startups and small and medium businesses that cannot afford a large accounting firm but can hire an expert who can take care of all their accounting and taxation requirements.


You can offer your services as a freelancer to multiple businesses at a small cost enabling you to establish your business in the process. The business which usually sees the accounting and taxation aspect as an expense is more than happy to outsource the task to a freelancer than hiring a full-time employee who would definitely cost more.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the BAT Course?


There are no entrance exams or tests conducted for the selection of students in the certification program offered by most institutes in Coimbatore. Most private institutes offering certification in business accounting and taxation in Coimbatore requires the participant to have cleared at least his HSC examination although participants with graduation in commerce are preferred as they get a better opportunity to grow in this career path.


Following are the 7 best institutes that offer business accountancy and taxation course in Coimbatore which will provide you with the necessary expertise to land that dream job.


7 Business Accounting and Taxation course in Coimbatore


1. BAT Course In Coimbatore –  IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS is the pre-eminent institute that provides the best business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore. This 360-degree program aims to impart A to Z knowledge on business accounting and taxation to make your job-ready as soon as you complete the course.




Delivered by some of the top CAs in India, the course puts equal focus on theoretical and practical skills for better functionality. The expert with a wealth of experience has developed the course keeping in mind the core areas of business accounting. And the best part about this online business accounting and taxation course is that it is constantly updated as and when new updates and trends arise. Moreover, you get access to updated knowledge free of cost through LMS support.


The Master BAT Course program comes with innumerable benefits including but not limited to lifetime access, internship opportunities, placement assistance, interview preparation, resume drafting, and post-training assistance. A strong advocate of practical applicability, IIM SKILLS ensures you get enough hands-on experience to be able to enter the industry and make room for yourself.


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2. BAT Course In Coimbatore – Master Mind Tally Academy


Master Mind Tally Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes offering business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore since 1998. The academy offers beginner and advanced level training in Tally ERP which is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning software used for providing accounting services to businesses.


The founder and promoter of the institute Mr. K.Mohan has more than 25 years of experience in the corporate world. They have experienced faculty sharing the necessary experience with the candidates and the syllabus designed by the faculty covers countries like India, the U.S, the U.K, and UAE.


The academy offers courses on Tally on three different levels; standard advanced 1 and advanced 2.


Standard: The standard course offered by the academy is designed to prepare the students for providing expert services to small and medium enterprises. The course syllabus covers 25 subjects in 30 classes and deals with concepts such as GST, handling of financial accounts, managing the inventory transactions related to banking, and many such topics. The fee for the course as per their website is INR 5000/-


Advanced Level 1: This course offers the students more advanced capabilities to handle large companies along with small and medium-sized businesses. This course equips them with the ability to handle transactions in foreign currencies and upskills them to handle complicated accounts related to the manufacturing and processing industries. The fee for this course is INR 7000/- and the course has 30 subjects which are covered in 35 classes.


Advanced Level 2: This is the most advanced level course offered by the Master Mind Tally Academy. Along with small, medium, and large businesses the students participating in this course are prepared to handle the complexities and challenges associated with corporate clients.


Concepts related to capital goods, Inputting transactions related to credit cards, capital goods, and tracking of cost of purchase tracking are some of the 35 subjects that are taught in this course. The fee for the course is INR 9000/- and 40 classes of 1.5hour each are required to complete the business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore offered by the institute.


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3. BAT Course In Coimbatore – FITA


FITA is one of the leading training academies in Tamil Nadu with branches in Madurai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and various parts of Chennai. It trains students in IT and non-IT specializations. They have a team of specialized faculty with more than 10 years of experience in the industry which gives them an edge over their competition.


They have the backing of more than 20000 students who have been part of their various course offerings. They have one of the most in-demand courses offering in the form of business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore. The academy offers a unique way of training in Tally ERP 9 and handholds the students from the foundation level to the expert level.


From simple debit-credit transactions, and GST filing to stock transfers, sales vouchers, and much more concepts are taught in a hands-on approach where the student learns by working as an accountant from day one. This is a certification course with both online and offline options with multiple batches.


Along with the technical aspects of the topic, the course also deals with soft skills to groom the participants in leadership and team player roles for a better chance at pivotal roles in the industry.


The institute also offers placement services to its students completing the Tally certification course successfully. The course fee information although not available online, the institute is flexible enough to allow students to pay in installments.


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4. BAT Course In Coimbatore – Genesis Tally Academy


Genesis Tally Academy is another renowned institute that focuses entirely on training its students in business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore. The institute has developed its own unique method of training the students with a learning approach rather than a classroom-only teaching methodology.


They have a one-to-one ratio of computers in their labs which the students can actually use to practice and learn the theoretical concepts taught in the class. The major courses offered by the institute are Tally ERP 9, Introduction to GST, and GST using Tally ERP 9.


Apart from these featured courses the academy also offers diploma courses in business accounting and office automation along with professional and advanced courses in Microsoft Excel. Some of the highlights of the course are the highly experienced faculty, software installations that are done free of cost, authentic certifications, and grooming the candidate during the placement process.


The institute also offers 100% assistance in placing the students in industries. The academy is also authorized by Tally Education Private Limited which makes the course content very authentic and grants high recognition among industry experts.

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5. BAT Course In Coimbatore – Accopedia


Accopedia is a Chennai-based institute that has launched a business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore. With an experience of more than 25 years between its founding members, accopedia is one of the most trusted names in Coimbatore for an accounting course.


The institute claims to have provided training and coaching to more than 50,000 students. They offer practical training and teach by experience on topics of finance, taxation, and accounting. They have tied up with a lot of other professional institutions and have designed a certification course on GST to be offered to the students through the college campuses.


The institute offers multiple courses which are tailor-made for student requirements. They have a foundational course called first account to prepare the student for basic accounting jobs offered in the industry.


Accountant plus is offered to candidates with a strong foundation and who want to upskill to management-level opportunities in the industry. They also have to know your numbers specially designed course for people with a family business who are interested to learn the world of accounting and finance before starting to work in the family business.

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6. BAT Course In Coimbatore – College of Commerce


The College of commerce is a relatively newer institute starting in January 2020 and offers a residential program for commerce students to learn accounting concepts through full-time and part-time accounting courses.


Starting with the objective to be a pioneer in the education industry in the commerce field, the institute had vastly focused on providing its students the best possible environment to hone their skills with the help of practical knowledge and industry experts who prepare them to be the right fit as an accounting or a finance professional in any industry.


The founder of the College of Commerce Dr. Karunakaran Kulandaivelu has more than 35 years of industry experience and has set up a team of highly specialized management team which makes this institute to be a top choice for business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore.


The institute offers residential full-time programs along with part-time programs, customized sessions, and integrated programs where the existing professional courses like CA, and CMA are integrated with the institute’s syllabus, and trainers are sent to the associated colleges for providing additional insights into the learner’s existing curriculum.




7. BAT Course In Coimbatore – ICA Edu Skills


ICA Edu Skills is one of the fastest-growing training institutes in the country with more than 200 training institutes across the country. It is widely known for its development initiatives and offers an industry-best business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore.


It has received numerous awards for its training and quality of course content. It offers various certification courses tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry and prepare its students in the art of accounting and finance.


The institute offers online and offline classes for all its courses and students must choose an approach they are more comfortable with. The institute also guarantees 100% placement assistance for all the students enrolled in any of its courses.


  • Certified Industrial Accountant

This course is not a simple beginner course and prepares the candidate with most of the accounting techniques which would make him a desired candidate by the industry. It is the most preferred course by the students choosing to finish their business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore.


The duration of the course is 12 months and the eligibility criteria for the students is at least 12th or a graduate. The course covers accounting techniques used in business, advanced accounts, GST, and many such topics. The cost of the online course is 40,000/- and comes with a job assurance rather than a job guarantee which is offered by the institute to students going for its offline classes.


  • Certified Industrial Accountant Plus

This course contains all the features of the CIA course and adds even more details in its course offering for the CIA plus course. The duration of the course is 18 months and covers SAP, MCA, and Ind AS among other course features. The eligibility criteria for the students are the same as for CIA courses including a similar fee structure for online and offline courses.


  • Certified Industrial Accountant Foundation

The institute also offers a 6-month foundation course that prepares the student for starter roles in the industry where they can work as a business accountant in an existing team. The course covers all the basics and provides the necessary practical experience for the student to get selected as a fresher in the industry.


  • Certified Industrial Accountant Express

This is another offering in the course where you can expedite your learning process and be industry ready in just 4 months. The online course costs 30,000/- and can be completed in only 3 months. The offline course, though a bit more expensive, can be completed at their institute in 8 months.


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Frequently Asked Questions on BAT Course In Coimbatore


1) What are the chances of getting a job after completing the BAT course?

The chances of securing a job after completing the BAT course are very high. A lot of people have ventured on successful career paths due to the skill development, they have experienced due to the course. Almost all the institutes offering the business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore offer placement assistance to the participants who successfully complete their certification courses. Some of them provide assurances or even guarantees on jobs being offered to the candidates after completion of the course. Although the final offer to any student will depend on the profile and the expertise the student can demonstrate during the selection process.


2) What is the fee structure for the course?

Depending on the course dynamics such as the duration of the course, syllabus, and even the brand value of the institute offering the course, the fee for the course may range between INR 5000/- to even 50,000/-. For all the courses the payment needs to be made before the course even starts, but some of the institutes may offer financial assistance to deserving candidates in the form of part payments. The type, of course, that is selected also impacts the final job opportunities received by the candidate.


3) What salary can be expected after completing the business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore?

The minimum payment that is usually offered to a fresher who has completed their BAT course is 2 lac/annum. But depending on your profile and experience in the industry this amount may go up to 4-6 lacs/annum. The more expertise, domain knowledge, and industry experience you bring to the table, the better chances are that the company would be interested to pay a premium for your services. For people offering freelance services to businesses, the annual earnings can reach up to 10,000 based on the quality of services provided to the clients.


4) Can the BAT course be done along with a graduation degree such as BCom?

There is no specific requirement or prerequisite for participating in a certification program for business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore. You can complete this course during your BCom or any other graduate degree in commerce. Most of the institutes also offer online courses which make it possible for the student to upskill from even a remote location or while doing a job.


5) Can this course be done without any prior accounting knowledge?

Yes, this course can be done without any foundational knowledge of accounting concepts. Although it would really kickstart your career if you have basic knowledge of accounting and related concepts since it would help you master the course content that much sooner. Being an expert in the domain is crucial for future success and prior accounting knowledge can help you to achieve expertise faster. Still, most institutes offering the business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore teach beginner to expert concepts and do not rely on the student’s past knowledge on accounting for any of the training materials.



  • Hi. I have been living in Coimbatore for two months. Since coming here I have seen many people who stay here opt for a course in finance for further studies. I was positive I will find some courses here but couldn’t and the ones they do are not up to my level. I want a basic course along with the advanced one as well. I have found out about this course on quora and was pleased with the curriculum. When Can I join at the earliest? Also, do tell me about the scope for such a course in Coimbatore I was wondering if I should pursue a business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore?

  • I’m pursuing my diploma in the field of commerce, and I wanted to enrol in another programme that would prepare me for the workforce and make it easier for me to obtain employment after I finished the course. I visited a student consultancy, where they advised me to consider a business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore because they are now quite popular. Going over the topics presented in this course was wonderful. The fact that most businesses recognise and offer strong placements for graduates of a certificate programme in financial accounting and taxation is fantastic.

  • Hi, I’m Akanksha. I wanted to become an accountant since my father is also one and I want to follow in his footsteps. I want a job in an accountancy firm that appreciates the services that I’ll provide them. I am really curious on this course whether it will be worth the time and money or not? I have asked my fathers professional opinion on the course and he like it. I would really appreciate it if you guys send me the curriculum structure to let me understand the course a bit more clearly. Will the business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore delivered online?

  • With a B.com degree under my belt, I recently joined a start-up founded by a friend. I am very tech aware and connected to the digital world, and I wanted to learn business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore so that we can deliver the most up-to-date practises to our clients. This course was recommended to me by a friend who told me about accounting and taxation courses benefits. I looked it up on the internet and was able to locate it. Is this course genuinely suggested for everyone who wants to learn about current market trends and improve their financial skills? I just needed a second opinion to make sure I was on the right track.

  • IIM SKILLS can help you if you’re looking for a trusted business accounting and taxes course in Coimbatore. The institute provides training from industry experts who train you and provide you the opportunity to engage with them and solve any doubts you have. This programme, offered by IIM SKILLS, is an intensive 4 month programme aimed at assisting students in becoming successful finance professionals in their industry. Students especially with a finance and commerce background and working professionals can all benefit from the course. I’m a data analyst for the past 10 years of expertise in this sector, and I’m glad I signed up for their course.

  • Hi, my name is Aalok. I currently work as an accountant in an MNC. I have over 5 years of experience in this field with an impressive resume for someone with this much experience I would say. I am working on developing my skills on the side too. I was looking for a business accounting and taxation course in coimbatore to add to my skillset. There is a lot of information in this blog that I wasn’t aware of thank you. I am definitely considering taking this course as I immediately want to join this course so please provide me with an enrollment form.

  • I work in the equity hedge fund in a firm for the past 3 years . Im looking to take up a course mostly catering to candidates available on the weekends alongside working. After reading your article I was interested in knowing more about it and also researched on the modules that are covered in the business accounting and taxation course . There probably are many institutes offering this course across the country but I am particularly interested in business accounting and taxation course in coimbatore . Please suggest some colleges or institutes for the same as I am looking to enrol in the next intake batch .

  • Hello. I live in Coimbatore. I am a B.Com graduate. I am trying to get a job but it is very competitive out there. I think Ihave a niche for finance and accounting. Can this course help me get better and get a job? I have read the article and now considering joining the course offered. If you could guide me it will be much appreciated. As I have seen that a lot of companies are demanding the better accountants with certification in business accounting and taxation course in Coimbatore as it is a growing field for the finance sector.

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