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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

In every possible sense, Coimbatore, better known as Covai, is second to the metropolis of Chennai in Tamil Nadu and is bustling with premier educational institutes. Technical writing courses in Coimbatore aims to provide information about the high-quality technical writing courses available in the region to help people, both new and experienced, build a career and achieve cutting-edge appeal in their writing.


Technical writing courses in Coimbatore


Coimbatore, the educational hub of Tamil Nadu, is often known as “South India’s Manchester.” Coimbatore combines a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a rich cultural past. It has demonstrated its exquisiteness by leaving its tourists amazed by the beauty, elegance, and ever-so-modest essence of the new metropolitan and its inhabitants.


Thousands of students are attracted to Coimbatore owing to its highest standard of education. This city caters to the educational needs of the entire region, and the biggest strength of this city is the mix of metropolitan and Tier 2 city features.


In terms of education quality, employment opportunities, culture, and digitization, the city is not second to any metropolitan in India; simultaneously, in terms of expense, the city retains its tier 2 city charm. The city is less expensive than a metropolitan area, which makes it affordable for people looking for the highest quality of education.


With the advent of digitization, which is welcomed by the people of this city with open arms, there has been an immense opportunity for everyone to enhance their lifestyle and earnings by leveraging the power of knowledge and the internet.


This digitization has opened novel earning avenues for people. The writing field is no exception to it. Writing has emerged as one of the most sought-after professions in recent times because, along with the freedom to operate from anywhere at any time, it also commands huge respect and an enormous amount of money, if you have honed the right skill set.


Writing is a very broad subject, and it has various types. Some of the types are content writing, creative writing, SEO-based writing, technical writing, academic writing, business writing, screenwriting, etc.

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With the growth in various streams of writing, the demand for technical writing courses in Coimbatore has grown multifold. Technical writing is the most underrated and yet lucrative type of writing. By the name of it, it sounds like it requires specific technical knowledge and not everyone can be a technical writer, isn’t it?


But let me tell you that this is the biggest myth associated with this type of writing. Definitely, a technical background is an added advantage, but not at all a blockage. This means that people with zero technical knowledge can also be excellent technical writers.


You must be scratching your head by now, in disbelief, but every word of what I have shared here is absolute truth. Hold your horses and stay tuned till the end of the article, because in this article I am going to bust your myths, one at a time, and also share a list of the best institutes offering technical writing courses in Coimbatore. First of all, let’s understand what technical writing is.


Technical Writing –


Technical writing is a sort of writing in which the author focuses on a specific topic that needs to be directed, instructed, or explained. Creative writing, academic writing, and business writing, for example, have very different aims and characteristics than this form of writing.


Simple, easy-to-understand explanations and/or directions about a specific subject are required in technical writing. It’s a simple and quick way to explain what something is and how it works.


The subject of technical writing can be one of the following:

A computer or software program, or information on how to construct a piece of furniture, are examples of tangible items.

A succession of steps that aren’t tied to a concrete object is referred to as abstract. Steps necessary to accomplish an office process are an illustration of this.


Some examples of technical writing are:

Instruction Manuals, Policy Manuals, Process Manuals, User Manuals, Analysis Reports, Product Assembly Instructions, etc.


Characteristics of Technical Writing-


Technical writing should be brief, focused, easy to read, error-free, and targeted towards a specific audience. Technical writers must strive for clarity in their writing, avoiding the overuse of technical terms and stylistic choices like passive voice and nominalizations.


Because technical papers are used in real-world settings, it should always be apparent what a technical document’s subject matter is and how to use the information supplied.


Technical writing necessitates a thorough examination of the target audience. Because the writer’s audience’s knowledge base dictates the content and focus of a document, a technical writer must be aware of their audience’s existing understanding of the material they are discussing.


Technical writing necessitates a thorough examination of the target audience. Because the writer’s audience’s knowledge base dictates the content and focus of a document, a technical writer must be aware of their audience’s existing understanding of the material they are discussing.


For example, an evaluation report summarizing the conclusions of a scientific study produced for a group of highly trained scientists, for example, will be constructed significantly differently than one intended for the general public.


It is not necessary for technical writers to be subject-matter experts (SMEs). They frequently work with SMEs to execute jobs that require more topic knowledge than they have.


Steps to Exemplary Technical Writing


  • Audience Eccentric Writing: Technical writing must be eccentric for the audience. The writing must be done while keeping the audience in mind. Let me share an example here.

A technical paper for a panel of scientists must have a different language than what should be used for the same technical paper when written for the general public.

  • Impersonal Style of Writing: The technical copy must be written from a third-person perspective as a mentor uses it for its mentees. The writing must not be opinionated.

Technical writing must be written the way it is; there is no scope for operational creativity in it. This simply means that if you are writing a user manual for heavy machinery, and the operational part will never change, there is no scope for that.

  • Keep It Simple: The writing must be simple and to the point so that the user understands the process explained in the technical paper precisely. This could simply be a list of steps to be followed to assemble machinery.
  • Exemplary Research Skills: Gather the available information, understand and analyze it thoroughly, and put the information in an easy-to-understand format for the reader. In such papers, it is very important to ensure that the novice audience will require detailed clarity.

To make the technical writing interesting for the reader, try to maintain an interactive tone. The information must be intact, which means there shouldn’t be any changes in the information, but the language of the writing can be made interesting.


The moment you are able to make technical writing readable for the general public or a kid, you have achieved an insane level of expertise in writing and making technical writing interesting and worth reading.


Requisites to Enroll in a Technical Writing Course


Now that we have understood technical writing and its usage, the question that arises is who can become a technical writer or who can make a career in technical writing. So, let me tell you, the requisites of technical writing are very basic.


Everyone who

  • is a graduate with a keen interest in writing.
  • has good communication skills.
  • has basic knowledge of the internet.


In short, anyone who has these basic skills can pursue a career in technical writing. Now, you must be thinking that simply writing won’t help. There are a lot of many aspects to writing. Who will teach about those aspects? I will share a list of some premier institutes that offer technical writing courses in Coimbatore.


Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore



The first name on the list is undoubtedly the best in the business. When it comes to writing courses, you will find a plethora of institutes offering them, but the one that tops the list is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is an online training institute based out of Delhi that offers technical writing courses in Coimbatore. The team at IIM SKILLS has trained over 14300 professionals from 30+ countries. They don’t just command the training market in India but also overseas.


Continuously Upgraded Content: Their courses are continuously upgraded and up-to-date with the industry standards to ensure the highest quality content delivery.


Team of Skilled Professionals: The team at IIM SKILLS is the best in the business. They are not just highly skilled; they are experienced, thorough professionals who make sure to get to the level of the learner to help them understand the concepts of the course they are enrolled in.


Interactive Course Design: The technical writing course is designed in such a way that it necessarily includes a major part of the after-class assignments to ensure that the students are implementing the skills in real-time.


Certification – The certificate provided by IIM SKILLS on successful completion of the course has international acceptance. Moreover, they also offer some international course-related exams for students, and on successful clearance of the exam, you can easily get an internationally accredited certificate.


Placement Assistance: This needs a special mention because they provide placement assistance and not just for the namesake. They have tie-ups with industry leaders to place their students.


24*7 Support: Their support team is super active. They have an excellent support system, and this is something not found in most institutes.


Technical Writing Master Course:


The technical writing course offered by IIM SKILLS offers 20 hours of live lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. They also offer internship and placement assistance as a part of this course. The course is in sync with Google.


The course includes technical reports, journals, scientific research, conversational writing, API documentation, and medical writing. This is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses on offer at present. The cost of the course is Rs. 14900/-. GST is an additional 18%. This serves as the milestone institute when it comes to technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2.     Udemy –


Udemy is a well-known learning platform that offers courses at a very affordable price. There are a plethora of technical writing courses on offer on Udemy with a price range of as low as 1280/-to 5000/-.


Udemy offers pre-recorded courses at dirt cheap prices, making them accessible to everyone. Each aspect of technical writing is made into a separate course. You can easily find a separate course on API technical writing, XML, software documentation, DITA XML technical writing, and the list is endless.


These courses are pre-recorded and come with lifetime access, but there are no live sessions. They have developed these courses by closely understanding the demands and expectations of the students.


Courses are segregated for beginners and experienced so that it is easy for them to choose the right course and they don’t end up paying for a course they don’t need to learn. Undoubtedly, this is one platform that has courses on offer to cater to everybody’s needs including the need for technical writing courses in Coimbatore.


The Benefits of Learning from Udemy


  • Self-paced, convenient learning
  • A plethora of courses to choose from.
  • Certificate Courses
  • A wide list of trainers to choose from


3.     Coursera –


Coursera is a global online learning platform that has partnered with universities across the world to offer courses both national and international. Coursera offers these pre-recorded courses and provides the certification once the course is completed. The maximum number of trainers you will find on Coursera are university professors.


The courses are offered with hands-on assignments, which need to be submitted for evaluation, and only after the completion of assignments will you be eligible for certification.


The technical writing course on Coursera is created and offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The course is detailed for a better understanding and has covered every aspect of writing. The Coursera course is divided into four weeks, with assignments due at the end of each week.


The instructor of the course is the Director of the Language Training and Testing Center at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This is a unique aspect of learning from Coursera. The majority of their instructors are professors at elite universities, and this is something that you don’t find on other platforms. Coursera is undoubtedly one of the leading platforms that offer technical writing courses in Coimbatore. The entire course is divided into 4 modules, totaling up to 20 hours of learning.


Advantages of Coursera Learning


  • This is a certification program, so you will receive a certificate after you have completed the course.
  • Self-paced online videos for learning as per convenience.
  • Assignments are an integral part of the course to receive certification.
  • World-class trainers, mostly professors from reputed colleges and universities.


4.     Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore by LinkedIn Learning –


LinkedIn has positioned itself as one of the most powerful professional networks. It has not only opened up new ways to engage with people across borders, but it has also made opportunities available to everybody, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity. The majority of learners choose LinkedIn Learning’s main career-changing courses.


The technical writing course is only one of the many good courses accessible here. This program is a must-see for everyone looking for the best technical writing courses in India. It covers every aspect of writing necessary to become a professional technical writer.


The program simply has the greatest hands-on learning, from understanding the construction of words to efficiently placing them in a language that may be easily presented to the audience.


The study resources on this site have been meticulously revised and are up-to-date with the most recent syllabus. There’s nothing you’ll miss about technical writing with this course and LinkedIn Learning stands out as one of the best platforms offering technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

5.     Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore by Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning


Symbiosis is a name synonymous with quality education not just in India but overseas as well. They have developed courses to cover every nook and corner of the opportunity to address the ever-changing needs of the market.


With the growing demand for technical writers in the global marketplace, the number of institutions seeking to develop excellent writers is also increasing. This is a responsibility that Symbiosis has taken very seriously. It has been continuously educating students interested in becoming technical writers. They not only train them but also assist them in obtaining work with some of the most reputed companies.


A Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management is offered by Symbiosis. This is one of India’s most well-known technical writing courses. This curriculum will provide you with a good foundation for your future as a technical writer.


Following the conclusion of the program, you have a variety of employment alternatives to consider. Business Writer, Information Designer, Online Technical Writer, Technical Web Writer, Technical Writer, and Usability Tester are all titles you’ve earned.


The program lasts two years and includes a complete curriculum as well as government-certified certificates. This institute can also cater to the demand for technical writing courses in Coimbatore.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6.     SkillShare


SkillShare has seen the most innovative blending of areas. It features some of the world’s top professionals in training and leading students towards a brighter future.


Almost all of the courses on offer are well-prepared, content-rich, and cover every little element of the subject. When it comes to the technical writing courses available on this site, the platform provides you with a variety of options and complete freedom to select the one that best suits your needs.


These technical writing courses walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of what to look for, write about, and deliver. The experts at SkillShare will lead you through the scope of technical writing in the future and how the global market will influence it for the better as you develop.


Because the trainers are usually from the industry, you get the most out of them and this particular point makes it a decent one-stop for the people looking for technical writing courses in Coimbatore.


7.     Henry Harvin Writing Academy


Henry Harvin has made a name for itself in the training industry with a wide range of courses on offer. This list would be incomplete without including Henry Harvin’s name. In terms of expertise, knowledge, and supervision, the trainers here are rated as some of the best in the industry. The majority of the trainers come from relevant industries, allowing you to comprehend and know the expectations and needs of the real world of business.


As a learner, you may be assured of receiving high-quality instruction and worthwhile possibilities. Technical writing courses are offered by Henry Harvin Education for today’s young hopefuls who want to make a name for themselves in the technical writing business. After completing the program, you will be eligible for job placement help as well as many internship options.


The technical writing course provided here is the ideal and most necessary first step toward launching a new profession in technical writing. As previously said, this form of writing requires minute detailing, Henry Harvin’s program ensures that you, as a learner, are introduced to every basic detail of producing great technical copy.




  • One of the best courses on offer in the industry
  • Placement Assistance
  • LMS Support for One Year
  • Certificate Course

These features make it a worthy service provider when it comes to institutes offering technical writing courses in Coimbatore.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is pursuing a career in technical writing a good choice?

Definitely yes, making a career in technical writing is a good choice because the work in this sector will always keep growing till the time Science and Technology exist in this world, and Science and Technology have existed forever and will exist forever till eternity.

The world can’t do without science and technological advancements, and so work opportunities will always exist for a technical writer.

The demand for a technical writer is at an all-time high, and an individual with excellent writing skills can command a very good income in return for the writing service, so it all depends on your expertise in the field and the way you capitalize on your skills.

Also, when you choose to learn from online technical writing courses in Coimbatore, you are able to learn without stepping out from your home, from the best in the world.


2. What work-from-home opportunities are available for a technical writer?

Working from home, a term that rose to prominence in the post-COVID era and became a household name, any job related to the internet and technology has an option to work from home, and at present, the industries are more than eager to provide this option to people with the right skill set.

This is similar to the Learn from Home Opportunities when you choose to opt and learn from online technical writing courses in Coimbatore. There are numerous verified websites that offer freelance work opportunities for technical writers.

Here, you can work at your convenience and you also have the option to choose the people you work with, but there is no fixed monthly income in the freelance model of working.

Even if you are in a job, a work-from-home option is available with most organizations that are technically sound. The most important part is your talent and expertise, because, based on that, you can command your work conditions.


3. How much does a technical writer earn?

Now, this is a very subjective question. With the right talent and expertise in technical writing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to earning potential.


4. Is technical writing difficult?

This is a very common question that I often come across. The solution is as straightforward as the question. The difficulty level of anything is directly related to your interest in that particular field.

Let me share an example: the most complex theories and technologies seem like a cakewalk to scientists and technologists who excel in that area or field. But at the same time, the same theories or technologies could seem difficult, like rocket science, to people who are not from the field.

It all depends on your interest, and difficulty is just a mindset. If you love to write, then you can become a writer in any of the writing fields because your love for the subject will make it seem like a cakewalk and the online domain acts like an added benefit when it comes to choosing from a plethora of technical writing courses in Coimbatore. Your attitude, determination, consistency, and discipline can help you excel in any field you set your eyes on.




In today’s fast-paced world, especially post-pandemic, internet-based work profiles have gained prominence in terms of interest and continuity. This article consists of the names of some of the best institutes in technical writing.

The reason for mentioning online training institutes is that the times are very uncertain. We are living in the shadow of a third wave, and the best part of enrolling in a technical writing course with an online institute is that the course will continue at any cost.

The internet has clearly shown that it is here to stay no matter what the situation is. During the pandemic that we witnessed in the last two years, the internet was the only thing that was operational at all times, when everything else was shut down.

So, when you enroll in any of the online courses in Coimbatore, there is a certainty that your course will be completed on time and so the online technical writing courses in Coimbatore make for a better option.

The other major reason for enrolling in an online course is that it is the only medium that has the potential to help you learn from the best in the business. Geographical barriers do not exist on this virtual platform.

Sitting at home, you can easily learn from an expert sitting in some other part of the world, even if there is a lockdown, which is not the case with offline training institutes and so the better choice is to go with online technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

The cost of training is comparatively lower in online institutes because they don’t have to spend on the brick and mortar setup. The physical setup costs a very huge amount of money to set up, whereas in the online medium you can start working at 1/5th the cost.

As a result, this medium is very cost-effective and accessible to all. This is one medium that promotes equal learning opportunities for all as an inherent nature. This reason is one of the most important reasons to opt for online technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

With this, I would like to conclude that this is a course that can get you the desired life you have been waiting to achieve all your life. Technical writing, like any other skill, has its own set of opportunities and challenges, but what matters more is your willingness to pursue a career in this field. Only your willingness and expertise will decide your future prospects in this field.

  • I am an excellent graphic designer who has also completed a course. To learn more about technical graphics, I intended to enrol in a Technical writing course in Coimbatore. My concern is how much of the course will be devoted to graphics and illustrations, as I wish to specialise in that area. Please also recommend a decent academy that will assist me with my ambitious professional advancement, keeping my query in mind. I was also curious if there is a college dedicated solely to technical picture creation we see on products. Thank you for writing this article. It was an enjoyable read.

  • I am looking for a good course for my daughter . She is currently studying in college and is very interested in writing. She takes part in many content writing courses and documents parts of her life. I want to help her find a good job in a reputed company after she completes her college. A friend of mine told me about technical writing and how it is very rewarding and respectable. This is one of the many courses I am looking at to register my daughter . I want her to sign up for the best Technical writing courses in Coimbatore. Can you guide me to a genuine academy ?

  • Hi. I am a freelance content writer, working in the health and fitness niche. very recently I came to know about technical writing and the opportunities it offers. Since 2015, when I started writing, I only stick to one domain and never explored any other niches. I read your entire post about technical writing courses in Coimbatore, and it has cleared my doubts regarding technical writing. Thank you. I am looking forward to learning technical writing skills.

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