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Top 8 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune

Are you stuck on where to take admission for the business accounting and taxation courses in Pune? Well, this article will help you identify the best course for you. First Understand, what Accounting and Taxation are. Accounting and taxation play a vital role for an organization, as through accounting, a business can record, analyze, summarize, and extract reports about their financial traction. Whereas in taxation accounting, businesses prepare tax returns and tax payments. It is a sub-section of accounting. 


Business Accounting and Taxation course in Pune


Pune is emerging as the second IT hub in India. And this city is also known for its manufacturing, automobiles, and private and government sectors. This city is also well known as the “Oxford of the East” because of its wide range of educational institutes.


And this number of businesses also creates numerous job opportunities in the field of business accounting and taxation. This article covers the Importance, scope, Eligibility criteria, and a list of top 8 Business Accounting and taxation courses in Pune.


Why Are Business Accounting and Taxation Important?


No matter how big or small the organization is, every organization has to maintain business accounting and taxation to smoothly run the business and avoid any legal consequences. This department can be handled by a team of professionals who are in many teams of large organizations or by a single person in a small firm.


It is also important because:

  • Business accounting helps businesses analyze where they are incurring their expenses and where they are making money. With the help of this, they can plan their finances.
  • Shareholders build trust in the company if the company maintains proper business accounting and pays regular taxes.
  • Taxation is a liability that every company must pay to the government. So, accountants help companies effectively manage their taxes, which in turn lowers their tax payments.


Is There Scope for a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune?


It’s a lucrative field for commerce graduates, and to do an accounting and taxation job, bookish knowledge is not enough. You will need to learn various methods, techniques, and practical experience to secure a good job in this domain. This course provides deep insight into taxation, financing, auditing, analysis, indirect taxation, etc.


And it will help you create high future prospects for yourself. Educational Institute will make you ready to handle the complexities of this role. Pune is an industrial boomtown so you will get a lot of job opportunities here. Many institutes provide placement opportunities after the completion of the course. The average salary of a fresher is 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.


A person who specializes in business accounting and taxation can pursue:

  • Junior Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounting assistant
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounting Administrator
  • Auditing Assistant
  • Tax Assistant
  • Tax Manager


Here are some other Most Popular Courses in Pune:


Criteria for Applying for Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Pune


  • Eligibility criteria vary according to the needs and requirements of the course.
  • To pursue the post-graduate program, you must be a 12th pass from a commerce background.
  • Any student, business owner, or a housewife who has 0–2 years of experience qualifies.
  • Anyone who wants to learn or improve their knowledge and wants to master in-demand accounting tools.


Must-Have Certain Skills for Accounting and Taxation Professionals 


1. Analytical Thinking: To be a successful accounting professional, one must have analytical thinking, which means one must be able to analyze and comprehend a situation so that he/she can respond to it intelligently.


2. Business Acumen: With technical and soft skills, you must have the business acumen to reach the top management of the company. It means you should be aware of economic, social, and political developments in a business environment that can have an immediate or indirect impact on the business.


3. Adaptability: The accounting profession, like the rules that guide taxation and financial reporting, is continuously changing and evolving. Accountants must always be ready to adapt to new norms and protocols, as well as technological advancements, workplace dynamics, and new client contact platforms.


4. Critical Thinking: Accountants are frequently confronted with errors, omissions, and inaccuracies that, if not discovered and remedied, can have serious ramifications for businesses and clients. To deal with these complex difficulties, accountants must take them seriously and consider all variables and potential threats.


5. Interpersonal abilities: Accounting professionals’ skill sets have been significantly impacted by the growing adoption of accounting software and artificial intelligence. Accounting professions now require empathy and relationship development in today’s tech-driven business climate.


Accountants, including certified public accountants (CPAs), may create deeper connections with customers and corporate leaders through open collaboration and trust-building, resulting in better financial outcomes in the long run. Clients demand a certain amount of participation and customer service, so this ability is especially crucial for CPAs who own and operate their accounting businesses.


6. Problem Solver: Accountants, above all else, are financial problem solvers who are in charge of avoiding regulatory and compliance concerns, recognizing market trends, and strategizing for future success. This implies using data analytics and financial reporting tools to develop accurate and easy-to-understand reports for various stakeholders in the modern accounting world.


Professional accountants must use the resources at their disposal, rather than relying on automation, to create evidence-based judgments and financial plans that correspond with their companies’ basic business goals.


Top 8 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses In Pune 


Let me help you decide, which institutes you can choose. We have listed the top 8 online and offline courses you can do in Pune.


1. BAT Course In Pune – IIM SKILLS


Founded by Vaibhav Kakkar in 2015, IIM SKILLS is an institute of global repute that provides professional courses to students, working professionals, and people from all walks of life. They have garnered immense popularity in the ed-tech space for their mastery-level courses and online interactive classes.  Top blogs and media houses have covered their statements and titled them as a leading brand in the ed-tech companies.


Aimed at facilitating training at affordable pricing, the programs at IIM SKILLS are suitable and affordable for people at all career levels. Moreover, due to its tremendous contribution to the learning space, it is recognized as a leading institute for training in writing, marketing, finance, and taxation. Riding high on success, the institute is growing and expanding to edify more and more people. Thus, helping them discern their career progress and advancements.


About The Course:


In the realm of accounting and taxation, IIM SKILLS provides one of the best Business Accounting And taxation courses in Pune. The Master BAT Course at IIM SKILLS is designed to have a substantial impact on financial business. It includes GST, Income Tax, and TDS. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses are designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in accounting or taxation.


Course Structure: 

Designed by experts with a wealth of experience, the IIM Skills BAT course is structurally modulated as follows:


Module 1: Accounting basics with Tally

Module 2: GST basics

Module 3: TDS basics

Module 4: Payroll policies and elements

Module 5: Income Tax

Module 6: Advanced Excel & MIS reporting


Course Duration: 120 hours of online classes plus 60+ hours of practical assignments.


Course fee: INR 9,900 + Taxes



Why you should choose IIM SKILLS

  • Get tools-driven training using tools like Tally, GST, Quickbooks, and Excel
  • Acquire training under top CAs.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to all the course material, session recordings, tools, and techniques
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Interview preparation sessions
  • Get hands-on with practical assignments and case studies thus, strengthening your skills for industry-specific jobs
  • Get a recognizable and shareable certificate to flaunt in your profile and resume

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]



2. BAT course In Pune – EduPristine


EduPristine was established in 2008, it provides a variety of accounting courses. The main aim of the institute is to empower students to succeed to achieve their goals and make a contribution to the community globally. It is also one of leading India’s educational institutes for finance, accounting, and analytics.


They provide online and classroom training. They have a wide network of classroom network in India. They use real-life projects and case studies to train students. And the best part is they do provide a classroom teaching facility in Pune. They provide a Postgraduate program for Business Accounting and taxation courses in Pune and Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru.


What is PGP- BAT?

Candidates are expected to have depth knowledge of accounting and are well versed with industrial methodology and a mere graduation degree does not cover all the aspects of accounting in detail so, this post-graduation program is designed by keeping these points in consideration and are trained industry-specific skills.


Course Structure:

  • Basics of Accounting 
  • Accounting in Tally ERP
  • Basics of GST
  •  GST in Tally
  • Direct Tax and Application in Tally
  • Payroll and its components
  • Excel for Accounting and MIS
  • Finalization of Financial statements
  • SAP
  • Soft Skills
  • BUSY Software


Why you should choose EduPristine

  • It is one of the leading institutes in this domain.
  • They use both practical & theoretical approaches.
  • They provide 100% job assistance.


Eligibility Criteria for this course

  • Graduates with a commerce background and the ones who want to learn Business Accounting.
  • Individuals with 0-2 years of experience want to upskill their knowledge.


Admission Process:

Applicants can apply offline or through their official website. All the information related to admission date, course structure, class timings, etc. is available on their official website. 


Course Duration: Minimum 5 months.


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3. BAT course in Pune – NIFM (National Institute For Financial Markets)- 


National Institute of Financial Markets was established in 2008, and is registered under section 1956 of the Indian Companies Act in the name of “NIFM Educational Institutions Ltd.”. The National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM) was the first to introduce a short-term job-oriented certification program for delivering state-of-the-art facilities in the financial markets industry.


It specifically addresses the requirement for financial industry personnel to be trained and placed, such as Marketing Personnel. It is one of the leading educational institutes that provides training in the stock market, taxation, business accounting, and financial market. You can get yourself enrolled in these Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune. 


They have designed the courses keeping in mind the stock market and accounting taxation industry. They Provide both Online & Offline mode of training and takes an online mock test to evaluate the understanding of the institutions.


Currently, they have classroom centers at 20+ locations in different parts of India- Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune, Jaipur, Agra, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Dehradun, etc. And they are looking forward to expanding their centers, PAN India.


About the Course

Courses provided by NIFM are as follows:

  • Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation-

 To enhance your knowledge of financing accounting you can enroll in this course. The course duration is 9 months.



If you pay in 6 Instalments- 85,000+ GST

If you pay full payment at a time- 75,000+ GST


  • Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation- It’s a short-term diploma course for 6 months.


If you will pay full payment at a time – 45,000+ GST

You can also pay in 4 installments – 55,000+GST


  • Certified Accounts Professional – This is a short duration course for 3 months.


If you pay in 3 instalments- 40,000+ GST

If you will pay full payment at a time – 35,000+ GST


  • Certified GST Professional- To get 360-degree insight on GST, enroll in this course. It is a short-term course for 2 months.

Fees- 25,000 + GST 



Undergraduates, students, entrepreneurs, and people who want to upskill their knowledge of accounting and taxation can also join the course.


Why you should choose NIFM

  • They provide job-oriented short-term and long-term skill development courses.
  • They have experience training thousands of students in the past 10 years.
  • They will provide 100% job assistance.
  • Faculty support for a lifetime.
  • You can take a free Demo class to decide if you want to join the class or not.
  • More emphasis on practical training than theoretical.
  • Internship in leading companies
  • You will get Additional personality development courses for free.


Here is a comprehensive Guide to Financial Risk Management


4. BAT Course in Pune – APG Learning: 


APG learning was established in 2013, they provide both long-term and short-term business accounting and taxation courses in Pune. They provide practical knowledge to students and keep them updated regarding the changes happening in this domain.


APG’s Certificate Course in BAT:

It has 6 different modules:-

  1. Industrial Accounting -10 hrs
  2. Tally-10 hrs
  3. Direct Taxation- 12 hrs
  4. Goods and service tax (GST).
  5. Payroll and its components.
  6. Excel And MIS


Course Fee: Rs. 10,169/- (Inclusive Taxes)

Duration:  Online training program for 85 hours (2 months)


Eligibility: Who can pursue this course

  • BCOM/MCOM/MBA Finance.
  • Non-commerce background students with a minimum of 1 year of experience.
  • CA/CS/ICWA/CFA students.


After completing this course, the student will learn Excel, MIS, Payroll, GST & IT and receive in-depth insight into accounting.


Certificate: Tally certification will be provided post-exam.


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5. BAT course in Pune – RD’s Institute Of Accounting And Taxation- 


Founded on 4th July 2017, this institute is based in Pune. The institute’s director CA Rajendra Dangi & his team provide complete training. They provide training through experienced & passionate Chartered accountants who are into practice for the last 10 years.


Anyone can learn practical accounting and taxation in 7 months with perfection. This educational institute emphasizes practical knowledge, hence their course is practical approach oriented with real-life corporate projects. You can trust this institute for Business accounting and taxation courses in Pune.


Course Duration: 7 months

Course Fee: Reasonable.


Batch Timings: 

  • Morning 7.00 to 9.00 and 9.15 to 11.15
  • Evening 9:30 to 1.00 and afternoon 1.30 to 5.00
  • Evening 6 to 8 (Special batch for the job-going people)


Eligibility: Eligibility criteria for admission

  • 12th/HSC Pass with 50% or more.
  • Any commerce Graduates & Post-Graduate.
  • Any non- commerce Graduate or Post-Graduate.
  • Any individual who is seeking promotion.
  • Businessman/Housewives who are interested in learning accounting techniques.


Why you should choose RD’s institute:

  • 100% Practical oriented.
  • Experienced & qualified trainers.
  • 100% Job guarantee.
  • Syllabus as per corporate norms
  • Person attention to each student.
  • The only institute that provides you with this course after 12th grade.


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6. BAT Course in Pune – Udemy: 


Udemy is an online platform that provides a bunch of courses in a single space. Udemy does offer courses for business accounting and taxation. If you do not find a combined course for business accounting and taxation, then you can purchase multiple courses. Always check course descriptions and the number of reviews before buying any course. You will find the most budget-friendly business accounting and taxation courses in Pune.


Why you should choose Udemy:

  • Trained & expert Professionals.
  • Students will receive the certificate after the course completion.
  • You will find very budget-friendly courses in udemy.
  • As most of the courses are pre-recorded you can learn at your own pace.


7. Coursera:


This global online learning platform was founded in 2012 by Daphne kollar and Andrew Ng. Transforming the lives of learners through a learning experience was the vision of Coursera’s founder. The best part of Coursera is they provide courses from leading universities of the world from the comfort of your home.


Why you should choose Coursera

  • You will get a high-quality curriculum at affordable prices.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Certificate after completion of the course.




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8. BAT Course In Pune – City Commerce Academy


City Commerce Academy was established in 1999 and provides quality education to students. They have designed a course curriculum based on their 20 years of research. The Director of the institute Mr. Amar jeet Singh provides complete training. They provide an online mode of training.


The best part of the city commerce academy is they provide their course 1 (Business Accounting) free for trial. You can consider joining this academy for business accounting and taxation courses in Pune.


Why you should join City Commerce Academy-

  • Printed study & practical materials are provided to the students.
  • Classes are conducted in the Hindi Language. So, the level of understanding is better.
  • Practice Projects based on real-life business.
  • Phone call support.
  • Students’ discussion Forum, discuss class-related problems with experts
  • Certificate after completion of the project.


Course Details 

They have different courses- Business Accounting, Accounts Expert, Tax expert as well as all in one (Accounts and tax expert) course. Based on your requirement, you can opt for the course.

  • Business Accounting– Basic Concept, Accounting Theories, Journal entries
  • Accounts Expert– Manual Accounts, computerized accounts, Tally ERP 9, Inventory Accounting, Reconciliation, balance sheet, miscellaneous.
  • Tax Expert– Indirect Taxes before GST, GST, Payroll, EPF, Income tax, tax deduction, and collection at source.
  • Accounts and tax expert– Business accounting, accounts expert, taxation expert, short courses.


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FAQ on BAT Course in Pune 


1. How much time is required to complete the business accounting and Taxation courses in Pune?  

The time duration varies with the institute but it will lie somewhere around 2 months-1 years.


2. Can I get a job after the BAT course?

Yes, you will. Many institutes which are mentioned above make you eligible to secure a good job as well as they provide you with placement opportunities after completion of the course. Job opportunities in this field are available in the government & private sector.


3. What is the minimum package a fresher receives after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Pune?

You will receive a minimum package of 3-4 lakh as a fresher in India.


4. Which sectors in the economy demand accounting and taxation professionals?

Finance is considered to be the fuel of the company and managing finance, Business Accounting & taxation are very important. Hence, it is required in almost all the major sectors of the economy i.e., Real estate, Professional and technical services, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Government support services, etc.




Jobs in accounting and taxation are critical to a country’s overall economic health. Certified public accountants manage their firms and offer financial and tax advice to individuals and businesses. An accountant who isn’t a Chartered Accountant can make up to Rs 4,80,000 per year. An accountant’s remuneration rises with experience. Accountants play a critical role in decision-making and long-term planning. An accountant is in charge of budgeting, controlling, and executing expenditures.


Whether it’s the purchase of a new asset or the assumption of new responsibility, estimating revenue or selling a business, or hiring or recruiting new employees, accountants play a critical role. As a result, accountants have a bright future ahead of them, and excellent accountants are in high demand everywhere. And with the guidance and knowledge of these Business Accounting and taxation courses in Pune, you will have practically oriented learning which will be very helpful in shaping your future.


  • I’ve been working in the finance sector for six years. In my experience, I have never heard of the business accounting and taxation course in Pune before until I read about it on the internet. I believe that this is a brand-new course available for those who are interested in learning about the financial market. I’m trying to improve my abilities for a promotion I am eyeing on for a long time. After learning about this programme, I began exploring for corporate accounting and taxation courses . Please help me pick the right academy mentioned on this blog. Many thanks.

  • After going through many articles on the same topic I read this one. I was surprised with how much it details the information about the course. I wanted a course that teach the practical application of the models teched in the course. However any course hat I have seen does not cover the practical stuff but just the conceptual knowledge. How are we supposed to be practically sound in using these models when we only know how it works, but don’t know how to operate. I am thankful that you took some time to write about business accounting and taxation courses in pune.

  • I am Rihaan. I learned about BAT course through my relative who has taken this course and is now in a much better position and urging me to take this course as well if I want to learn new techniques in the industry. I am keen to know more about business accounting and taxation courses in Pune. I am passionate about finance and accounting models and the way they work in a financial situation and this course as I understand will teach me more about the same in detail. This list is comprehensive and complete and helped me a lot.

  • I had registered in a course but dropped out halfway through because it required me to devote the majority of my time to it. I am now employed and would like to change occupations in order to obtain a better position with a greater salary. I was curious about business accounting and taxation course in Pune. I’d like to include a certification on my CV. Your essay is interesting, but I have a few questions. Is it worthwhile to take this course, and will I be able to find work soon after completing it? I also wanted to know which of the several institutes stated in your article is the finest to enrol in.

  • I am happy to read about the in-depth study of your article because I’ve been researching this topic on my own and haven’t been able to know about this course in such detail. You have answered every question I had about business accounting and taxes courses in Pune. The list is thorough and includes all of the pertinent information about the various academy’ courses. The post offers a wonderful breakdown of business accounting and taxes course requirements and importance in the finance sector, as well as for professionals looking for a better job after completing the course. I’m going to enrol in your course.

  • This is a well-written and well-researched article. The difficulty I am facing in the job market led me to research about business accounting and taxation courses in Pune that I could join that offer many benefits than just theoretical lectures. The institutes offered in this list aim at making their candidates’ industry ready for the finance sector. The courses also offer a variety of features in their curriculum delivered by skilled professionals. This was a worth-while read and I would join a course from this list in the near future.

  • Hi , Im Jatin from Pune and I am handling business and taxation for a small firm here for the past 4 years now . I am researching on various financial courses available online and I came across the business accounting and taxation course in pune which seemed quite detailed. As stated in your article bookish knowledge is not enough for commerce pass outs as the finance market is very competitive and candidates are expected to know a lot more. The business accounting and taxation course is an ideal course to enrol yourself in if you want to be industry ready and have useful practical skills .

  • I appreciate the detailed analysis as I have been researching this subject on my own and couldn’t find a better explanation. You have cleared every doubt that I had in my mind regarding business accounting and taxation courses in pune. The list is comprehensive and covers all the details about the courses offered by different online institutes. The post has nicely detailed business accounting and taxation courses requirements and importance in finance sector and for professionals who seek a better employment opportunity after this course. I am going to register to your course.

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