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Top 4 Financial Modeling Courses In Nagpur With Placements

Finance is one of the essential departments of any industry or nation. If the financial system collapses, all the other sectors will collapse. Financial modeling involves activities like recording, examining, and analyzing data. As a professional course, the financial modeling course is highly popular among finance and commerce students who wish to pursue a career in this field. Let us look at some of the most famous financial modeling courses in Nagpur.

Financial Modeling Courses In Nagpur

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nagpur is considered the third-largest city in Maharashtra. The city was founded around 300 years ago by the ruler Bakht Buland Shah.

The city is also famously called the ‘Tiger Capital of India’ due to the fact that it connects many of the tiger reserves in our nation to the world.

The most common language used in the city is Marathi and then Hindi. Nagpur forms the heart of Maharashtra with some of the best Marathi cuisines and cultural activities that take place here.

Over the years, the city has become the educational hub for central India with some of the best institutions and schools that are found here.

One can discover institutions here providing degree courses as well as professional courses to their students. Students can find financial modeling courses in Nagpur that would be highly beneficial to them.

Meaning of Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

A financial modeling course is a professional course that is purely job-oriented. The professional financial modeling institutes in Nagpur refer to those courses which are done by students with job motivation in mind.

Medicals, Engineering, Chartered Accounting, B.Ed, etc are all professional courses. Among these courses, chartered accounting is related to the field of finance.

But not everybody can be a chartered accountant due to the highly competitive exam and the rigorous course which requires extremely hard work and intelligence to be cleared.

 But does that mean that those doing a general degree course don’t want to get jobs? No. However, the reason professional courses are desired is due to the practical experience these courses render.

The general courses only focus on classroom lectures and examination marking with no exposure to skills. A financial modeling course would expose students to those practical areas of work that a theory class can never do.

The financial modeling courses in Nagpur are all those courses that are available to students who reside in and around Nagpur.

Professions You Can Enter Upon Completing Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

  • Bank Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Book Keeper
  • Transaction Analyst
  • Revenue Manager
  • Cost Accountant
  • Tax Manager
  • Forecasting
  • Cashier

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Basic Skills Needed to do the Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

Skills needed to do a course are not the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are mentioned by financial modeling institutes in Nagpur depending upon the course chosen by students, while skill is the personal and intrinsic qualities that need to be present in the student enrolling for a course. 


For any course that you enroll in, a certain degree of positive enthusiasm must be present among students so that they can retain what has been taught to them. The higher the enthusiasm you have in you, the better capacity you have to understand and apply the things taught to you.

A disinterested candidate will never be able to grasp the skills and techniques taught in a professional course. The enthusiasm about the course also includes your doubts and your eagerness to get them solved.

The more interest you show in your course, the more doubts will arise from each session. If you are really enthusiastic about the course, you would seek answers to your doubts which is one of the first steps towards your success.

Assignment Completion:

The financial modeling courses in Nagpur are skill-based courses whose main aim is to make you practically competent enough to get a good job. This course hence comes with a lot of assignments that are practical-based. Most institutes offer the assignments after each session conducted by them.

You will be required to submit the assignment before the next session is conducted. These assignments should not be taken lightly because they would give you practical exposure.

Through the assignments, you would understand how much of a concept you have actually understood and how much of it is still blurry. The trainers mostly evaluate your assignments and provide feedback on them. This feedback would help you to improve and excel.

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Regular Class Attendance:

A financial modeling course is a short-duration course that aims to provide the practical work-based skills and knowledge that you would require to exhibit at your place of work. If you are not regular in attending classes or you miss out on classes you would have the class sessions recorded in your LMS.

But what’s important is to go through those recorded videos once you are free. Irregularity in your attendance would create a gap in your knowledge base which would keep on widening more with each class missed. A student regularly attending classes would develop a holistic idea about the course and its contents.

Technologically Well Aware:

A financial modeling course is a skill-based course that uses some of the latest tools, techniques, and software to do a better job. In such situations, you need to be well-acquainted with technology.

You would be required to use the tools and techniques taught to you in your daily work. You cannot be technologically handicapped when you aspire to do a technical course and thereafter work in a professional skill-based environment.

What is going on in the market, new techniques introduced in digital work, the latest software used in the finance department, etc need to be running in your veins.

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Eligibility Criteria to do Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

One of the most important criteria needed to do this course is that you should be from the field of commerce or finance. Most of these courses are offered to only those with a background in finance.

Some institutes do allow students from other streams as well to apply for this course, it would be better if you are from the commerce stream.

Basic English knowledge is important as the courses are usually delivered in English. If you do not have any understanding of English, it will be difficult for you to comprehend the lectures delivered, complete assignments, analyze case studies and also work on the computer efficiently.

English is one of the most widely used languages in India and has been used for most official works for quite a long time. Basic computer applications are required on the part of the students.

When the training is being provided to you, you will be taught about the software or the tools that you will be using.

While that training is given to you, your trainers do assume that you know the basic functions that are used in a computer. If you are someone who does not know anything about computer functions, it is highly recommended to get short training done on computer applications.

General ideas about calculations and the formulas used to arrive at any answer could be of help to those doing this course. The case studies and analysis part usually involve this.

Most calculations are done on spreadsheets but with no knowledge about how to go about with calculations, this could be a difficult course for you.

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Scope of Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

Skills are the most valued assets in today’s society. If you are someone who has done a skill-enhancement course then your employability prospect sees a sharp rise.

A financial modeling course being a skill-based course is known for the important tools and training that is provided to freshers. The course is prepared to meet the job requirements demanded of a student.

The courses are conducted in different modes so that maximum students get themselves enrolled in them. Course completion certificates are provided to all those who successfully complete the course. This certificate will be another valuable addition to your CV.

Many of the institutes also conduct tests and exams at the end of the course where students are required to give the test if they wish to get the certificate.

In such cases, along with the certificate, you would get the marks that you achieved in your test. This result will prove your comprehensibility rate. 

You will get used to using Excel and PowerPoint on a regular basis due to the training you receive. The practicals and assignments would help you get well-acquainted with the finance system and thus make you technologically competent.

The placement assistance provided by almost all the institutes is of great help to newcomers and freshers. The placement cell helps you get good jobs with good salary packages. 

Top Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in Nagpur

Below are the best and most trusted financial modeling institutes in Nagpur with complete details.

Rank #1. Financial Modeling Institutes in Nagpur


IIM SKILLS is an educational institute offering courses on an online platform. The institute was founded in 2015 to make young Indians job-ready.

The faculty in charge of teaching and training students is a group of highly knowledgeable trainers who are there to help the students solve their doubts.

The timings for the classes are kept flexible to accommodate the student’s needs and feasibility. The institute is considered to be one of the best online educational platforms that provide extensive and well-structured courses to its students.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

Duration: 3 months

Mode: Online Mode of Education

Perks of Doing the Course  from this one of the best financial modeling institutes in Nagpur: 

  • A practical approach is undertaken by the trainers while teaching this course. The students are taught how to use conceptual knowledge and use them in their regular work
  • You will get the opportunity to be interviewed by top finance companies 
  • A huge range of topics are covered during this course
  • Tools like MS Excel and PowerPoint are used to train students and thereby use these tools to complete the assignments
  • The analytical and evaluative skills are enhanced in students by providing case studies and other real-life records to for analysis
  • All students will receive certificates once they attend at least 75% of the classes, and pass the examination. 

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank #2. Financial Modeling Institutes in Nagpur

2. National Institute of Financial Markets

As the name suggests, this institute has been known as one of the best institutes offering courses both classroom and online courses related to the field of finance.

They offer various kinds of financial courses that deal with the financial market, stock market, equity research, taxation, GST, accounting, etc. The financial modeling course by NIFM is going to be launched soon. The details of the course have also been updated.

Course: Certificate Course in Financial Modeling


  • MS Excel
  • Financial Statements Ratios and Relative Valuation
  • Financial Modeling and DCF Valuation
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Trading Comparables
  • Merger Model
  • Valuation of a Company going Public (IPO)
  • Capital Budgeting- Project Feasibility and Decision Modeling
  • DDM Modeling
  • Company Profiles
  • Pitch Books and Valuation Prospects- IPOs, M&A, PE
  • IPO PitchBook, Project Feasibility case studies

Duration: 3 months

Mode: Online Classes

Fees: INR 5950


Perks of Doing this Course: 

  • A large number of topics like equity valuation, DCF valuation, charting techniques, etc  would be taught to you in great detail
  • The virtual classroom sessions will be interactive in nature, giving you scope to have interaction between the trainer and you
  • You will be using Excel spreadsheets along with Macros which makes it even more influential
  • The course would help you to visualize the company’s profits in the future and help you to represent them through graphs
  • The ability to crosscheck balance sheets would be taught to you

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 8588868475

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Rank #3. Financial Modeling Institutes in Nagpur

3. Delphi Star Training Center

It is a premium institute that offers Financial modeling courses in Nagpur. The aim of this institute is to provide innovative and effective training to those who want to enhance their skills.

The Institute is based in the Middle East and provides live virtual classes to students all around the world.

Course: Financial Modeling Certificate

Duration: 4 days

Mode: Live Virtual Instructor-led Course

Fees: INR 31,648

Perks of Doing this Course: 

  • Financial Modeling concepts would be dealt with in detail- basic to intermediate to advanced
  • No specific eligibility criteria 
  • The institute is one of the leading professional institutes in the Middle East providing quality education to students.

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Rank #4. Financial Modeling Institutes in Nagpur

4. Henry Harvin

It is an online educational institute that has been considered one of the best online institutes. They are a career and competency development organization training and teaching job seekers the skills required to be the best in their fields. They have more than 200 courses that are offered to students to be upskilled.

Course: Financial Modeling Training


  • MS Excel tips
  • Financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial management
  • Project finance modeling
  • Equity research
  • Financial report writing
  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2
  • Soft skills
  • Resume writing

Duration: 40 hours of training

Mode and Fess:

– Live virtual classes: INR 29,500

– Self-paced Course: INR 26,000

Perks of Doing this Course:

  • As students, you are trained by expert trainers
  • The training is professional and work-based and each assignment is given so that you can enhance your knowledge
  • Placement assistance is provided to all students
  • Case studies would be given to you to have a view of the professional insight into it

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9891953953

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I do the Financial modeling courses in Nagpur in an online mode?

Yes. Most of the institutes offering financial modeling courses are doing so in online mode. Being professional courses, most people do this course while doing a job or any other degree course. Online being the most student-friendly mode is offered and encouraged by most educational institutions.

Q2. Is a certificate achieved by doing financial modeling courses in Nagpur valued by companies?

Yes. A professional course provides you with a certificate which gives your employer a fair idea about your skills and practical exposure. As a fresher having completed a special certificate course, you would be highly eligible for a job. The certificate would add glamour to your resume.

Q3. What are the jobs that I can do after doing financial modeling courses in Nagpur?

There are various kinds of finance-related jobs which you can do once you complete this course. You may work as an equity research analyst, finance specialist, forecaster, accountant, bookkeeper, etc. This course would provide you with an exhaustive knowledge base. Hence, based on your personal interest, you can choose the job you wish to join.


A financial modeling course will provide you with much-needed industrial knowledge. In the competitive job industry, an add-on course helps you to get a better job. I hope you like reading this article. While you do any other work, why not do a course that would do nothing but just benefit you? Best of luck and get yourself enrolled for this course today itself.


  • I am a practising CA, and in order to keep ahead of the competition, I must arm myself with this contemporary and well-known expertise, financial modelling. Financial modelling is essentially the process used to build a financial model on Microsoft Excel to project future financial performance. Developing this ability will add to my skill set and expand my potential. It will assist in carrying out thorough financial modelling and analysis with the goal of ensuring the business’s long-term viability. I came here when looking for the top financial modelling courses in Nagpur to join. I could choose more wisely and effectively after attending the demo session to enrol in a financial modelling course. Thanks

  • Hi I am Sarthak. I am Accounting Manager. Moving up the career ladder now requires mastering the expertise of financial modeling. Businesses and organisations seek out experts who can forecast and evaluate data. Furthermore, the candidates should also be able to communicate findings and thoughts in a professional manner. Consequently, I am hoping to master this skill by joining institute that offers financial modeling training in Nagpur. Institute that is well reputed, provides wide range of topics for study and excessive practical training, with recognized certification. With the demo session opportunity available, attending it may help to know much better about the financial modeling institute in Nagpur.

  • Hello, I am Ashwin. My educational qualification is M.Com. It is very difficult to have a good paying job simply with educational qualification, as it doesn’t testify your skills or abilities. On researching about the most demanding skill in the financial domain, financial modeling topped at many searches.Getting enrolled in a Financial modeling institute in Nagpur, to earn a certification that offers skilled knowledge and practical experience would be of great help. To begin with ,I register for a Free demo class and proceed further later.

  • In today’s finance business, financial modeling is a key tool as it covers a lot of financial modules. I would be glad to be directed to a course that’s relevant to me. I learned about this course and its need in the market. Financial Modeling is indeed a vast field. With the help of expert professionals and trainers I want to be able to figure out things that might seem difficult to do while doing it all alone. Which is the best institute offering financial modeling courses in Nagpur? I was hoping to start something new and fresh in this domain.

  • I read your essay and thought it was extremely thorough and an enjoyable read . I have an inquiry. What qualifications do I need to have before enrolling in a financial modelling course in Nagpur? A course in financial modelling would undoubtedly be helpful to me as an added knowledge in my resume . Since I only have a B.com degree., I don’t know much about this subject in depth. However, I’m interested in it and would like to learn more. I would want to join an academy soon . Do you offer a live, interactive session with the instructors before the course begins? I would have a clearer understanding of the course.

  • I’ve learnt how vital it is for everyone to pursue higher education for better job opportunities and to be ahead of competition . I’ve been working for a firm and have done very well considering my performance throughout that time. I am motivated to pick a course to learn that will help me stand out in my company and operate better. I read a lot about various courses on the internet and I’d like to do a financial modelling course in Nagpur . This essay has aided me in locating a suitable candidate. Thank you very much.

  • Ihave been searching for this type of course that gets me the best experience in working for a company. This is by far the best article that I have read. I wanted to clear my doubts and this article cleared most of them. Some of the doubts I still have I want to clear with the teachers that will be teaching me as I think they will be the best person to ask these questions? Do you think financial modeling courses in nagpur have any chance given the competition there is in the city? The best option for me right now is to get my doubts cleared before beginning so plz have a chat.

  • I just finished reading an article about financial modelling courses In Nagpur. There are a lot of new firms coming up here. I wanted to know if financial modelling is a viable option for me ? I’m seeking for a short financial modelling course that isn’t too complicated for me to understand so that I can simply comprehend and apply what I’ve learned in my job. Here. I have no intention of quitting my job right now, so could you please explain whether or not I may pursue this course while continuing to work or is part time course available here in Nagpur ?

  • I’m pursuing my MBA and also joined an internship at a firm. I learned that you need a good understanding of working knowledge for this job as I’m finding it difficult to manage my duties and study alongside it. That is why I have started looking for a course that I could do after my internship is completed so that I can manage my career better. I have searched on the net and found that financial modeling course in Nagpur is a perfect way for me to become efficient. So I am thinking about enrolling in this course . It could be great if you could assist with the best course details.

  • I am Raghav Jain and I work in a firm. We offer financial consultancy services in Nagpur. I have an experience of over 2 years with this firm. Now I am looking to upgrade my skills. I want to pursue a course that will help me look for more roles in this stream. The financial modeling courses in Nagpur are in great demand so I thought why not learn this course, and so I wanted to know if this is a course worth taking up. After learning about the course curriculum I would say it is worth it. Thank you.

  • Hi I’m Vibhav Punekar and from Nagpur. I read the course material on financial modelling course in Nagpur and you’ve put in here and I’ve not understood if it is relevant to the needs of someone in my city. Nagpur is pretty commercial and there’s lots of businesses that run here. I manage the warehousing for a business and am a day trader on the side. I’m not sure if this course covers either area. If there’s a middle ground even I’d be keen on this course. Thanks for the write up though. It covers good ground.

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