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Top 11 Financial Modeling Courses In Mumbai With Placements

If you think doing CA or CS is the only way in which you can make your interest in Accountancy your profession, then let me introduce you to a new term, financial modeling. The process of creating a summary of a firm’s expenses and earnings in the form of a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the impact of a future event or decision is known as Financial Modeling. It tries to build an abstract representation of real-world financial situations. A firm usually constructs a financial representation of all aspects of the firm through this process.

Financial modeling courses in Mumbai

Financial Modeling consists of an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and supporting schedules, and some advanced types of models such as discounted cash flow analysis (DCF model), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), leveraged-buyout (LBO), sensitivity analysis.

Some of the Uses of Financial Modeling Are:

  • Raising capital (debt and/or equity)
  • Making acquisitions (businesses and/or assets)
  • Trying to grow the business organically (e.g., opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.)
  • Allocating the capital (priority of which projects to invest in)
  • Valuing a business
  • Financial statement analysis/ratio analysis
  • Management Accounting

Who Should Learn Financial Modeling?

As such, financial modeling can be beneficial for everyone in the corporate industry. However, for some individuals, it’s absolutely essential to learn this skill if they want to excel in their field. Following are some of the personnel who necessarily need to learn financial modeling:

  • Those who are looking to fill a knowledge gap.
  • Bankers looking to refresh their technical skills.
  • Teams employed in financial strategy roles.
  • Graduates preparing to interview in the finance sector.
  • Students at business school who are looking for a career in finance.

Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

As it might be clear by now financial modeling is an essential skill that plays a vital role in all businesses and firms, it’s better to learn this skill before you step into the corporate world.

Having a resume that says you have learned Financial Modeling will help you get better chances of selection and save the time that the company might have otherwise invested in teaching it during the induction process.

This is one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Also, if you own a company and want your employees to learn this skill, consider these courses as a suggestion for that purpose as you won’t be able to perform all the tasks all by yourself and might require someone’s assistance.

Must check here the other best courses in Mumbai:

Top 11 Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Following are some of the most preferred financial modeling courses in Mumbai:

Rank #1. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai


IIM SKILLS was established with the aim of educating learners with the best approach possible to make learning and complex concepts easily understandable.

Since then they have transformed the careers of more than 35 thousand individuals. It is an online learning platform that allows students to enroll and learn sitting in any corner of the world.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course Name -Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 49,900 + 18% GST


Among various top-rated professional courses provided by IIM SKILLS, the Financial Modeling Course is one such program that has come up with a huge turnover for thousands of people who have graduated from the institute.

The financial modeling course curriculum covers all the basic and advanced-level concepts that a professional must know.

It is a place where students not only learn what they expect but also end up gaining so much confidence and self-esteem to get any desirable job effortlessly.



Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Rank #2. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

2. Imarticus: 

It is one of the top financial modeling courses in Mumbai. They also have plenty of programs related to this field. The most applicable course that teaches Financial Modeling is ‘Financial Analysis Prodegree’.

This course lasts for about four to five months wherein they will make you ready for jobs as you will gain knowledge through both experiential and blended learning.

The course uses case studies, classroom lectures, and hands-on projects to make it easier for students to wrap their minds around the topic. They are also known for providing excellent placement services.


INR 75,000 (offline mode); INR 58,000 (online mode)



Find here the other lucrative course options:

Rank #3. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

3. Proschool:

IMS Proschool is India’s leading financial modeling service provider. It provides training on weekends & weekdays making it feasible for students as well as working professionals to take up the course.

Here students get trained by industry experts. Students always have access to online study material. The training program lasts for around 70 hours. Students are provided with live projects to give them real-life industry experience.


INR 40,000 (offline mode); INR 28,000 (online mode); INR 20,000 (distance learning)


Available + NSE academy certification

Rank #4. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

4. EduPristine:

EduPristine provides one of the best Financial Modeling courses in Mumbai. Here, you will be taught MS Excel from the very basics. By the end of the course, you will be able to independently build financial models. They have two types of training programs:

  1. a) Classroom Training: It’s a more general kind of training
  2. b) Corporate Training: It’s a more customized and specialized kind of training

The Financial Modeling course (online) provides discussion forums, pre-recorded videos, 24×7 support, access to online material, etc.


INR 12,600


Awarded by BSE Institute Ltd

Do not miss out on the industry-relevant and most trusted:

Rank #5. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

5. Jaro education: 

Its ‘Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics is one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. This course consists of 6 months of virtual learning, usage and experience in various tools and technologies, peer networking, and 100+ hours of interactive learning.

This program will help you to build the analytical and financial management skills that are required for a firm to evaluate and control its income and expenses to achieve long-term goals.


INR 96,000



Rank #6. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

6. Udemy: 

Udemy has one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Its course- ‘Beginner to Pro in Excel, is among the best financial modeling courses. It covers not only the teaching aspect of financial modeling but also the practical aspect ie. working on the usage of Excel.

It will allow you to do your tasks more effectively and efficiently. They will also teach you to design more attractive and advanced Excel sheets and charts.

You’re only required to have access to Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016, or Microsoft Excel.


INR 455



Must check out these top-ranked:

Rank #7. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

7. CFI: 

It is known as one of the financial modeling providers in Mumbai. In their financial modeling courses, they teach about various types of financial models which will help you realize what all kinds of models might be required by a firm where you might work in the future.

The learning objective here is to attain knowledge about accounting, MS Excel, finance, forecasting, presentation, strategies, etc.

You will have access to their course library for two years and over 120 downloadable templates that will help you make better, self-explanatory, and more attractive models and charts.

The course is 6 months long. You’ll just need to have access to a PC and/or Mac, Microsoft Suite (2016 or newer), and a stable internet connection.


Varies from course to course



Rank #8. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

8. The Wallstreet School: 

Wallstreet School is the provider of notable financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Here you’ll be provided practical training too. The instructors are pretty experienced.

The training materials are up-to-date and case studies are solved for a greater understanding of various concepts. Here, batches are available both on weekends and on a full-time basis.

This is 6 week and 180+ hours long course. If you opt for an online self-paced video format, you can access the study material and various related content at any time. They also assist in placements.

This course can be taken by CAs, MBA Finance students, engineers, or any B.com/BBA graduate students.


INR 22,000 (online self-paced video format)



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Rank #9. Financial Modeling Institutes in Mumbai

9. BSE: 

It provides financial modeling courses in Mumbai to provide an effective management approach to improve performance in related areas.

Prior understanding of spreadsheets and Excel is not a prerequisite for their students and the program starts with teaching the basics of spreadsheet modeling and is a 2-day long program.


Not available


Not available

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Rank #10. Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

10. Academy of Financial Training: 

Academy of Financial Training provides one of the best-known financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Here you’ll be given more than 1000 hours of training to provide you with overall development.

They have 25+ experts in various domains and a pretty renowned faculty for financial modeling. Till now they have trained over 6000 students.


Not available


Not available

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11. ATM Training:

It is one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. They have numerous workshops and courses related to financial modeling that are usually a day long. They have a faculty of experienced personnel who make sure that you learn everything in the best possible way.

You’ll have access to their huge digital library where you can access the latest version of resources. They invest a lot in both in-house and public training.


Vary according to the course chosen


Not Available

Common Types of Financial Models

Financial Modeling doesn’t just consist of a balance sheet or a profit and loss statement. In fact, it can be made in a lot of types and have a combination of all such records. Some of the most common types of financial models are:

  • Three Statement Model
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • Merger Model
  • Initial Public Offering Model
  • Leveraged Buyout Model
  • The sum of Parts Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Option Pricing Model


What is a ‘Good Financial Model’?

a) Good Assumptions: A financial model is essentially the outcome of a forecast. Hence, it is based on past records. If the assumptions made in this model are over-the-board they can lead to the company getting discouraged if such targets are not met (because of obvious reasons).

Also, if the company’s ability is undervalued it won’t be able to estimate its full potential. Both of these cases are harmful to a company, hence, the person making the financial model should be careful while making assumptions as they can have long-lasting effects on the firm.

They must also make sure that the assumptions and conclusions conveyed within the model are clear.

b) Flexible: A good financial model should be flexible. Not only in terms of design but also the techniques being used. There are many techniques and methods used for calculations in financial statements.

For instance, Depreciation can be calculated in many ways like the straight-line method or diminishing balance method.

Hence, the methods being used should be considered carefully as financial models are dynamic in nature and a small mistake can cost a lot to the firm. It should be editable so that it can be regularly updated and adapted according to the current traits and trends. This will also reduce the chances of irreversible mistakes.

c) Easy to follow: We don’t want the one going through our models to get confused and/or misinformed. Therefore, Those who make financial models should make sure that the model is made in such a way that a layman or a person with minimal knowledge can comprehend what it is about. One can use templates to make the context decipherable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Are templates important in a financial model?

A- Financial models are usually made on Excel sheets. Given its nature, it is a bunch of various heads and amounts. Preparing it in an unorganized or monochromatic way can lead to confusion or lack of interest by the reader.

As we know designing and understanding a financial model is important, those creating a financial model are suggested to use templates. This saves the time and effort of a person trying to start from scratch.

Also, it leads to the preparation of a graspable model that can be understood by everyone and not just by the one preparing it. Also, they come in very handy while having presentations or deals.

The sheets are self-explanatory which often leads to the other party thinking highly of you.

Q- Are financial Forecasting and Financial Modeling the same?

A- No. There is a difference. Forecasting is the process by which companies prepare themselves for future scenarios. Forecasting is the expectation of future results. The basis of forecasts is previously preserved trends.

If older data isn’t available, data generated by other similar businesses in the market can be used. On the other hand, Financial Modeling takes these expectations of the future i.e., forecast, and assists them with logic through calculations by using the company’s financial statements.

Financial Modeling is more mathematical or statistical in its nature, whereas forecasting is research and analysis-based. Like financial modeling, forecasting can be done in a lot of ways too.

Some forecasts are sales based i.e.: they go through the data about how the sales were made in the past and base their future on that information.

While others base them on production ie: the quantity that was produced in the past year(s). Yet another kind of forecast can be made based on profits earned. A firm should know what works best for them by occasionally experimenting with all kinds of methods.

Q- Is Financial Modeling difficult?

A- Maybe a bit, if you’re trying to do all the work by yourself. However, with the help of expert professionals and trainers, you’ll be able to figure out things that might seem difficult to do while doing it all alone.

That’s the reason why we mentioned all these courses. We did it so that you can work hard but in a smarter way. In our opinion, proper guidance can help one overcome any kind of obstacle. Hence, you should check it out yourself under expert supervision to achieve proficiency in your desired field.

Summing Up

Financial Modeling may not look so but it is indeed a vast field. If you have an earnest interest in this area, you may as well prosper in it. But stopping yourself just because you don’t know much isn’t a great idea. We hope that this article about financial modeling courses in Mumbai was helpful and gave you some clarity regarding the same matter.

  • I work for a financial consulting company. I want to brush up on my financial modelling abilities. Since it contributes to the creation of one of the most appropriate risk management tools (financial models), which are used for making significant financial decisions. Financial modelling is the talent wherein Excel spreadsheets are used to develop a firm’s financial situation. Anyone with knowledge of financial modelling can assist firms in obtaining crucial information about the influence of their future business actions or projects, making financial modelling skills and abilities employable. It aids in anticipating how certain actions or occurrences can effect future business operations. It assists in determining potential future hazards and opportunities, as well as estimating the firm’s overall performance. Hence, upgrading the skill is possible by taking up a financial modeling course in Mumbai.

  • Hello I am Tanmay. I am an insurer.Any insurance company’s business is driven mostly by financial strategy which makes it necessary that the firms must utilize their money in a way that will maximise returns. The kind of claims that insurance firms may encounter, though, remains unclear. Due to which, each insurance business is required to hold a portion of its capital in assets that are simple to sell. The management of the entire financial flow is a challenging endeavour. However, in this case, financial models are very helpful. With an intention to learn and know more about financial modeling, I am seeking an institute that offers financial modeling training in Mumbai online, with certification.

  • Hello, I am Meet. I am considering an option for taking a financial modeling training in Mumbai, from a recognized institute to get a entry-level job in the Investment Bank as an Associate to Financial Analyst. Getting Certification from a recognized institute and with affordable fees is my idea. I would test my choice by registering for a free demo session to the financial modeling course.

  • I’m currently looking for a job and want to enrol in a course that will advance my knowledge and skills. A certification from the training would be a wonderful bonus as I’m presently attempting to expand my knowledge in this field. I want to improve my services for the clients and work efficiently. I heard about the financial modeling courses in mumbai from a friend. In this competitive job industry, a financial modeling course will provide with much-needed industrial knowledge. What skills do I need to be able to take this course?

  • I read the course description for financial modelling course Mumbai that you linked here, but I’m not sure if it would be suitable for someone in a field other than finance.. I oversee a retail location for a business and do have basic knowledge of stocks. I’m not sure if one of these subjects is covered in this course. Even if there was a medium ground, I would still be interested in taking this course. However, I appreciate the article. It encompasses a sizable region. Please advise if you believe this training will help someone like me who wants to establish themselves more firmly in the banking field.

  • Your educational essay will be very helpful to anyone interested in financial modelling courses in Mumbai. I’m excited to participate in this course as well. In today’s finance business, financial modelling is a key tool, and organisations actively seek applicants with this skill set on their resumes because it adds considerable value to their services. I couldn’t seem to find a list of universities that offered this programme. I’ll look over the courses and enrol in the one that best meets my needs after doing some more research and reading. I am really looking to enrol in this course soon sp please help me pick the right academy.

  • What are the modules provided y these institutes can you write in detail? I’ve been searching for some financial modeling courses in Mumbai. I want to join one when I get some free time from my job. I have recently started working and want to learn this course to perform better in my company. I want to know about the course syllabus. I have learned about this course from a friend and want to know which institutes are providing better courses. That is why I want detailed knowledge of their courses and module syllabus to get an understanding of the course structure.

  • Is there any application of this course to the non-banking industry? I work for a fast-moving consumer goods company in Mumbai, and inventory management appears to be highly relied on Excel. I’ve tried numerous paid Excel classes on YouTube and other sites, but they don’t seem to be very effective at managing the data I use. The biggest problem is that stocking such a large inventory of products is extremely difficult. So I’m thinking of enrolling in a number crunching course similar to stock picking. I saw this financial modelling course in Mumbai advertised and wondered if it included inventory management.

  • I studied the course material for the financial modelling course in Mumbai that you’ve posted here, and I’m not sure if it’s applicable to someone in my city’s needs. Mumbai is a commercial city with a diverse range of enterprises. I oversee stocks for a company and dabble in day trading on the side. I’m not sure if either of these topics is covered in this course. Even if there is a middle ground, I would be interested in taking this course. However, thank you for the article. It covers a lot of Financial territory. I would be glad to be directed to the course if its relevant to me.

  • I was searching online for best financial modeling courses in mumbai when I found this article. It is really well presented. It cleared most of the doubts I had before and I am looking forward to enrolling in your financial modeling course. I have a commerce background and have interned for a small firm for some time. Now I decided to learn more in this field. It has changed as my friends told me about it and how I can be up to date with the new by learning this course. Let me know when to start with this course and provide with the enrollment form. Thank you

  • Hi I’m Mihir Jani working in HCL. I’ve been a SCRUM Master for the good part of 2 years. Studied for a bit in Manchester. I’m working off payroll of Morgan Stanley. There’s been a good amount of financial analysis I have to do. There’s consistent problems with data and most of the work is pretty manual. Lot of heavy excel work. Given my project management background I’ve been asked to work with the IT team to make reports that solve the reconciliation issues. I’m looking for a financial modelling course in Mumbai that’s short and something not too technical for me to understand so that I can communicate with IT for the end product.

  • Hello, I am working at a bank. I am not happy with the job profile or the money I am earning. I was hoping to start something new and fresh in this domain. Then I learned about this course and its need in the market. I want to take up financial modeling courses in Mumbai asap from one of these institutes. Could you help me by explaining whether or not I can study this course along with my current job as I am not planning to leave the job right now. So please help me in my query.
    Thank you.

  • Hey this is Neil Parab. Suggestions related to financial modelling courses in Mumbai would be appreciated. I hold a degree in B.com and currently working in investment banking with a total work experience of 10 years. I had pursued CFA course – level 1 a few years ago and I’m looking to brush my financial skills and add a certification to my resume. Suggestions for a few questions listed below would be helpful :
    – Which is the best institute offering financial modelling courses in Mumbai
    – How beneficial is this course for a career upgrade
    – Does this course hold value abroad

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