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7 Best Technical Writing Courses in Pune With Placements

Can you recall the first time you bought a new gadget? I’m guessing you were perplexed as to how to set it up. Probably the first thing you did was look up the setup guide included in the box, and setting it up was a breeze from there. That’s how technical writers save you from scratching your head. With innovations and smarter web applications, the demand for technical writing has surged, and so has the demand for technical writing courses in India. This blog lists the available technical writing courses in Pune.

List of the best technical writing courses in Pune

Technical writing is the art of breaking down complex subjects and topics into simpler formats so that it’s more understandable to laymen. It can serve as a conduit of effective communication between two different departments that are unaware of the jargon of one another.


Technical writers have taken the responsibility of explaining and communicating tough and jargon-filled journals, manuals, documents, research papers to the common person effectively. Simple instructions make the common man’s life easier and save time.


They also have to understand the technical language and terminologies to elucidate it in simpler terms for a non-tech audience. Writing that is focused, error-free, simple to understand, and tailored toward its intended audience are desirable characteristics of this profession.


The technical writing courses in Pune offer a lot of benefits for new budding writers to make a mark in this industry. The purpose of technical writing is to interpret the technical concepts and specifications in a simplified manner for the reader to follow through.

The desired result here is to aid staff in understanding and completing assigned duties, enabling consumers to assemble or install a product, or facilitating good communication between technical and non-technical teams.


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Career Prospects


With the growing number of innovations and reliance on technology, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, the need for technical writing has increased. Big companies realize that their technically sound employees may not be ideal writers when it comes to explaining concepts without technical jargon. They rely on tech writers to transfer the message or information to their target audience.


The following sectors, namely, engineering, manufacturing, hardware, healthcare, automation, heavy equipment, offer greater opportunities. And it is likely to surge in India in the near future with new industries and Information technology companies.


Pune is the hub of manufacturing industries, Information technology companies, and research institutes. The exports are back on track. With the ongoing pandemic condition, employers recognized the need for expert employees in operations.


One way to do it is to create detailed documentation of necessary actions and steps. Providing on-job training with appropriate training materials optimizes the business and improves productivity. Hence, many institutions have come forward to fill the surging demand for writers in this discipline with technical writing courses in Pune.


Other options a technical writer can explore are:


  • Medical and scientific writing
  • User manuals/Instruction guides
  • Technical books
  • Research reports
  • Proposals
  • Policy writing
  • Business plans
  • Content writers
  • Financial results


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 Characteristics of Technical Writing Style


Professional technical writers are expected to have these important skills.


  • Crisp and Clear


Clarity and simplicity are the most asked qualities of any writing. Technical writers must deliver the message, instructions, findings, specifications in an understandable format avoiding any tech jargon. This, in turn, guides the reader to follow through and perform the proposed action easily and rightfully.


  • Accuracy


Technical writers have to assimilate the data and documentation available to them and comprehend it. That’s because you wouldn’t want to mislead your audience with wrong information.

Let’s say the documentation is to perform some critical industrial operation; you will never want to convey incorrect instructions. Always double-check the content that you have written to ensure the data and information delivered is precise, accurate, and true.


  • Objective-Based


Set our clear objectives. Prioritize the objectives and begin writing sequentially. The fact-based approach always follows clear set objectives and procedures and conveys information making readers life easier to accomplish any task.


  • Audience Focussed


Knowledge of your readers’ reading level becomes imperative for effective writing. Eventually, every content piece should be written, considering the audience’s needs.


What Makes a Good Technical Writer?


  • Possessing Good Written Communication Skills: The ability to break down complicated information into bite-sized and simpler sentences is an essential component of technical communication. The ideal characteristics of this discipline are writing that is focused, error-free, easy to understand, and tailored to the intended audience.


  • Organizational Skills: Many times, gathering information, data, and numbers is not difficult, but separating relevant pieces suited to a certain audience is tricky.


  • Investigative Talent: Technical writers must know how to extract the information from subject matter experts and write in a clear and concise manner, research from various sources if required.


  • Grasping Power: After gathering information from many sources, technical writers must have the ability to grasp and absorb it rapidly. They cannot be scholars on every subject. They must comprehend the situation well enough to describe it to others.


  • Technical Knowledge: Wait, what? Do you need to have the technical knowledge to be a technical writer? The straightforward answer is yes. The detailed answer is no. You don’t have to be an experienced engineer, programmer, or expert to enter or survive in the tech writing industry.


That’s quite impossible for any human being to have knowledge about everything. However, you are expected to have basic concepts about the field of technology you’ll be documenting. Refer industry-specific books or documents if necessary to develop industry knowledge.


  • Skills in Proofreading and Editing: Technical writers must develop skills to spot errors, mistakes, and grammatical issues. Any content piece is always preferred to be error-free. In the case of technical communication, it becomes quite important.


Here are the best technical writing courses to avoid making such mistakes or errors.


Technical Writing Courses in Pune




IIM SKILLS finds its name in this list because it is one of the most premier technical writing institutes in Pune, which offers an in-depth and exhaustive technical writing course curriculum. This program covers all concepts required to become an ace technical writer. Moreover, the main highlight of this program is its intensive practical assignments that give every student a first-hand experience of being a technical writer.


What’s the benefit of practical assignments without detailed feedback? No plus points. Period. IIM SKILLS understands this and provides detailed feedback on your assignments and areas where you can improve. The institute has been in operation for over 5 years and has educated over 15000 students from over 35 countries.


The course outlines the following topics:


  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Fundamentals
  • DDLC
  • Technical report writing
  • Journals and whitepapers
  • Writing a discourse
  • User guides and datasheets
  • API documentation proofreading and publication
  • How to write case studies


You are also trained on how to leverage various tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus. Learn how to design your technical pieces, and documents to create an engaging and interesting read.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Additionally, the key highlights of the program that you will learn are:


  • Medical writing methods
  • The ability to effectively interpret the technical aspects to a non-technical audience.
  • Super effective Audience analysis, information gathering
  • Fruitful Competition Analysis
  • The ability to streamline your writing makes it an engaging and enjoyable read
  • How to structure your writing


The faculty at IIM SKILLS is a team of certified professionals with experience of 10+ years. They will be the guiding light throughout your writing journey. Their feedback and inputs will be helpful in fine-tuning your writing. Without a question, this is one of the most intense practical technical writing courses in Pune.


Its 5 weeks program is jam-packed with 20+ hours of live classes and loaded with 60+ hours of practical assignments to prepare you for the technical writing career. The course fee is INR 14900 + GST.


The LMS provides you with unlimited access to live class recordings and materials. So, you can revisit the lectures anytime. This one aspect of the course will be quite useful in your learning path.


Furthermore, you will receive international certification upon completing the course and examination. Without a doubt, this qualification will help you shape and advance your profession. The course offered by IIM SKILLS is tailored to prepare you for jobs in this discipline.


You will have the opportunity to intern with them for 1 month and publish whitepaper, scholarly articles. Build your portfolio with IIM SKILLS, be it for a job or freelance. IIM SKILLS has a large network of alumni working with one of the biggest brands out there, such as Flipkart, Accenture, Barclays, and more. The institution’s clear and selfless motto of providing the best quality education at affordable prices places them among the top technical writing courses in Pune.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2. Udemy


Udemy is no new name in the training industry, known for its multitude of professional courses taught by subject matter specialists worldwide. Udemy offers a pool of courses on technical writing at affordable prices.


It has courses ranging from the basic level to the advanced level. These programs, however, lack the sense of community-driven or online classroom-type learning. All these are pre-recorded, self-paced lessons and provide the flexibility of accessing from anywhere at any time. One can access the course through an app or web application.


The topics covered are:


  • Basic principles
  • Writing and editing techniques
  • Sections of a document
  • How to create flowcharts, tables, and infographics
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Effective use of tables in the documentation
  • Creating project and documentation plan
  • Creating document templates


Udemy has a 30-day refund policy. You also get the passing certificate once you have completed all exercises and the course. Udemy runs a lot of discounts throughout the year, and you can enroll for the same.


3. Coursera: 


Coursera is one of the most popular e-learning sites, with over 2000 online certifications, specializations, and courses available in various fields. Coursera collaborates with more than 200 best universities and companies to provide quality and affordable education.


There are many degree programs, certificate courses, and job-relevant online learning.

Coursera offers two programs; a Technical writing course by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and an engineering writing course which is part of a specialization.


Features of these courses are:


  • Writing Skills for Engineers
  • Things to know of before writing
  • Develop paragraphs and reports
  • Skillful editing techniques
  • Audience oriented writing strategies
  • Organizing the data
  • Ability to identify relevant information
  • Developing People skills and investigative talent


The former course also has a full-fledged capstone project to hone your skills, while the latter is part of the communication skills for engineers’ specialization. Industry experts have created these courses, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands if you join this course.


  1. Knowledge Buffer


The list of the best technical writing courses in Pune is incomplete without the mention of Knowledge Buffer’s courses. Founded in 1986, the institute provides professional training in technical communication, e-publishing, printing, e-learning, and related disciplines.

The institute was among the early adopters of the e-learning model. They introduced the virtual classroom in India. With over three decades of experience as Knowledge buffer’s CEO in the field of technical writing and highly qualified, you cannot go wrong about the value and benefits you get.


Knowledge buffer offers 2 major courses on:


  • Online self-paced course
  • Job oriented course


Let’s talk about the first course, the online self-paced course, which is best suited for writers who want to learn and enhance their technical communication skills. The course offering is almost similar, but the publications and printing concepts are their unique perceived benefit.


This course covers the following concepts:


  • Technical Writing Overview
  • Publishing in MS Word
  • The technicalities Of Writing Document
  • Document Development Life Cycle
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Style guide and tonality For Technical Documentation
  • Capability Maturity Model
  • White Papers, composing various sorts of specialized publications


Then the second course is a technical writing specialization, ideal for job seekers in the tech writing field. This curriculum is 60+ hours long and takes three months to complete.


Course curriculum includes:


  • Basics
  • DDLC
  • SDLC
  • DITA
  • Writing for diverse formats like medical writing, whitepapers, publications


Both the courses have practical assignments and awards course completion certificates.


  1. Knowledge Labs


They are well-known for being one of the top training centers to offer technical writing courses in Pune. Knowledge labs take a unique approach in imparting technical writing knowledge. In comparison, some writing institutes emphasize the use of authoring tools when you are stuck.


But this hurts the learning abilities of a novice technical writer to write content geared toward the target audience. It hampers the growth in writing excellent articles, documents, thesis, research proposals. Knowledge clearly understands this and primarily focuses on bridging this gap. They curated their courses based on this principle to bring the writer in you. There are only a few institutes in Pune, which stress this aspect of writing.


This course will upskill you how to:


  • Course- Technical communications Course
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Write crisp and clear write-ups
  • Assess the right target audience
  • Develop skills to write based on user’s requirements
  • Organize sections of your writing
  • Create engaging and informative content
  • Build better flowing sentences.


After learning the above skills, in module-2, the course introduces you to the realm of various tools such as RoboHelp, captivate, Breeze, Photoshop, and much more. This will aid you in writing good-quality content.


The best part of this course is the hands-on training which allows you to adjust to real-world tasks and writing blockages. This prepares you to be job-ready and how to talk and deal with real clients.


Knowledge Labs has devised the course curriculum so that you get 70+ hours of training. On top of that, you get 70 hours’ worth of practical assessments and exercises. You have to devote around 12 weeks to complete the course. The total fee per student is INR 25000/-.


  1. Symbiosis


One of India’s renowned distance learning institutes is SCDL. It offers post-graduate certificate programs in various disciplines such as banking and finance, Information Technology, Insurance management, CRM, and more.


The Technical writing course offered by SCDL is focused on simplifying technical communication and developing a key skill in catering to the audience’s requirements and tastes. The course offering and curriculum make it one of the most popular technical writing courses in Pune.


The program has been put together after extensive debate and considering the demands of various industries for excellent and diverse technical writers. The technical writing course has a duration of 2 years. At the end of the four semesters, you will have a rich portfolio with a diverse technical write-up.


The salient features semester wise are:


Semester 1


  • Foundation of technical communication
  • Different writing styles and language
  • IDLC 1 and 2
  • Research
  • Editing


Semester 2


  • Software tools
  • Project Management
  • Legal writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Management principles and practices


Semester 3


  • Effective business communication
  • Strategic communication
  • Creative Business writing
  • Types of advanced documentation


Semester 4


  • Usage of Technical Writing tools
  • Google analytics
  • RoboHELP
  • Tracking tools
  • Snagit
  • Macro builder
  • Formulating research problem and hypothesis
  • Interview method
  • Questionnaire method
  • Hypothesis testing


At the end semester, you have to work upon a project and submit it. There are other assessments and regular assignments assigned to you to get a knack for technical writing.

The course fee for the general category is INR 50,000/- and additional discounts for military departments.


If you are a non-resident Indian, then you have to pay an amount of US$2400, while SAARC students are required to pay only US$1300. The institution offers technical writing courses in Pune and at the international level through online mode.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


7. Savitribai Phule Pune University


Savitribai Phule Pune University is one of India’s leading educational institutions with a mission to preserve, propagate and pass on knowledge to the ever-changing world.


With such a noble aim, they have been nurturing, developing, and creating responsible thought leaders. Taking forward that legacy SPPU has launched technical writing courses in Pune to cater to the increased demand for a competent technical writer.


The course is open to engineering and English graduates. The job-oriented course is taught by industry specialists who guide trainees in honing their skills via hands-on learning.

It’s a 60-hour long training spread out over three months. Course fees are INR 5600/-

The admission criteria for the registered candidates is an English proficiency screening test.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is technical writing in demand?

Statistics say that the demand for technical writers is expected to grow more than 7 % in this current decade. The increasing number of people getting online has only escalated the demand for technical writers. Technical writers are increasingly used by industries and businesses to deliver web-based product assistance.


  1. What does a technical writer do?

A Technical writer works on audience analysis, competitive analysis to communicate effectively after doing thorough research on the topic or product. They further design documents with appropriate charts, infographics to make them more interesting. Many roles to play here. That’s why it is one of the high-paying careers right now.


  1. How to become a technical writer?

Begin your career by creating your portfolio with a few samples. Take a product and write a sample on it, explaining it in a simple and concise manner. Pursue a technical writing course that also provides internship opportunities. IIM Skills provides technical writing courses in Pune with internship opportunities. Do check them out.




If you’ve made it this far, kudos to you, the above blog on the best technical writing courses in Pune must have helped you in picking the perfect course as per your need. However, there is no course out there that can turn you into a technical writer if you don’t put in the required efforts. You are required to have the dedication and zeal to practice daily.


Implement the learnings from the classes into your writing. You are your own best teacher. Based on your requirements and goals, pursue any of these technical writing courses in Pune that can help you kickstart your technical writing career. Once you have enough experience under your belt, you can scale up and create your team of writers.

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  • I’m a Pune-based engineering student looking for side hustles that I can balance with my studies. Technical writing is one of those jobs that I can do while still studying. Your article on the top technical writing courses in Pune assisted me in selecting the right course to improve my skills and network in the technical writing industry, all while paying a reasonable price and taking advantage of the convenient online classes.

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