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Top 6 Renowned Creative Writing Courses in Pune

Creative writing is the best way to provide wings to your imagination. The best form of creative writing can be poetry, essays, play scripts, songs, parodies, etc. Any type of writing with creativity involved is creative writing. When you want to give a professional touch to this, the first thing you should do is to get enrolled in a professional creative writing course. And when you search for the place to get this done, Pune is the best place for the same. There are many best creative writing courses in Pune.

List of best creative writing courses in Pune

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is all about using your imagination and creativity to express ideas and thoughts in your complete way. So simply, it is about adding your thought process to writing, going beyond the normal space of academic and other technical forms of literature. Typically you can point it out by an emphasis on your narrative craft and various traditions of poetry.

Screenwriting and playwriting are often learned separately, but they come under the creative writing category as well. If you stick by the definition, you can guess that writing such as feature stories is considered creative writing as well. Both fictional and non-fictional works fall under this category, including forms such as novels, biographies, short stories, and poems.

In academics, creative writing is separated into fiction and poetry but with a focus on writing in your style, that is writing with your thought process. To elaborate more about creative writing, we can say creative writing encompasses various types of genres and styles across a wide range of fields which include fictional writing, non-fiction writing, story writing, playwriting, poetry writing, prose writing, journalistic writings, etc.

Though the definition can be quite vague, creative writing can for the most part be considered as any type of writing that expresses oneself original ideas and thought processes, with creativity. Typically, it can be identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, focusing on things such as character development, narrative, and plot creation with imagination, invention, and story.

In such a sense, creative writing can typically be considered as the writing of contemporary, original composition, it is hence bound by no standards and conventions, and thus uses a whole range of elements in its craft. Therefore in any academic setting, creative writing is divided into fiction, poetry, and scriptwriting, with a focus on writing in a genuinely creative style, and not defined by pre-existing structures and genres.

We will discuss it in detail in later parts of our article. Our main motive is to learn about valuable creative writing courses in Pune. First, let us learn about various types of creative writing courses and their importance.

Types of Creative Writing Courses and Its Importance

To talk about career paths in creative writing, there are various career paths for you to pursue if you are willing to build a firm career in creative writing. You can go for various best online courses on creative writing based out in any city to help you develop your writing skills and build your career, best to mention that Pune is the best city for students with availability of various kinds of courses, including the best creative writing courses.

Learning about these courses can help you choose the best one that suits your career needs and goals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of creative writing courses, thereby outlining various kinds of courses for you to consider to build a promising career. Anyone willing to get a certificate in creative writing can use creative writing courses in Pune, that are available to develop their writing skills and creativity along with their thought process.

These courses also help them expand on the above-mentioned skills and teach them how to frame their works to include plot lines, structure, character development and thereby including a narrative thought process. Courses on creative writing also allow writers to explore their creativity of ideas and thoughts by experimenting with their skills and thus trying new writing styles. 

Creative writing comes in various forms, thereby encompassing a large number of genres and styles.

Some of the Most Popular Writings Under Fiction Are:

  • Biography writing
  • Fiction – flash fiction, full-length novels, short stories, novellas 
  • Speeches
  • Poetry writing 
  • Playwriting or scriptwriting
  • Essays
  • Speeches

Creative writing can mainly be classified into two types and they are- fictional and non-fictional. Let us first learn about some.

Fictional Writing Types:

Short Stories:

A short story is a piece of fiction that typically can be read in a sitting, its main focus is a series of linked incidents, with the intent of evoking a single effect. It is also termed flash fiction which is written within 1000 words, and again when it ranges between 5000 to 10000 words it is called short stories.


A novel is a long story that generally ranges between 60000 to 100000 words. It is fictitious prose, which is very narrative, like a book-length, therefore typically representing characters and actions with some degree of realism.


Poetry is literary work within which the expression of feelings and creative ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Poems collectively are a genre of literature.  It is thus regarded as the quality of beauty and intensity of emotions.

Playwriting or Scriptwriting:

In any film what we see is a visual medium with screenwriting or scriptwriting focusing on the action while a play mainly emphasizes words and dialogues. As discussed earlier Creative writing can mainly be classified into two types and they are- fictional and non-fictional. Let us first learn about some.

You can also check out the best Non-fiction Writing Courses

Non-Fictional Writing Types: 


Journalism is an activity or can also be regarded as a profession of writing for a newspaper, any magazine, or any news website, also preparing news that is to be broadcast. It is thus the production and distribution of reports on the occurrence of events, facts, ideas, and people that inform the society we are living in to some degree. The product of activities accumulated in journalism is news or information.

Essay Writing:

Essay writing is normally a short piece of writing that outlines a writer’s story from their perspective. It is therefore often also considered very similar to a story, a paper, or an article. Essays can be formal and informal, both. Formal essays are mostly academic. Informal essays are more personal and contain humorous elements. 

Autobiographies, Biographies, and Memoirs:

This set of non-fiction writing mainly focuses on the life story of any particular subject. Biographies are always written in the third person, as they are always about someone other than the author itself. Memoirs and autobiographies are the types that are written by the subject themselves. 

Academic Texts:

These texts are designed so that they instruct readers on any particular topic. Most people at first encounter their academic books in the form of their respective school textbooks that form the basis for a class for studying purposes. Academic texts are also used by grown-ups wishing to learn any specific thing, such as broken vehicle repair or song arranging.

Humor and Commentary Writing:

These are again a form of nonfiction writing where analysis of certain things along with its reflection on real-world events is done and thus are distilled through the viewpoint of an author. Now, sometimes these points of view can be humorous, or maybe sometimes it is too political, but again sometimes it is purely and precisely meditative.

You May Find Other in-demand Courses in Pune Useful:

Complete List of Creative Writing Courses in Pune

So far, we have learned some essential parts of creative writing. Now if you are interested and looking forward to having a career in creative writing and want to enroll yourself in programs to study for a certified professional creative writing course in Pune, do not miss the below-mentioned list for the same.

Pune is a city where you will find qualitative and best creative writing courses in abundance. Due to an increased career opportunity in creative writing, there is a huge inflow of students willing to pursue creative writing courses in Pune. Let’s find out some best creative writing courses in Pune.


IIM SKILLS gives you the best-updated content writing course of the time in Pune. The Content Writing Course here is a 4-week-long course. It gives you 16 long hours of lectures, 60 long hours of applicable assignments, and tools that are worth more than 35k for free. They also provide 10 and more hours of internship classes and freelance opportunities for the students.

The internship here is 3 months long. IIM SKILLS provides you with an opportunity to avail lifetime technical support and consulting whenever required. They will help in the development of your portfolio for job purposes and freelancing opportunities. Along with this, they also provide a recognized certificate with completion of the course.

Things You Will Learn During the Content Writing Course

  • Keyword research
  • Google listing
  • Social media writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Product description writing
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Flyer writing
  • brochure writing 
  • Resume writing
  • Article writing
  • SEO
  • White paper writing
  • Legal writing 

With the help of this course, you will develop a  habit of writing regularly, this will help you become more confident with your writing skills and thus write more efficiently. After completion of the course, you will be able to write error-free content for several contexts. The price of this course is Rupees 14,900.

Thereafter the qualities that you inculcate after completion of the course will make you realize that this is the best course out there. The duration of the course is almost 36 hours long including the internship which stretches for almost 9 weeks. The best part is that you can attend online classes. Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the above-mentioned course.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


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2. Symbiosis International University for Distance Learning

Symbiosis University is the most famous university in Pune. It has been running since 2001. It offers students paths in a wide variety of courses in both distance education and regular education. It is one of the best creative writing courses in Pune. 

Diploma Course in Creative English Writing:

This is a course that provides various career opportunities in the field of written and oral communication, journalism, mass media, Corporate based Communications, professional writing, advertisement writing, public relations, and publishing of any form of writing among others.

It is a crash course, which is completed within the time frame of one year. The eligibility criteria that are required for the course is a 12th pass with an aggregate of  50 percent and above marks in English subjects. The fee for the course is Rupees 35,000 which if you wish can be paid in installments. But again make sure that you separately pay for the application and exam fee.

 The Curriculum for These Two Semesters Is as Follows:

  • The art of experiencing the word
  • Art of Creative Life
  • Self expansiveness
  • Knowing the sources of creativity
  • Positive Practices
  • Knowing Creative Forms Of Writing

You will be given many practical assignments that you need to complete by the end of each semester. These assignments will help you determine the progress you have made throughout. Symbiosis provides both live and recorded lectures, this gives you the advantage to learn online at your own pace. They provide complete placement assistance after the completion of the course.

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3. Coursera

Well, we all are aware of Coursera and its courses, one of the very thoughtful courses that we get on Coursera is a course on creative writing. This course is completed at Wesleyan University. This course is very useful and fruitful for beginners. It majorly covers three genres of creative writing and they are short story writing, narrative essay writing, and memoir writing.

The specialty of this course is that you will get to learn several techniques that will make your write-up interesting. Also, you will receive a certificate after completion of the course. They offer flexibility in terms of assignment submission therein you will complete the course in 6 months.

This Specialization Includes the Following for Creative Writing Courses in Pune:

  • The Craft of Plot of Creative Writing
  • The Craft of Character making in Creative Writing
  • The Craft of Setting and Description in Creative Writing
  • The Craft of Style to adopt through Creative Writing
  •  Your Story development through Creative Writing

You can take all of these above-mentioned courses according to your convenience.

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4. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest E-Learning platforms available at present. It offers a wide range of creative writing courses in Pune that will help you create better write-ups and drafts. The price for the course usually ranges from Rupees 455 to Rupees 468. They are the bestsellers of “Write a Book”, which is a very helpful book for beginners in creative writing.

The course covers many aspects of writing that are very basic like sentence making, application of punctuation, paragraph writing, and essay writing. Foreshadowing and cliffhangers are some of the advanced writing techniques that you will learn. After you get yourself enrolled, you will be able to write non-fiction stories with more ease and efficiency. This is again one of the best creative writing courses in Pune.

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is also very well known for its creative writing courses in Pune. It provides many useful study materials on a lot of creative writing topics. The creative writing courses that you will find here are very interesting as in this course you will learn about secret tools and techniques, and also topics like creating outlines of the story, the development of the characters, and creating a plot for write-ups.

This course is very helpful for both beginners and non-beginners. With their tutorials, you will get a lot of help to improve yourself through creative writing abilities with help of the exercises given every week. Some courses you will find here are specific to genres. Hence, you can take courses, even if your writing genre is a bit different in style like adventure or thriller in nature. Again not to mention it is one of the best creative writing courses in Pune.

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6. Oxford

There is hardly anyone you will find who is not aware of Oxford. It is indeed a very renowned and trusted university in the field of education. It is mainly famous for providing education in the English language and literature-related things. Since this fact is very well known, do not go looking anywhere “English Literature and Creative Writing Summer School ” is the course you are looking for to get a degree in creative writing that can help you in enhancing your creative writing skills.

It is one of the best creative writing courses in Pune that you will find out there. The techniques that are taught here are very much tried and tested and hence proven worthy for a very long time now. Oxford provides six courses mainly based on age and place you belong.

Students can easily take up the course as per their requirements. The best thing here is that you will find that that class has a maximum limit of eight students. The learning here is very unique, classes are designed in a manner that students can interact with each other and learn while observing everything going on in the class around them.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

How to Enhance Yourself as a Creative Writer

As discussed already, there is no set of rules that are given to become a qualitative creative writer. Here we will discuss some of the tips that you can adopt that will help you to yield better results in terms of creative writing, some of them are – identifying your audience, adding some real-life details, using some the devices like metaphors, alliterations, etc. to add more vigilance to your creativity, try to plot stories that will push readers thought processes.

You should first accept the fact that there is no perfect writing when it comes to creative writing since there are a lot of genres. But to make it near perfect, you can adopt the following tips for better creative writing.

Reading Habit:

 Read as much as possible, this helps you to develop a habit of writing thus increasing your stock of words. This habit also helps you to push your thought process to a certain level.

Start Writing:

Writing articles or a diary is a habit you can inculcate to reach out more to your niche. Start your blog on free websites available on the internet to give a boost to your writing skills. This will help your words to flow out automatically.

Use of Literary Devices:

Use alliteration, simile, and metaphor as much as possible in your writing. This will help to improve the quality of your writing a lot. This will also help you better expression of your ideas and thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What are the basic criteria to become a creative writer?

Ans. The basic criteria to become a creative writer is that you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in any stream.

Q2. What is the salary structure for the job of creative writers?

Ans. Well, the average salary that a creative content writer receives in India is around Rs. 46,000 per month.

Q3. Can you make money with work from home as a freelance writer?

Ans. Of course, you can make money as a freelancer, all you need is a good portfolio along with a genuine certificate as a creative content writer from a recognized institute.

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