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Top 9 Must-Known Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore

A popular activity that many people are passionate about is creative writing. People today are increasingly conscious of the advantages of having a creative outlet in both their personal and professional lives. Being a very competitive and currently in-demand profession, creative writing courses in Bangalore bring opportunities that are limitless as well as challenging. There have long been creative writing programs in Bangalore. However, as Bangalore has expanded, there has been a rise in interest in creative writing.

List of best creative writing courses in Bangalore

For the target audience, content serves as the answer to issues. A content writer provides value to a variety of audiences and fosters trust, which is a crucial component in the creation of a brand. A professional content writer approaches the writing of content for a search engine rank or they are very imaginative to attract the people.

Reasons to Pursue Creative Writing as a Career

Nowadays, digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing strategies due to the development of the online world. Integrating marketing and content creation has become even more crucial in recent years. Only via interesting material that isn’t influenced by financial incentives, you can establish a relationship with your target audience.

It promotes your resume and aids in the development of your skills. Such programs also offer a variety of ongoing or one-time assignments, internships, and help with job placements. It improves your writing abilities for blogs, academic papers, SEO content, press releases, research papers, basic and business content, marketing, etc.

Both exclusive writers and freelance writers are in high demand, and that need is only going to grow. You can decide for yourself what kinds of projects you want to work on by going freelance. There is no obligation to work a specific number of hours each day. A freelance writer also enjoys total liberty and flexibility.

Having one of the largest populations that can converse in English, creative writers are often outsourced by Americans and Europeans, making it a booming and profitable career. You can advance into the profession of editing once you’ve polished your writing skills. Once you have a great grasp of the language and a lot of writing experience, you can become an effective editor.

Additionally, you should have some background knowledge of your industry to work as an editor, which you can learn about with the Writing Certification. Certification provides you with lots of room to learn. It sharpens your linguistic abilities and increases your talents. These programs assist in opening up the world of knowledge to writers.

It encourages them to conduct research and create content that is appropriate for diverse assignments. It fuels their intellect by allowing them to discover something new every day. The Creative Writing Certification course offers numerous techniques for writing better, and once you excel at this, your pay scale instantly rises.

The amount of money you make in this line of work depends on the kind of creative writing you do, which can change depending on the size and nature of the company you work for. However, once you begin writing professionally and keep developing your craft, the compensation scale is unlimited.

Your confidence will increase if you enroll in creative writing courses in Bangalore. You discover so many new things that it boosts your confidence right away. You get the opportunity to participate in seminars, and get-togethers, and receive training from renowned writers with many years of expertise.

They provide knowledge and abilities that no one else can. Allowing us to concentrate on a relaxing activity, also aids in our regaining consciousness. According to studies, engaging in a creative activity for even a short period each day, such as 15 minutes has a good impact on focus, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Kids’ brain growth depends on having creative interests. Learning to look at things from a fresh angle is beneficial for kids. Their analytical skills will grow as a result, and their minds will be expanded.

Also, Learn About the Other Most-opted Courses in Bangalore:

Below is the List of Best Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore That Can Be Beneficial to Someone Looking for a Career in Creative Writing:


Being entirely performance-driven and believing in providing world-class education through their certified online courses, IIM SKILLS tops the list of creative writing courses in Bangalore. The faculty consists of people who are experienced and a part of the industry themselves. 

The curriculum is designed to teach the participants every aspect of content writing and help them build their portfolios as writers. The practical nature of the courses and the use of real-world assignments enable you to comprehend how content is created, shared, and published in the outside world.

The course that IIM SKILLS provides is known as the Content Writing Course, which is conducted in an online mode and makes it easy for students to register from anywhere in Bangalore. It is a four-week-long course that is divided into 12 modules. Students learn by immediately putting the theory they have learned in class into practice because this is a practical course.

The person who wants to include creative storytelling aspects in content for businesses should take this course. As we all know, more companies are establishing an online presence. Online markets are becoming more and more competitive every day. The course assists you in developing your entrepreneurial skills in addition to assisting you in understanding the course material’s basic concept.

You can effectively launch your own business or start working as a freelancer in a variety of industries after completing their creative writing courses in Bangalore. You also have 60 hours worth of practical assignments. You get knowledge of how websites function in this course and use 35K worth of tools.  


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

There are many different content forms, including academic writing, technical writing, commercial sites, business listings, and press releases, that IIM SKILLS prepares you for. This guarantees that you can easily produce content for various areas and formats. Students discover how to find employment as qualified content writers at the end of the course.

Every student receives an internship opportunity and job placement support at one of their partner organizations. Additionally, they offer a free demo session so that you may see how the course is taught at the institute. If after the first session you are not pleased with the program, you can get your money back.

The course fee is 14900 + GST. 

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. British Council of India

British Council of India’s multi-week intensive Creative Writing courses in Bangalore is regarded as one of the best in the nation. The training lasts for a very long time, and you must attend sessions two days a week. You can choose the classes and schedule based on your personal preferences.

The timings are all before 6 p.m. and on weekdays, though, thus, this course would be pretty difficult for the functioning portion. It is appropriate for prospective writers who wish to learn more about self-publishing.

The total cost of the course is about INR 10,000.

3. Masterclass

Masterclass offers creative writing courses in Bangalore that emphasize specialization in fiction and comprehensible writing. Each exercise lasts between five and ten minutes, and you can see them from your workstation or other flexible space. They also come with downloading materials like worksheets and notes in PDF format. You can network with other journalists and students as well. If you’re lucky, one of the famous mentors might even workshop your work.

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4. CreativeLive 

CreativeLive provides the tools you need to succeed while writing a blog post or a book. These writing workshops are recorded sessions where instructors guide students or introduce them to various essayists in a live studio setting. Because you can observe the crowd’s replies and gain inspiration from their questions for the writing instructors, it’s an engaging way to study.

These creative writing courses in Bangalore have recorded sessions where instructors guide students or introduce them to various essayists in a live studio setting. The information is quickly understandable. The exercises, with a few exceptions, generally last between five and fifteen minutes.

The CreativeLive writing sessions also include worksheets, activities, and downloadable PDFs. In your workspace or on your phone, using the CreativeLive app, you can view the materials. Blogging, fiction, and nonfiction writers can take classes at CreativeLive.

Depending on the class, the price varies, beginning at INR 1500 per class. 

5. Leads

One of the finest institutions offering creative writing courses in Bangalore is the LEADS Academy, or Learning and Development Solutions Academy. Its founders, who were involved in management, the content industry, and human resources training, founded the organization in 2006.

The Leads Academy’s content writing courses in Bangalore are designed for writers, advertisers, and content writers from a range of industries. It has enormous benefits for new writers, instructors, management consultants, freelancers, and businesspeople. For businesses and organizations, LEADS also sets up online learning and development modules.

The LEADS online platform is used for the LEADS academy’s content writing course. Candidates will study the provided core curriculum and finish the weekly online assignments. The online portal is used for all of the learning, conversation, task completion, and submissions.

Essentials of Writing, Planning Your Writing, Writing Properly, Proofreading Your Material, Formatting and Communicating, Writing for the Internet, and Professional Development Skills are all covered in this course’s curriculum that is taught over 12 weeks with the course fee is 9750. You will be given a tangible copy of the printed certificate once the course is over.

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6. Anita’s Attic

Anita’s Attic is arguably the most well-known and sought-after institution that offers creative writing courses in Bangalore. It is a collaboration between Conditions apply, a digital firm, and Anita Nair, the author, in association with Penguin Random House India. The program is curated and run by Anita Nair herself at this institution, and it is only offered once a year rather than continuously.

A renowned author is available for participants to learn from and converse with. Poetry, novels, essays, travelogues, screenplays, short stories, content writing, and children’s fiction are among the content categories taught in the numerous courses. The thing that highlights this course is that it enables the promotion of deserving talent through agent networking, publication, and internet media. 

The program’s essential elements include introducing the best writers to international literary agents and releasing their work as an anthology under Anita’s Attic Imprint. Eleven weeks, or rather every Saturday for Eleven weeks, make up the course’s duration. The only requirement is that applicants be 18 years of age or older.

A writing sample must be submitted as part of the application process. This procedure makes it easier to select deserving candidates. There are only 12 students per session. Anita Nair herself examines the samples. The course fee is 80,000, which can be expensive for some, but it does ease the path to becoming established in the industry for many. 

7. Digital Web Academy

The digital marketing training center, Digital Web Academy, also offers content writing classes. The institute, which boasts more than 1000 qualified professionals, also equips students with managerial and entrepreneurial abilities. The layout of the course modules displays the most effective methods for content creation.

The Digital Web Academy also offers courses in web development and design. To guarantee placement, the academy also provides soft skill training in areas like personality development, interview techniques, and mock interviews. Students who take the course leave with an understanding of the value of SEO in content creation. The various types of content, including blogging, essays, media writing, etc., are covered in great detail.

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8. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is a firm dealing with training and services. It has offices in Canada, the United States, and India. They have locations in six cities around India. It is one of Bangalore’s leading institutions offering courses in creative writing. They provide over 15 courses in the area of digital marketing, over 15 in the area of Amazon web services, and over 10 in the area of content production.

Furthermore, they are offering some new courses in addition to their 12-plus existing Python programming classes. They have locations throughout Bangalore. You have access to 50 real-world projects and more than 20 resources to develop your abilities.

You also have two years’ worth of access to all of the live batches, lecture notes, question-and-answer sessions, and tests to help you deepen your understanding of content creation. Aspiring bloggers, authors, and content writers who wish to understand the more complex ideas in the field of content writing should take this course.

They guide how to produce content that appeals to and converts the target reader. Additionally, you have access to a professional toolset for content creation, which facilitates the process of creating content for various formats. Candidates receive a significant amount of practical experience from the course content. Professional trainers provide lifelong assistance to the alumni.

9. Nest Soft

One of Bangalore’s most sought-after content writing programs is offered by Nest Soft Technology. It has worked hard to become the top company for software development ever since its founding in 1997. To IT organizations, educational institutions, startups, and various business firms, they offer end-to-end solutions and consulting services.

They are a software solutions firm with a great deal of experience. As a result, they provide a wide range of courses to help people upgrade their skills to get better employment. One of them is a thorough program in content creation. Influential business people are supervising numerous active projects.

The training includes unrestricted Wi-Fi access in the lab. They are aware of the reality that each person has varied needs. Therefore, there is an option to change the curriculum to suit your needs. This is also true for the length of the course, allowing for a hassle-free completion.

The placement cell is committed to giving students complete support while they look for employment that matches their abilities and talents. IT experts, marketing directors, students of literature, and those looking to market and sell their goods online are the target audiences for this course. Those who are interested in a career in content writing might gain a lot by taking the course.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs 

Q1. What are the advantages of Online Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore? 

Creative Writing courses in Bangalore are designed to be taken independently, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Certain classes don’t have homework assignments, writing assignments, or deadlines.

Q2. What are the disadvantages of Online Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore? 

Face-to-face interactions with certain authors are not possible. There are some classes without teacher criticism. Both quality and price fluctuate greatly.

Q3. What is the need for content writers?

Professional content writers will make your content search engine-friendly. They can aid you in getting your website to the forefront of Google’s search results and aid you in persuading all of that lovely new traffic to hire you. One of the most popular and successful methods to improve SEO is to continuously generate new content.

Q4. What are the necessary skills a content writer is supposed to have? 

The writing language, primarily English, must be well-understood by a content writer. In addition, the writers must have a solid command of the English vernacular and a fundamental understanding of how online material functions, the components of excellent copy, and how to use various online tools.

Q5. what is the best start for creative writing as a career?

Enrolling in a comprehensive creative writing training course would be the most exemplary method to launch your career as a creative writer—next, start building your website. You will then be able to produce material related to your niche. Distribute it through a variety of web platforms. Your visibility will increase with pertinent and high-quality articles. You will then be given article writing jobs in your area of expertise.


Writing that is creative involves the author looking at a relevant topic that requires guidance, direction, as well as information. When compared to other compositional strategies like perceptive composition, academic composition, or business composition, this method has a clear relevance and unique highlights. Many organizations, associations, foundations, and institutions are very interested in hiring capable creative writers for the work of creative writing. So, start learning with the top listed creative writing courses in Bangalore.

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