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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

How many weekends do you remember where the favorite pastime for retired people is to sit with a user manual and pry open the mechanical items in the house? How many times have you resolved common errors in the working of apps or other software using simplified ‘Get Help’ sections embedded in apps, software, and websites? We might not realize it but these are the ways in which technical writers make their mark on the smooth functioning of all our interactions with technologies! Thus, this post offers clarity on technical writing, its development and reviews technical writing courses in Bangalore to help interested people to make an informed choice.


Technical writing courses in Bangalore


People have always been filled with wonder beholding technologies and reaped the many benefits of it without barely an idea about its functioning beyond basic commands.


The technology that makes our life simple is filled with complexity in its making and functioning that we realize only when it throws a glitch at us or when we are in the introductory stage of understanding it. This is where technical writing helps us develop our understanding of technology and everything digital.


Being a generation that gets most of its knowledge of science from sci-fi flicks, technical writers have their job cut out for them to familiarise us with everything ‘technical’ that makes up the world we live in.


To put it simply, technical writing is documentation of technical communication. It aims to convey information about a product or service or almost anything at all in a way that is easy to comprehend for users with no prior experience or even an idea about the subject at hand.


Evolution of Technical Writing


Compared to relatively recent fields like Digital Marketing or Content Writing, technical writing’s history goes way back to the ancient era where the world saw a transition from the oral tradition of passing down information to writing them down. These became the world’s earliest known records of technical writing, although it was not known by that name until World War II where the profession was highly sought out.


With the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars, the western world became increasingly reliant on technologies, especially computers that aided in globalization. The post-war boom saw a rise in the kind of lifestyle people were used to and technology entered the life of a common man for the first time.


Thus came the job of a technical writer who was needed to act as a bridge between the engineers and technical creators and the layperson to help them understand each other. 


This is perhaps the reason why a common misconception exists: that technical writers are those who write user manuals. While it is true that the art of technical writing started off that way, it has now evolved to include various other types of writing in a variety of occupational fields like research, medicine, media, and so on.


Here are a few ways in which modern technical writing can be classified which could help you understand your niche before you go on to know about technical writing courses in Bangalore.


Types of Technical Writing


  1. Traditional:

As the name suggests, this type of technical writing includes guidelines and manuals that are written for an audience who have prior experience in the field – just enough to understand with little help from the writers.


These include research papers, professional reports, performance reviews, legal and business status reports, and so on that are intended to function as guiding material for practitioners of a particular field to understand it better.


2. End-User Documentation:

This type of writing is intended more for the general audience who are new users of a product or service. End-user documentation works as an introductory piece to assist the user in their first venture into the field of a particular product or service.


This is why it is more elaborate and predictive in its style – the writers must foresee the potential doubts and common errors and provide solutions and hacks to effectively use something.


Examples of this type of writing include product manuals, assembly guidelines, and all other kinds of user help guides that aim to familiarise a non-expert with the nuances of a field.


3. Technical Marketing Content:

This is where the digital world more closely engages with that of technical writing as it creates a buffer zone for businesses, products, and consumers to understand each other well and organize according to that understanding.


Examples of this kind of writing include Business proposals and pitches, brochures, case studies that detail the growth and processing of a product or service from start to endpoint, White papers that offer well-researched reports to deal with solutions and betterment options for specific problems, and so on.


In a city like Bangalore that is hailed to be the Silicon Valley of India, the rise of the IT field has been directly responsible for modernizing the area and bringing it to national attention.


Being the home base for various IT organizations and BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing), the city’s prestige as the IT hub of India rose and attracted more attention.


In a city that thrives off technology, the demand for technical writers grows more and has established itself as a solid career option for those with an eye for detail and good command over English – the language of the IT world.


Given below is a list of major institutes offering technical writing courses in Bangalore

P.S.: The list of technical writing courses in Bangalore is in no order of ranking.




Considered to be one of the pioneers in the field, IIM SKILLS offer a Technical Writing Course where they expand the limits of technical writing by highlighting its various aspects that get erased when people tend to generalize it as writing user manuals.


This is established with their comprehensive syllabus that includes training the participants in writing nuances of technical writing like Technical reports, White Papers, journals, Conversational writing, Medical writing, Data Sheets, User Manuals, API documentation using XML, aspects of reviewing and publishing, and so on. This kind of all-around approach makes it one of the best technical writing courses in Bangalore.


The institute also boasts of a unique feature – offering a guaranteed 1-month internship with them that would make their students take their first steps into the field of technical writing under the watchful and experienced eyes of those who taught them. They guide the students with the publishing of their first white paper, scholarly article, a blog with Time of India, and other ventures they are interested in the field of technical writing.


Along with a prestigious certificate, they offer lifetime access to material and a means to stay in touch with the community so that students can remain in touch with the field. With top MNC recruiters like Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, and so on displayed proudly on their website, IIM SKILLS leaves no stone unturned to make their students career-ready upon the completion of this course.


Course Duration : 5 weeks + 1 month internship

Course Fee : ₹14900 + 18% GST

Course Mode: Online


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]



2.    Techtotal


After their enormous success in Hyderabad, TechTotal began to establish a solid base in this silicon valley of India, after recognizing the demand for technical writing courses in Bangalore.


Their partnership with giants in the digital world like Microsoft, Robert Bosch, ADP, Wipro, TATA, and so on has enabled them to design a course and opportunity for students to learn the nuances of technical writing and establish themselves in the field which is ever-growing and evolving.


Their students include corporates and individuals as technical writing in Bangalore is growing as a lucrative career option. Their emphasis on professionalism and an option for classroom and online training makes them one of the most favored institutes to learn technical writing courses in Bangalore.


Their syllabi cover a wide array of technical concepts like Style Guide and standards, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Document Delivery Life Cycle (DDLC), Introduction to HTML and XML as well as tools like MS Word, Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, MS Visio, Photoshop and so on to provide a balanced approach in familiarizing the students with what is expected in this field.


By providing “Total Placement assistance” for all their students, their extensive partnering with the IT field, and their live project-based practical training approach, TechTotal systems guarantee to mold their students for the professional and technical demands of the IT world.


Course Duration: 30 days (Normal Track), 15 days (Fast track)

Course Mode: Based on preferred choice – Classroom/Online

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3.    ASTEP


Quoted to be a career transformation program, the course is designed to cater to the ever-growing demands of the IT field that needs more technical writers to translate jargon for a non-technical world. They combine theory and practical approaches to make sure that their students are ready to become successful candidates in all aspects.


As their name suggests, the institute aims to equip its students to be one step ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to understanding technical writing. This is why they divide their focus into teaching effective writing as well as familiarizing the students with tools and the technology they are going to be dealing with in the field.


ASTEP offers extensive training in tools and assistive technology in technical writing like FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Camtasia, Captivate, MS Visio, XML Editor, and so on.


Their modules also include concepts like documentation, the application process, instructional design, fundamentals of software programming languages while also offering a chance to work on live projects as assignments so as to help the students to apply what they learn in real-time setup.


Course Fee: ₹49,105/- (Installment option available)

Course Duration: 8 weeks


4.    Technokraft


Keeping in tune with the technical and technological advancements of this era in mind, TechnoKraft offers what they call ‘Futuristic technology training and services ‘. This comes from analyzing the trends of the IT world and training people to meet its demands and expand the notions of digital-related careers.


The inclusion of Technical writing under such a thematic grouping speaks volumes about the potential of this course and Bangalore as a powerhouse of IT. And this is exactly what the institute intends to take full advantage of to prepare a future-ready workforce by establishing their institute to give technical writing courses in Bangalore.


The raving testimonials from clients as well as students prove their skill as industry experts as well as efficient trainers in holding up the field and establishing themselves as one of the well-renowned institutes among those offering technical writing courses in Bangalore as well as services.


Following the pulse of the current generation towards applied learning and the industry trend of practical approach, TecnoKraft combines concepts and tools to provide a holistic experience to the students in understanding and applying what they learn effectively.


With tools like Adobe FrameMaker & RoboHelp, SnagIt, HTML, XML, DITA, Adobe Captivate & Illustrator, they balance theories of Instructional designing and management. Regular assignments, class presentations Mock interviews, Study material are other aspects that make the course an all-around method to expose students to the facets of the world of technical writing.


5. Henry Harvin


Ranked #1 in the list of technical writing courses in India by The Tribune, as their website proudly proclaims, Henry Harvin is a known name in the digital world offering a technical writing course in Bangalore that aims to help students master the art of simplifying and adapting complex ideas to ordered documents.


With subject matter experts who have extensive experience in the field, the course is structured to provide a nine-fold approach that goes like – Training, Projects, Internship, Certification, Placement, E-Learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold memberships.


Their extensive syllabi include training students in topics like Ethics of Scientific communication, Research proposals, English communications, Thesis writing, Citations, and a list of all technical writing related niches that would enhance the ability of the students in dealing with jargon technicalities and making them accessible.


With an alumni network spread in a wide-ranging manner and regular opportunities to brush up on topics, the course is designed to create a lifetime connection with the participants that would enable them to remain evergreen in the field of technical writing.


The course is offered in two categories with options of Self-paced and Live Online Classroom, the latter more preferable as it has an added advantage of being trained by distinguished mentors.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fee: ₹15000/-

Course Mode: Online


Contact : +91-9845316974


Frequently Asked Questions


1.     What is technical writing?

It is the process of simplifying complex ideas and concepts of a particular field to make it understandable to a common person so that its relevance can reach beyond the field it was previously confined to. A technical writer acts like a middle person between technical creators who design a product or service and the non-technical consumers for whom it is intended.


2.     What is the salary of a technical writer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a technical writer (a national average) is around 6 lakhs per annum. It also depends on various factors like seniority, skill set, experience, and the specific fields they are associated with -like engineering, medicine, media, and so on.


3.     Who is eligible to learn technical writing?

This is a field that’s core working principles lie in the art of making the difficult easy and therefore a person interested in learning it must develop the quality of simplifying stuff.


It is open to students from any background who are looking for a chance to venture into the field as a beginner or graduate and professionals who wish for a better understanding or a different career option.


The institutions mentioned in the above list of technical writing courses in Bangalore have an elaborate syllabus from basic to professional level, thus broadening the eligibility criteria to almost anyone with an interest in the field.


4.     Is there scope for technical writing as a career?

According to reports by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the growth of Technical writing as a career is predicted to show an 11% growth – a comparatively faster average to other occupations.


There is going to be an increase in web-based products and services and thus it would boost the need for those who deal with breaking down its complexities for a general user. Needless to say, the scope of technical writing is bright now more than ever and it is the right time to opt for training in this field by choosing the right institute from the list of technical writing courses in Bangalore.




Technology has become the most important factor in defining our way of life. Access to and knowledge of technology is an identity marker even in everyday scenarios, let alone its importance in a professional setting.


In such a day and age, a skill like technical writing is the key to gaining and establishing your place in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Thus I hope this post provides you with enough background information and assists your first foray into the world of technical writing by making an informed choice of the institute from this list of technical writing courses in Bangalore.

  • I’m looking for a nice course. I am now enrolled in college and passionate about writing and blogging. I also participate in a variety of content writing classes and keeps a journal . After I graduate from college, I want to start finding a decent career with a reputable organisation. My friend told me about technical writing and how rewarding and respected it is. This is one of the several courses I’m considering enrolling in. I want her to enrol in the best technical writing course in Bangalore. Can you direct me to a legitimate academy?

  • I am great at illustrations and have done a certification course as well. I wanted to enrol in a Technical writing courses in Bangalore to learn more about technical illustrations. My doubt here is this – how much of the course will focus on technical illustrations as I want to make that my niche . Also keeping my query in mind please suggest a good academy that will help me with my aspiring career development. I also wanted to know if there is a course that focuses just on technical picture creation? Thanks for your article . It was quite a good read .

  • I am a student in Bangalore and looking for technical writing courses with placement so that the job hunt becomes easy after graduation. But options on the internet are vast. this article narrows down the number of options to choose from. some of the courses mentioned are online and have flexible schedules, which is perfect. This article not only provides me with information about technical writing courses in Bangalore but also answers most of the queries related to technical writing.

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