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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Vereeniging With Placements

Vereeniging is an industry-based and culturally rich town in the Gauteng Province. There are two rivers situated in the city: Kilip and Vaal Rivers.  The whole area is fertile and mineral-rich. The prime industrial products of the city are iron, steel, and lime. Therefore, businesses operate at the heart of the town. Therefore, there are lots of active and passive employment opportunities in this city. Digital marketing courses in Vereeniging not only help to grab a high-paying job for individuals, but these courses help to more than a 10% salary hike to an existing employee. So choose the chance now.

Digital Marketing Courses in Vereeniging

This article is primarily written to help an individual with the institutes for digital marketing courses in Vereeniging. Still, there are undoubtedly many more institutes apart from these for your exploration.   


IIM SKILLS is an online training centre for Digital Marketing Courses in Vereeniging. It provides valid certificates after training of five months. It includes internships in the marketing courses. The course includes fifteen online projects with ten case study learning. The institutes offer fee payment in instalments. The course is taken by a few experienced teachers online. The duration of the course is five months, including an internship session.

  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Course
  • Fees: 6972.00 South Africa Rand/ ZAR + Taxes
  • Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship

The Modules At a Glance


Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Introduction class
  • WordPress website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound social media marketing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Google Analytics
  • Reputation building for brands
  • Digital marketing for E-commerce businesses
  • Quora writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Blog writing articles
  • Paid media bing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Automation tools

Tools to Master:

Yoast SEO, Keyword planner, Longtailpro, Ubersuggest, schema, Google tag manager, Rankmath, AHREF, accuranker, Mobilemoxie, Semrush, Moz, Pabbly, MailChimp, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Hubspot etc.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details: – +919580740740, [email protected]


Know About Our Students From Across The World

2. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn offers digital marketing courses in Vereeniging with the association of Search Engine Journals(SEJ).  The institute provides online classes to the candidates and certification at the course’s end. Simplilearn provides job assistance to the students after successful completion of the training.

Cost: 14952 ZAR

Duration: 7 sessions in the weekend classes. Every class will be for four hours.


  • Content Marketing is a vital part of this training. Content marketing is sharing what you know and helping the customer with the content you create and put up online. It gets by far the best long-term results of any type of marketing out there just because you’re genuinely earning and attracting attention rather than forcing it. The secret is getting the right balance between content that builds awareness, earns trust, and directly triggers conversions, bookings, and sales. So the goal here is simply to be out there invisible to your ideal customers, meeting them where they’re at. To do that, we need to create some strategic articles or, if you want to be truly competitive and go further faster. There are just two different ways of delivering the same kind of information, so what types of Articles and videos work best at the top of the funnel to capture that initial attention? First, we have search-optimized how-to style content. Your Niche: you know, if you’re a cleaning company, you could create videos about how to wash the outside of your windows properly or blog posts about how to get your home guest ready fast, and you’d want to make sure that whatever you’re creating here is optimized for search engines either Google for written articles that would live on your website or optimize for YouTube In the case of videos or you can use your blog or videos to answer common questions that people ask in your industry.
  • The course also talks about social media networks and mobile marketing.
  • Web analytics for search engines
  • SEO for newly made websites
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Facebook- a dedicated modules

3. Digital Marketing Essential by Tomas Moravek

Udemy offers various digital marketing courses in Vereeniging. The best part of Udemy is the portal provides courses in multiple languages. The course domain offers different instructors for teaching the lesson. The duration of the course is seventeen hours. The course incorporates more than one hundred lectures. The whole class is in a pre-recorded format from the trainer.

Cost: 742 ZAR


  • Brand Building: A brand is an identity with an image to show others. Brand refers to who you are and how you want to be perceived by other perceptions. A brand shows trust, faith, and loyalty in the reputation of an identity. 
  • Product Marketing: Product marketing refers to the effort that hits the product to market from a manufacturer. Product marketers here review from customers what they want in a new product, like the design, packaging, and delivery process. All the feedback from the customers is implemented in the arriving product. They collaborate with the sales and design teams to implement new approaches to further development.
  • Reddit Marketing: There are various steps to Reddit marketing, like
  • By participating in the Reddit community, you will understand what type of content people like and don’t like. It may be a text post or a meme.
  • By participating in the subreddit forum, you will know anything and everything under the sun. There are a lot of topics in the Reddit section, like entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency, SEO, etc.
  • You have to be very transparent on Reddit because if you are a marketer and not evident on Reddit, no content will work in the last.
  • You have to replicate the content that works very well in Reddit and make a better version of the same content.
  • The last step is to submit the writing content on Reddit and keep writing for the community post. You will receive automatic voting from the community.
  • Youtube Marketing
  • SEO lessons
  • Chatbot making for Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Quora, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Google Analytics and ads
  • Copywriting for templates
  • Linkbuilding for local SEO

4. RCM Digital Collage

RCM features several digital marketing courses in Vereeniging for the learner. All the courses that are operated by them are virtual. The courses are designed for a beginner and existing working professionals.

  • TikTok Marketing course: Gen Z, especially their number one search engine, is TikTok; people are getting paid a regular salary from a brand to create content. People don’t realize the power of how many companies are searching TikTok for a Creator, and it’s not always about this person having the biggest following. It’s about whether this person looks good on camera this person has a clean enough brand, but we can have them represent our companies. TikTok first, there are a couple of new things. Download video without the watermark. Yeah, so it’s a brand new feature most accounts don’t have yet, but they’re updating it; you’re able to once you have a video in drafts and you pull it up on your main screen, and the upper right-hand corner, you’re going to see a little download button, and that means you just hit that. Now you’ve downloaded your video without the watermark, no more screen recording, no more other apps, and directly from Tick ToK. According to demandstage.com, in the first 2023 quarter, TikTok was downloaded more than 235 million times. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to download TikTok and use it for your business. Where to begin: First, you must set up your profile correctly. Start by going to the account setting to manage the business account section. 
  • LinkedIn Marketing: if you want to grow on LinkedIn or at least for your online business or personal brand, this will be divided into four stages. The first is profile optimization to attract, capture, and convert attention. Stage two involves growing your following fast and attracting high engagers and people ready to convert. The third stage is going to be based on content creation. The fourth stage is about how to get consistent visitors and engagement. 
  • Twitter marketing supports concise content. You can’t post long content here. You need to keep in mind here the latest trend at the national level or the burning topics. Here, the Twitter handle of the name is significant for brand representation.
  • Business purpose use of Facebook profile and WhatsApp business
  • WordPress website development
  • Detailed SEO Course
  • The last course is YouTube marketing

All the courses listed in RCM Digital College cost R1995 approx.

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5. Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal operates short-term digital marketing courses in Vereeniging. The course lasts for eight days only. It is an online training session for students. The classes are practical assignments-based; therefore, students understand the topic with work-based demonstration. The institute does not have any prerequisites for admission to the course.Cost: 85000 INR


  • SEO projects: First, you need to grab the SEO projects from an existing business entity, a freelance website, or a dummy website. In this course, you will learn how to outline a digital marketing course from the start, like Understanding the business niche, location analysis, the current performance of the website, keyword research for targeted location, analysis of competition, on-page, and off-page analysis, and data analysis of the performance of the website, SEO is an ongoing process for the future it is not a one-time work.
  •  After that, a student will learn how promotion works on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  • How to write effective ad campaigns for search engines for listing a business.

Tools they use for digital marketing courses in Vereeniging:

  • Spyfu
  • MOZ
  • Similarweb
  • Google ad manager
  • SE ranking
  • Buffer
  • Majestic 

And many more.

6. Rosebank College

Rosebank College offers one-year digital marketing courses in Vereeniging for students. The course can be opted for offline versions and online versions as well. The course is affiliated with the Council on Higher Education in South Africa.Cost: 

  • R43000 approx (for online course version)
  • R79,048 approx (for offline course version)

Prerequisite of this course

  • All the students are requested to use a working computer (desktop/laptop) 
  • Internet broadband connection or Wi-Fi internet is necessary

Admission Criteria:

  • A student must have an NSC or NSV certificate with a 40% score in English.
  • HC qualification with SC endorsement status
  • For international students, the qualification should be equivalent, such as a SAQA certificate with NSC level 4 English with a 30% score.
  • The student must be 23 at least before the admission process is maintained.


  • Digital Academic Literacies: This module provides an overview of the fundamental skills required for developing academic writing, also known as academic literacy. Reading research and writing skills will be focused on as essential to navigating academic study at higher education Institutes as such vocabulary building reading for educational purposes, understanding how to interpret and format theoretical arguments, avoiding plagiarism through quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing writing study and examination skills will constitute the various aspects that feed into these essential skills please familiarize yourself with the different icons that will be used throughout this module.
  • Marketing 101: In the present time, we are suffering from attention deficiency. We want to be updated after watching a two-minute video, but does it work? Sometimes, our mind captures information more accurately if we change our mode of communication. For example, if you see a diagram. For example, how to apply new paint to the wall with three steps, then we can do the stuff more efficiently than after reading a 3-page long article about this. In this module, students will learn how to make marketing strategies efficiently. Another benefit is that digital marketing allows you to get immediate feedback, which, between you and me, is probably one of my favourite aspects of choosing digital marketing channels.
  • Quantitative Thinking techniques for logical business  plan execution
  • Marketing models in the 21st century
  • Project Submission
  • Website creation and design

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7. Digital School of Marketing(DSM)

DSM offers basic to advanced digital marketing courses in Vereeniging. The course is fully online mode. It takes two to eight months to complete the course. The institute is affiliated with CPD, SETA, and  IAB.Cost: 

  • R9900 for a basic course
  • R12650 for the intermediate course
  • R18150 for the advanced course

Course Modules

  • The introduction of digital marketing: Internet working ideas, pillars of a digital plan, the difference between ads promotion and marketing, SEO, Social media, and emails.
  • WordPress: In the world, more than 20% of dynamic websites are built on WordPress. There is no need to learn web design to create a website because a WordPress website can be made without any code. It is an open-source CMS tool for managing the content. Text, Images, and videos can be stored in the WordPress server. You can publish the online content any time you want. The reason for the popularity of WordPress is the availability of thousands of plugins. A plugin enables a feature in a website. You can find designer plugins, page builder plugins, and SEO plugins.
  • Online Marketing Strategies: Online marketing is made for financial element use. Suppose you have 100 USD for your marketing initiative; therefore, the main focus will be to get maximum output from 100 dollars, like Google ads, Facebook ads, branding expenses, and rebranding efforts.
  • Content Marketing Strategies: Content marketing is essential for creating awareness of a brand and building trust around the market by converting leads into actual customers. The primary aim of content marketing is that the marketing is aware of you; therefore, articles need to be written. For short-term success, video ad copies are great tools.
  • Copywriting: The main goal of copywriting is increasing sales through written words. Copywriting is essential for drawing an action from the audience, like ‘pull the slider to see the picture.’
  • Mobile Marketing: When we promote our products or services through mobiles, it comes under mobile marketing like push notifications of the product delivery, email alerts on phones, and SMS promotion of new products. 


IIDE offers two digital marketing courses in Vereeniging for freshers and experienced professionals as well. The fresher course is called advanced certification, and it lasts for four months.   The advanced professional course lasts for six months. These two courses are personal courses, which mean that it is not batch system class. It is student-to-teacher direct communication.Cost: 2000USD


  • AIDA Model: The AIDA model is a marketing model used to describe the stages an individual goes through, from first being aware of the product right through to purchasing it. If applied correctly, the number of customers purchasing your product should increase due to applying the AIDA model effectively.AIDA is an acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire, and finally, action. It’s often displayed as a funnel leading the customer from grabbing their attention right through to the bottom of the funnel, where some of these customers will make a purchase. The first stands for attention. This is the first step in the marketing or advertising of your business.
  • Brand Reputation: It is the process of monitoring your business entity’s performance online so that the brand is discovered by customers, competitors, and online crawlers. The reputation of the brand is made in Google searches, social media, and review platforms. You can check Google’s online listing by searching for your product and service. You must measure whether you are coming in the first five listings in Google. You have to measure the relevant links to the domain with Google’s My Listing Business listing. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization for the website: All the lead data you get from the website are essential for making a marketing plan. In CPO, data is extracted with the help of a computer developer so that faults in the business are rectified in the long run. For instance, one hundred people are coming to the landing page, and four are filling up the forms for inquiry. Now, You make strong SEO efforts so that two hundred people are coming, but eight persons are filling up the inquiry forms. The conversion rate is the same in this case. But our long-term objective will be the increase of CRO by a percentage. 
  • Search Engine Optimization with Google Ads
  • Lead generation with Google Analytics
  • Submission of projects

9. Oakfields College

Oakfields College is offering digital marketing courses in Vereeniging on their campus. The course continues for eleven weeks. Every class is for three hours only. The course is only available to the Pretoria and Edenvale campuses.

Cost:  To know the fees, you have to contact https://www.oakfieldscollege.co.za/contact-2


  • Display ads: When you visit a news portal or any blog, you can see various sizes of banner ads on the website. These ads are all of different sizes. In all the banner ads, there is a ‘i’ button. If you click the ad button, then you will see ads by Google. These ads can be in text format also. These ads are shown on the Google display network. Display ads are very promotional and pleasing collateral because of the visual elements in the design. 
  • Then, the course continues with SEO optimization for local SEO visibility.
  • Email composition for promotional contacts
  • Social media
  • SMS writing for mobile communication as a marketing element
  • Portfolio presentation to client

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10. Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is an Indian organization that is offering digital marketing courses in Vereeniging. The course is four months. They offer a one-month paid internship to every student. I am mentioning a few features of this course below.

  • Feedback session after every lecture.
  • Two communication in the class
  • Portfolio website building opportunity
  • Guest lecture sessions from existing marketing professionals from the industry
  • Classroom training opportunity
  • More than fifteen industry-recognized certificate opportunity 
  • Digital study material for lifetime validity

Cost: 45000 INR for a three-month session

Course Curriculum:

  • The introduction session of this course is the developing effective communication skills to the student so that they sound confident enough to the client. In this session, you will learn how to allocate budgets for various marketing proposals. The session is of six hours.
  • Social media are digital forums with lots of opportunities. In this lesson, you will learn Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter business account handling. How to design a business profile picture even if you are not a designer. 
  • LinkedIn marketing: How to sort content for LinkedIn posts for listing in the search engine ranking. The course also incorporates LinkedIn campaign writing.
  • Effective landing page building for attracting clients
  • Usage of automation tool
  • Content writing training for developing text content
  • WordPress website building 
  • SEO
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Doubt clearing session


Q. How do digital marketing courses in Vereeniging help to grow your business?

A successful digital marketing strategy causes the final conversion of sales; therefore, your sales figures will increase, and at the same time, the customer base will expand. Your brand representation will be in the true sense.

Q. Will AI replace the digital marketing courses in Vereeniging?

No, AI will not replace digital marketing because if you consider digital marketing for any business, there is not any general strategy for everything. ‘Hit and Trial’ is the best practice in digital marketing. However, AI tools will increase the productivity of a marketing professional.

Q. What does digital marketing all about?

Digital marketing refers to the commercial function of prompting a product/service to its sales.ConclusionDigital marketing courses in Vereeniging has tremendous opportunity for the future. All the institutes listed here are excellent in this domain. You have to decide which is best for you.  See you in the next blog!

I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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