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Best 10 Technical Writing Courses in Thailand With Live Classes

Technical writing is one of the most eminent professions for potential writers. This job option brings a lot of advantages with lucrative salary opportunities. In this read- the best 10 technical writing courses in Thailand we have covered the best learning institutions for students.

Best Online Technical Writing Courses in Thailand

Understanding the Technical Writing

Technical writing is a type of writing that turns complicated technical issues into text documents that are easily comprehensible for readers about particular technical products or services.

It refers to a writing pattern in which the writer writes on a certain issue that necessitates breaking down the complex aspect of the subject to its simplest form.

Technical writing has a distinct style, a distinct goal, and distinct traits that distinguish it from other writing styles such as creative writing, freelance writing, business writing, or academic writing.


IIM Skills is an established e-learning platform, that offers various forms of writing courses in remote options. The duration of the Technical Writing Course available is 5 weeks of live training with tools-driven training and 60 plus hands-on projects. IIM skills introduce fundamental characteristics of effective technical writing, such as audience analysis, the objective of writing a piece, tone, and style, as well as how to apply these skills to own best professional practices of technical writing.

IIM Skills’ includes various important topics in its courseware and is articulately crafted by well-sophisticated industry professional faculty with considerable experience in the technical writing sector, resulting in the best technical writing courses in Thailand.

Course Structure


  • Overview of technical writing
  • Content classification
  • Forms and creation of documents

Writing Analysis

  • Audience Readership
  • Topic, tools research
  • Document analysis

Content Creation

  • Learn to create content with purpose, plan, and a broad view
  • Referencing
  • Indexing
  • Learn to check plagiarism
  • Learn to use research tools, reference tools, graphic tools, grammar tools, transcribing tools, writing tools, illustrations, etc

Technical Reports

  • Types and preparation of report

White Paper Journals

  • Learn the Purpose, structure, and elements
  • Learn the introduction, discussion, methods, and results of technical journals

Conversational Writing

  • Versioning
  • Practices and aspects of conversational writing
  • Tools of versioning- SVN, Github, Subversion

Review and Publish

  • Review stages and the introduction of publishing technologies.
  • Datasheets
  • User Manuals
  • Factsheet
  • Technical Proposal

Medical Writing

  • Learn to write various medical blogs, articles, journals
  • Material and methods

Case Study

  • Purpose
  • Types of software, services
  • Learn copywriting format

IIM Skills’ well-designed technical writing training course aims to improve employees’ technical communication skills. Because technical writing is about communicating clearly and effectively, this course takes a comprehensive approach to writing. As a result, IIM skills provide excellent prospects for technical writing courses in Thailand for students seeking an e-learning study modality.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2.     ECT

ECT  is a recognized learning platform, that offers technical writing courses with two options- Technical writing courses and Technical writing courses + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript].

ECT prepares learning professionals for the majority of entry-level and middle-level technical writing positions. The institute designed technical writing courses in two formats as professionals advance and look to join major tech organizations and others at a senior level, they must be able to comprehend source code, particularly when writing developer documentation. In such circumstances, candidates must have a functional understanding of HTML as well as at least one programming language, such as C++ or JavaScript. ECT provides this opportunity for learners to learn basic HTML and JavaScript. This expertise will help to advance new professional individuals’ careers and work in cross-functional teams.

The Syllabus Covered for Technical Writing Courses in Thailand

Introduction to Technical Writing

  • Grammar and Styling in Technical Writing
  • Mastering Markdown
  • Understand XML (Extensible Markup Language).
  • Discover JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).
  • DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) Learning
  • Technical Authoring Tool
  • Documentation
  • Documentation Tool – Oxygen XML Editor

Course Module in Technical Writing + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript]

  • Inclusion of All Technical Writing Course Modules
  • Basics of Web Development
  • Creating a Development Environment
  • Elements and Structure of HTML 5
  • Tables – HTML Tutorial
  • Forms in HTML
  • HTML with semantics
  • Understand CSS
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Understand JavaScript Conditionals
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Scope
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • Learn about JavaScript Loops.
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Training
  • Modules of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Errors & Debugging
  • The concept of DOM
  • JavaScript DOM Events
  • Creating an Interactive Website Using JavaScript
  • JavaScript Async and HTTP Requests

The teaching material is extremely extensive for technical writing courses in Thailand. Learners will gain a new perspective and knowledge of all the material covered in live classes. The live sessions will show students where their writing content stands in real-world professional circumstances. It will be a great learning adventure for all kinds of participants, with the only drawback of being more streamlined and responsive in sessions.

3.     Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ’s technical writing training course covers a variety of useful subjects essential for constructing technical documentation that will be published in various formats and accessible on various devices. Learners will be able to use the writing tool to segment data, construct a documentation set, and connect all of the points. Technical Writer HQ will teach students writing standards and digital developments in technical writing.

This course’s content is delivered through chapters, lectures, and conversation videos, as well as regular assignments, so the learners can discern and comprehend their progress. They are also invited to contact their teachers during the study if they have any concerns, need assistance, or want to provide feedback.

Begin the Technical Writer HQ course to become a technical writer in engineering or an engineering manager. The lectures and assignments will teach you a variety of skills that you will be able to apply regardless of where your career path takes you!

4.   Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a well-respected online academy for global students. It is beneficial for all those who are ambitious to take technical writing courses in Thailand or anywhere in the world to upgrade their writing expressions and assist them in their career aspirations. The course curriculum is planned in such a way that any students can learn their subject in remote learning mode. It is feasible for learners as they can start and finish the course accordingly.

The target of this course is to provide knowledge of writing ability in a clear, and graspable way. Most curricula feature brief writing activities that will provide learners with hands-on experience in a variety of writing jobs. Each class also includes a series of writing self-assessments that allow readers to evaluate their writing drafts based on certain criteria while also providing examples and advice on how to write successfully. This practical emphasis on specific writing skills will assist learners in learning the writing skills required for the job. By the end of the course, participants will be confident in dealing with a wide range of workplace writing communications.

This course is unconditionally free for learners across the world, they can take enrolment through the website and can take classes in their convenient way. Everything linked in the course is free, including study materials like videos, webpages, and activities. This course also includes a free final assessment test and a certificate of completion of the courses.

5.     Learning Tree

The Learning Tree designed comprehensive technical writing courses intending to assist writers in creating technical manuals for their services. Readers will find it simple to follow and understand. Study materials will guide students during training sessions about planning and composing sentence structure and sections. Fresh learners will also learn how to use diagrams, tables, and other graphical elements to better explain their thoughts. This course is taught in an instructor-led manner, with the bonus of one-on-one teacher tutoring following completion.

The course teaches students quality technical content while learning the importance of adjusting keywords in content. Learners will learn to produce excellent technical publications, manuals, and white papers that are tailored to their target audience’s demands.

The high-quality course in technical writing is available in both classroom and online formats for global trainees to become proficient in knowledge.

6.     Class Central

Class Central offers paid and free online technical writing courses in Thailand and around the world. The institution Class Central perfectly incorporates technical writing training with the art of communication and the complexities of technology. This course serves as a beacon, directing participants toward the creation of excellent technical publications customized to specialized audiences. It is designed for varied learners, including writers, communicators, engineers, and IT experts.

Learners will begin the course with the principles of technical writing, and dive into its history, identify its distinguishing characteristics, and understand the main elements. This chapter emphasizes audience-centric content, the journey from preparation to publication, and the value of ongoing feedback.

The course will polish up participants’ writing flairs in documents aesthetically from the blueprint to composition by transitioning to design principles and technologies. They will also investigate crucial current tools such as powerful word processors and other technical writing tools.

At the end of the technical writing course, learners will be competent in the technical writing profession and ready to demonstrate their competence and embark on a meaningful career journey.

This course is designed for learners with a background in computer science and technology, as well as professionals wishing to improve their technical writing skills.

They will be able to earn expertise in various writing forms, modern technologies, and ethical documentation.

7.     Google Developers

Google Developers is an established online educational hub that offers two technical writing training courses for IT professionals and other engineering professionals. It intends to equip them with training writing skills and assist them in writing clear software documentation and establishing an effective assistance system. To provide a seamless learning experience, these two courses demand at least a little writing competence in English. They are designed for laptop or desktop use, but students can easily access them by tablet or phone.

Technical writing by Google developers is one of the finest courses that covers all the essentials of technical writing skills, such as recognizing annoying pronouns, transforming passive voice sentences to active voice, and distinguishing between bulleted lists and number lists, among other topics.

Objectives of Technical Courses in Thailand by Google Developers:

The centre of attention in the course is on numerous concepts in technical writing. After finishing this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Create concise figure captions.
  • Choose the appropriate information density for technical illustrations.
  • Illustrations for the reader’s attention.
  • Effectively revise technical illustrations.
  • Create sample code that is helpful, accurate, simple, clear, reusable, and well-commented, demonstrating a variety of complexity.
  • Determine the various forms of documents.
  • Description of anything.
  • Understand a novice audience and write a tutorial for them.

Google Developers’ Technical Writing courses are free English writing program online that follows up on the initial technical writing instruction. It delves deeper into sophisticated technical writing components like drafting writing, organizing massive documents, and writing clear captions, among others. Dedicated practice is required to become a superb engineer or technical writer. This course by Google Developers will help to improve technical writing skills and enhance brilliant technical writing skills in technical writers.

8.     Udemy

Udemy is another digital education provider with a good reputation for freshers and learning professionals that proposes several writing courses including technical writing courses in Thailand for IT professionals, designers, and individuals of non-technical backgrounds to help them write technical content effectively for small or big companies. Participants will learn how to write strong technical writing for businesses to help them reach their full potential. Technical writers will get experience in performing as translators between big or small organizations and their targeted readership, producing instruction manual reports, and supporting documentation outlining new products.

Technical writing courses from Udemy help learners simplify complex information about a technical subject for businesses to accomplish a task or goal related to the marketplace. Writing courses meant to create user manuals for software and devices, technical writing for web pages, help files, social media sites, or code repositories for companies. Computer applications are a frequent technical writing topic that learners will learn to use to help business users through the process of utilizing the software to perform their duties. Medical writing and documentation will also be taught by technical writing faculty to learners with absolute teaching materials, publications, and marketing copy.

After concluding the course, technical writers will become more polished in writing prowess with the knowledge of the latest technical software and other useful tools. Students will get the opportunity to work with new technologies that they are unfamiliar with before beginning the writing process. In addition, technical writers will explore adequate detail of writing processes and procedures with which they are unaccustomed. Join technical writing courses in Thailand by Udemy for better career exploration in the writing field.

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9.     Coursera

Coursera offers several technical writing courses that fit all learning professionals’ or individuals’ needs with the aim of providing quality education. Participants will learn useful technical writing abilities with free relevant study material, as well as learners will learn to sort accurate and inaccurate subjective data points, in this free online course offered by Coursera. This allows them to provide documentation and reports that are factual, neutral, comprehensive, and up-to-date. It will also give them general recommendations for organizing and documenting vast amounts of information using visual techniques and tools, allowing them to present reliable information as fast and efficiently as feasible.

This free English writing lesson online is delivered entirely online and can be completed asynchronously. Upon course completion, learners will receive a certificate that they may publish on their online profile or add to their CVs or resumes. These Technical Writing courses in Thailand by Coursera can be a helpful resource for any Thai learners seeking professional progress, skill acquisition, or even a new career path.

10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers technical writing courses which is one of the advanced writing skills for professional purposes. These technical writing courses in Thailand include publications about technology such as reports, briefs, informative documents, and executive statements.

Henry Harvin is an institute that motivates students to pursue intellectual and professional goals. They provide technical writing classes and have unrivalled competence, great technique, talented and eager tutors, and a winning mentality. The program covers some important concerns in the syllabus such as technical documentation, reporting, outlining a business project, case studies, and applying a contextual perspective.

These rhetorical strategies will assist your technical writers in communicating comprehensive, high-level material in simpler language that will appeal to digital readers. This online writing course is also ideal for anyone who wants to improve their business and email writing abilities.

Technical Writing Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process and Drafting InforPlanning
  • Documenting Planning, Technical Information, Content Development,
  • Audience Analysis and Document Publishing
  • English Grammar and Style Mechanism
  • Writing Software Company
  • Component of Technical Component
  • Detail Knowledge of Technical Writing Format

Henry Harvin is an Institution that covers all essential components of technical writing courses for Thailand learners.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Article- Best 10 Online Technical Writing Courses in Thailand

Q. What is the worth of Technical Writing?

Technical writing is significant for communicating or conveying technical information to readers in a simple way that can be understandable and applicable accordingly in a more logical, structured, and technical way. Professional technocrats write specific technical reports, presentations, and assessments for company tasks or projects.

Technical writing is difficult yet necessary in the software development process as it provides clear and simple documentation. Technical writers simplify subject matter in their detailed analysis writings.

Q. How can businesses benefit from Technical Writer?

Businesses take benefits from the technical writer in the following way-

  • Professional Presentation-Corporate paperwork is an important feature of business because it is one of the elements that complete your company’s brand. A technical writer understands how to make the material look professional, from the content layout and typeface to the suitable size for charts.
  • Clarity and precision- Communication is essential for any brand, product, or service. In such a circumstance, a corporation must send a clearer message. Technical writing services are masters in producing high-quality, well-versed paperwork and guides that will reflect favourably on the company. Their goal is to clarify complicated concepts and meet the demands of the target audience based on their degree of comprehension.
  • Subject Matter Experts- Technical writers are masters at explaining difficult concepts and organizing ideas. They are continually challenged to improve the quality of content that is both complex and unfamiliar, therefore they are adept at swiftly acquiring new subjects.

Technical writers can do what other writers cannot. For example, while a professional business writer uses only grammatical abilities to review simple language documents, they may not have the expertise required to revise a highly technical paper.

A copywriter understands what terminology will pique a consumer’s interest and generate more sales or website hits, but they may not be adept at organizing big volumes of text for clarity or accuracy.

Q. What is professional formatting & presentation in technical writing?

A technical writer can make the information look professional, from the document type and layout to the appropriate size for charts. One component that completes the company brand is documentation. It is as much a part of the product as the other aspects and must complement them.

Conclusion of the Article- Technical Writing Courses in Thailand

This article includes a wide range of the best learning institutions with a comprehension of technical writing. Content writing courses will help writers to work for businesses e.g., in introducing a new product, or services, to create understandable technical documents for investors and management, etc. The worth of technical writing can be judged not only in terms of money but also in terms of convenience and security for readers. As a result, the afore-discussed professional education providers will assist every professional individual in supplementing their skills.

The goal of these institutions is to introduce specifics such as writing architecture, data intake capacity, and basic comprehension of competing in communication through technical writing demonstration.

Priyanka Sharma is a skilled writer and has written and published many articles and blogs. She decided to switch her occupation to content writing after five years of working as a travel agent. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Now she is a full-time content writer and is honing her skills.

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