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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza With Placements

The term ‘digital marketing’ has become popular with the advent of technological advancements and it is no hidden fact that the latest technological trends are driving society. The majority of the individuals have turned towards online shopping which forced businesses to adapt to the change as well. It has negatively impacted the field of traditional marketing but given the dynamic economic landscape, digital marketing is relatively cost-effective in the long run. Several digital marketing channels like social media, email, and SEO have proved more effective in attracting an audience than traditional marketing ways. This is why, learning digital marketing through these digital marketing courses in Mendoza, is essential.

List of best digital marketing courses in Mendoza

So, How Did Digital Marketing Start Becoming Popular?

Digital marketing was introduced to us in the year 1990s, gradually ending the reign of traditional marketing. It had several variations and was known as internet marketing, web marketing, and so on before the term ‘digital marketing’ was popularized.

The tactics used in this method of marketing are based on what traditional marketers did back then, but with the use of more technological elements. For example, the traditional way of marketing involved promoting products and services through pamphlets, posters, or flyers which were either manually distributed among customers or put up as advertisements in public places.

It should be noted that the results were not always satisfying as most advertisements were not visually attractive and were costly to print. On the other hand, the same methods can be applied through digital marketing. Social media platforms enable sellers to digitally promote their businesses and use free features like hashtags to target the right audience.

Although not all countries and cities have experienced the same level of dynamicity, it is not devoid of it. Several digital marketing courses in Mendoza can provide you with deeper insight into the world of online marketing.

Should I Choose Online or Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza?

It is a common question that often puts us in a dilemma, as to which courses are better. Due to the global pandemic in 2020, online courses have heavily replaced many offline ones due to their accessibility and cheaper cost. There are several reputed online digital marketing courses in Mendoza but the ultimate choice lies with you.

It is debatable whether online courses are better than offline courses, but we can note their differences. The online digital marketing courses in Mendoza offer you flexible class schedules, smaller modules, networking opportunities, the ability to learn from industry experts, and more.

Look here for the other top-ranked courses:

These benefits have stood out to individuals who want to get comprehensive practical and theoretical experience which may not be present in many traditional offline institutes, at affordable prices.

On the other hand, offline digital marketing institutes in Mendoza are popular among certain students due to the more interactive class structures. In physical classes, students are present in real time and the interactivity is more effective and meaningful.

Teachers can focus their attention on individual students and listen to their queries. Offline classes also encourage a collaborative mindset among students as they work on multiple assignments alongside their classmates.

List of 9 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in Mendoza With Placements


IIM SKILLS identifies itself as the world’s fastest-growing Ed-tech company that brings you the best quality Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza. You are equipped with industry-relevant skills, an instructor-led curriculum, and Google-recognized certifications.

The institute began its journey in 2015 with a Content Writing Master course and later introduced other topics like Business accounting and taxation, Technical writing, and Investment banking which they believed were necessary for the students.

IIM SKILLS Institute strives to provide world-class education at affordable prices so that the course modules can benefit all. Through its self-paced digital marketing training programs in Mendoza, it has aided more than 35,000 students in their career journey.


Some notable partnerships include Samsung, Unitech, Yahoo, Google, Naukri.com, Zee TV, HT Media Group, etc. They have successfully provided their services in 23 cities across Asia as well as Dubai and Singapore.

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Course information:

Fees: 3,06,504.88 Argentine Peso + taxes

Duration: 5 months

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

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2. Mendoza College of Business

For a proper university experience, we have the Mendoza College of Business on our list of top digital marketing courses in Mendoza. It is a business school under the University of Notre Dame and was established in 1921.

The courses offered here fall under the undergraduate and graduate degrees, so you have options to choose from. The institute is well-reputed among the student base and ranks 4th under Global Alumni Network, 7th under Undergraduate businesses, and 23rd for best MBA program.

Its digital marketing minor program equips you with the baseline marketing skills for a better understanding of business proceedings. As one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mendoza, you can work up your skills through internships and land your dream job.

Even though it is not a fleshed-out training program, it is sure to help you launch a creative and challenging career in the digital marketing domain.


  • The program is designed to include elements of psychology, creative writing, analytics, video, and design
  • As a participating student, you’ll master the skill of assessing customer needs, managing mobile customer engagement, developing social media strategies, and learning to measure key metrics
  • You can also earn certifications from the platform including Hootsuite’s social marketing


  • Core courses including foundations of marketing and consumer behavior
  • The special module on digital marketing
  • The special module on Social Media Strategy
  • Special module on managing online and mobile customer engagement

Unfortunately, the institute’s latest semester application has expired but you can always visit their website for updated information. The semester applications are open every fall and spring.

Contact information:

Phone: 5746316419

Email: [email protected]

Website: mendoza.nd.edu

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3. Aden International Business School

For years Aden has focused on the development and training of company directors and managers, through its virtual and in-person sessions. As one of the top digital marketing training programs in Mendoza, the learning modules are based on practical applications, and the use of interactive, experimental, and playful class methodologies are combined.

The Aden International Business School follows its aim to enhance the growth of talents in its institute and impact the results of the organization. They perform it through an innovative, flexible, and experiential educational ecosystem.

It is one of the leading providers of digital marketing courses in Mendoza, which shares more than 30 years of experience in 15 countries. Categories in business programs, offer you a fair amount of options to choose from.

You have specialized programs, executive programs, master’s, MBA, online doctorates, and bachelor’s degrees. Through its digital business program, you can meet your requirements for strategic visions, implementation of virtual tools and methodologies, and understanding digital transformation and its impact on every business area.


  • Digital transformation and digital strategy
  • Modules on markets, financial viability, and scenarios
  • The module on big data and analytics
  • Understand growth hacking and strategic marketing

Moreover, after successful completion of the digital marketing course, you will be granted a certificate from George Washington University.

For more information on the courses and other details, check out its website: aden.org

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4. Sprintzeal

The Digital Marketing Masters certification at Spritzeal is aimed to assist you in your digital marketing journey. The program has instructors with 12+ years of experience and with whom the training experience will be comprehensive.

Throughout the years it has offered its services to more than 68,000 learners and equipped them with the latest digital marketing tools, marketing strategies, and social media techniques, which is why it’s one of the top digital marketing courses in Mendoza.

The institute guarantees you the high-quality training you deserve with added exclusive benefits such as projects, case studies, practice tests, interactive sessions, and more.

Other than that, you are offered 24-hour support throughout the training period and mentorship. As one of the best digital marketing training programs in Mendoza, it comes with certifications and career mentorship after completion of the program.

Course objectives:

The program aims to equip you with certain skills like social media exposure and marketing skills, familiarity with essential tools and market analysis, brand awareness knowledge, the importance of SEO and Google analytics and content marketing strategies.


  • Introductory module on PPC
  • Understand the website analytics module
  • Learn to master social media marketing SMM
  • Explore the module on brand management
  • Get hands-on learning with digital marketing projects
  • Learn advanced Email marketing
  • Learn advanced content marketing
  • Master advanced mobile marketing

Contact information:

Phone: 9036108289

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure and course duration, visit the website: sprintzeal.com

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5. Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School is an institution that works towards your development so that you can be better prepared to face the reality of the digital marketing domain and become successful. The modules pair educational concepts with hands-on experience and acquaint you with organizations around the world.

Thus being a student at Miami Ad School, one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mendoza, you can graduate with a top-notch portfolio and valuable skills for a career.

The institute offers all modules that cater to creative growth, digital skills, and business thinking. You have full freedom to let your creativity flow and the faculty will train you on using it for digital aspects.

Miami Ad School develops its course modules based on decades of innovations through past, present, and future approaches, making it one of the best digital marketing courses in Mendoza.

Aside, from courses related to the digital domain, you can get options for Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Photography, Social media strategy, Strategic Planning, Creative direction, etc.


  • Learning module on keyword research and search engine optimization
  • Learning module on effective SEO
  • Learning module on effective marketing through Twitter (X)
  • Understand modules on digital analysis and keyword research
  • Finding ways for online marketing through social platforms

For accurate information on course fees and duration, visit its official website: miamiadschool.com

6. Thinkful

If you are looking for more student-centered institutes with the best quality content on digital marketing, we recommend Thinkful, as they are dedicated to the success of students with best-in-class online learning.

It has some of the best digital marketing courses in Mendoza and is backed by one of the largest Ed-tech companies in the world. Thinkful commits to making you career-driven through its education, which is compatible with adult learners as well.

It is New York-based and works 100% remotely so that any interested student can access its courses without any issues. So far, it has had a history of helping students in their journey through its various modules and digital marketing training programs in Mendoza.


As a student here, you will benefit from its partnerships with rising enterprises like GitHub, Black Enterprise, Power to Fly and so on. Through years of hard work, the institute has been able to offer quality education to those who don’t get proper representation in the technological market.

Programs to look out for:

Other than modules related to digital marketing, there are provisions for training programs like Software Engineering, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Data Science, and Technical Project Management.


  • Proper understanding of digital marketing and its dynamic landscape
  • Training for various digital marketing campaigns
  • Proper understanding of customers in the digital era
  • Learn about branding and other aspects
  • Understand effective digital marketing content
  • Proper understanding of Email marketing
  • Proper understanding of Social media marketing and Search engine marketing
  • Understand digital analytics and discover digital data
  • Proper understanding of creating a professional portfolio

To apply for any course you’re interested in, sign up with your email and the necessary resources will be sent to you. For accurate information on course fees and duration, visit its website at thinkful.com


7. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has mastered the art of teaching with its time-tested curriculum and custom workshops. It believes in assisting students in learning different digital marketing concepts before applying them in practical scenarios.

It has resulted in students retaining much more knowledge than they would in regular traditional classes. As one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mendoza, it has high ratings on platforms such as Google, Coursehouse, and Yelp.

Under the Business category on Noble Desktop’s website, students can find a range of courses such as Digital marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Social media, Data analytics, Tableau, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Financial Modeling, Finance, Project management and Team building events.

Thus you have all digital marketing presented to you in separate modules so that each can be covered in detail and your focus remains while learning something new.

Course features:

As one of the best courses on our list of digital marketing courses in Mendoza, you get hands-on training from instructors, a refined curriculum, learning from experts, and retaking the course for free.


  • Digital marketing and web fundamentals (6 hours)
  • Content marketing boot camp (6 hours)
  • Google Ads Boot camp (12 hours)
  • Google Analytics boot camp (6 hours)
  • Instagram marketing boot camp (12 hours)
  • Facebook marketing boot camp (12 hours)
  • LinkedIn marketing boot camp (6 hours)
  • YouTube marketing (6 hours)
  • TikTok marketing (6 hours)
  • Insight into the social media industry and portfolio (18 hours)

Contact information:

Phone: (212) 2264149

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure and other important details, visit the website at nobledesktop.com

8. IIDE – The Digital School

IIDE is another leading provider of digital marketing courses in Mendoza which considers itself the most trusted in the Asian continent. They are proud of providing one-of-a-kind services that equip you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset required to successfully compete in the digital era.

There are more than 250 expert trainers who have continuously worked hard to train more than 5 million learners in the community. Other benefits like job assistance will also be presented to you since the institute has a solid 87% placement rate.

Graduates from this institute have been placed with reputed companies like Kinnect, Madison World, Group M, OnePlus, Socialpanda, Zomato, and more.

IIDE offers not one but several digital marketing training programs in Mendoza and the Professional Digital Marketing certificate course is one of them. It includes all the relevant modules necessary for you to thrive in today’s AI-dominated digital industry.


You can get the chance to work with premium tools such as Google Ads, Meta, Ubersuggest, Rankwatch, Mailchimp, WordPress, Keywords Everywhere, etc.


  • Digital marketing fundamentals and presentation
  • Search marketing and website basics
  • Social media marketing, brand reputation management and resume-building
  • Digital marketing analytics and growth with interview preparation
  • Digital planning, strategy, and more
  • Economics of digital marketing and business skills

Contact information:

Phone: 9619958615

Email: [email protected]

More information on fee structure and other details can be found on its website: iide.co

9. Henry Harvin

Established in 2013, Henry Harvin is another institute that can provide you with a professional outlook in the digital marketing domain. Among the top digital marketing courses in Mendoza, it showcases a portfolio of 1,200+ courses across 37+ different categories.

Certain benefits of the digital marketing program that you can avail of include the possibility of earning 7 certifications. You get scope to apply for more than 10 jobs right after the courses and learn ways to make income through freelancing.

Henry Harvin adds professional skills to your skillset, that’s why it stands as one of the top digital marketing institutes in Mendoza, on our list.

It is well-reputed among international students, and provides offices in the UK, USA, UAE, and India, while ranking above 4 stars on websites like Trustpilot, Course Report, and Ambition Box. So far, Henry Harvin Education has reported 87% career benefits of the 460,000+ students it has trained.


  • Mastering the digital marketing fundamentals
  • Learn strategic web page design
  • Gain insight into the concept of SEO
  • Gain insight into search engine optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Learn to start working with Facebook marketing
  • Learn to start working with LinkedIn marketing
  • Understand techniques for YouTube marketing

Contact information:

Phone: +1 209 382 3469

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure and course details, visit the website: henryharvin.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the FAQs about digital marketing courses in Mendoza.

Q) How does ORM work in digital marketing?

ORM stands for online reputation management, which is a unique and necessary approach to digital marketing promotions. If you’ve paid attention to online reviews, you might have seen how the customer’s opinion is impacted due to it or how your impression of the company stands. Thus with the ORM approach companies can build their reputation through online reviews.

Q) How do digital marketing courses benefit business owners?

Business owners can learn essential skills like social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and more, which can help them get a competitive advantage.

Q) How much can I get paid through digital marketing?

Digital marketing has the highest earning potential among the youth in the 21st century. You can earn as high as $ 4,12,055 in Argentina. There is also expected to be a 10% increase in digital marketing employment by 2030.

Digital Marketing Courses in Mendoza: Conclusion

The benefits of studying the digital marketing domain are ample and you can go places with the skills you learn from it. As we can understand from the list of digital marketing training programs in Mendoza, the domain has risen in popularity in recent years and this has paved the way for a massive increase in the growth and potential of online marketing.

We can see more individuals inclined towards social media apps like Instagram, and Facebook for their basic entertainment and other activities. Thus, it’s logical for small businesses to target this online audience to boost their sales. Through digital marketing, companies can also expect higher Return on Investment by spending relatively less. The cost of digital promotion like making posters and using social media is on the cheaper side or sometimes free. On the other hand, the cost of traditional marketing is on the higher side.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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