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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses In New York With Placements

New York City is famous for its hustle and bustle lifestyle. It is proved that this city never sleeps. They are always looking for young individuals and talented digital marketing professionals who can take on challenges. If you want to be that one individual, then you are on the right article that shares the top 7 digital marketing courses in New York with you.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In New York

Understanding Digital Marketing 

While you are searching for digital marketing courses in New york. You already know what is this digital marketing. We not going to tell you the definition but you have to understand the market demand of this industry. Few digital marketing experts have their businesses and provide services at an affordable price rate. Slowly they become famous and they earn billions every year.

These professionals understand the market demand. You also can have all these things. You even have your services in digital marketing. You even use LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to get clients. Either way, you can upload your certificates to attract the companies. When a company sees your potential they will contact you immediately.

You get all these you just have to create a trendy and professional profile. In the beginning, you have to join any digital marketing courses in New york.  You have to do it to work with new clients. Getting one client first, you will learn various types of things like their requirements and price negotiation-related things. Everything will be good for you to earn new things about the field.

Importance of Digital Marketing

  • To understand the importance you have to know the marketing strategies. Several types of platforms can give you access to create online marketing strategies. That way, you will know a company’s market demand.
  • The use of digital marketing platforms always will be cost-effective. You can easily use some free trials to provide cost-effective marketing solutions. 
  • You have to take digital marketing courses in New York to understand the level of the market. 
  • It will have so many personalized and targeted markets. You can choose any advanced options. 
  • After knowing the tools there always will be an option to track and measure the whole campaign. 
  • Therefore, these tools will give you campaign related feedback to understand the competitive market. 

Digital Marketing and its Benefits 

  • Digital marketing always offers several types of packages. It can be affordable for any company or individual if they know the tactics of using it.
  • It provides good and low-cost effective to stimulate the business. If you compared it with the offline traditional market, you will know that digital marketing gives you on-time solutions. You will understand what your mistakes are to reach your audience. 
  • There will be small, medium, and large types of organizations. Digital marketing has solutions for every type of company. You can unlock them via choose target audiences. 
  • You can choose your targeted market via customers’ purchase behaviors, interests, name similarities and others. 
  • It also gives you an accurate campaign tracking and measurement process at an affordable cost. Your clients will never use traditional marketing. Even lots of companies do not show any interest in traditional marketing methods.
  • Business strategies can be reusable with the help of digital marketing. You can help your clients to launch pay-per-click campaigns and can give them the option to have long-term strategies. 
  • The keyword is the main thing when it comes to increasing the website traffic and conversion rate. 

Digital marketing Working Process 

  • It can be used to create awareness about a company that is about to launch in the market. Therefore, choosing digital marketing always gives you good options. 
  • For your clients, blog posting can be a good thing. It helps to optimize all the processes and helps to reach posts to the target audience. 
  • It will be good for the users if you add any downloadable sources or video content. That will be helpful to understand what you want to say. All you will be doing on behalf of clients. 
  • For your clients, you can build a drip campaign to engage via sending email subscribers, it can be a slow process but there is a chance to convert them into loyal customers. 
  • The digital marketing process is the time taken but it gives you good results in the future. Here, also you have to focus on targeted audiences. That is the main thing in marketing. 
  • Customers are everything to you. You have to be careful with everything you will be doing for your clients. Providing bad services will lower your impression of other clients.

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in New York


IIM SKILLS covers all subjects required in the digital marketing industry. Their digital marketing course offers so many trendy techniques that will help you in the real-life corporate world. The system has 40 modules and when you slowly cover them you will relate them to your surroundings.


Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fees – USD 438

Course Content & Required Tools

  • Introduction to digital marketing (In this part you will learn about the term)
  • Web development at WordPress (You will learn about the term and process of the WordPress site management) 

Required Tools 

  • WordPress 
  • Plugins (Yoast SEO, Page builder, and others required software)
  • Content delivery network (Cloudflare)
  • Web Hosting options with domain

Search Engine Optimization (You will learn about SEO history, Off-page and on-page optimization, local search SEO page and google my business listing)

Required Tools 

Note: Here Two types of tools will be covered. 

Tools for Keyword Research 

  • Google keyword planner
  • Kwfinder
  • Answer the public and 
  • Ubersuggest 


Tools for Auditing 

  • To check speed (Google developer tools, Pingdom and GTmetrix)
  • For performance (Small SEO tools, Sem rush, SERP rank checker, Backlink Checker and others)
  • On-page SEO Optimisation (Plagiarism checker, Worldcounter, keyword density check)
  • Off-page Optimisation (Authority check, backlink auditor)

Search Engine Marketing (You will learn the Google ads and their types)

Required Tools

  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword planner 
  • Youtube analytics 
  • Semrush 

Email marketing (You will learn email marketing and ways of doing it)

Required Tools

  • Mail taster, 
  • Mail chimp,
  • Sendgrid, 
  • SMTP server, 
  • Mailerlite,
  • Campaign builder
  • Glass from Gmail

Inbound Marketing (you will learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing)

Required Tools

  • Social media channels
  • Landing page
  • Canva for infographics
  • Modal popup
  • Mail chimp

Social Media Marketing (You will learn SMM and its importance in the market)

Required Tools

  • Buffer
  • Canva 
  • Hootsuite 
  • TweetDeck
  • Pixlr of Instagram 
  • Other social media tools 

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy (You will be able to create a digital marketing strategy after learning the above modules )

Required Tools

Here all tools will be used to create a strategy. 

Web Analytics (You will learn google analytics and social media analytics)

Required Tools

  • Facebook pixel 
  • Twitter 
  • Google for developers 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Linkedin Ads 

Online Reputation Management (you will be able to learn about paid media, social media, and other properties)

Required Tools

Here tools will be included with Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and PPC. 

Content Writing and Advanced Blogging (You will learn ways of writing, formats, understand keywords and plagiarism )

Required Tools

Understanding the digital marketing strategy and tools and appropriately using them to manage engagement. 

 Media Buying and Planning (You will learn how to convert leads and use paid media and ways of running ads and other things)

Required Tools

Only a few campaigns and advertisement-related ads can use here. 

Affiliate Marketing (You will learn affiliate marketing and ways of using it through blogs)

Required Tools

You will get to know the affiliate channels. There are no particular tools for it.

Video Marketing (you will learn video making and use it to create digital marking strategies)

Required Tools

Youtube ( you will understand everything after attending this class)

Marketing Automation (You will learn the ways to build good engagement in the marketing campaigns)

Required Tools

There are a few features you need to understand while learning this topic. Those are included in Email marketing, CRM integration, marketing analytics, social media capabilities and others. 

Digital Infographics Resume Creation ( you will learn the ways to create a digital resume or infographics resume)

Note:  The advantage of taking this course is you will learn to use a few bonus tools that may be required in future.

You probably have an account on social media platforms and you just spend your time scrolling videos. But you not doing anything with your account or maybe you upload videos and are active on social media platforms still your videos reach low. You can register yourself for these digital marketing courses in New York. It will help you to learn how to create more engaging content. 

Media Coverage

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Review

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2. Stern School of Business (NYU)

This college provides full-time MBA programs in digital marketing. They believe that slowly internet marketing is transforming now. If a student can have these skills then it will be helpful to make strategic and analytical planning. If you are looking for full-time digital marketing courses in New York and want to get an MBA degree. This course is good for you. 

Course Content

  • Understand advertising management. 
  • Design, develop and use mobile and web applications.
  • Gather knowledge about digital marketing.
  • Understand the new media in marketing. 
  • Markets, networks and crowds that are highly connected to the world and the reasons behind it. 
  • Search and understand the new economy. 
  • Brand management for social media. 

Course Free 

You have to talk to their admission department. 

To speak with Them 

 Email Id 

For MBA Admission 

[email protected]


(212) 998-0600

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3. Manhattan College 

This college offers you online marketing certified professional programs that will be helpful to manage the comprehensive structure of digital marketing. They will help you to get certifications related to the current market. Therefore, it will help you to understand the market and can use it in the future. The course will cover all the methods related to marketing, industry-related tools, and strategies.

Course Content

  • Content marketing, 
  • Digital marketing strategy,
  • Conversion rate optimization, 
  • Mobile marketing, 
  • Marketing automation, 
  • Paid search, 
  • Social media marketing, 
  • Search engine optimization

Features of the Course 

  • You will get expert support, 
  • You can access the course for 365 days. 
  • It is pocket-friendly and you will get credits. 
  • Games and flashcards are used. 
  • Video content will be available. 
  • Real-world-based case studies you will know. 
  • Applications will be audio enabled. 

Course Free 

$ 549 (if you do not like it, you can apply for a refund. You have to apply for it within 5 days from the day you purchased. It will be only refundable if you complete less than 10 % of the course) 

If you want an American council on education credit the cost will be $ 648

To speak with Them 



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4. The New School (Parsons)

These institutions offer good courses in digital marketing. They believe that masting the course will create you a clear path to become successful. With the help of their online programs, you will be able to learn new industry-related skills that can help you to understand and build good tactical approaches. It can be possible when you are looking for a course using the digital marketing courses in New York and join their course. 

Course Content

  • The digital marketing ecosystem (an introduction)
  • Getting creative (Digital marketing strategy)
  • Social media marketing 
  • Native, mobile, and programmatic marketing 
  • Digital marketing campaigns 

Features of the Course 

  • You will get to understand brand strategies that have been used via top digital platforms.
  • You will gather knowledge about the KPIs, and data analysis to get desired outcomes 
  • You will be able to develop a digital marketing plan
  • After joining this course you will get the video lectures and industry experts’ videos 
  • You can have online conferences and video conferencing with experts 
  • It is project-based learning that can focus on implementing real-world required skills and portfolio- assets

Course Free 

$ 2780 (course length 5 weeks)

To speak with them 


 212 229 8933

Email Id 

[email protected]

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5. Brainstation 

This institution offers on-campus live digital marketing training programs. It is good for those people who are looking to increase their skill set. After completing the course you will be able to make a digital marketing portfolio project. Therefore, you can earn a brain station digital marketing certificate. If you are looking for on-campus live digital marketing courses in New York. 


Course Content

  • Digital marketing strategy (Unit 1)
  • Search engine marketing (Unit 2)
  • Marketing analytics (Unit 3)
  • Social media marketing (Unit 4)
  • Email marketing (Unit 5)

Course Free 

To get pricing details, financial options and employer sponsorship you have to fill out their requirement form. You can do that after reaching their platform. 

To speak with Them 

After you open their website and fill up their requirement form related to the course. Therefore, they will reach out to your mail or can call you will if you provide your content number with them. It can be a good way to understand the course. 

6. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn offers a good digital marketing certification program. It will be good for you to advance your skill set. With the help of their Digital Marketing courses in New York, you can get recognition in New York. It will be good for you when you will work and learn about new trends while working with big companies. If you want to invest your money in a short-term course with all facilities and get recognition, you can join their digital marketing courses in New York to access good opportunities. 

Course Content

  • Mastering SEO, content marketing, digital analytics, and PPC (Course 1- online classroom Flexi pass)
  • Mastering social media, digital strategy, and mobile marketing (Course 2- online classroom Flexi pass)
  • Advanced web analytics (Course 3)
  • Advanced search engine optimization (Course 4- online classroom Flexi pass)
  • Advanced pay-per-click program  (Course 5- online classroom Flexi pass)
  • Advanced social media with Facebook blueprint voucher (Course 6- online classroom Flexi pass)
  • Digital marketing capstone (Course 6- online classroom Flexi pass)

Certificate Master Program 

  • Digital marketing specialist facebook master session (Electives)
  • Harvard business publishing case studies for digital marketing (Electives)
  • Advance mobile marketing (Electives)
  • Advanced content marketing (Electives)
  • Advanced website conversion rate optimization (Electives)
  • Hubspot email marketing certification training (Electives)

Course Free 

$ 1649 


To speak with Them 


toll -free number 1 – 844 – 532 -7688 

7. Noble Desktop 

This institution offers digital marketing courses in New York. It will be a good thing for you when you will have comprehensive expert skills. They provide small courses at affordable rates. You can take each course and get certified. They have a digital marketing certificate program and social media certificate program. You can learn via offline classes and can take online classes. In both ways, you will get hands-on training. 


  • Digital marketing certificate (126 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Social media marketing certificate (72 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Google Analytics Bootcamp (12 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • SEO Bootcamp (12 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Google Ads Bootcamp (12 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Digital marketing strategy and web optimization (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Content marketing Bootcamp (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Email marketing Bootcamp (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Instagram marketing Bootcamp (12 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Facebook Marketing Bootcamp (12 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Linkedin marketing Bootcamp (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • YouTube marketing (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Tiktok marketing (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Social media content marketing (blogs and Twitter) (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Streaming for social media (6 hours and weekdays classes only)
  • Social media industry portfolio (18 hours and weekdays classes only)

Note: There are other courses available. You just have to visit their page to know more about it.

Training  Programs Options 

Private Training 

  • You can be available onsite at your location 
  • You will get a modern computer lab at their office
  • You can customize and choose as per your convenience
  • You will get free instructor consultation if you are stuck choosing among courses. 

Group Class Voucher 

  • They have extensive offers and have a flexible schedule 
  • You can have logistics and billing processes. 
  • Training resources and computers will be provided. 

Course Free 

$ 1649 

To speak with Them 


 (212) 266-4149


[email protected]

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. I have read everything. I don’t understand a few course structures. Please help me. 

You can talk to counselors at the institute of your choice. They will give you a good idea of the way in which the course is conducted. Most institutes have a well-defined course structure and you will be able to learn trendy tools. The institutes mentioned above are good if you are looking for affordable digital marketing courses in New York. Even their course rate is affordable also.

Q2. I like the course structure of an MBA in digital marketing but I am working for a company. Will it be possible for me to take that?

The first thing is you have to reach out to the university. More you can’t take a full-time MBA program if you are a working professional. The best solution will be to go for short-term courses. There you will avail yourself a chance to complete the course and you will be able to balance the work. 

Q3. I am from New York and a marketing professional. I want to obtain a certificate in digital marketing. I don’t know what to do. 

In your case, just contact the administration department of any digital marketing institution. You can ask if you get a demo class for better understanding. After that, if you can feel that all requirements will be fulfilled when you take that course, join that institution. 


To create a good market for yourself New york always will be the best choice. To understand your market demand you have to join any digital marketing courses in New York to get better reach. All will be alright when you will talk with experienced people and they will help you to understand the market requirements. Digital marketing is the future and to increase the demand why not start now? You will never regret joining any institution. You have to take risks to understand what will be good for you. Why not start today to have a stable income in the future?

  • I am Joseph. Have ventured into a new business idea, and was looking for ways to promote. The article explains in a very subtle way about the digital marketing, its importance, benefits ,working processes. And yes, I would like to create a good market for my business. For which I need to understand the market demand. As said I agree, best choice would be getting myself equipped with digital marketing skills through a digital marketing course in New York to get better reach. The list of courses with its content is very well mentioned with all details. Thanks. I found IIM skills course content very much according to my needs. I would go with it.

  • Hi, I am Bertin.In a word, digital marketing is any sort of marketing that is carried out using computers or other electronic gadgets. Internet-based online marketing campaigns are included in this. A company may use websites, search engines, blogs, social media, video, email, and other avenues to reach customers when engaging in digital marketing. Acquiring necessary skills and abilities to create effective marketing campaigns is crucial. And enrolling in the digital marketing institute in New York seems the best option to acquire.

  • Hi, I am Brett. I am a Market Research Analyst. Importance of digital marketing is pretty much evident in the current scenario. These digital marketing strategies help the marketers define clear set of objectives, target specific audience, and develop a strategic digital marketing plan that reaches the targeted audience. Besides, they also suggest a path to follow for the devised campaign or program and structural framework for evaluating the results. So, to be able to compete successfully, implementing and executing digital marketing strategy is vitally important in this ever-expanding , and ever-changing digital marketplace. Well, it is good to see with the growing need of digital marketers today, there is increased emergence of many digital marketing institutes in New York. IIM Skills one of these Institutes that offers comprehensive knowledge, with excellent course modules, and digital marketing tools covered seems best.

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