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Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Melbourne With Placements

The rage for Digital Marketing is leaping for all good reasons. Digital Marketing has a major share in the marketing industry with its powerful presence and high success rates. Influencer marketing is flourishing, Video marketing on platforms like YouTube is running more than 3 advertisements in a less than 5-minute videos. This signifies the importance of digital marketing and how is digital marketing the future. Digital Marketing has evolved as a concept and continues to make discoveries on daily basis. Opting for top digital marketing courses in Melbourne is a choice everyone is ready to make yet the best options have been lacking. So we bring to you a listicle for the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne and also a thorough study of the concept that can make a lot of things clear before you dive into the study. So let’s get you prepared.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Melbourne

About Melbourne:

Considered to be the most populated city in the Australian state of Victoria, Melbourne is also the capital of the state. It has been in the news for all its cultural ethics and as a global center of music, theatre, sports, and arts. 

Melbourne is located in the southeastern part of Australia, in the state of Victoria, it extends towards the Yarra rivers making its way to the Yarra Valley. The place has warm summers and mild winters making it a beautiful city yet with humid weather at times. The people of Melbourne consider living in rental houses but with the high rise in the population, the rents have increased making it unaffordable for many.

Melbourne has an economy of diversity with a similar proportion divided between all the sectors, namely finance, manufacturing, research, IT, education, etc. This opens up the doors for digital marketers to implement their strategies across all sectors and also a varied choice to pick from. So, it’s time to choose your niche and begin your journey as a digital marketer by enrolling in top digital marketing courses in Melbourne.

About Digital Marketing:

To put it in the simplest form possible, digital marketing is to create website traffic and connect with potential customers on the internet. As the internet is evolving, so are marketing strategies. 

Imagine the authenticity of digital marketing which popped up a while back and was assigned as a different career option altogether. This is a self-explanatory answer to the question that how is digital marketing the future. Well, digital marketing has been taking leaps and it is time that we recognize it as the most important marketing tool.

It has extreme benefits with minimum cost invested and the success rate fascinates one to choose digital marketing over any other tool in today’s day and age. 

That being said, Digital marketing might look easy to some and everyone can do it, which is correct but the result will vary with a wide gap. It is easy to implement strategies and learnings when you know the same. Until you have mastered the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne, practicing digital marketing is like a blind person driving in the city. You might either fall or bump into someone else hurting them and yourself too.

So do not choose to be that person instead it is advised to upscale your skills with the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne.

Elements of Digital Marketing

There is so much that makes up for the digital marketing concept as a whole. The many layers to it will be unfolded in this section of the read. The elements are often called tools of digital marketing and components of digital marketing remain the same as you will study in the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne.

  • Paid Advertising

Online marketing is one concept but paid advertisement on the internet is a part of it. Not every marketing campaign is supposed to be a paid one but every paid advertisement is considered to be online marketing. Paid advertisements on the internet take place in different ways on different platforms but the end goal is to direct as many people as possible to the website or to take the call to action mentioned in the advertisement.

Google ads, Display ads on other websites, banners, and pop-up ads are a few examples of paid advertisement which begins with bidding for the spot and the highest bid gets the spot for the ad. 

You might have come across many posts lately from brands that are not always brand concerned yet they make sense. Putting out content under the brand name consistently is a marketing strategy that works wonders. Always having an opinion on something to promote the products and making relevant content for the potential customers not only engages with the audience but also leaves an impression on the brand.

Greetings on festivals, social messages, attractive and appealing animated content, blogs, and posts are a part of content marketing. 

  • Video Marketing

Videos are taking the stage like never before, video marketing is blossoming and you shall learn all about it in the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne. When creativity is at its max, video marketing is done right. With video marketing, it is quite easy to highlight every feature of the product in a descriptive manner that explains every detail of the product.

Video Marketing platforms include YouTube, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, Vimeo, etc.

The most talked about and the most important one on the list of elements of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is also a concept that has a dedicated course under its name and mastering SEO is a complicated ride that can be made easy with the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne.

SEO involves structuring your content in a way that the customer reaches you instead of you reaching out to them directly. 

For example:

When you are looking for Advanced SEO courses in Melbourne, you will type the same set of words which in technical terms are entitled “Keywords” on the search engine. And when you make that search the top one on the list is, for instance, IIM SKILLS. You will instantly check out their website, course details, and services. Enrolling in the same will be your choice.

IIM SKILLS  being on the top of the list wasn’t a mere coincidence instead shows a great application of SEO strategies that made you reach out to them instead of the traditional outlay.

Learn all about SEO tricks 

The number of people on the internet who are active on social media on daily basis is hiking every minute. That being said, social media users are known to spend 2.02 hours of their time on the internet on daily basis. Which clears the whole dilemma of why are brands choosing social media marketing as a very important marketing tool.

Brands’ presence on Social Media has become as important as any celebrity in today’s time. Social Media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the go-to platforms for social media marketing.

The 7 P’s of Digital Marketing

Originally, the marketing mix included only the top 4 P’s but in recent times the list is extended. As marketing and management students might have learned about the marketing mix which involves the 7 Ps of Marketing namely, 

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Process
  • Physical Evidence.

These P’s of marketing play a very important role in giving a structure to the marketing strategy. It is advised that the marketing campaign should answer all the P’s of the marketing and let’s have a look at how the concept is implemented in digital marketing. 


The product is the object in question, which is meant to be sold. It can be a tangible/intangible product or service and content that makes up for the product category. For the digital marketing mix, the product in question has to have an online presence. A good digital marketing strategy would be to make the availability of products on the internet, the logistics have to be online, and every process between reaching out to the customer to the actual delivery of the product should be available on the internet.


As the name suggests the second P of the 7 P’s of digital marketing is the Price, the monetary aspect that the customer has to pay to acquire the product. The cost of the product has to be set keeping in the mind the online perceived value of the product by the customer. Sometimes, people come out on the internet looking for offers and discounts which usually are not in the stores. 

The cost shall include all the marketing costs incurred for the promotion and marketing of the product yet the cost will eliminate any rental, store, or electricity cost which is included in the mainstream marketing mix.


In the traditional marketing mix, the place is where the product can be accessed, which remains the same yet the place in the conversation changes. Unlike the traditional marketing mix where the product can be available at the stores, the place for an online marketing mix has to be websites, social media platforms, fashion applications like Myntra, and Shopping applications like Amazon and Flipkart. 

If it is a service it can be available on the individual’s website and related platforms but also on other applications with similar interests. For example Ebooks on digital marketing Byju’s etc.

Also check,


Promotion in the digital marketing mix takes a great share in the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne. It is every tool that is included in the marketing of the product online. The online marketing tools involve elements of digital marketing namely, Social media, content marketing, email marketing, Video marketing, etc. 

There is an abundance of options available on the internet and every day a new application is popping which is also an opportunity to grab but being everywhere is like going nowhere. So choose the platforms wisely to market your product that relates to your targeted audience. 


People on the list of the 7 P’s of the digital marketing mix are the human resources involved in the digital marketing of the product. The human resources involved make the entire back-end work come to force, and it is very crucial to connect only the ones who can make it right. 

It is where the digital marketers which you might become after mastering the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne will come in. The human force involved will make the sale complete once the potential customer is directed to the website and eventually connects with the brand. 


The entire process involved in making the product visible to the customer and him getting it on the doorstep is the Process in the digital marketing mix. The process might vary for each product, brand, and service as it depends on the steps the brand wants to incorporate into its service. 

Physical Evidence

With the extension of the P’s of the marketing mix, the physical evidence will be changed to online evidence for the digital marketing mix. The online evidence on the list of 7 P’s of the digital marketing mix will include the evidence or the platforms for the product availability. For example; Engagement, number of followers, and insights of the advertisement will make up for the physical evidence.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Melbourne

1. IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course

The highest-rated and the leading online education institution aiming to scale up the skills of the candidates with their skill development courses has to be the first one on the list of top digital marketing courses in Melbourne. 

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Fee: AUD 628.2 plus taxes


IIM SKILLS is not just an institution that believes in the raw delivery of education but also to make the candidate feel like walking in real shoes. They are celebrated for their lifetime guidance, interactive sessions, internship programs, and placement opportunities and they take the challenge of putting the candidate into real work.

The well-kept promises of never leaving you jobless once you have enrolled for the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne with IIM SKILLS.

IIM SKILLS is a Delhi-based online education institution that after taking over a great market share in India has covered 35+ countries in a very short span of 5 years making them a global platform for skill-development education. 

1500+ trained individuals who are now a part of the said fields they enrolled for originally, IIM SKILLS has successfully delivered 2500+ pieces of training. 

Digital Marketing Course Highlights:

Duration: The course shall run for 5 months, including 3 months of comprehensive training and 2 months of the paid internship program.

Study Material: The study will include 40 modules that will be taught directly by the instructor and it will strictly not be a self-study program. 

Bonus: 15+ Live projects, 10+ Case studies, and Access to tools worth AUD 1422.

Certification: IIM SKILLS certificate (recognized by Govt. of India), preparation for 13 other certificates from Google, Facebook, etc.



  • Launch your own YouTube channel
  • Launch your solo podcast and go live with Apple, Spotify, and Google
  • Blog posts for news channels like Times of India
  • Placement opportunities
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Go live with Affiliate Marketing

Media Coverage

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Review

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is known to be in the 33rd position in the world and the journey goes back to 1853 when the land of the University of Melbourne came into existence. They claim to have connected with the past yet are ready for the future. 

Its mission is to transform lives and enrich the culture and society with a first-class education. The alumnus from the university are globally known for their explicit performances in their respective fields, the university stands proud of their great work as leaders, and influencers. 

Master of Digital Marketing Highlights

Duration: 18 Months full-time course or 3 years of part-time course

Location: Premises of the University of Melbourne, an offline course

Who can enrol: National and international candidates

Study Material: Learn about the 7 P’s of digital marketing, elements of digital marketing, and practice of digital marketing strategies.

Fee: AUD$ 34,816


Call: 13 MELB (13 6352)


The University of Melbourne

Grattan Street, Parkville,

Victoria, 3010, Australia

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3. Victoria University, Australia

With 4000+ industry connections, Victoria University is an acclaimed option for the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne. They aim at delivering higher education, TAFE courses, and the pathways that make the way. Its courses are well structured and involve deepened research so that the candidate has the access to global reach and real happenings.

They also train you for the career you want to enter into, with TAFE Courses and job trainers at work, the learnings to grab and the opportunities to grasp are endless.

They also have launched an explicit VU’s Block model which focuses on one subject or as they like to call it “block” at a time. One block is completed within 4 weeks and then you can move forward after being examined to another block of the study instead of juggling between all the subjects at once. 

Digital Marketing Course Highlights

Name of the course: Search Engine Optimisation strategy and implementation program JVAC

Duration: 4 weeks

Location: Online course

Type of the course: Short Course

Prime Focus: SEO strategies and implementation


Email: [email protected]

Call: 1300 VIC UNI

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Q1. What are the 7 Ps of the Digital Marketing mix?

As studied in the traditional marketing mix, the same application of the extended list of 7 Ps makes up for a great marketing strategy, and to have the same put into the marketing campaign can result in successful marketing.

Q2. Which certification is best for digital marketing?

The highest-rated online education institution with certification is IIM SKILLS, which is known to be recognized by the Govt. of India, and also prepares you for 13 other certifications with Google, Facebook, and HubSpot at no extra cost. IIM skills are also acclaimed for delivering their offerings nationally and globally through the online education system.

Q3. What are the elements of Digital Marketing?

Elements of Digital marketing also termed tools of digital marketing, components of digital marketing and digital marketing channels are SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. 


With this, we have reached the end of the brief on digital marketing and the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne. We might have come to an end but the journey to being the best digital marketer is just getting started. Hope that your search ended here and the decision has been made easy with the options highlighted above. Wishing you all the luck and great study with the top digital marketing courses in Melbourne.

Happy Learning!

  • I’m Taylor, hello. I blog about travel. I want to use digital marketing techniques to drive more visitors and learn how to identify and connect with my target audience. The ideal place to learn digital marketing is from a reputable institution that provides free live demonstration sessions for orientation to the program, course, teaching technique, features, curriculum, and faculty. I decide to learn from IIM Skills since it is the digital marketing in Melbourne that best matches my needs and accomplishes my goals.

  • Hi, I am Jack. I am a Media Manager. Learning Digital Marketing is out of my personal interests. So I am on a search for a reliable digital marketing institute in Melbourne. An institution that is offering comprehensive curriculum with indepth practical training fostering development of digital marketing skills, and is duly recognized by the Government. My preference goes for IIM skills, providing online learning, study material constituting of 40 modules, added bonus of 15+ Live projects, 10+ Case studies, and Access to tools worth AUD 1422, lifetime guidance, interactive sessions, internship programs, placement opportunities, and IIM Skills certificate (recognized by Govt. of India), preparation for 13 other certificates from Google, Facebook, etc.

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