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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Philippines With Placements

Several premium digital marketing courses in the Philippines are committed to delivering that knowledge to individuals to carry out marketing initiatives with clarity. The Republic of the Philippines or the Philippines as it is widely known is one of the most prominent archipelagic countries in Asia, with Quezon City being the most populous. Quezon is also one of the major centers of education in the Philippines.


Digital Marketing Courses In Philippines With Placements

They have prosperous electronic, petroleum, garment, and transport equipment industries among others. Also, a large part of their economic growth can be contributed to their travel and tourism industry. Since it is one of the most picturesque countries you can find, it is a major tourist destination.

The different industries need an online presence to reach out to even more people and more industries. It has become mandatory to gain digital knowledge to carry out B2B and B2C endeavors and to grow your business. 

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Below is the list of 10 digital marketing courses in the Philippines covering the key modules for Digital Marketing and giving you knowledge on different factors that are instrumental in creating successful digital campaigns for online businesses.

Rank #1. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines


IIM SKILLS is among the top Online Training Institutes offering premium courses in different verticals of Digital Marketing in The Philippines. The main advantage of IIM SKILLS is that the course is online and you can enroll in the course from anywhere you like and attend it from wherever is convenient for you. Once you enroll at the institute there are several advantages that you derive from the course. 

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Fee– 23226 Philippino Peso (Approx)


The Digital Marketing Course provides training for Master Certification from IIM SKILLS with training for Hubspot, Google, and Facebook. 

They offer the advantage of benefiting from their exhaustive learning modules through high-grade notes, reference materials, and various case studies.  The mentors have more than a decade of experience in the Digital Domain and have worked with eminent corporations and brands for a long time.

The Institute provides you with placement support and even post-placement assistance for students. The mentors are Google Certified experts with over 10 + years of experience in the Digital Marketing domain. 


They are also actively involved in consulting and growing businesses in the online space. Hence, they are aware of the best practices of the industry and can assist you in implementing them in your business efforts.

The tools you work with during the tenure of the course he’s you to maximize your productivity by minimizing manual labor for repetitive work or helping you make your work more convenient.

IIM SKILLS works with reputed global conglomerates like Amazon, Accenture, Flipkart, TCS, Infosys, HDFC to name a few. Since these companies are always on the lookout for skilled Digital Marketers, this course will allow you to get your foot in the door and land assignments from top companies.

Brand Partners


IIM SKILLS assesses the work of the students every week to give them feedback and tips for improvement. The batch size is small and you have impeccable customer service.

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank #2. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

Inventive Media 4.7 / 5

Inventive media is a distinguished institute in the Philippines known for its high-quality courses in DIgital marketing and other subjects.

There are 3 courses in Digital Marketing 

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals.

The Search Engine Optimization Course is ideally suited for people who have a business website or about to start a new business and want to start selling online.

It is also for people who want to learn how to get visitors and leads to their website to have better chances of conversions, sales, and marketing personnel. 

Also, the course is beneficial to those who want to explore the online market students, who want to pursue a career in marketing & business owners, students from diverse fields, graduates who want to learn how to make SEO friendly websites bloggers and content writers, freelancers who want to have a career from the comfort of their homes.

You get a certificate of course completion, unlimited reference materials for 1 year of PDF notes, and important advice on techniques, doubt resolution and conflict clearing, progress evaluation at regular intervals. 

The course topics include

  • Introduction To Search Engine Optimization 
  • Essential Concepts In Seo 
  • On-page Off-page Seo 
  • Seo Practices 
  • Negative Factors That Affect Websites 
  • Applying SEO techniques
  • Seo Keyword Research 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Link Building 
  • Press Releases 
  • Understanding Google Analytics 
  • Learning Google Algorithms 
  • Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird 
  • Understanding The Target Audience 
  • Seo Strategy Which Comprises 10% Technical 40% Content And 50% Strategies 
  • Using The New Media Which Comprise The Digital Markets And Social Media Channels 
  • Website Audit Among Others

The course fee for the Search Engine Optimization course is 10000 Philippine Peso.

The Search Engine Marketing Course covers all the important elements of paid and non-paid marketing. The basic requirement for enrolling in the course is that you have to have elementary computer knowledge. Some understanding of Search Engine Optimization may come as an advantage but is not necessarily compulsory. Similarly and knowledge in web development platforms and sales and marketing can be an advantage to people enrolling in the course.

The course topics include

  • Introduction To PPC Advertising 
  • Campaign Settings 
  • Conversion Tracking 
  • Adwords Account Structure 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Adwords Reports 
  • PPC Best Practices 
  • Delivery Methods Standard And Accelerated 
  • Optimizing Ads For Conversions 
  • Ad Extension 
  • Structured Snippet Extensions 
  • Location Extensions 
  • Automatic Extensions Among Many Others

The course fee is 12000 Philippine Peso.

Lastly, you have a Digital Marketing Course that covers all the key elements of digital marketing thoroughly to give you an overall understanding of the elements that make successful digital marketing campaigns.

The course syllabus includes

  • Introduction To Digital Marketing 
  • The Four P’s Of Traditional Marketing And The Four C’s Of New Marketing 
  • Keyword And Link Building 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media Optimization 
  • Social Calendar Mentions 
  • Insights into Social Channels
  • Email Marketing Overview 
  • Tracking And Monitoring Digital Marketing Efforts Through Google Analytics 
  • Heatmaps And Funnels
  •  Checking Google Penalties.

The course fee is 10000 Philippine Peso.

There are packages of two or more courses and you can get additional discounts subject to terms and conditions in the Institute.

The faculty is highly experienced with several years in the digital domain working as digital marketing consultants for various elements of digital marketing like web developing social media marketing SEO consulting etc. 

Address 2590 Karmela Building, Manchas Street, Makati 1205 Philippines Contact +63288 248145

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Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

Francis Digital Marketing Training and Consultancy -4.9/5

It is one of the leading institutes giving in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing core elements such as Search Engine Optimization. Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics.

The faculty is Ben Francis and he and his team are committed to delivering the best education on Digital Strategy and channels so that anyone learning Online Marketing can leverage the benefits that the Digital Marketing space provides in plenty. Theirs is one of the most detailed digital marketing courses in the Philippines.

They provide ample practical training in addition to giving comprehensive theoretical knowledge on the different modules. They believe in empowering, educating, and inspiring people to carry out digital marketing strategies successfully without any hesitance. 

Address Unit 404, Praxedes Place, 5 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila, Philippines Contact +639985542613

Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

Digital marketing Cebu-4.9/5

One of the most very highly rated digital marketing courses in the Philippines, Cebu provides training in Local Search, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, And Your Marketing Training, And Seminars, Branding Graphic Design.

The trainers are an extremely talented group of people who believe in delivering courses on all the important digital marketing concepts vital to sound Digital planning and strategy. From Website creation and marketing which is your online identity to creating social media pages and optimizing them to gain maximum exposure and reach, the company teaches all aspects of web marketing with full clarity.

They also provide valuable tips to increase site traffic create brand awareness to have a positive online reputation and optimize your website for SEO ranking

Address Century Plaza, Unit 211, Juana Osmena, St Uptown, Cebu City 6000 Philippines Contact 0917 518 8021, 032 31 80801

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Rank #5. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

Business Maker Academy 4.9 / 5

The Digital Marketing Course provides information on how to strategize a successful digital marketing campaign so that your online presence is optimized. That invariably helps in increasing your sales and also assists in successful lead conversion considerably.

The course offers an in-depth analysis that includes learning the various components of digital marketing, understanding today’s digital consumers, and learning how to develop a strategy around online behaviour. 

The institute also emphasizes the importance of making efforts to learn the best practices and implement them in designing and every creating a sound digital marketing plan. They also teach effective ways to measure the impact of your online marketing efforts and whether you can achieve a Return on Investment with a Low Cost of Acquisition.

Some of the topics included in the course are

  • Digital Treatment Statistics 
  • Why Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Essential For Understanding The Target Consumer 
  • Three Types Of Media 
  • Paid And Earned Digital Marketing Tools 
  • Different Resources 
  • Defining Your Goals And Objectives 
  • Best Practices And Key Performance Indicators Of Websites 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media 
  • Email Marketing And Mobile Marketing 
  • Action Plan Crafting Digital Marketing Strategy By Integrating The Different Elements 
  • Monitoring And Measuring The Results 
  • Campaign Optimization And Case Study 
  • Profile Study Of A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign.

The course is beneficial to business managers, entrepreneurs, marketing, and sales managers, online marketing, online sellers, media planners, PR officers, Corporate communications executives, and anyone trying to learn digital marketing tools.   

The Course Fee is 3500 Philippine peso+ VAT for early birds. Regular course fees 3800 Philipino peso+vat per pax.

There are other courses related to online marketing that are provided by the institute. They are: 

  • Telemarketing 
  • Outbound Sales 
  • Customer Service Excellence 
  • Business Operation And People Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Successfully Delegating  Leadership 
  • Communication And Speaking 
  • Proactive Sales And Marketing 
  • Social Media And Content Marketing 
  • Sales Presentation And Pitching 
  • Negotiations And Closing Sales 
  • Probing Sales Management Among Others. 

Address 1503, A West Tower Philippines Stock Exchange Building, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Metro Manila Philippines Contact + 632 8687 4645

Rank #6. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

 CIIT – College of Arts and Technology-4.9/5

CIIT Philippines is one of the highly coveted digital marketing courses in the Philippines. It makes maximum efforts to provide premium quality skill-based, industry-oriented training in different multimedia like graphic designing, designing software, engineering, multimedia applications, digital marketing, and other vocations. 

Niel Dagondon, Sherwin O, Darwin O, Nicole Dagondon are on the board of directors and are committed to delivering the best possible education to students in different fields so that students of the Philippines and anyone who wants to study at CIIT become job-ready after the course. They help in understanding the most complex of elements in Digital Modules so that students can grasp the concepts well.

The Digital Marketing Specialist Program is comprised of 10 sessions with 4 hours per session. It helps to provide an understanding of the key concepts of digital marketing, provides sound education on digital marketing modules for anyone interested in learning the various verticals of digital marketing.

Global and local digital marketing trends are taken into account and the course is customized to suit the needs of everyone wanting to learn about digital marketing irrespective of the educational background they come from.

The Course outline consists of

  • Digital Marketing 
  • Social Media 
  • Search Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Email And Mobile Marketing 
  • E-commerce 
  • Website Creation And Planning 
  • Digital Marketing 360.

The sessions are divided into the following parts

Digital marketing- 1 Session- consists of an introduction to digital marketing, understanding marketing methods, and creating a digital marketing plan by identifying customers’ journeys on the web.

The next session is social media which consists of 2 sessions and includes topics like social media 101, social media marketing, and advertising. At the end of the session, you will be able to create a social media marketing plan and create a presence on different channels. 

Next is content marketing which consists of 1 session and covers key aspects like blogging, content plan, and calendar and why blogging in freelancing is gaining popularity.

Then you have an email and mobile marketing session which covers topics like effective email, and newsletter marketing using and maintaining customer relationship management (CRM). Marketing on the go, registering to any email and CRM tool with practical execution of the tools, and sending emails to turn leads into consumers.

The next session is devoted to website planning and creation that gives a thorough understanding of why a website is indispensable to your online presence, website 101, and website maintenance. 

After completion of the session, you will be able to create a wireframe in the website map, and you will gain hands-on experience in creating a website online.

Digital marketing 360 is again comprised of 1 session. the main elements covered in this topic are identifying your customers, and networks, creating a digital marketing strategy, creating your positive online presence, and influencer marketing.

Address 94 Kamuning Road, Interweave Building, Brgy, Quezon City 1103 Contact 844 10737/844 11816

Rank #7. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

I am  digital marketer Philippines

The different courses offered are: 

  • Digital Marketing And SEO Strategy Bundle 
  • Content 360 
  • Search Engine Optimization Program
  • E-commerce Program 
  • Digital Marketing Analytics Program 
  • Digital Media Planning Program 
  • Social Media Program 
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program. 

Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy bundle

The course teaches to implement paid and organic Digital strategies, implementing a digital marketing program for your business. Cost is 24900 PHP + VAT.

Content 360 Search Engine Optimization Program.

The course contents include 

  • Search Landscape 
  • Role Of Seo In The Marketing Funnel 
  • How Search Works 
  • Crawling Indexing 
  • Content Planning 
  • Content Formats 
  • Best Practices For Image 
  • Content Promotion And Outreach 
  • Knowing Your Audience 
  • Website Audit Measurement And Optimization 
  • Hands-on Activities Regarding Keyword Research 
  • Website Audit Content 
  • Writing Promotion And Outreach Plan.

 Cost PHP 9900

The course is recommended for content strategists, online public relations professionals, publishing in website management experts. The course has to create an end-to-end SEO strategy for all your business efforts.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program.

The course includes Digital Marketing Strategy, Defining Digital Objectives, Understanding Digital Content Frameworks, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Video, Digital Video, Image Marketing, And Organic Search. Defining Success Indicators, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, CRM Display, Native Ads, Online Channels, And Platforms.

There are interactive sessions with professionals as well as plenty of online materials that help to understand digital marketing comprehensively. 

The faculty has expert knowledge of digital marketing and incorporates best practices Tools and techniques and the latest technology to provide a comprehensive 360 education on digital marketing.

The course fee is 35900 PHP

Digital Marketing Analytics Program

The course content includes Key Principles Of Digital Measurement, Ethics, And Conversion Rate Optimization, Touchpoint Optimization, Marketing Automation, Digital Optimization Process, Visual Media, Digital Measurement Tools, Performance Marketing, Essential Frameworks, Conversion Funnels Among Others.

The course is ideally suited to analyze people who want to learn about the different analytical tools and techniques to help build an actionable digital marketing strategy for a business. There is lifetime access to supplementary learning materials through student learning portals.

The course fees are 24900 + VAT PHP. 

Digital Media Planning Program

The syllabus includes a definition of media planning, objectives and strategies of media, visual media sketch, annual Facebook ads, Google campaign setup, and others. The course fee is 24900 PHP + VAT

Social Media Program

The course content includes social media planning and landscape strategy creation, goal setting on social channels, content strategy for social, social media execution analytics, and platform strategy, and engagement strategy for social.

The other valuable inputs are on Cost-effective social media strategy execution and help provide insights into maximizing your campaign through influencer marketing community marketing. Also, helps you to have information on how to manage a crisis in the online domain.

The course fee for the 2 days program with a certificate of participation is 18900 PHP. People who want to take up the certification exam have to prepare a total of 24900 PHP

E-Commerce Program

The program is suited to anyone who wants to leverage and benefit from e-commerce business how to grow the online store with sound strategy and planning.

Curriculum includes 

  • Definition Of E-commerce 
  • E-commerce Transaction 
  • Shoppers Go-to-market Strategy 
  • E-commerce Platforms 
  • Omnichannel E-commerce 
  • Growth Strategies
  • The Considerations When Scaling Up.

Contact + 6391 7531 5252, +6 3277 965252

Rank #8. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

DMHQ -4.8/5

DMHQ was established in September 2015 and since then the institute has trained hundreds of people holding authority positions like marketing executives, brand managers, digital marketing professionals, CEOs, digital practitioners, and everyone interested in learning about the different verticals of digital marketing. It is regarded as one of the top-notch digital marketing courses in the Philippines. 

The courses are 

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional 
  • Certified Specialist In Digital And Social Selling 
  • Specialist in Strategy And Planning
  • Specialist in Social Media Marketing 
  • Certified Specialist in Search Marketing 
  • Postgraduate Diploma In Digital Marketing

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

The course topic includes 

  • An Introduction To Digital Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization Research 
  • Displaying Video Advertising 
  • Website Optimization 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy And Analytics 
  • Google Analytics.

Certified Specialist In Digital And Social Selling.

Course content includes 

  • What Is Social Selling 
  • Ad Targeting 
  • Closing And Retaining Tourist Attraction 
  • Increasing Engagement.

The course is ideally suited to consultants team leads sales representatives Business Development executives managers relationship managers marketing and other roles.

Certified Specialist In Strategy And Planning

The Course Syllabus includes 

  • An Introduction To Strategic Planning 
  • Traditional Communication 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Budgeting And Resources
  • Digital Leadership And Analytics 
  • Digital Communications 
  • Online Channels 
  • Strategy Formulation And Plan.

The course fees are 70000 PHP + VAT

Certified Specialist In Social Media Marketing

Course Content Includes 

  • Social Research 
  • Content Creation 
  • Content Outreach 
  • Facebook Instagram And Snapchat Marketing
  • Youtube And Social Video 
  • Social Customer Service 
  • Strategy And Planning And Others.

The course is suited to digital marketing professionals managers specialist content creators marketing and social media consultants.

Certified Specialist In Search Marketing

The Course Content Includes 

  • An Introduction To Set Up SEO 
  • Content Seo Workshop 
  • Search To Display Advertising 
  • Analytics 
  • Google Analytics Strategy And Planning. 

You have access to 24×7 learning via portals. There are 30 hours of online training and 12 months of free access to the membership portal of DMHQ

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

The course duration is 44 weeks of online training. The course fee is 2 lakh PHP + VAT.

Course content includes 

  • Digital Strategy And Planning 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Marketing 
  • Customer Experience 
  • Ecommerce And Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Essential Skills 
  • Digital Selling. 

It is a comprehensive course covering all digital marketing in depth and creating highly effective digital marketing tools to carry out successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Address 938 Mega Plaza Building Adb Avenue Ortigas Centre Pasig City Contact +632869669819, +6328 5707 506

Rank #9. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines

Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya, has one of the most comprehensive and practical digital marketing courses in Philippines with 240 + hours of learning, 140 + hours of assignments. 

It has invaluable case studies and reference materials, a skilled instructor-led Online Program with 100% Placement Assistance, and lifetime access to Content.

You have access to free tools worth rupees 70000+ and 15 industry experts as faculty members who are there to solve all your doubts and provide information relating to anything concerning Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Course Curriculum has 6 core modules, 20 + specialization modules, and practical training sessions as the Course structure of Digital Vidya.

The Curriculum includes 

  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Mobile App Marketing 101 
  • How To Create An Infographic Resume 
  • Programmatic Marketing 
  • Blogging For Beginners 
  • Growth Hacking 
  • Adobe Analytics 
  • Media Buying And Planning
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Super Blogging 
  • How To Become A Freelancer In The Digital Marketing Space 
  • E-commerce Listing Versus Website Versus Marketplace 
  • Content Marketing And Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.

It is a Course designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who are looking forward to a bright career in the digital arena.

The Digital Course module includes 12 Industry Certifications Like Facebook Blueprint, Linkedin Certification, Hubspot Certification, V Skills Certification, Google Analytics And Adwords Certification, Digital Vidya Certification.

So far Digital Vidya has successfully trend 3800 + batches with 38000+ participants across 55 countries since 2009.

Contact 80100 33033

Rank #10. Digital Marketing Courses in the Philippines


Simplilearn is one of the very well-known and highly-rated online digital marketing courses in the Philippines.  It provides comprehensive Online short-term Courses to help students professionals and Digital marketers make career growth in the domain of Digital Marketing.

There are a variety of Courses from Simplilearn on the subject of Digital Marketing. 

They are

  • Digital Marketing Specialist – 11 Courses
  • Digital Marketing Associate – 3 Courses

There are other specialized Courses also such as the Advanced Search Engine Program, Advanced Social Media Certification Program, Advanced Pay Per Click Certification Program. There are more than 2000 students who have been trained in each of these curriculum.

Course Details

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Demystifying Digital channels
  • Conversion and Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Social Media with OMCP (Online Certified Marketing Professional).

Additionally, you get 45+ projects and Mimic simulation which is a hands-on experience in practical sessions. They also provide training for the different Certifications from Google, Hubspot, Facebook Blueprint.

This is a comprehensive in-depth Digital Marketing Course that will help you to utilize Digital Marketing concepts and execute digital goals and objectives in your organization effectively.

You will work with 40 + tools for Digital Marketing for extensive practical exposure to the elements of Digital Marketing to become job-ready and work on making successful digital campaigns.

Contact 1800 2127 688


  • Who can take up a digital marketing course? 

Anybody who wants to work in the digital marketing industry can opt for the digital marketing courses available. You do not need any particular educational qualification to enrol in the Digital Marketing program. This is why students, new career aspirants, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, retired persons, homemakers, bloggers, content writers, and video creators can take up this course.

  • What should be the criteria to choose a digital marketing course?

While choosing a digital marketing course, you should carefully check the curriculum, trainers’ qualification and experience, and the number of practical assignments incorporated in the course, internship opportunities. You should also check whether the fee is commensurate with the features provided.

  • How to get started with digital marketing? 

The first thing that you have to do is create a strong presence on the web. This would include setting up your website, having a content strategy in place, being active on social media channels, and interacting with potential customers on different digital marketing channels.

  • What are the different concepts covered in a digital marketing course?

You have SEO, SEM, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, content marketing, advanced blogging, digital media, Email Marketing, among the main concepts covered in a digital marketing course.

  • What is the best digital marketing course?

There are several top-notch digital marketing courses in the country. You should have a checklist in place when planning to enrol in a digital marketing course. Course curriculum, fee, duration are important criteria. Go for the institute that ticks all or most of your boxes in the checklist. The list here is of the top digital marketing courses online and offline.


The Philippines is a major tourist attraction, there is ample scope for benefitting from the Digital domain for a host of industries like the hospitality industry, transport industry, food industry, etc. The opportunities provided by web marketing can only truly be understood by gaining knowledge that will strengthen your business understanding and help you implement marketing techniques in real-time. Just be sure that the digital marketing courses in the Philippines incorporate many practical learning modules for you to have hands-on learning on the efficacy of the elements of digital marketing in a real environment with live training.  

  • I am Santos. I am a retired person. I am looking for a means to engage myself meanwhile earn a decent amount of income through it. Digital marketing to me seems quite interesting and very respectful employment which gives option to do it part-time, full -time, or freelance either from the comfort of your home or on site, or open your own agency. So, I look for an affordable and worthy digital marketing course in Philippines to get enrolled in. IIM skills has good ratings and reviews, so considering that I would like to attend its demo class before enrolment. Thanks

  • Hello, I was searching for digital marketing training in Phillipines, because this industry is expanding and has a lot of potential. I’m considering enrolling in one of the digital marketing institutes as a total beginner with no training or experience. I currently work as a content writer and have an undergraduate degree in English.

  • Hi, I am Daniel I am software developer. To be visible to your target market the best way is to use a digital marketing strategy It is only through strong digital presence gain customer acquisition and it fosters customer loyalty for the brand owners. For those who are unsure of where to start, like many beginners, so going through a free live demo session can offer some guidance. IIM skills the digital marketing institute in Egypt mentioned In this article , offers the one.

  • Hello I am Nathaniel. I work in Tours and Travel Agency. Our agency has a website but it needs to be turned into a more impressive Business Website, to promote it better Online,and also create impeccable brand image and reputation. Will the digital marketing course enable me to effectively use Email, SMS and Whatsapp Marketing to promote?
    Content Marketing.
    Start a Referral Program.
    Giveaways and Cashbacks.
    Gift and Goodies for Clients.

  • Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    I am Mary Jane. I Work from home and am a Customer Success Manager. I intend to acquire digital marketing skills as well to explore much in this field and become Digital Marketing Specialist. Is there any other investment in this course apart from the course fee?

  • I am Mary Jane. I Work from home and am a Customer Success Manager. I intend to acquire digital marketing skills as well to explore much in this field and become Digital Marketing Specialist. I sent there any other investment in this course apart from the course fee?

  • hey, Justin here. I am currently working as a content writer in a company that wanted to learn digital marketing for further growth in my career. course mentioned in the article is quite affordable and flexible enough to manage with a job. thank you for this article Vaibhav.

  • hey, I have read many articles about digital marketing courses in the Philippines and this article is one that I find informative and detailed. I want to learn digital marketing for quite some time now, but finding a course that I can manage along with my studies is not an easy thing to do. this article accumulates all information I want to know about the course before enrolling. thank you for your help.

  • Hi. I am a student and I want to do freelancing. Will these courses help me out to getting started with freelancing? My aim is to get some freelancing work and work with international clients.

  • Hi, This is Dina, I always wanted to be a content writer and I am eager to get enrolled in this course but let me know how the classes will be organized in the Philippines.

  • Hi. I am a student and I want to do freelancing. Will these courses help me out to getting started with freelancing? My aim is to get some freelancing work and work with international clients. Also, a course that teaches about personal branding on social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, and other platforms.

  • Hi, This is Franklin. I want to pursue a career as a freelance writer and am eager to enroll myself for the course on digital marketing and content writing. Please let me know how IIM SKILLS is going to have their classes for students like us in Philippines.

  • Hi, This is Diana, I always wanted to be a content writer and I am eager to get enrolled in this course but let me know how the classes will be organized in the Philippines.

  • Hi, This is Silvia , I always wanted to be a content writer and I am eager to get enrolled in this course but let me know how the classes will be organized in the Philippines and what is the fee structure and is certificate globally recognized

  • Hi, This is James. I want to pursue a career as a freelance writer and am eager to enroll myself for the course on digital marketing and content writing. Please let me know how IIM SKILLS is going to have their classes for students like us in Philippines.

  • Hi. I am Ankur.I work with my parents at thier jewellery shop. We go for exhibitions around the country. The response has vbeen good, but I feel the internet presence is equally necessary .That can further increase our reach to the customers and our art would be famous all round the country . I want to clear this doubt that If a business person like me is eligible for the course or not?

  • Hello, I am Ashley. I have certain criteria’s for my education that which type of course.. I am planning for course from so long and I hope I will make it more preferable for me and do the course according to my learning ability. The Digital marketing course is a hot topic right now and I think I can excel in it.

  • Hi, I am a student and work part-time in the Philippines. I will be graduating next year and I have decided to launch my business after I pass. It’s a business related to tourism. I am looking for some courses, so I can prepare myself for this venture. I like the list, especially Simplilearn. It is very popular among students. If there is a course that is up to this level in the list, kindly suggest it in the comments.

  • IIM Skills has a devoted placement cell that guides students and permits them to connect for worldwide freedoms. It is something vital for students to see how huge the chance is. Generally, the foundations that offer certification courses don’t give openings as large as this.

  • Hi, I am Miehesi. I am opening a small cafe in my village. It is a tourist spot and a lot of people come here. But English is not my native language and I am working on my skills. What are the requirements to join this course? do u need to be a graduate. Please provide this information. I intend to join as soon as possible. Thank you

  • Hello, I am Nitara. I am thinking that their should be always the best option for our future. If we put some efforts we will definitely find the best from the options. I am going to give the best digital marketing course from all of the best part. I am going to take the Digital marketing course from the best institute.

  • Hello, I am Timsy. I am going to join the Digital marketing course from the best institute. I am looking for this because from so long, I was looking for the career aspect which will all enhance my career goals and increase my skills and opportunities for all the future aspects and the goals.

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