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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Italy With Placements

Digital Marketing Courses in Italy aim to provide you with incisive knowledge of internet marketing to help you thrive in this vastly competitive professional world. Italy, a country with a long Mediterranean coastline, is famous in history for having left an indelible mark on western civilization. It was the piloting seat that changed Europe’s outlook. Italy, as we speak, is getting geared toward a different revolution, The Digital Revolution. The Government is ready to invest in researching and developing various cutting-edge digital solutions in the next three years. That includes Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things -A necessity to protect data and business from cyber attacks. Within a short span of time, Italian Corporates will feel the crunch for suitable candidates who can help Italy transition digitally.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Italy

In 2018, Digital Marketing spending in Italy had already increased by 3 million Euros. A statistic enough to help you do rough math of what the figures could be these days. Does this forecast ring any bells about the future surge in demand for Digital Marketers? Digital Marketing Courses in Italy need suitable candidates, perhaps one is you.

Let’s take you through marketing before discussing Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

The way Italians popularised marketing is unrivaled even today. From the aromatic cappuccino to Ferrari and the culture of modern fiesta, international commerce has yearned to pass off Italian convictions. The Italian brand is sophisticated and left an impressive mark in the areas of Fashion, Movies, Architecture, and Fashion. They are the genius of marketing. The passion associated with marketing having an Italian connection is profound. It has rubbed on to non-Italian firms trying to sound Italian to create authenticity which is a given with any Italian brand. 

Get introduced to the world of Digital Marketing in Italy

Internet in Italy has had a revolutionary effect on its society. Their habits and lifestyles have gone for a radical facelift. Personalizing a pair of Gucci or buying a favorite Tuberosa Eau de Parfum online has become a standard affair. Performing complex financial banking operations without entering a branch has turned many such units into super quiet zones. 

Regarding digital investments, Italy is ready to revamp its entire digital machinery. New hi-tech infrastructure to support more incredible internet speed, connectivity, and bandwidth are on the cards. With a Digital Revolution already in full swing worldwide, Italy cannot afford to lag. As the nation gears for such a mammoth change, you cannot linger on. Be ready when the positions for Digital Marketing positions open up in massive numbers. Keep looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy before you stick to one.

Digital Marketing posts for you to choose from after you finish Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

There’s something unique about each Italian product, from food to apparel to leatherware and textiles. What about Digital Marketing specialties? Very well, you can land with the following specializations of your choice while completing Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

People conduct online searches for a product or service, which is when your online assets should highlight in their top searches. The role of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist is to cause your website or marketing peripherals to be spot on. The skill calls for adeptness in conducting competitor analysis, evaluating high-quality Content, and knowing how to drive organic traffic. Do you have the aptitude for this post? You should be looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Content Writer

A content Writing Specialist is someone who creates mesmerization with words to bond effectively with customers. Stunning visuals and graphics fall flat in the digital spectrum without accompanying powerful Content. Do you have a writer in you? It would help if you were looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Big names on social Media Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with sharing, posting, commenting, and liking non-stop. Like Pizzahut and Subway, even the Digital world has its share of favorite hangouts. The specialist here will have to tap in and divert traffic flow creatively to generate sales for a particular product or service. The professional must have excellent Writing and analytical skills. Do you love socializing? It would help if you were looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist

A Search Engine Marketing Specialization encompasses Search Engine Optimization. The specialist gets roped in to optimize website content and development with a firm grasp of in-depth analytics. Do you have an analytical mindset? It would help if you were looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the counterpart of Direct Marketing in traditional settings. An Email Marketer must possess knowledge of various metrics such as open rates, click-through, and bounce rates to succeed in this capacity. Can you write emails that seduce people to buy a product or service? It would help if you were looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Mobile Marketing Specialist

Mobile Marketing is brewing the latest storm in Digital Marketing. There might appear to be many similarities between desktop and Mobile Marketing, but the latter is a standalone specialization. The position requires the handler a cut above the other skill sets in designing and automating SMS, MMS, and responsive design, to begin at it. Are you good at writing short, crisp, yet powerful marketing messages? It would help if you were looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

Analytics Specialist

Digital Marketing is a massive success because of its inherent ability to perform and measure unheard in traditional marketing. A digital Marketer can know how to adapt a particular marketing message for vast profit. The analytical features are always in run mode to test and track data in bygone and real-time to figure out ways to improve and surpass marketing strategies.

Content Management and Marketing

Content Management is like throwing baits to draw your precious and projected audience from a massive homogeneous crowd. Without this, they will get carried away with the humungous web traffic. Don’t forget that we live in the age of information. 

To be ahead in the game, the Content Management Specialist must conceive Content that will serve as crowd-pullers. The ability to draft such Content and skillfully disperse it is a highly vouched skill that Digital companies and startups seek.

If you get focused on doing Digital marketing Courses in Italy, then learning how to curate effective Content and marketing the same could give you the decisive edge. In a nutshell, if your Content is going viral, you are already in the making; A Content Management and Marketing Specialist. 

Marketing Automation Specialist

Who is a Marketing Automation Specialist? Can you spot yourself getting comfortable with setting up Technology and software in Digital Settings while at Digital Marketing Courses in Italy? Can you master several different software platforms like a UX designer? UX designers may not be directly responsible for increasing customers. However, they ensure the smooth functioning of the entire digital Juggernaut. Provide a pleasant user experience to customers helping them navigate through products, websites, and other online media. Then Marketing Automation is for you.

PPC Specialist

PPC Marketing is also a top trending subset in Digital Marketing. It is a revenue-generating mechanism for many business concerns. PPC aims to help rank a company’s website in the number 1 position. The process generates traffic by getting the highest number of clicks for a product or service. A click need not necessarily translate into a sale. Every click helps the search engine company to earn a fraction of the total funds invested by the advertiser. The game plan calls for specialists’ skills in Math, Marketing Strategy, and Analytics. Thorough working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords is compulsory. Its great complicity and high-risk nature by default make it a high-ticket job in the Digital Market.

Do your research on the following Digital Marketing Courses in Italy.

1. IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course

It’s a name that has helped many to gain preeminence over their peers through up-to-date knowledge, precious industry insights, and specific training. IIM SKILLS is time and again able to merit such achievements through a world-class course curriculum and a rare passion for imparting nothing but the best. Headquartered in New Delhi, it has spanned its presence in 23 Asian cities. Under its umbrella, 15000 + students from 35 + nations have trained and upskilled, now lending their expertise in leading corporate houses.

Modules Taught

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fees – Euro 436.53

Course Highlights; Multiple

  • Experts instructing through the live-online Course
  • Multiple Mastery over 40 Digital Marketing Tools
  • Intensive Three Months Program
  • Paid Internship for Two Months
  • Earn While You Learn; Stipend of Six Thousand Rupees
  • Industry proficiency with 15+Live Projects
  • More than 10 Case Studies
  • 130 Hours of Hands-on Assignments
  • 79000+ Worth of Tools
  • Industry and Govt Recognized Master Certification From IIM SKILLS
  • Get Thoroughly prepared for 13 other certifications with Google, Facebook & Hubspot

Your Gains From This Course; Professionally Upskilling

  • A Letter of Recommendation That Opens Doors
  • More than 300+ Partners for a Wide Span Interview Support
  • Enabling done To Launch Your Digital Agency
  • Personalized Mentoring For Career and Business Progression
  • Hand Holding Provided to Help Write The First Blog of India
  • Step by Step Guidance for Launching Podcast with Apple, Google & Spotify
  • Successfully Launch Your YouTube Channel and Start Earning with Affiliate Marketing

Hiring Partner

Are You The One Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Traditional Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Housewives
  • College Dropouts

Faculty; Top of the Line

The instructors are world-class, with their highly vouched credentials in the industry.

Media Coverage

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Review

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2. Digital Marketing and Social Media by Rizzoli Corriere Della Sera Media Group (RCS) Academy Business School

The Rizzoli Corriere Della Sera Media Group ( RCS ) is a highly acclaimed Media Company based in Milan, Italy. Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, the company has branched into multi-media publishing. They encompass newspapers, magazines and books, radio broadcasting, new media, and digital and satellite TV. 

 What do they offer?

Here you have an opportunity to undergo tutelage in Digital marketing under the most competent managers and professionals. They offer a master’s in digital marketing inclined to develop strategic and operational skills to execute complex digital projects. The Course helps acquire knowledge on the main digital tools and data analytics. The regimen turns one proficient in handling Digital challenges in consulting companies and communication agencies. The instructors are protagonists of communication marketing emerging.

 The Course helps you transform into one of these.

  • Digital adv planner
  • Junior Brand Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Strategic planner 
  • Media planner
  • Web & media analyst
  • Programmatic account
  • Communication Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • E-commerce specialist

 Two Main Modules of the Master Course

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO & Social Media

 Course Highlights

  • Live Streaming Sessions
  • Dedicated App to Allow maximum Flexibility for Content Access
  • 5 Intensive Workshops
  • 40 Hours of Digital Training
  • 1 Project Work
  • Video Training Pills with exhaustive information encapsulated


  • Top-Notch Instructions from the Industry
  • Journalists from the Parent Media Company, RCS

 Mode of Delivery


Duration of the Course

4 Months

 Course Fees

 EUR 500 

 Contact Information

3. Master in Digital Marketing BY UIBS

The United International Business Schools organization strives to provide its pupils with inspiring excellence, stimulating the advantage of a small-scale, cross-cultural and English-speaking environment. They endeavor to be the first choice for the quality of their undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs and courses. Much emphasis gets laid on innovation, flexibility, and a continuous sense of advancement among their faculty and staff.

 Admission Requirements

Degrees with 120 American Semester Credits or 180 European Credits get considered equivalent.

Students must be reasonably English language proficient and have a bachelor’s degree.

 Course Content

  • 12 core courses in Digital and Social Media Engineering
  • 3 Specialization Courses in Digital Marketing
  • 9 Electives
  • Thesis
  • 24 Courses + Thesis

 Teaching Formats

  • Daytime courses conducted between 8.30 and 18.30
  • Visiting professors conducting seminars on consecutive days
  • Online courses are available 24/7
  • Specific campuses host evening courses from 19.00 to 22.00. 
  • Students can avail of weekday courses or any combination in a blended format.

 Global Study Trip

  • Every year students from various UIBS campuses can come together for a Global study trip to Tokyo.
  • The weeklong trip features company trips, excursions, social activities, and an Asian Management Seminar.

 Program Fees

The fees per campus get calculated pro-rata basis based on courses completed and credits earned.

 Program Duration

  • Full-time students can earn a Master’s degree in 9 months, 
  • Part-time students can achieve the above in 2 to 3 academic years

 Credit System

Their Master’s program requires 60 credits to qualify, which is equivalent to 40 American Credits

 Grading System

  • Each student gets assessed based on attendance, individual assignments, participation, group assignments, and exams. 
  • Assignments include reading materials, term papers, reports, presentations, and others. 
  • Assessments get based on assignments providing students with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.
  • The minimum passing grade is D (60%). 
  •  In the case of an FX grade, students get the option to request a second exam to 60%-The minimum passing grade.

 Academic Degree Conferred

After completing the program, students receive an international private Master in International Management (MIM) specializing in Digital marketing.

 For further information, please visit their website.

Recommended Read

4. Master’s in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation by Rome Business School

 Rome Business School falls under Planeta Formación y Universidades. An international network it got created in 2003 by De Agostini and the group. The group commits itself to provide companies, university education, and vocational and lifelong training with constant updates. The program offers specialized skills owing to the systemic digitization of the reference sector. 

 Course Highlights

  • Use of Innovative Technology
  • All Classrooms get equipped with SMART Board Technology.
  • Get to study on campus in historical settings.
  • Benefit from Technical and professional collaborations with companies like Eataly, IBM Italia, Land Rover, Enel, Fendi, Bulgari, and more.
  • Highly Vibrant Cross-Cultural Environment.
  • International Student Hub.
  • Extra-Curricular Events.

 Course Strongholds

  • Partnership Lab with Publicus Media to help practice theory learned in classroom settings
  • Regular International Bootcamps to keep updated with Technology
  • The use of Circular Learning Methodology based on EFMD Circle for top Quality assurance
  • Top-Notch Leadership program to hone Communication, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Agile Leadership Capstone Project


The program is ranked in the top 50 worldwide by Global Ranking Eduniversal for Marketing Masters.

 Course Outcomes projected

  • Salary Increase
  • Able to think innovatively and Differently
  • A global approach to problem-solving

 The Course is particularly suited for people aiming for the following Designations

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Media Planner
  • Branded Content Specialist
  • Communication Specialist
  • Programmatic Specialist
  • Web and Media Analysts
  • Marketing/Director in Business Development – Digital Business Development
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Digital Business Manager
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Marketing Manager

 Tuition Fees and Mode of Payment

  • EUR 7200
  • Interest is free for six installments after the Course starts.
  • The Instalments before the Course come with an additional 5% discount.
  • Pay an extra 10% discount and avail Single payment solution by the enrollment deadline.

 Course Delivery Mode

 On Campus and Online

 Course Duration

One Year

 5. Specialized Program in Digital Marketing by European School of Economics

 The specialized program under its roof will gear its participants for Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Insights Analysis. By graduating, participants are domain confident with an understanding of many tools and market scenarios. The multiple skill sets will enable them to excel in areas of market research, sales promotion, advertising, and content strategy on the digital front. 

 Program Structure

  • Smart Branding and Positioning
  • Evaluating Buyer Behaviour
  • Articulate Decision Techniques
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ingraining Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership

Admission Formalities

  • The Application Form has to be correct and complete
  • Furnish the Latest academic certificates
  • Resume / CV (including reference to all previous education)
  • Personal statement
  • Having excellent written and spoken skills in the English language is necessary (IELTS/TOEFL certificate is a plus)
  • Photocopy of Passport/ ID document
  • Four photographs (passport-sized)

 Course Duration

Two Months

 Course Fees

Euro 5929.40

Prime Tips to succeed as a Digital Marketer if you are zeroing in on Digital Marketing Courses in Italy

Promote Home Grown or Made in Italy Brands

 Italians are people very passionate about their roots. Naturally, their top preferences will always be for indigenously manufactured wares. Bear that in mind. Made in Italy enjoys an unparalleled advantage over other non-Italian brands. It is exceptionally particular in wine, food, fashion, design, craftsmanship, manufacturing, and engineering. But don’t get unsettled by this dominant nature of Italians. Who knows, after having a shot at Digital Marketing Courses in Italy, you could very well bring about a change in popular Italian perception of things.

Streamline your Content to match people’s identities and cultures throughout Italy

The mannerism, tastes, and dialects of people change region-wise in Italy. So to excel as a Digital Marketer amid them, you must focus on your audience and avoid a generic approach. However, this should not be followed as a norm if your focus is panning Italy and not area sensitive.

Who likes a slow, loading website? Keep your Italian website optimized for speed.

The average internet speed in the nation is way behind most other European countries. However, low internet speed will soon be history. The Italian Government plans to invest €7 billion to improve the country’s broadband infrastructure drastically. So, If your website is too heavy and loads too slowly, now is the time before you get caught napping.


1. How can I be an outstanding Digital marketer?

Be ready to adapt to new approaches and market scenarios. Get a professional certification from one of the institutes mentioned above. Then keep updating yourself with the latest trends in the industry as you grow.

2. I am old school; Is online learning of Digital marketing good as offline?

Quality of education is not going to get compromised through online learning. So rest assured and enroll if you are interested. By the way, IIM SKILLS has a very reputed online program to deliver its courses.

3. I want to do something different and creative. Could Digital marketing be for me?

Yes, Digital marketing is .very creative and challenging. You can go through the institutes’ websites mentioned above and decide which is the right pick.


Remember the early days of cumbersome computing. And today you cannot do without computers. Likewise, in the present, you cannot think of the world without the word Digital. Digital Marketing is everywhere. Change is uncomfortable, but the faster you accept and adapt, the more rewarding it can get. Digital Marketing is here to stay, grow, blossom, and multiply. Decide on some of the best Digital marketing Courses in Italy. Be an early bird. 

  • Hello I am Dominic. I am Junior Editor. I want to join a learning program for a digital marketing course in Italy. This will enable me to create and oversee digital marketing initiatives. Create material that is optimized for the website and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus, among others. Monitor website traffic and routinely deliver internal information. Organize webinars and webcasts and correct any errors in online content. Identifying the best from the available ,isn’t easier. Attending the demonstration session would be fruitful to come to a decision. Thanks

  • I’m Viktoria, hello. One of the most in-demand professions nowadays is digital marketing. Businesses now understand how crucial an online presence having is. Finding the best digital marketing course in Italy that would help me improve my core competencies in digital marketing is frustrating me because there are so many options. Signing up for a free live demo session by IIM skills that offers a chance for interaction with the teaching faculty and experiencing the learning environment before investing into the digital marketing course is ideally correct.

  • Hi, I am Elias. With the evolution of digital marketing, it has become much easier for the brands to gain trust of their audiences. One of its example is, the brand that tend to follow their consumers on social media channel, and comments , or reach out to the consumer by sending Birthday or Anniversary wishes through Emailers. Such a concern and care helps develop trust of the customer, strengthening their relationship. Even small things matter much and creates positive impact on the customer. But, the tough part is how to execute these strategies. You need to have expertise in digital marketing. Which can be possible in my case, as I want to engage in short course offered by digital marketing institute in Italy. Checking down on all the available options on this list, and IIM skills suits me best. It comes with best offers, plus the free demo invite is cherry on the cake.

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