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Best 3 Digital Marketing Courses In London With Placements

The very first thing that comes out if there is a search to be made, is mobile phones. To any generation, Genz, Millennials, or even the adults who originally relied on newspapers, television, books, dictionary, and other sources in hand have conveniently shifted to search engines. To say the very least, search engines have become a lifestyle change. Calendars, clocks, alarm clocks, reminders, and everything have made a shift from the doors and shelves of houses to the pockets of our jeans. In a very similar way,  marketing for brands has been shifted from all the traditional mediums to the internet, not entirely but a significant part of it. With that shift, has come the need to master the Best Digital Marketing Courses in London, the benefits of digital marketing, and the career options in digital marketing are thriving.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In London


In this read, you will get a picture clear image of what is digital marketing, career options in digital marketing, and the best digital marketing courses in London, which can make the search easier, and the decision-making process a lot better. So before we dive into the best digital marketing courses in London, let’s begin with the glories of London and why is it a place that is best suited for the course.

All About London

The largest city and the capital of England, London is a hub of art, tourism, commerce, finance, and education. London has made its way into the list of the world’s major global cities. With high numbers attached to its GDP, London is the largest urban economy in the world.

The glories of London amp up the need for digital marketing as that is how the work is put into place in today’s time. The diversity of 300 languages in the city, and some well-known world heritage sites namely the Tower of London, Key gardens, the Place of Westminster and Westminster Abbey combined, and St. Maragrat’s Chruch highlight the rich cultures of the city.

Let’s talk numbers to cushion up the facts that state the scope of digital marketing in the Uk. The internet user penetration rate was recorded to be 82.61% in 2016, which hiked to 98% in January 2022. Out of 5.3 billion people on the internet today, 66.99 million accounts are from the UK itself. The numbers are thriving and so are the digital marketing strategies. With that statistics, the scope for digital marketing in the UK is relatively self-explanatory.

All About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as a concept is blooming every day and there is no doubt that the age has been entitled as the digital age for a reason. Digital marketing, in layman’s language, is to create maximum website traffic by using different strategies and marketing skills.

Marketing that takes place on the internet space is called digital marketing, online marketing, and internet marketing. These are the terms used interchangeably meaning the same.

Brand promotion increased sales of the product, Brand awareness, and increased goodwill are a few of the many takeaways from a good digital marketing campaign. 

The mediums used under this type of marketing are websites, mobile phones, emails, social media platforms, and video marketing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, etc. 

Unlike traditional marketing which involved heavy costs with heavy reach, digital marketing has made reaching the masses under budget a real deal. While the base and the ultimate goal remain the same, traditional marketing strategies differ remarkably from digital ones. 

Digital Marketing Has Some Outstanding Elements Attached to It, to Name a Few of Them:

These are the components that can be studied in detail within the best digital marketing courses in London.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Apart from getting all the limelight in the marketing world, digital marketing is backed with extraordinary benefits which are no less than wonders. All thanks to technologies and upgradation of it on daily basis. Digital marketing possesses so many different benefits that it nearly makes it mandatory to enrol in the best digital marketing courses in London. Highlighting a few of them in the listicle below. 

  • Wider Audience

If you have been following this article since the beginning, it should be clear by now that a wider audience can be targeted within a short period. Also with technology at its best, we now have the option to choose the niche of the people from the crowd that we want to be our audience. That way the crowd can be narrowed down to smaller clusters making it easy for the brands to cut down the cost of reaching and engaging with unwanted people.

  • Cost Benefits

The cost of a digital marketing campaign lies in the creativity of the minds put at work. Nothing more than that has to be paid considering it is an unpaid strategy. Paid advertisements are acclaimed for giving more than it takes. The pay-per-click on Google Ads and other platforms are set on a reasonable ground making digital marketing a go-to option for its immense cost benefits.

  • Easy Tracking

It was near impossible to track down the people who interacted with the advertisement in the traditional era. Flyers were called back, and bottles of soft drinks had to be returned to track down the number of people engaged with the ad. In the digital era, you can reach down to the last person who has engaged with the advertisement, know where he is from, details, and also a way to connect to them. The power of digitalization is doing wonders and the end is nowhere near. 

  • Scope for Creativity and Originality

When there are ample amount of options available in hand, the creative mind is put to its best use. With limited options and mediums, there is a possibility for similar content but with digital marketing being such a wide concept, it is nearly impossible to get the work clashed. Brands do copy each other’s activities without denial, but that is a choice that reflects brand ethics. With digital marketing, there are many mediums like podcasts, blogs, videos, microblogging, micro vlogging, emails, and so on. 

Truly said, “sky is the limit” and digital marketers are flying.

  • Connect with the Audience

Again, building a personal connection with the audience and the potential customers was a task for brands in the traditional era, with digital marketing in the picture, it is easy and fun to connect with the audience. Reply to them instantly and also build a conversation that leaves a positive brand impression. 

In addition, it has become easy to resolve problems and provide customers with authentic solutions.

The benefits of digital marketing are many, which can be learned about in the best digital marketing courses in London, and with that let’s move to the other section which will provide you with answers to the career options in digital marketing.

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Career Options in Digital Marketing

If we were to talk about the career options in digital marketing back in 2010, the options would have been limited and hardly one or two companies might have had an eye to the future. In the current state, no start-up, and no business or company is working without a digital marketer connected to them. If you are a budding entrepreneur or a businessman, the best digital marketing courses in London still will leave an impact on the success of your work and that is because digital marketing is not a specific work, it is a process that can be implemented by anyone to reach the glories of success.

Below are some of the coveted job profiles in digital marketing that offer lucrative remunerations, interesting and exciting work, and stable careers. 

  • Digital Marketing Manager

The most basic one on the list of the career options in digital marketing, which is available to every business, every brand, and also every work that is there to make profits and need to connect with their audience. A digital marketing manager has a job that requires the building of strategies, keeping up with the digital world, application of digital marketing strategies, and general management of what can be done for marketing on the internet. 

The average salary earned by a digital marketing manager in London is £50,000 annually.

  • SEO Executive

As noted earlier, Search engine optimization can be a specific subject to get advanced education in. Also, it is a specific post that is available to companies. The job of an SEO executive is to develop SEO strategies, implement them and practice everything in and around SEO. Within the same post, SEM (Search engine management) jobs are also required because these two are similar and difficult to incorporate. The average salary for an SEO Executive in London is £27000 annually. 

  • Content Marketer

A Content Marketer’s job is to create creative content for all the platforms the company or the brand is active on. Content Marketers bring out the features of the products, and engage with the audience with their creative minds and advertisements. The trend is to deliver the message without actually tagging it as an advertisement. The customer shouldn’t know if he has been sold something via the advertisement. 

A content marketer needs to know it all, writing, advertising, SEO expert, and of course always creative and optimistic. An average salary for a content marketer in London is £45000 on annual basis.

  • Artificial Intelligence Developer

This high-tech concentrated job is one of the highest paid and the one that needs advanced learning. An artificial intelligence developer is also a futuristic job, if not today, this one is going to be the most wanted in the coming future. 

The job requires the developer to develop AI-based content, create a virtual world easy for the other team workers in the company and create a space with is technologically upgraded with top-notch creativity.

The average salary for an AI developer in London is £52000 annually.

  • Web Analysts

Web Analysts or Web analytics specialist is another position a digital marketer can grasp. In the list of career options in digital marketing, web analysis is one of the finest yet toughest jobs to get. It is the face that is put in front of the audience, it is the user interface that the audience works with if it is user-friendly and appealing, the client stays otherwise it is a matter of just a small click and they’ll be out of the website.

Web Analysts’ job also requires analyzing every activity that takes place on the website, increasing website traffic and also retaining the ones who have landed. 

Good web analysts can earn £32000 on an average basis annually.

With that, we have highlighted the career options in digital marketing, and the importance of digital marketing which would have decided of opting for the best digital marketing courses in  London firm intact. So let’s have a look at the best universities in London.

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Best Digital Marketing Courses in London


The highest-rated and the leading online education institution for skill development courses, IIM SKILLS is a choice of 15000+ trained students with 5-star ratings from them. The digital marketing course with IIM SKILLS is designed in a way that the candidate gets a world-class education from anywhere in the world. IIM SKILLS is based in Delhi, India recognized by the Govt of India, and has proven to be delivering the best digital marketing courses in London. IIM SKILLS has a presence in 35+ countries making it a global platform for all skill-development courses.

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee -£390+ taxes.

They have an advanced curriculum that incorporates all the essential components of the internet marketing system. Moreover, the faculty is experienced and offers you suggestions, tips, and hacks that come in handy when you start your journey in the world of digital marketing.

In the Digital Marketing Course, apart from the basics of digital marketing, the importance of digital marketing, and career options in digital marketing, you’ll have the following learning and takeaways:

  • The course is a 5-month course with 3 months of comprehensive training solely led by an instructor, with guidance and live lectures. 
  • The digital marketing course will be 40 modules of study.
  • 15+ Live projects, and 10+ Case studies to sharpen the edges of your skills with a more practical outlook.
  • Access to tools worth £869+

  • Get certified from IIM SKILLS and in the meantime also prepare for 13 other certifications from renowned names like Google, Facebook, & HubSpot
  • Avail the letter of recommendation post-completion of the internship
  • Personalized career guidance and instructions depending on your place and aspirations.
  • 2 Months Paid Internship
  • 300+ Placement partners and opportunities.


Get Ready for the Future With the Best Digital Marketing Courses in London With IIM SKILLS by 

  • Launching your own YouTube channel.
  • Launching your podcast and bringing it on air with Google, Spotify & Apple
  • Build your digital marketing agency.
  • Go live with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Write your first blog for the Times of India

Digital Marketing has got so many layers to it and every layer of it is covered in detail in the course with IIM SKILLS priced at Bonus: The candidate can avail access to some special modules which are conducted on Wednesdays & Fridays. Consider these as special and secret modules to success in digital marketing.

IIM SKILLS has garnered praise for its unending efforts to provide the best customer service as well as placement assistance to students.


More Courses Offered at IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Reviews

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

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2. UpGrad Campus

Commencing its journey in online education back in 2015, UpGrad has developed a platform for online education concentrated on the trending industries. Their goal remains to upscale the skills of professionals already at work. People who do not have time on their hands and still are looking for better jobs, or the jobs require a skill that they lack. In the comfort of your own time and frame, UpGrad promised to upscale the skills with online education which is backed up by industry leaders and well-known universities. 

Upgrade outshines its mantra which says ASPIRE, in which every word has been allotted a significance.

Their top course is the digital marketing course which makes the presence of the UpGrad campus on the list of best digital marketing courses in London quite evident.

Courses Details:

  • The duration of the course is 5 months.
  • It includes live and recorded sessions.
  • Guaranteed Certifications.
  • Live Projects and interactive sessions
  • The course is curated around the needs of the freshers and graduates who are looking for jobs, which can be provided by the end of the course.
  • Get a chance to participate in the live projects happening with the industry leaders.

UpGrad is an Indian-based online institution delivering the digital marketing course at INR 25000/-



7th Floor, Lexington Towers, Tavarekere Main Rd,

Tavarekere, S.G. Palya, Bengaluru,

Karnataka – 560029

Call: +91 8035241332

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3. London Business School

A constituent college of the federal university of London, London Business School is a business school providing courses about post-graduate degrees. Their motto stands to leave an impact on how the world does business. Also ranked as one of the best business schools in the world and that is why it has to be on the list of the best digital marketing courses in London.

By Mastering the Digital Marketing Course You Can Seek the Following:

  • SEO, SEM, and Social Media as the highlights of the course
  • The duration of the course is set at 3 months which includes 6-8 hours of learning per week
  • 11 Modules covering all the basics of the digital marketing
  • Learn about the importance of digital marketing
  • Career Options

The best digital marketing courses in London with The London Business School have been priced at £1912.

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Address: Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA, United Kingdom

Call: +44 20 7000 7000


Q1. What are the career options in the Digital Marketing course?

As the digital marketing industry is witnessing its boom, digital marketing job opportunities are flourishing too. Once you are thorough with digital marketing and have in-depth knowledge of the same you can look forward to becoming a Digital Marketing Manager, SEO expert, Social Media Marketer, AI developer, Web analyst and above all, build your digital marketing agency.

Q2. What are the best digital marketing courses in London?

London is one of the places with the highest number of internet users accounting for nearly 98% of the entire population, digital marketing is the answer to many business and marketing questions. The best digital marketing courses in London are IIM Skills, UpGrad Campus, and London Business School.

Q3. What is the importance of Digital Marketing?

When you see the numbers that are thriving every day, that is not something you will want to skip. The number of internet users is beginning to crowd the internet space and to market your brand in a very cost-effective way highlighting the importance of digital marketing. Apart from reaching the masses and being cost-effective, digital marketing also helps you to keep track of the campaign and take considerable action.

The best digital marketing courses in London have been highlighted in this read and with that, hoping that the decision for entering into the industry has been made intact. To new beginnings as a digital marketer or an entrepreneur leading successful marketing campaigns. 


Happy Learning!

  • Hi I am Freddie. I had a Apparel and accessories shop. I am planning to invest in digital marketing by incorporating it into my business plan. Gathering crucial knowledge and technical know-how of it is essential for me. For this reason I am looking for a digital marketing course in London that is far more suitable to my needs. As nowadays consumers have gone digital. Their activities like gathering details about products and services, looking for different products and services, purchasing, and even work methods have apparently changed. Today people browse, research, shop, work, and share content online. Digital marketing plays here vital role because it connects brands with consumers when they’re most receptive. Hence, to stay ahead of the competition getting acquainted with the strategies for marketing on digital platforms is equally important.

  • I am Gabriel. Numerous businesses with physical establishments have been prompted to concentrate on their online presence due to the fierce competition amongst brands. Although retail sales online are often lower than in-store sales, in my case. So, I am here to learn how to adopt and implement best digital marketing practices for successful online sale. Getting online digital marketing training in London from a reputable institute with years of experience is the main criteria for my selection. IIM skills with distinctive course features, specifications, learnings and takeaways is ideally the best.

  • Hi, I am Albert. Digital Marketing is one of the most in-demand vocations today. Companies have realized the immense importance of having an online presence. Many institute offering digital marketing training course in London is available ,which makes finding the best that would help me enhance my digital marketing core skills is getting me on my nerves. I view learning Digital marketing as an investment that can yield me better job opportunies, strong portfolio building, and extensive field training to get better accustomed to the real-time field situations. Course overview of IIM skills seems anticipating, to make informed decision would like to register for the free live demo first.

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