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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review (Updated)

Have you decided upon your career trail? Digital Marketing is a great career option, but which course to choose? Is IIM SKILLS Digital Course the right choice for you? Find all the answers in this detailed and enlightening article that presents IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review. 

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review

Now, before heading straight into the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review, we will first speculate about digital marketing, why it is popular nowadays, and the benefits of doing a digital marketing course. Without much ado, let us move ahead. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is the process of marketing products and services by leveraging digital and social media platforms. This form of marketing is based on a website, blogs, PPC ads, search engine marketing, social media marketing, to name a few. 

Unakin to conventional marketing techniques using banners and hoardings, digital marketing helps the business reach a wider audience and carve a brand space and authority for themselves. Moreover, it bolsters or strengthens the customer relationship with the brands and businesses. 

Why Digital Marketing?

The modern era, or should I say the digital era- is entangled in the web of digital marketing. From gadgets to groceries to clothes- everything is swayed under the banner of digital marketing. With the growing dependence on digital marketing, the need for digital marketing is on a vertical rise. And why not? Who has time nowadays to go to the store to buy a product when you can have it at the snap of it. Comparisons, reviews, and return policies make the process a worthwhile asset for everyone out there. 

Let’s look at the facts. 

As per Statista, more than 560 million people in India use the internet making it the second-largest online marketing nation just after China. And the statistics are predicted to rake up to 650 million by the year 2023. 

As simple as it is to calculate, the more the number of internet users, the better the reach of digital marketing becomes. Consolidating all these facts and data, it is not hard to tell that digital marketing is and will be a booming industry for the years to come. 

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Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

With the vast internet library, where you can find almost any answer or knowledge, you must wonder why to shed a few shellings on a course. Willingly or unwillingly, that thought must have struck you once in your mind, have it? To demystify or clear those doubt-clouds, read about the benefits of a digital marketing course:

1. Consolidated Knowledge

While you may find articles about digital marketing-related concepts on the internet, but that will all be in chunks. You will have to go through extensive research probing for apt knowledge and topics pertinent to your learning. Needless to say, that would cost you a lot in terms of time and energy. 

By contrast, a good Digital Marketing Course provides you with consolidated and authenticated knowledge and experience. That means you get valuable information focussing majorly on practical training. 

As a matter of fact, the internet provides theoretical knowledge, but the digital marketing industry works on practicality. Hence, practical training takes up center stage, and this is what you gain through a digital marketing course. 

2. Professional Guidance

A worthwhile course is designed and taught by professionals and experts who have accumulated years of experience in that particular field of digital marketing. They very well know the ups and downs of the industry, and hence they are in a better position to provide you with the professional guidance that you must seek. 

Enrolling in an excellent course ensures that you are in the right hands, the highly qualified mentors. They not only teach you the right concepts but hand-hold you to walk the road to your career success. 

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3. Certifications

Free knowledge doesn’t come up with certifications, and certifications are a replica of your proof of knowledge. Even if you become cognizant of digital marketing, how would you highlight it in your resume if you can’t back it up with a certification? 

That is why you need a course that comes in hand with a certification. Another thing to look into is indeed the fact that the certification must be recognized both nationally and internationally. Such approved certifications hold more value over the certificates that come as course completion certificates. 

4. Career and Placement Assistance

Well, most pre-eminent institutes offering digital marketing courses strive to provide career and placement assistance. These institutes have garnered partnerships with some of the reputed brands. Thus, your placement in a top-shot company becomes a lot easier. 

Another thing that these institutes are willing to offer is PAID internships that provide you with work experience and guidance about the real world. You can add up the internship certificate to your resume and LinkedIn profiles to validate your practical authenticity of work. 

Thirdly, if you find yourself in a cul-de-sac, not knowing what to do with your career, these mentors shower with career guidance to help you discern your career path. 

All in all, your journey with an institute doesn’t end up with the course; rather you receive guidance, support, and placement assistance to find yourself as a working professional. 

5. Skill Upgradation

Through the course program, you learn the advanced and latest concepts of digital marketing and related skills. The course puts you in a learning mindset and nurtures your creativity to explore the digital marketing domain to far ends. Thus, creating a hallow of opportunities to upgrade your skillset. 

Certainly, by the time you arrive at the end of the course, you are confident with the requisite skills, theoretical knowledge, and practical experience to formulate integrated digital marketing strategies for brands and businesses. 

6. Higher Salary Packets

Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand skills in the modern era. Even though it is a coveted skill, there is a massive gap between the demand and supply for professional digital marketers. Furthermore, the fact is not unheard of, that digital marketing is a booming industry with more and more deluge opportunities. 

Combining both the facts, it is not hard to decipher that digital marketing talent is scarce. For that reason, companies are ready to compensate higher salary packets to the well-deserving candidates. 

The average salary of a fresh digital marketer is somewhere between 1.5-3 lac. This salary packet increases with the experience to a scale as high as 15-20lac. It all depends on your market knowledge and sheer determination. 

7. Affordable and Time-saving

In comparison to the in-house training sessions or degree courses, online digital marketing courses come at affordable pricing. The fee structure ranges from 30K- 1lac. 

Additionally, one must not forget that online course saves up a lot of time and money both for freshers and working professionals. Commuting charges, commuting time, traffic snarls, you can avert all of it. All you do is log in to a laptop or computer and access the class from anywhere. That’s the beauty of online learning, and apparently, that’s the new normal.  

8. Paid Internships

The 5 monthly- digital marketing course is inclusive of 2-months guaranteed paid internships with a fixed stipend of INR 6K. With the option to choose your specialization, you can opt for whichever road you want to tread upon. These internships are boon for you in every manner as you get practical exposure, portfolio development, and a fixed stipend as well.

Glimpse into IIM SKILLS as an Institute

The educational blog turned institute- IIM Skills is a pre-eminent institution that has gained immense popularity over a comparatively short time. As mentioned, the successful educational blog by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar recognized the rift between the demand and supply for devout and talented professionals. Aiming to bridge that gap, the online institute came into existence as an excellent online training provider. 

IIM Skills offers premium courses as a gateway to remarkable and rewarding career opportunities. Blending a perfect balance of theoretical and practical training, the experts at IIM Skills make the customer experience an awe-inspiring journey. What makes it a coveted institution is the advanced and fun-filled training methodologies that make the learning process as easy and gripping as it can be. 

With over 5+ years of excellence, the institute has carved itself an evident space for itself. Having trained 14,300+ professionals from 30+ countries, the institute has become a trusted brand in the ed-tech industry. 

Validated content, hands-on learning experience, international certification, and global placement assistance are some of the many features that IIM Skills has aided to magnetize students and working professionals from across the nation.

Not to overlook, IIM Skills has been in the media coverage with leading brands and media houses such as The Times of India, Prime Time, The Statesman, India Today, DNA, mid-day, career360, to name a few. That is the true manifestation of its popularity and exposure. 

Courses Provided by IIM SKILLS

IIM Skills offers various courses to cater to the needs of the skill development of individuals. The course lists extend to a Content Writing course, Digital Marketing Course, GST Certification Course, and soon to release Technical Writing Course. All the mentioned courses are high-quality courses with an exhaustive curriculum, hands-on learning experience, case studies, and assignments. 

Those who are willing takers of the courses, and have a zest to amplify their learning bucket make the best out of learning. Live training sessions and on-the-spot doubt resolution can facilitate you to explore the horizon and acquire valuable knowledge about the industry and its work proceedings. 

Moving ahead, let us have a look at what the Digital marketing course has to offer. 

Digital Marketing Course at IIM SKILLS

An Overview of the Course Curriculum

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course is an all-encompassing course covering the nitty-gritty of the digital marketing industry. Much ingenuity has been shown by the industry experts in designing the course to best fit the needs of both newbies as well as working professionals

Wondering how? That is because the extensive focus has been laid on practical training and first-hand experiences, with practical assignments given every week. As a result, there are no chances of monotony and boredom. 

The mentors are industry experts with years of experience and knowledge to deliver the training using exceptional methodologies, training tools, and real-life examples. Consequently, the learning process is both informative as well as intriguing.   

As for the details of the course, the digital marketing course spreads across 180 hours of comprehensive training in live interactive classrooms. Moreover, the program encompasses 60 hours of practical assignments where you get to learn by doing. This tool-driven course leverages and provides free tools worth INR 79,000+. 

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The mode of learning is online, which you can take up with convenience and comfort. In addition, you get lifetime access to training material, class recordings, and class presentations. Hence, no need to worry even if you miss out on a concept or two; or even a whole lecture. 

Next in line is the 24*7 Support, which means mentors are open to help you out with doubts and confusions as and when they arise. By the end of the course, you will have the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to step into the real industry and grab a job for yourself. Willing takers of internships can savor the flavors of guaranteed internships where you learn more in-depth concepts and receive a fixed stipend. 

The course comes along with Master certification from IIM Skills plus 15 certifications preparation such as Google, Hubspot, Facebook, to name a few. Additionally, career guidance and placement assistance are added benefits. That means you enter as a newbie and depart as a professional with a job, clear mindset, and career-oriented. 

IIM SKILLS Students Work At 

Below is a list of a few of many tools that are covered in this digital marketing course:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • UberSuggest
  • GTMetrix
  • SemRush
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Trends
  • MOZ, and numerous other tools.


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review

Is Digital Marketing Course at IIM Skills the best? The way I see things, the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing course is the best bet that you can have at an affordable price covering all the critical aspects of the digital marketing world. And that’s not all! The expert-designed curriculum goes through regular updates and validation to best fit the needs of this dynamic industry. Hinged on practical training, the course lets you accustom first-hand experiences of digital marketing and related tools. 

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Through the LMS support and lifetime access feature, the institute makes you susceptible to the latest advancements and progressions at no extra cost. Can’t agree more that you get a course with all the most advanced and cultured cognizance and that too for a lifetime. 

Taking into consideration both the newbies and working professionals, the program is self-paced, with weekend batches availableOnline training makes it more accessible, and if you are dubious about the lack of human touch, then I must tell you that the sessions are well-interactive and well-defined. For if you have any doubts and apprehensions, you can put it forth there and then and receive instant doubt-clearance. 

For IIM Skills, the students’ satisfaction comes before anything else, and hence they bestow 24*7 support and placement support eluding any chances of deniability. Counseling and career guidance are for the lifetime, which heralds that if you find yourself in a career dilemma at a later point in life, you can turn up to them for guidance. 

Free tools (worth 79K) and their usability are added benefits that keep you on the bandwagon and fast-paced work in compliance with the latest technology. Moreover, this career-driven course sets you on the precise trail to blaze your career in digital marketing in as compact as 3 months. 

Not to overlook, the money-back guarantee offer lets you get to take back your entire fees if you don’t find the course worth the price after the first class. Now, that shows the confidence and reliance that the experts have in their course. What are you waiting for now? Run and enroll yourself for a free demo and then make an informed decision for your career. Come thank us later in the comment section. 

Before moving ahead with the conclusion, you may also want to have look at the student review, so here look for yourself and then believe. Alumna at IIM Skills has only had good and commendation for the institute and mentors who have supported them all along the journey.  


  • What is the duration of Digital Marketing courses?

The duration for a comprehensive digital marketing program is around 3 to 6 months (12 weeks-24 weeks). Practical assignments, case studies, study materials are also included in the course.

  • Who can take up a digital marketing course? 

Anybody who wants to work in the digital marketing industry can opt for the digital marketing courses available. Students, new career aspirants, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, retired persons, homemakers, bloggers, content writers, and video creators can take up this course.

  • What should be the criteria to choose a digital marketing course?

While choosing a digital marketing course, you should carefully check the curriculum, trainers’ qualification and experience, and the number of practical assignments incorporated in the course, internship opportunities. You should also check whether the fee is commensurate with the features provided.

A Word from the Author

Digital Marketing is the present and future of the marketing world that hovers over every industry. Learning digital marketing is an apt decision, but a better resolution would be to do that digital marketing course from a recognized and reputed institute like IIM Skills- that is meticulous and concerned about your scope. 

For IIM Skills, student satisfaction is the scale for success calculation. The mentors, faculties, and support people try their best to make your experience the best of both worlds. On that note, we will leave you to make an adept discretion for yourself and drive your way to success in this most demanding yet favorable industry. 

An English-graduate, vivacious researcher, SEO content writer, avid reader, and passionate writer, Alumna and content writer at IIM Skills.
  • IIM skills’ digital marketing course looks really promising. looking forward to enrolling in the course, I had doubts about the internship IIM Skills offers, is it compulsory? and if yes it is flexible enough to manage along with my full-time job?

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