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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Khirki Extension

Digital marketing is one of the most prospering professions in 2024 and the industry itself is projected to grow at a high rate. This domain is widely used by marketers to expand their businesses and use different approaches to market their products on digital platforms. Digital marketing has proved to be one of the most effective ways of growing a business in a technology-driven society. So, if you are someone who owns a business or a graduate who dreams of going down this career path, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with our list of best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension.


Before That, What Does Digital Marketing Refer to?

Digital Marketing is similar to what stands for marketing but performed on a digital platform. It applies various marketing tactics and strategies that regular marketers use. The ultimate purpose is to promote the product or service that the business wants to sell. The term is broad and makes use of a wide variety of channels like social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), copywriting and e-mail marketing to reach potential customers online. The top Digital Marketing Courses in Khirki Extension help you master these modules to become an adept digital marketer.

Digital marketing courses focus on building the skills required for thriving in the industry. The curriculum usually includes various channels along with an overview of the industry. You’ll be taught about the essential aspects of the digital marketing landscape and its market trends. In most of the digital marketing institutes in Khirki Extension or neighbouring areas, you don’t require prior professional skills. But learning this course is much easier when you have a creative mindset and good written or spoken communication skills.

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How is Traditional Marketing Different From Digital Marketing?

It is evident that marketing plays a very vital role in society and the overall proceedings of a business, whether it’s modern times or the past. Digital marketing is done via online media and has grown a lot a lot in popularity, on the other hand, traditional marketing uses similar marketing strategies but through non-digital means. So, what are the potential differences between the two terms? Let’s look into it:

Starting with the basic difference of strategies, traditional marketing promotes products and services through televisions, magazines, newspapers and other offline modes. While, digital marketing advertises through digital channels like e-mail, social media, digital billboards etc.

Although the traditional way of marketing is still trusted by people, it does not do well in terms of reaching a wide customer base. Most traditional markets thrive on the popularity and loyalty of existing customers as they lack innovative ways to attract new customers. Digital marketing increases the scope for targeting potential customers and reaching out to more people. You can learn more about these tricks and build your skills with the digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension.

Marketing through traditional ways is generally more time-consuming and costs more. It involves a variety of print media, therefore gathering resources, planning and advertising takes up time. Digital marketing proves an easier alternative in terms of money and time.

Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Khirki Extension With Placements


IIM SKILLS is one of the fastest growing Ed-tech institutions which was established in 2015. It has its classroom in Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi, and an online presence in 23 cities across Asia. Some of the professional courses you can take up other than digital marketing are content writing, technical writing, advanced SEO, Investment banking, data analytics, etc.


It has one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Khirki Extension because of its focus on developing skills. The sessions are conducted live and recorded in case the students wish to come back to it again. You’ll be getting instructor-led comprehensive training which includes an internship with flexible hours.


You can work on 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies for a more comprehensive experience. Along with that, you can learn various tools like WordPress, Elementor, Ninja Forms, Async Javascript, and more.


To date, more than 9,500 training sessions have been completed by its expert faculty who showcase 12+ years of experience.

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Contact Number – +91 9580740740

E-mail Id – [email protected]

Website – iimskills.com

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2. UpGrad

This company was established in 2015 and has trained more than 12,000 students. It offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension because it provides the benefits of degrees, certifications, boot camps and even studying abroad. The institution believes in upskilling and transforming your career and you can get up to a 50% salary hike. The platform creates the opportunity for you to get your next qualification done from one of the many universities it’s affiliated with.

As one of the best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension, it highlights a lot of things including personalised feedback, daily doubt clearing classes, ChatGPT tutorials, video classes, updated content, mock interviews and certifications. The website has specified that students as well as individuals working in traditional markets, as sales professionals or entrepreneurs can seek out this course. The minimum qualification they should produce for applying is a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree. You can learn top skills like generative AI in digital marketing, search and display advertising, branding web analytics and so on.

Contact Number – 18002102020

Course Fees – Rs 16,280

Course Duration – 5 months


  • Marketing fundamentals and transition from traditional to digital marketing
  • Learn digital marketing metrics along with different channels
  • Learn about customer-centricity
  • Design a web presence
  • Learn to use social media marketing
  • Understand the uses of WordPress for SEO and content creation
  • Launch a campaign on Google Ads
  • Define robust strategies for digital marketing
  • Work on live projects related to web analytics
  • Conduct case studies on big firms and learn to help brands by developing strategies

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3. Udemy

Udemy is an online platform that served its students globally since 2010, with a relatively affordable curriculum. Similar to other international platforms, it has the benefit of multiple languages for their national or international students, which makes it ideal as one of the best digital marketing institutes in Khirki Extension or its surrounding areas. The platform has served more than 6 million happy customers and will continue doing its best in the future.

The digital marketing marsterclass featuring 24 marketing modules, makes our list of top digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension because they dive into a comprehensive experience for all. The course is led by Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila and the main modules are taught in English. Through this course, you will be taught about proven digital marketing strategies through 46 hours of video sessions and assignments. There are 20 articles and 25 downloadable resources and the course also offers a certificate of completion.

Course fees – Rs 3,199

Course duration – 46 hours and 17 minutes


  • Introductory lesson on digital marketing
  • Learn to define your business and target audience
  • Learn about brand identity and websites 101
  • Basics of copywriting
  • Content automation and content marketing basics
  • Social media marketing through Facebook groups and pages
  • Use Facebook for local business
  • Learn local SEO with Google My Business
  • Learn to use Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Insight into video marketing and video production
  • Learn how chatbots automate customer service and sales
  • Ways to create a WordPress website
  • Use different AI tools and Chat GPT for digital marketing

4. Simplilearn

This online platform is suitable for students as well as other working individuals who are looking for digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension. It has provided its service to everyone around the world since 2009 and is well known among students. You get the benefit of studying good quality courses right from the comfort of your home and are provided with options such as cloud computing, project management, machine learning and more. Moreover, Simplilearn’s extensive career goals prove helpful for each of its learners.

The Post Graduate Program in digital marketing offered by Purdue University is available on the Simplilearn platform. By opting for it, you can learn to create and promote your website, master basic and advanced digital marketing skills via student simulation, work your way through 10+ case studies and 20+ projects as well as know more about Chat GPT and other AI tools used for this domain. Purdue University’s global advantage makes it the 7th most innovative course and your average salary package could go up to 7 lakh INR.

Contact number – 18002127688

Course fees – Rs 1,01,999 including taxes

Course duration – 8 months


  • Purdue Digital Marketing introductory session
  • Learning the first step for website creation
  • Understanding behavioral marketing
  • Get insight into Search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social media marketing
  • Understand strategies for paid campaigns and content strategy
  • Learn to work with Analytics as well as Evaluation
  • Understand the integration of AI with digital marketing strategies
  • Learn about the emerging technology trends
  • Digital marketing capstone projects and more

5. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy is a leading digital marketing institute in Delhi that works its way towards providing the best education in this domain, raising the bar for learning with quality. It makes our list of top digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension because the faculty has 10+ years of experience and the course is framed according to current working trends.

By taking their digital marketing course, you will get intensive online live training sessions that will provide many advanced techniques in this field. While looking for the best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension, you usually look for institutes that help you build career-relevant skills and Techstack Academy has that to offer. It is an ideal professional course for freshers, job seekers, entrepreneurs or even business owners.

Contact number – 9319844494

Course fees – Rs 11,000 per month

Course duration – 12 months


  • Initialization of digital marketing concepts
  • Learn about Google webmasters and Bing webmasters
  • Basics and strategies of content marketing
  • Installing and preparing Magento
  • Insight into E-commerce SEO and E-commerce Marketing
  • Understand lead-generation tactics
  • Gain useful knowledge on Audio engineering, video editing, video optimization and video marketing
  • Learn how to do personal branding
  • Useful business etiquette for job seekers
  • Get a grip on the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Tips on entrepreneurship for business
  • Monitor domain and learn marketing hacks
  • Gain better management skills
  • Understand how to handle public relations

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6. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya provides the certified marketing master course which easily qualifies as one of the best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension, with its focus on a complete understanding of digital marketing. The course is loaded with job opportunities that build your skills and equip you with the scope to upscale your digital marketing techniques.

At present, the institution has catered to the success of more than 95,000 students from 55+ countries around the world. It showcases an expert panel of more than 70 digital marketing trainers who are willing to share their valuable knowledge with the students. Digital Vidya also features a placement cell which ensures a seamless arrangement for you to get placed. To date, they have a successful record of 20,000+ candidates placed in startups, SMEs and MNCs. Moreover, you get the benefit of working in internships to gain maximum advantage before you start a job.

Contact number – 8010033033

Course fees – Rs 55,000 +18 GST

Course duration – 150+ hours


  • Introductory sessions on SEO and keyword research
  • On-page SEO and Off-page SEO
  • Understand SEO audit, tools and measurement
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords), creation of Google network campaigns and shopping campaigns
  • Understand Social Media Marketing, its tools and crafting a successful social media strategy
  • Learn about E-mail marketing and its various components
  • Useful procedures for doing Inbound marketing
  • Introduction to web analytics and different components
  • Understand Facebook marketing in association with Meta
  • Other digital marketing areas – Integrated digital marketing strategy, Affiliate marketing, media planning and buying, freelancing, E-commerce listing and marketplace selling, programmatic marketing and creating Infographic resume

7. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)

The Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a great institute for freshers, job seekers, professionals and business owners to seek out courses on digital marketing. DSIM provides the option for 4 different digital marketing courses along with various benefits. With years of service in this domain, it has gained more than 10 years of trust from its customers and trained 59,000+ students professionally.

As part of the top digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension, it features more than 120 hours of training programs with both online and offline modes of learning. The course comes with over 14 certifications and free tools worth 72,000 INR. You can also get placement assistance from the institute after the course and participate in internships as part of training. Demo classes are provided for each student to help them get an overview of the proceedings.

Contact number – 8800290309

Course fees – Rs 49,900 +18% GST

Course duration – 4 to 6 months


  • Effective marketing through email
  • Learn about email automation
  • Facebook marketing and consumer acquisition strategy
  • Marketing through LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Search engine optimisation and social media
  • Understand Google Ads and competitor analysis
  • Display advertising along with mobile and video advertising
  • Get insight into advanced campaign optimisation


8. Internet Marketing School

IMS – Internet Marketing School is an institute established in 2016 to offer the best digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension and across Delhi. Students are taught various aspects of the domain and curriculum design is customized for freshers, graduates or working professionals so that they can strive to become successful agents in society’s transition to information security.

The modules are well-structured and you have the advantage of a cutting-edge infrastructure and qualified faculty. IMS has always strived to provide high-quality education at an affordable price since the very beginning of its journey. The digital marketing course here, features theoretical foundations, practical workshops and live demonstrations where students can observe practical applications of digital marketing strategies in real-time scenarios. Thus, IMS makes our list of top digital marketing institutes in Khirki Extension, where you can get a comprehensive experience.

Contact number – 9773713006

More details on course details and fees can be enquired through their website


  • Introductory session on digital marketing and strategy planning
  • Using WordPress for website development and planning
  • Understand the term Black Hat SEO and E-commerce SEO
  • Gain insight into schema markup and implementation
  • Learn about Online reputation management, display ads and video ads
  • Use Google Ads for search engine marketing

A Must Check:

9. Digiperform

Digiperform holds itself as a leading certification training institution in India, offering students top-notch digital marketing courses. The institute is trusted by its student base as a leading brand in digital career training. Along with that, it has 40+ centres across Asia, more than 36,000 successful placements and 45,000+ students trained. You also have the advantage of booking a free demo session before the actual training program starts.

As our recommendation for the top digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension, the digital marketing master course (dCDMM) brings an all-in-one experience and covers 25 core specialization skills. The batches are held on weekdays and throughout the course, you’ll be presented with 3 examinations, 180 hours of assignments and 120 hours of classroom training. The syllabus is divided into 4 sections namely Digital marketing specialist, Google Ads specialization, Lead nurturing section and online money marketing.

Contact number – 8527611500

Course fees – Rs 58,750


  • Marketing and Digital marketing functions
  • Applications of Industrial Digital Marketing
  • Web research and survey management
  • Business and social media graphic design
  • Creation and editing of business video
  • Building a WordPress business website
  • Social media audit and campaign
  • Management of social media along with branding and growth
  • Process of keyword research
  • SEO, HTML and tag optimisation
  • Web content writing
  • Affiliate marketing and Amazon portfolio management

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are there job vacancies for digital marketing?

There are plenty of digital marketing jobs available for freshers or individuals with at least 1-5 years of experience. You can easily apply for jobs in this domain through online job portals like Indeed, Internshala or LinkedIn.

Q) What are some types of digital marketing?

Some types of digital marketing courses are Affiliate marketing, Search engine optimisation, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing, Mobile marketing and Reputation marketing. You can learn about each of these separately through the different digital marketing courses in Khirki Extension.

Q) How does graphic design work in digital marketing?

Graphic design uses visuals and images to effectively communicate a message and it plays a huge role in the modern digital marketing landscape. Graphic design can be used for creating marketing collaterals for brochures, flyers, banners and social media posts. Making use of graphics in digital marketing makes the content look more appealing to the target audience.


Digital marketing is a great professional skill enhancement for graduates and business owners who want to make it big. Since dependence on technology is on the rise, new businesses are thinking of smarter solutions and shifting to digital platforms to thrive. Anybody with basic marketing knowledge can be successful in this field as it does not require high qualifications to begin with. But taking up a digital marketing course is usually a better way as it teaches you exactly what is needed to become one of the industry professionals.

Thus, through this list of digital marketing institutes in Khirki Extension, we deliver the best digital marketing courses, so that you can take the next step and remain worry-free about your future.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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