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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Govindpuri With Placements

In today’s society, digital marketing courses have been on the rise and more students like you are taking it up for professional growth. The digital marketing industry would potentially reach around $807 billion by 2026. Digital marketing focuses on the use of online tools and strategies such as SEO and content writing and Search Engine Optimization is proven to be the most effective way to generate leads. Moreover, the skills you learn in the line of digital marketing are valuable in other lines of work. And that’s why we are bringing to you the best digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, so you never stop your learning journey.


Digital Marketing: Meaning and Types

The term ‘digital marketing’ is a broad term that involves individuals and businesses to reach a peak in customer base by connecting with them through social media. They reach out to people through various online marketing strategies and eventually get to potential customers. This engagement helps the seller build strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers and also create brand awareness for themselves.

Despite its popularity, digital marketing is still a relatively new concept for most individuals. Therefore the competition in this domain is slightly lower than in other career paths. The digital marketing domain can be broken into a few main categories – content marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

You can learn more about them from the digital marketing institutes in Govindpuri that we listed.

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What Are the Benefits of Studying Digital Marketing Courses in Govindpuri?

There are various benefits of studying in the digital marketing institutes in Govindpuri listed above:

Skill Development

You can gain valuable skills that can be used across various professions. These are keyword research, advertising through social media, search engine optimization, and more.

Access to Multiple Career Options

Digital marketing is not just about marketing, it is a huge industry with career paths open in various routes. You can opt for many fields.

Placement Support and Certifications –

In today’s day and age, securing a job can be difficult and a student can often feel lost in the fast-paced world of professionals. Therefore, it is necessary for institutions to sufficiently support their students in achieving their dreams.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Govindpuri With Placements


This education platform was founded in 2015 when they started providing Content Writing as a professional course to students and other working individuals, who wanted to build a career in this field.

From then on, the company evolved to its current form, with multiple course options for all sorts of learners. One of their major courses is the Digital Marketing Course, which has both online and offline learning options.


Along with advanced live training, their in-class training is equally respected because of their unique teaching approach which includes a number of projects and assignments.

The Ed-tech company is a recommended platform for digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, Delhi because of its excellent curriculum and great instructors. To date, 35,000+ students have profited from their courses in more than 35 cities.

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Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Coursera

Coursera is a widely recognized online platform based in the United States, which has been providing courses at a cheaper price. Since 2012, the platform has played a role in promoting education, because they believed that knowledge had the power to change the lives of many. It has served millions of learners across the world regardless of their location and nationality.

You can find plenty of digital marketing courses on this platform that are affiliated with well-known universities from around the world. For digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, the University of Illinois provides a comprehensive curriculum along with study materials. This digital marketing certification builds your professional job-relevant skills with special emphasis on your development.

Fee: more information available on their website

Duration: 4 months


  • Basics of digital marketing and learning about its revolution
  • Gaining insight into digital marketing analytics in both theory and practical
  • Understand the principles of digital marketing and digital media
  • Understand the strategies of digital marketing
  • Participate in digital marketing capstone projects for a more hands-on experience


3. UpGrad

The company is well recognized for its methodology and immersive online learning which is why we recommend it on our list of digital marketing courses in Govindpuri. The company’s mission has been to help marketers comprehend the fundamentals of digital marketing while providing hands-on experience. UpGrad provides every learner with the opportunity to study from exceptional teachers and since 2015 they have trained 12,000+ learners so far.

Training for the course is provided in structured video sessions, the content is kept up with current events and in line with modern trends. Compared to other digital marketing institutions in Govindpuri, you can learn about new specializations and ChatGPT.

Contact information: 1800 210 2020

Fee: Rs 16,280

Duration: 5 months


  • Fundamentals of marketing and the journey from traditional marketing to digital marketing
  • Metrics of digital marketing and its channels
  • Understanding customer centricity
  • Conducting a case study on a leading multinational food company and learning to develop strategies to help the brand
  • Learning to design a web presence
  • Using social media marketing
  • Using WordPress for blog content creation and learning about SEO
  • Live projects on social media marketing
  • Understand programmatic and display advertising
  • Launching a Google Ads campaign
  • Learn to define a robust digital marketing strategy
  • Live projects on web analytics and E-commerce boot camp

4. EduPristine

EduPristine was formed in 2008 and continues to remain a leading provider of finance and digital marketing courses in Govindpuri. Different curriculums under Analytics, Finance, Accounting and Marketing are covered for anybody willing to pursue a professional skill-based course. The institution has many outlets throughout India, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

The platform’s prominence has made it a preferred choice for more than 15,000 learners, coming from different parts of India. You can get up to 25 options among the courses, instructed by 1,500 expert professors. Thus, the online classroom experience here is unique and worth considering. Students taking up the digital marketing course, get access to the forum where study materials are provided to them.

Contact info: 1800 200 5835

Fee: Rs 24,000

Duration: video lessons spanning over 48 hours


  • Learn fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Learn about Search engine optimization and its types (on-page and off-page)
  • Understand social media marketing and video marketing in a better way
  • Get information on PPC or pay-per-click and its effectiveness
  • Insight into content marketing and e-mail marketing
  • Use effective lead marketing and understand growth hacking
  • Learn better strategies for affiliate marketing and mobile marketing

5. NIHT Institute

It is another institute that provides high-quality digital marketing courses in Govindpuri and has course structures for digital marketing. The institution has a fairly good reputation on social media platforms as well as Google. Students graduating with their digital marketing courses are suitable candidates for companies like IBM, Asus, Samsung, Arena Animation and Google. Besides that, you are getting a chance to become industry-ready with live projects, case studies and working with expert trainers.

Through the master program in digital marketing, you can create powerful campaigns by automating your marketing flows, create strategies to succeed in scaling and managing e-commerce companies and dive into the metaverse with VR and AR technologies. With intensive training, you can acquire campaign management and automation skills and earn 20+ certificates.

Contact info: +91 9830 269 100

Fee: Rs 1,30,000

Duration: 1 year 2 months


  • Digital marketing overview and strategies
  • Basics of Google Tag Manager
  • Social media marketing with different applications
  • Mobile app marketing and creating campaigns
  • Creating and optimizing ads on Google Ads
  • Understand Adsense and blogging
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Basics of E-mail marketing and creating content strategy
  • Using AI tools in the domain
  • Essentials of graphic design and understanding UI/UX
  • Learn to write creative ads
  • Insight into gamification in online marketing
  • Use of AR and VR technologies in this domain
  • Understanding psychographic marketing
  • Knowledge of immersive web knowledge and e-commerce marketing
  • Build your skills in interview and resume writing

6. The Digital Education

The Digital Education institution considers itself one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Govindpuri and is a part of the TDE EduTech Private Limited. As an IT Training and Services company, it provides job seekers, graduates, professionals, corporate and entrepreneurs with top-quality courses. They have a complete digital marketing classroom training program equipped with live industry projects and real-time case studies for each student.

As part of the digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, the education platform offers the best skills at the grassroots level through a combination of online/offline training. So, you are offered a variety of online marketing courses, among which over 18 modules are taught by industry professionals. They help you find a suitable career irrespective of whether you are a student or a working individual opting for a different path.

Contact info: 9971 667 110

Fee: Rs 30,000 + GST

Duration: 4 months

Modules Covered:

  • 18 topics covered under the Advanced Digital Marketing course
  • 6 topics covered under Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 5 topics covered under the Advanced Google Adwords/ PPC/ SEM course
  • 4 topics covered under the Advanced Social Media Marketing course
  • 3 topics covered under Blogging and Affiliate Marketing course


IIDE – The Digital School was established in 2016 and they are one of the most trusted digital marketing institutes in Govindpuri. They played a pioneering role in driving digital education in India and other parts of Asia. The institute prides itself in being one-of-a-kind, aiming to provide its learners with industry-relevant skills, the latest information and the mindset required to complete its certificate program successfully.

There are over 2,35,000 learners worldwide who have been taught by IIDE The Digital School, in various aspects of digital marketing. Among other digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, they take a unique approach to learning that ensures learners of their accessible digital marketing programs. You get an option between the offline Post Graduation in Digital Marketing and the online Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy.

Contact info: +91 9619 958 615

Fee: available after enquiry

Duration: 11 months (PG course)


  • Learn about traditional marketing vs digital marketing
  • Explore various possibilities in the domain
  • Create and plan a website through WordPress
  • Everything about Search marketing – SEO, SEM, Bing, App Store and remarketing
  • Important details on content marketing along with popular formats, design essentials, copywriting and blogging
  • Basics of social media marketing and management through different apps and paid platforms
  • Video Marketing and scripting
  • Learn about the various digital marketing channels
  • Fundamentals of managerial skills and soft skills on resume or interview
  • Get yourself compulsory internship and mentoring sessions
  • Participate in other specializations like creative strategy or performance marketing

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8. Modulation Digital Pvt Ltd

The Modulation Digital Institute is another prominent institute offering digital marketing courses in Govindpuri and other parts of Delhi. Students can explore several sectors such as website design and app development throughout the country and worldwide. They have over 25 years of experience in IT services, building mobile apps and software applications for clients worldwide.

The institute has highly competent educators who will present you with sophisticated training methods to aid you achieve success in web design. These dedicated trainers are sure to help you enhance your abilities and expertise to land your dream job.

Contact Info: +91 8851 104 676


  • Learn about the history of traditional marketing as well as digital marketing
  • The advantages and the future of digital marketing
  • Learn about interactivity, engagement and targeted advertising
  • An introduction to graphic design along with design tools and software
  • Design your creative post
  • Learn about branding and identity design
  • Fundamentals of video editing and storytelling
  • Understanding the advanced editing techniques
  • Learn about optimization and distribution in video editing
  • Fundamentals of writing and digital content
  • Basics of creative storytelling and branding
  • Fundamentals of website designing, domain hosting and SSL
  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Create a structured website on WordPress

9. Samantus

When looking for digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, we cannot miss out on Samantus Institute which offers a series of tally, MS Excel, graphic training, digital marketing and Java training programs. It was established in 2012 and since then it has been a top category in the field of digital marketing courses in Delhi. In brief, they act as a one-stop destination for learners in their locality as well as other parts of Delhi.

For over 14 years, their digital marketing course has had 8,500+ trainees spanning more than 450 batches. The course guarantees you over 50 comprehensive modules and more than 100 tools to work with. You are also entitled to earn globally recognised certificates through your hard work. The training levels are usually divided in a category from 0 to 6 and you can get regular assignments to keep up with your practice. The institute also provides 100% placement support to every learner as well as doubt clarification during and after the course.

Contact info: 982 122 3803

For details on fees and duration of the course, sign up and download their brochure


  • Digital marketing and its various channels, strategy and target audience identification
  • Website designing with WordPress, learning about its plugins, payment gateway interaction, e-commerce site and advanced site setup and customization
  • Get insight into search engine optimization and how it works
  • Fundamentals of keyword research, competitor analysis, techniques of on-page and off-page optimization, local SEO and SEO reporting
  • Understand the basics of Google Analytics and search console
  • Google analytics setup
  • Understand user behaviour and website traffic
  • Tracking the performance of websites and analysing conversions
  • Learn to use a search console to optimize website visibility
  • Everything about Google ads (PPC, CPM)
  • Create campaigns for ads with search ads, display ads, video ads and shopping ads
  • Understanding strategies for bidding and budget management
  • Learn about social media marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Launch an advertisement with E-mail marketing
  • Fundamentals of Inbound marketing and its components
  • Fundamentals of pro blogging and content creation
  • Work with graphic design pro tools
  • Basics of Video optimizing and digital marketing
  • Gain appropriate interview skills
  • Build a solid resume for your job applications


Highly Recommended Digital Marketing Courses Near You:

10. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

The DIDM or Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing with 15 years of expertise in the domain, has worked towards its vision to teach and train their students to become successful digital marketers. Here you can find one of the best digital marketing courses in Govindpuri, Delhi. In the growing demand for digital marketing courses, DIDM Institute nurtures its learners to excel in their training and skills.

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing plays a major role in terms of digital marketing courses in Govindpuri and has helped alter this industry. They have considerable industry knowledge and can provide a diverse choice of marketing courses to fulfil the demands of interested individuals. Leading digital professionals in this institute have trained over 7000 pupils to date. DIDM has also been awarded by ASSOCHAM with the title of ‘most promising brand’.

Contact info: +91 8800 505 151

Fee: Rs 48,490

Duration: approx 5 months + 2 months of internship


  • Strategies for digital marketing
  • No-code web designing
  • Fundamentals of E-mail marketing
  • Everything about Inbound Marketing
  • Important tips about search engine optimization
  • Everything about Google Webmaster tool
  • Understanding the search engine algorithms
  • Fundamentals of local business listing
  • Learn Competitor analysis
  • Basics of video marketing, social media marketing and media buying and planning
  • Learn about ways to create a marketing strategy
  • Learn about search engine and social marketing parameters
  • Undergo live practical sessions
  • Work with case studies and discuss it with your teachers
  • Learn about freelancer pushups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What is the scope of digital marketing courses?

Studying in the field of digital marketing courses can lead to various opportunities. Some of your potential career paths can be Analytics, content marketing or blogging, influencing, affiliate marketing, advertising, SEO specialist and many more.

Q) What can I do with a digital marketing course after the 12th?

You can have multiple career paths open in front of you. Graduating from a professional skill-based course gives you an extra boost in terms of securing a job through the institution’s various networks. Other than that, you can try doing internships either paid or unpaid related to the field of digital marketing. This provides you with the experience required to land your desired job.

Q) What are some beginner-level digital marketing courses?

Digital marketing itself doesn’t require any prior professional knowledge as its motive is to help you become a professional. You can pursue the course directly after your 12th board and gain experience throughout the course.


Digital marketing is a career path where you can prosper with your natural talent alone, but with additional skills and knowledge, you can step into higher positions. Through this article, we have brought to you a list of digital marketing courses in Govindpuri where you can get high-quality courses and the chance to enhance your abilities and excel further in your career path.

I am Meghna Kanjilal, an Education honours graduate from Loreto College with a passion for reading books. I like being creative whether it's through writing or designing. I had an amazing opportunity to start my writing journey with IIM Skills and expand my knowledge in the Content Writing domain. Currently, I am working with IIM skills on their internship programme to enhance my skills and gain experience.

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