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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik With Placements

Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik have come up to provide the students, and professionals in the city with adequate skills, knowledge, and practical experience in digital marketing so that they can successfully implement online strategies for a company. Whether you are a product-based or service-based business, you need digital marketing to develop recall value and brand awareness.

Digital marketing courses in Nashik

Nashik is one of the oldest cities in India known for its grape industry which constitutes a big portion of the export business of India. Of late Nashik has been developing into a technological hub facilitating the need for expert digital marketers to carry out a successful business.

Since the internet today is fast reaching even the remotest parts of India companies whether big companies or new start-ups have realized the importance of having an online Goodwill of the brand to consolidate their position in the digital space. 

To create the perfect voice, and for a brand to give it the proper positioning so that it reaches the maximum number of target customers, it has become essential to understand the rudiments of the digital marketing structure. Only when we understand the core fundamentals of digital marketing are we able to provide a positive perception of our brand to our target customers. 

These digital institutes in Nashik make efforts to provide a strong base for people of various professional interests in the Digital Marketing sector. It opens up new opportunities and enhances your skill sets thereby propelling your career toward success. The institutes cover all the basic to advanced levels of study for the most important components of the Digital Marketing framework. 

Driving organic traffic is very essential to build trust among consumers regarding your brand. Therefore an in-depth understanding of SEO, global and local is important to improve the rankings of your website on the SERP.

Similarly, Google Analytics, Paid Marketing, Page Optimization Techniques, Running Ad Campaigns, Inbound Marketing through Newsletters Blogs, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing are just as important elements of Digital Marketing. Most of these courses teach all of these core concepts in detail.

Listed below are 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik that provide high-quality intensive training in Digital Marketing to give you a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Rank #1. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik


IIM SKILLS is one of the best Online Training Institutes in India offering high-quality digital marketing courses in Nashik. The Institute is committed to making its students completely job-ready. The course is replete with practical projects, and assignments to strengthen your knowledge for a successful digital marketing career.  

The Digital Marketing Course offers master Certification and preparation for other essential Certification exams including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook. You will learn about the different channels and the scope of digital marketing from experienced mentors. 

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration– 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Fee– INR 34900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

In a virtual immersive training session, you get to interact with your mentors as well as brainstorm with fellow students to understand the practical implementation of digital marketing elements. The flexibility of choosing a day and time of your convenience helps in upskilling in a relaxed manner without having to worry about missing classes.

It is an in-depth curriculum that spans over 180 hours of comprehensive Digital Marketing training with live online interactive classrooms. There are 120+ hours of assignments with 60+ hours of live training for you to understand all the vital components of the online marketing strategy. You also learn about the diverse applications and tools that make digital marketing easier for you. The faculty assiduously strives to give you the best assistance possible for all your educational requirements. The tools you work with are worth Rs 79000+.

IIM SKILLS works with some of the most reputed global conglomerates like Amazon, Bata, Bajaj, IBM, Samsung, Great Learning, Flipkart, Zomato, TCS, Standard Chartered, Capgemini, and Tally, to name a few. 

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At 

Some Hiring Partners

The Institute provides you with placement support and even post-placement assistance for students. The mentors are Google Certified experts with over 10 + years of experience in internet marketing.

The training sessions are recorded and posted in the LMS so that anyone who misses out on a class can attend the sessions later without having to miss out on any of the discussions and practical learning. You have lifetime access to all training sessions. Their course covers everything from the absolute basics to the more advanced concepts that require careful assessment and understanding.

The media has featured IIM SKILLS for their excellent work in customer service, placement assurance, and prompt help desk that assists students with any clarification or doubt.

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank #2. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Staenz Academy -4.8/5

Staenz Academy is an ISO 900:2015 certified Digital Marketing Training Institute. Regarded as one of the finest digital marketing courses in Nashik, it has a record of 100% job placement assistance and offers post-placement support as well. 

The certification program at the institute covers 32 + models of Digital Marketing. It is a classroom-based program that covers all the important components of Digital Marketing.

Course name- Masters in Digital Marketing program

The curriculum includes 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Search Engine Marketing 
  3. Website Designing 
  4. Blog Setup For Professionals 
  5. Google Display Ads 
  6. Facebook Advertising 
  7. YouTube Video SEO 
  8. Affiliate Marketing 
  9. Email Marketing 
  10. Copy-writing 
  11. Content Marketing 
  12. Instagram Marketing 
  13. Content Building 
  14. Website Designing 
  15. WordPress Plugins and Themes 
  16. Self-Hosted WordPress Setup 
  17. Twitter Marketing

There are 10 + Certification training in one course. The certifications include

  1. Google My Business 
  2. HubSpot Content Marketing 
  3. Google Digital Unlocked
  4. Hubspot Inbound
  5. Adwords Fundamental 
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Mobile Advertising 
  8. Media Advertising 
  9. Shopping Advertising 
  10. LinkedIn 
  11. Content Marketing 
  12. YouTube Video Marketing 
  13. Google Analytics Advanced

They also provide corporate training and educational Institutes Training as well. There are several live projects which you can work on during the Course and internship so that you get hands-on training on how Digital Marketing works in the actual world. The placement cell guarantees lucrative career opportunities once you grasp the modules effectively. 

Address Parshuram Apartments, B4 1st Floor, Office Number 4, College Road, Above Woodland Showroom, Nashik Maharashtra 422005 Contact 090 2219 2556


Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Madz Media Inc Nashik – 4.9/5

Madz Media is a well rated distinguished institute in Nashik offering Digital Marketing courses in Nashik in a classroom setting. It is a course that aims to give you 100% practical training complete with assignments and live projects so that you become an efficient Google-certified digital marketer.

The Digital Marketing training + WordPress web designing course cost Rs 12499. The Digital Marketing Course generally costs Rs 15000 in Nashik. 

The faculty is highly trained with a Master in Business administration and marketing. Trainers have worked with some of the best brands in India and are authority figures on E-Commerce marketing and other constituents of Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing course here gives an in-depth understanding of several tools and techniques like speed testing, acquiring landing pages, replacement optimization, webinar tools services, programmatic media and buying to help you understand how Digital Marketing strategy and planning are done effectively to create brand recognition. 

Course Name Advanced Digital Marketing program

Course Curriculum includes

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Social Media Marketing 
  3. Google Adwords 
  4. Google Analytics 
  5. Affiliate Marketing 
  6. Email Marketing 
  7. Viral Marketing
  8. Google Webmaster Tools 
  9. Infographics 
  10. Content Marketing 
  11. E-commerce Business Marketing And Promotion 
  12. Mobile Marketing & Mobile Promotions 
  13. Lead Generation For Your Business 
  14. Landing Page Techniques
  15. Creating A Blog 
  16. List Building Techniques 
  17. Media Buying And Selling 
  18. Webinar Marketing 
  19. Live Streaming 
  20. Conversion Rate Optimization 
  21. Online Reputation Management 
  22. Brand Building 

The key feature of this course is that it has the best 5 Digital Marketing training resources that provide an in-depth understanding of different essential elements. Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Graphic Manipulation, Generating Professional Newsletters, And Responders, Creating Videos, Utilizing Photographs In Special Effects, and Lead Generation Tactics to get extra conversion rates.

Other than their advanced Digital Marketing course that provides knowledge all the key elements of Digital Marketing, they also have specialized training modules for Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Adwords Training, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, WordPress Training, Google Analytics, Blogging Training, And Email Marketing

Address Nirmala Apartment, Flat Number 07, Near San Infotech, Canada Corner, Nashik 422005 Contact 9172 479 619

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Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

The Digi Guru – 4.8/5

Digi Guru is one of the renowned Digital Marketing courses in Nashik offering other advanced certifications as well. They also provide corporate training and free resources for the students.

The Digital Marketing course and Institute tries to provide an extensive understanding of all the components that make up the online marketing system. There is 100% job assistance and placement support. They cover 20+ models of Digital Marketing in their Advanced Digital Marketing training.

The course curriculum includes 

  1. Introduction To Digital Marketing 
  2. Website Basics 
  3. Bogging 
  4. Content Creation And Content Marketing 
  5. Domain And Hosting 
  6. Website Analytics 
  7. Search Engine Optimization 
  8. Keyword Research 
  9. Search Engine Marketing 
  10. SEO Tools And Strategies 
  11. Video Marketing 
  12. Email Marketing 
  13. Affiliate Marketing 
  14. Social Media Marketing And Optimization 
  15. Remarketing And Retargeting 
  16. Freelance Techniques 
  17. Online Reputation Management 
  18. Lead Generation For Business 
  19. Automation in Digital Marketing 
  20. Internet Marketing Question And Answer Sessions 
  21. Mobile Marketing

They give lifetime support to students so that you can ask for doubt resolutions whenever there is any confusion regarding the course syllabus. That applies to cases even after completion of the course. The course timing is flexible and suitable for all kinds of people who want to learn about Digital Marketing. 

Students, working professionals, and all people from diverse fields can apply for the course. The faculty is extremely trained with Google Certification and provides students as much assistance as can be possible. It is 100% practical training concentrating on strengthening the theoretical as well as practical understanding of Digital Marketing content. 

You have got a variety of tools in the digital domain so that you become proficient in handling and implementing those tools for your online endeavors. The course teaches you to incorporate an integrated Digital Marketing strategy for consolidating the position of your brand.

That helps in giving it a unique voice and creating camaraderie with your target audience so that you remain at the top of their minds when they are making a purchasing decision involving your nature of business. 

Address Office No 105, Business Court, Ring Road, Govind Nagar, Nashik Maharashtra 422009 Contact 084 8292 5656

Rank #5. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

IST Internet Swaggers 4.9 /5

Internet Swaggers is a popular Digital Marketing training Institute in Nashik that strives to better your performance in the marketing sector and create better professionals for the future.

The Master’s Course in Digital Marketing offers many core elements of Digital Marketing. The important feature of this Institute is that there is a 100% job guarantee and 24/7 doubt resolution support for every student. There is an online study portal by which you can repeat all the previous sessions and can clear confusion whenever it arises. 

Moreover, there are daily assignments and case studies given to students for practical training. There are ample live projects to work on and a personal website to execute. The study portal at their website offers customized online notes and video sessions that can be accessed anytime by students for assistance. 

The paid campaigns are a part of the practical live training and are executed by the students but funded by the Institute. You have access to live search console, paid Mailchimp account access, Google Analytics, Data Sharing, Paid lumen 5 among others. There is a free domain and unlimited server to every student which is free of cost. 

They offer plenty of other courses like Ethical Hacking, Web Designing, Data Science, Digital Marketing for small and medium business owners that are specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn and their business in the online arena.

Digital Marketing course is a comprehensive 160 hours of learning that covers integral topics such as 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Search Engine Marketing 
  3. Google Analytics 
  4. Social Media Marketing And Optimization 
  5. Email Marketing 
  6. Mobile Marketing 
  7. Growth Hacking 
  8. Off-Page On Pages 
  9. Your Local Listing 
  10. The Understanding Of Market Sales And Brand

The faculty is skilled and has had years of experience in the online marketing space. They have worked on live projects and profit and loss of business models. 

Trainers have educated more than 3000 students and they give meticulous attention to each student. The instructors provide customized online notes and live platforms for better comprehension of Digital Marketing elements.

The placement cell not only provides adequate placement assistance but also grooms candidates so that they can build their confidence in giving interviews and creating an impressive resume. 

Address Bytco Point Nashik Road Nashik Maharashtra 422214 Contact 0797 2645 286

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Rank #6. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik


YSL Digitech is the leading digital and social media marketing agency in Nashik that also offers high-quality education in Digital Marketing and software training.

They provide a variety of online marketing courses like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Static Website Designing And Development.

The group of trainers is a dynamic team of sales and marketing professionals who are Google Certified and work towards making you digitally savvy marketers able to pull off even the most complex of strategies with absolute ease. 

The course is ideally suited for people from all walks of life especially small and medium business owners who want to grow their business in the online domain. They also provide Training for Google Certifications and other personality training. 

The topics for the Digital Marketing course includes

  1. Overview Of Digital Marketing 
  2. Social Media Marketing 
  3. Search Engine Marketing 
  4. Social Media Optimization 
  5. Search Engine Optimization 
  6. Organic Content 
  7. Conversion Tracking 
  8. Email Marketing 
  9. Mobile Marketing 
  10. Online Reputation Management 
  11. Paid Postings 
  12. Off-page SEO On-page SEO 
  13. Display Ads & Video Ads 
  14. Application Ads & Shopping Ads
  15. Facebook Instagram And Google Marketing 
  16. YouTube Basic and Advanced Strategies For Digital Marketing 
  17. Lead Generation 
  18. Google Business 
  19. Facebook Mastery 
  20. Integration Of Digital Marketing Planning 
  21. Learning To Make Images 
  22. Using Online Tools To Implement Digital Campaigns. 

There is ample scope for live training and implementing different tools required in Digital Marketing planning and strategy. You have case studies, reference materials, and different examples to help you understand how brands benefit from the implementation of Digital Marketing. 

Address 2nd Floor, Landmark Apartment, College Road, Opposite Domino’s Pizza, Nashik Maharashtra 422001 Contact 07020 325 850

Rank #7. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

EKA Institute Nashik 4.9/5

EKA institute is known for providing high-quality education in Interior Designing, Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Graphic Designing. Fashion Designing. 

The Digital Marketing course covers all the important concepts of web marketing and provides free internships with 100% job placement assistance.

The faculty has more than 5 + years of experience and can help you understand the essentials of Digital Marketing through their comprehensive course.

The important modules covered in the course are 

  1. Search Engine Marketing 
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Search Engine Optimization 
  4. Web Analytics 
  5. Google Ads 
  6. PPC 
  7. Affiliate Marketing 
  8. Mobile Marketing 
  9. Email Marketing 
  10. Online Reputation Management 
  11. Freelancing Prospects 
  12. How to get internships.

They make sure to provide valuable tips and information to students throughout the course in terms of apprising them of the newest trends and technologies and providing them the opportunity to understand how Digital Marketing works in the real world. 

This is done by sharing in-depth marketing knowledge dealing in marketing campaigns of different nature that they have acquired over the years working with projects.

 Moreover, they conduct soft skills training and interview tips to improve your overall confidence. They also help in resume building and there are grooming sessions as well.

Address Corporate Office, Prathamesh Apartment, Above IDBI Bank, Gangapur Road, Opposite Bank Of Baroda, Nashik Maharashtra 422005 Contact 02 53231 4411.

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Rank #8. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Digital Marketing Studio -4.3/5

Digital Marketing Studio is one of the top Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik that believes in giving practical knowledge on marketing and emphasizes learning new techniques to implement in a successful digital strategy. 

They provide training in Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Android App Development, and most importantly their popular Digital Marketing course which covers everything from the basics to the most advanced level of Digital Marketing elements.

The course is curated to fit the needs of students and the career objectives of working professionals. They understand the demand for digital marketers today and strive to bridge the skill gap between the demand and supply of efficient marketers for the online space.

The main feature of this Institute is that they provide a job-driven highly career-oriented course with 100% practical training on live projects. 

They have important Google Certification Training and Industrial Experts give maximum assistance as instructors in the course. Moreover, there is personal mentoring and soft skills development. The faculty helps in creating impressive resumes and gives valuable tips to build confidence while appearing for interviews.

The batches are limited and help in providing attention to each student equally. There are various training and preparation for global certifications.

The advanced Digital Marketing course comprises 24 important modules

The course curriculum includes 

  1. Market Research And Analysis 
  2. Competitor Analysis 
  3. Website Analysis 
  4. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals, and Advanced 
  5. Google Webmaster 
  6. Google Analytics 
  7. Campaign Building 
  8. Introduction To Social Media 
  9. Brand Page Building 
  10. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest Marketing 
  11. Crafting A Successful Social Media Strategy 
  12. Google Search Console 
  13. Email Marketing Tools And Templates 
  14. Pay Per Click 
  15. Display Ads 
  16. Lead Generation Strategy 
  17. Content Marketing 
  18. Landing Page Optimization 
  19. Website Building And Creation 
  20. WordPress 
  21. Affiliate Marketing 
  22. Influencer Marketing 
  23. Digital Campaign Managing

The various Certifications provided include

  1. Google Adwords Fundamental 
  2. Search Advertising 
  3. Display Advertising 
  4. Mobile Advertising 
  5. Video Advertising 
  6. Shopping Advertising
  7. Facebook Marketing 
  8. Google Analytics Basics 
  9. Digital Unlocked 
  10. Google My Business 
  11. Industrial Digital Marketing Training 
  12. Completion Certificate From Digital Marketing Studio.

Not only do they provide complete placement assistance and post-placement support, but they also provide 3 months industrial internship completion certificate. 

The Digital Marketing curriculum is customized to suit job aspirants, professionals, business owners, job seekers, small and medium business entrepreneurs, freelancers, housewives, and anyone who wants to gain insightful information on Digital Marketing. This course is also suited for management, engineering business, and communication students.

Upon completion of the course, you can easily work for the various designations offered in the Digital Marketing job domain like Marketing Managers Digital Marketing Specialist Marketing For Sales Professionals Entrepreneurs Marketing Consultant.

Address 3rd Floor, Trinity Tower, Abhyuday Colony, Near Prasad Circle, Gangapur Road, Nashik Maharashtra 422005 Contact 0744 743401

Rank #9. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Technokraft Training and Solution Private Limited Nashik 4.8/5

Technokraft Training and Solution is one of the Top 5 digital training institutes in Nashik providing professional courses in Digital Marketing, software courses, Cisco, and RedHat courses in detail.

Other than the Digital Marketing course the various vocations training provided by the institute include Python, Hadoop, System Administration, PHP, and MYSQL Language, Javascript Programming Course, Java Core, And Advanced Course, Software Testing, Oracle DBA, Android Development, CCNA Routing, And Switching, CCNA Collaboration, Data Centre, Microsoft Certified System Administration and many more

The prime features of the Digital Marketing course at Technokraft are the flexible timings, real-time lab practice 1-1 training, well-equipped infrastructure, expert skilled Google certified trainers limited batch size.

The curriculum includes

  1. Introduction To Digital Marketing 
  2. Principles Of Digital Marketing 
  3. Overview Of Digital Marketing 
  4. Search Engine Optimization 
  5. Social Media Optimization 
  6. Email Marketing 
  7. Google Adsense
  8. Affiliate Marketing 
  9. Online Reputation Management 
  10. Search Engine Marketing 
  11. Google Analytics In-Depth 
  12. Search Console 
  13. Shopping Ads 
  14. Video Ads 
  15. Display Ads 

All you need to know are the fundamentals of computers to enroll in the Digital Marketing course at the institute. There is 100% job assistance and post-placement support. The ambiance is friendly and the course completely exhausted covering all the detailed core concepts of Digital Marketing. 

Address First Floor, Kanchawala Avenue, above Viju’s Dabeli, Near BYK College Rd, Thatte Nagar, Nashik Maharashtra 422005 Contact 0253 2312 447

Rank #10. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Itech Systems Nashik -4.7/5

Itech Systems not only has one of the most popular Digital Marketing courses in Nashik but they also provide premium software training, project guidance, Consulting, and Technology workshops, in different parts of Maharashtra.

They have more than 15 years of IT experience which helps them to deliver practical knowledge and professional level training to students from diverse fields.

The most salient points are that they provide real-time case studies because of the continuous projects that they work for in the industry. They provide training as well as plenty of project-based services.

They work on several projects like IoT-based projects, Embedded System Projects, and other software testing and Information Technology projects. 

Course content

  1. Opportunities In Digital Marketing Modules 
  2. Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
  3. Search Engine Optimization 
  4. Google Adwords 
  5. Social Media Marketing 
  6. Facebook App 
  7. Email Marketing 
  8. Google Analytics 
  9. Website and Blog
  10. Affiliate Marketing Strategy And Planning 
  11. Case Studies 
  12. Display Marketing
  13. PPC

Other than the Digital Marketing course, they also provide training in Web Designing, Web Development, PHP, Android Development, Software Testing, C Programming, C++ Training, Automation Testing, Sap Global Certification, Robotics Training, Python Core Java And Advanced Java Code Matlab, etc

After completion of the Digital Marketing course, students can work as Search Engine Optimizer, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategist And Writers, Social Media Marketing Experts, Email Marketing Analysts, Affiliate Marketers. There is 100% placement assistance to different cities after the course is completed successfully.

Address 3rd Floor, Sumangal Luxuria, Beside Mall College Road, Yeolekar Mala, Nashik Maharashtra 422005 Contact 0253 258 2186

General FAQs


These 10 Digital Marketing training Institutes in Nashik provide some of the most detailed courses on Digital Marketing that helps you to create campaigns and work towards increasing your profits and decreasing your cost of acquiring customers. That is ultimately the goal of any Digital Marketing endeavor.

Before selecting the institutes, make sure you know about the curriculum thoroughly as well as the qualification of the mentors. Most importantly, the amount of practical training included in the course is of paramount importance. Nothing can substitute a good practical live training of Digital Marketing elements to decide what works and what doesn’t in the online arena. 

Get plenty of hands-on training working with the different tools to work your way around these important parts of Digital Marketing planning, and campaign management. You don’t need any prior knowledge to enroll for the Digital Marketing course, therefore be diligent and make the best out of the curriculum covered by the institutes you choose after careful consideration.

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  • Hi I am Snehal. I have an agricultural instruments and appliances shop. I want to employ digital marketing strategy in my business plan to increase my sales and build customers online too. The digital marketing institute in Nashik, IIM skills that offers digital marketing certification and covers everything from the absolute basics to the more advanced concepts is worth enrolling to.

  • Hello, I am Anita. I was looking for available digital marketing institutes in Nashik, to learn digital marketing skills. I am a content creator, and I believe success in the field of digital marketing is possible by offering appropriate knowledge in an effective manner to the audience. To elaborate, it adds value as it is more about the audience, and not about you, A brand will make more money by helping their audience and customers more. So, knowing the tricks and tips is very essential. And purpose of my search is to learn those tips and tricks. From the mentioned lists I choose to go with IIM skills as the best digital marketing institute in Nashik. With is unmatched course features, details and curriculum, it is an ideal choice

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  • hi, this is Neelam, I am in my first year. So I took a demo class before joining and I really thought that I could do this and also join an internship. But I still wanted to confirm something from you. Do you really think that I will be able to join an internship or in the least apply for one after this course? or do I need to be at least a graduate for this?

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  • Hello, I am Anand Shinde. I am having an organic farm of my own. I grow all the vegetables organically chemical free vegetables. All the set up is good but the issue is with that I am lacking the marketing because sometimes I have to dumb my veggies because it is old and not suitable for eating. My friend suggested me to do the Digital marketing course and learn the marketing strategies which will be beneficial for me and my business. I will take the demo class first and then I will found that, I am getting the things or not and then, I will take up the full course.

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