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The Prospective Scope of Digital Marketing in 2024

We have witnessed a boom in digital marketing over the past decade, as more and more population has started using social media platforms to connect and communicate with the masses. Due to this, social media platforms have become a hub of information, and commercialization and people are making maximum use of the technology to buy or sell or rent any product of their interest merely by using social media wisely and logically. Traditional marketing is no longer the preferable mode of marketing in most parts of the world; where the marketing would depend solely on hard copies of product advertisements to be distributed or shared with a population. What is the scope of digital marketing in the future? Let’s find out here today in this article. 

The Prospective Scope of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Why is it a booming market? What is the scope of digital marketing in the future?

It is the marketing of various products ranging from a wide variety and reaching out to the target audience or customers using digital channels in a way easy to approach and meet requirements. Digital channels include different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and different search engines, emails, and different websites are also available for the same.

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How do you benefit from virtual marketing? What is the scope of digital marketing for us as individuals?

This is important, as humans, we always check out various options for our benefit, don’t we? So yes, let us talk about this. Well, as the products we want to search, for are so available digitally, we get a clear idea of how and what are the approximate chances of the particular product, to compare with the expectations and the reality.

It is like this, you want to buy a pair of black shoes, but you do not have an exact idea, of how to denote its pattern. So, you type in the shopping site and search for ‘Black Shoes’; you get all the variety and types of black shoes available on that shopping site, displayed on your gadget screen. Isn’t it like the shop came to me, and I do not have to go to the shop, anymore? A detailed eye on the product description would soon make you realize, the raw materials used and so on.

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How does this whole thing work? What is the job profile/ scope of a digital marketing professional?

As a digital marketer, you are mainly responsible for driving the business concerning brand awareness and generate consistently fair traffic for the company’s website by generating leads through various digital channels.

For working on a digital channel, you need to focus on a unique objective to check and measure the company’s performance across channels.

As a digital marketer, you may take up multiple roles using various digital channels like social media marketing, email marketing, blog content, advertising digitally, and much more for reaching out to customers. For a consultant or a digital marketer, planning, developing, and implementing marketing campaigns along with reports analysis, and building a brand for the customer or the company online to make their presence felt, all of this come as your major responsibilities.

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What are its different types?

Some of the trends in the scope of Digital Marketing in India that can be seen in the future playing a vital and powerful marketing strategy include the following:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search & SEO Marketing

Let us try to understand them and chalk out their significant roles:

  • Mobile Marketing: It is going to be one of the most vital impacts on the marketing industry.The reason is the fact that almost every individual today has a mobile phone. Hence the reach through this is high.
  • Video Marketing: Video marketing is becoming the quickest and most impactful way of marketing due to the interesting and tempting way of luring customers in an audio-visual story and thus spreading the idea that the company wants to send to its customers. Video marketing enables companies to make a stand by introducing themselves, sending their messages, promoting their products and services, increasing their reach, and optimizing search ranking, thus boosting customer engagement and enhancing returns on investments.
  • Email Marketing: the most important part of your brand, is email marketing. It involves picking trends that can be the best fit for your business objective as well as the customer profile. Professional email templates should be used at the base of your e-mail marketing campaign, as your emails should reflect your quality and Integration of social media content. At the same time, aesthetically appealing animated emails are the trend that will see a great rise in mobile-friendly email marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing: As social media keeps evolving, Social Media Marketing has a massive power to channel marketing campaigns in effective and innovative ways. The medium to respond to new tech innovations specifically is Social media, it also exceeds customers’ expectations at the same time. We all see some of the innovative social media marketing as Live video streaming, the Evolution of Snapchat, Instagram stories, social slideshow ads, and social chats among others as effective marketing strategies.
  • Search & SEO Marketing: As a digital marketer, you need to know about search and search engine optimization. As they evolve, their changes make a shift in marketers’ ways of targeting audiences.

Some of the SEO trends that are a constant hit- Google’s Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Planner, and Link building will stay as a powerful SEO technique, Quality content with a balanced blend of video content, that includes personalized SEO campaigns as per target audiences.

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What is the scope of digital marketing in the companies?

It makes an internet presence for a company that might have a decent brick-and-mortar establishment but is struggling to make an impact digitally.

So Basically, digital marketers combine the essence of an ideal marketing strategy with the stores to create a masterpiece that can be exhibited, shared, and connected for better reach.

A decade ago, online shopping for apparel, footwear, and accessories was not that opt for. But what about now? We do online shopping often or at least check every product online before buying any item. This is the reason, virtual marketing strategies are crucial and play an important role in business, however, companies across the globe also use it for attracting their audience online and by the usage of mobile devices. Due to this practice, many find a significant ROI (Return on Investment) for the efforts taken.

  • Targeting the audience: With all the new technology available, it has become accessible to target the audience quite easily. Whether it is about mobile marketing or email marketing, reaching out to customers for displaying a product seems doable.
  • High ROI on low investment: In all these types of marketing, the investment involved is less as compared to the high returns that are received. It is statistically proven that this type of marketing is 61 % less expensive than traditional marketing. Both higher and faster ROI can be generated from digital marketing as a key focus is on lowering the costs and many companies/organizations employ the PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies which enable to keep the costs down by targeting only a specific set of audience.
  • Reaching potential customers in Mobile Users: As per the data of 2020, there are more than 14 billion mobile phones in the world actively being used, which might reach up to 18 billion by 2025. With such a huge projection, and all these smartphones have internet access, it has become easier to reach out to potential customers at every moment with recent updates every minute.

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What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

The scope of digital marketing is immense, like, let us take an example, you all communication throughout the day, so often using your social media networks; you must be seeing there are so many advertisements, so much information about a new start-up, their specialization, or the product specifications.

With this, we sometimes get attracted to the tempting displays and go to their website by clicking on that advertisement. By doing this, we have reached a company digitally just by that click and are now viewing so many different types of products available there.

Approximately, there are over 2.6 billion active Facebook users in the world, followed by 1.5 billion active WhatsApp users across world and 1 billion Instagram users. So, you might as well imagine how fast you can trend or be a viral sensation if you use social media platforms effectively.

The scope of digital marketing can be derived multiple times if Companies can use social media platforms for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing campaigns, like:

  • B2B: LinkedIn and Twitter are the most useful platforms for generating leads for companies that rely on Business to Business (B2B) deals. Relying on PPC campaigns to reach their target audiences without spending much amount helps in marketing.
  • B2C: Business to Customer (B2C) marketers mainly focus on improving brand awareness and they attract customers to their websites and products using social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even messaging and broadcasting Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

While social platforms are a great way to showcase the content and reach out to the masses, tech-savvy companies and marketers use many other tactics for more traffic and better leads to their websites.

  • Paid search or the PPC model: How does this work?

If you are a marketer, you would pay Google and other reputed search engine companies an amount as a fee, for which the concerned ad would be shown at the top of keyword search results.

  • Organic search: Is it more effective?

Yes, indeed. Today most of us make use of long-tail keywords or descriptive type of keywords which make for better search analysis. This method takes more finesse than paid search since marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) methods to naturally upgrade their content to the top of the list of natural Google search results.

  • Content marketing: Why promote your content?

Promoting or marketing your content helps. Let us say, you are a YouTuber, if you do not inform your viewers and fans about the timings when your content would be next shared, it is difficult and not appropriate for you to keep your viewers waiting since there is no dearth of content available.

Hence, using helpful blog posts, guides, tutorials, and any other supporting content for youtube videos or podcasts, is engaging for your audience, this is content marketing.

  • Webinars: This is an interactive way to provide promotion of your brand or products as well as interact with the audience regarding any questions that they have, which ultimately helps in reaching out wider.
  • Live videos or YouTube videos or Podcasts: Compelling video or audio content is another way to reach your audience and you may use it in conjunction with other media for broader marketing campaigns.

What is the qualification needed to make an impact and have a better scope in the digital marketing field?

It is rather important to note, that, you need to understand for a good marketer who works flawlessly in the digital world, you need to start with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from a reputed institute, so that makes you aware of all the trade insights in marketing.

A person from analytics or related fields like Business Administration, Advertising can also be a good fit to enter this stream. However, more than education, as a pre-requisite, what is more important, is the skills to develop that help survive this industry.

If you are not from the above-mentioned backgrounds, are you still eligible to have a career in this field?

Cheerfully, the answer is YES! Even if you belong to a drastically different stream and education, you may be a graduate in any stream, but you can always avail yourself of the different readily available online courses that increase the scope of digital marketing skills in you. They provide certifications and some also provide on job skills training, which is important for your career.

Which are these institutes that provide online courses and how do you avail them?

Search for the popular online courses that would increase the scope of your digital marketing skills in you. Look out for reviews in each result that is provided. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority, you would have an idea, of which one suits you best.

Out of the innumerable options provided by the internet search results, one of the most decent online courses that you may opt for to increase the scope of digital marketing knowledge in you is listed below:


Course: Digital Marketing Master Course

Fees: Rs. 29,900 + 18% GST

Format: Online

Duration: 3 months + 2 Months Paid Internship with 6k Fixed Stipend.

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Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

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What are the skills you need to possess to be a good marketer and increase the scope of Digital marketing knowledge?

As already stated before, if you are from the marketing stream of education, you are a pro as you already possess many skills that introduce you to the world here.

Most marketers start their brand by building a decent portfolio and try to show their best possible digital presence. Considering the current scenario, it is difficult to stay on top of all of the latest trends, but you can ace the game and inflate your scope of digital marketing, by getting a concrete understanding of the basics of upcoming trends like AI and virtual reality in the context of how they’re being used for marketing.

Make your work visible in your profile and portfolios, and your social media profiles should also depict your work closely, keep updating your Bio, and elaborate on your interests thus set. Start with some good content on reputed sites, show your work and try to collaborate, even though it means, no pay, initially. Because the experience counts!

Once you get officially certified, you are then ready to chase the best opportunities in the industry alongside your peers and ready for the competition.

Core skills:

  • Analytics: it is research-driven data analysis to understand the market requirements and improve the impact of organic & paid campaigns.
  • Writing: Having a good grasp of the English/ specific language you are opting for increases the impact factor of the content you are trying to market. You also need to write engaging and grammatically correct information and sentences for websites, ads, and social media posts.
  • Keyword analysis: using the knowledge of keyword research and then incorporating it into the content.
  • Result-oriented: Make content keeping in mind, the outcome and the target audience.
  • Customer engagement: Make a virtual group in your social media handles, so that the community you have built feels included and cared about.
  • Customer requirements: Understanding the target audience and catering to their requirements to understand their likings and behavior.

Soft skills

Strong Communication, Analytical and Critical thinking, Creativity, Positive learning attitude, Ability to handle critics.

What are the tools used by digital marketers in this virtual marketing?

  • Search engine marketer:

Tools used: Google AdWords, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Social Media Marketer: 

Tools used: Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Content Marketer: 

Tools used: Thesaurus, Grammarly, HubSpot, Headline Analyzer, Buzzsumo, ClearVoice, etc.

  • Web Analyst: 

Tools used: Google Analytics, Spring Metrics, Woopra, Clicky, Chartbeat, UserTesting, CrazyEgg, Mouseflow, etc.

  • Email marketer: 

Tools used: PutsMail, MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

Some of the related forums that might just help you out for a better insight into the scope of digital marketing, include Reddit SEO, SEO Chat, SEO Mastering, WordPress Forum, Webhosting Talk, Digital Point, etc.

It is important to create a niche for yourself while at the same time, making it a priority to follow some top companies and organizations which share your area of interest, this is a great way to be updated and make a better scope of digital marketing with all the latest happenings that are occurring at the organization.

Some of the organizations that are doing well currently with virtual marketing are:

Amazon, IBM, Accenture, TCS, Dell, Flipkart, American Express, Infosys, etc.

Apart from these established organizations, many start-ups too, are acing the marketing game, digitally, like MakeMyTrip, Paytm, UrbanClap, Zomato, Ola, Airbnb, Booking.com, and many more.

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What about career opportunities in India and abroad?

Nowadays, as almost all companies are investing in this virtual marketing, it is estimated that India is about to grow and reach new heights ranging the economy as much as to $1 trillion marks, as per the report provided by Business Insider.

The opportunities for digital marketers are immense, more and more people are moving online, and therefore it is gaining good momentum, not only in India but the whole of the world.

Yes, there are huge opportunities for digital professionals across various roles in the country and outside.

As digitization is spreading at a rapid pace, employers on a global scale are seeking out employees who are skilled enough to fill the skills gaps in their organizations and drive business objectives such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness, making the leap an organization deserves or aspires to reach to.

Scope in the future of marketing is going to be result-oriented and it would be the only sought-after method to survive businesses in this competitive world. Handsome Salary compensation for skilled candidates is a norm. So make yourself skilled and useful for the organization, build trust, gain their confidence, and you are set.

You need a quest for knowledge, a thirst to learn, and the ability to take criticism in the most optimistic way possible. With acquired skills coupled with a suitable application of tools, you can reach immense heights in your career as a digital marketer.

Digital marketing remains the most effective way of marketing, today and for the future, so why not dive into this digital bandwagon and get ready for the journey?

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